Football Is Slavery For Black Children, Less Than 1% Make It To Pros

SportsNation – Reaction to Brandon Marshall’s National Anthem Protest – YouTube


Black NFL hero Bo Jackson says he would ‘smack his kids in the mouth’ if they tried to play football because the greatest living player of the game is now rather crippled and he thinks the game is too dangerous.  Struggling with low attendance at games, colleges turn to beer sales which combines causing brain damage to players with causing brain damage to students.  Colleges worry about future of football fans, as student attendance declines at the games which are more like Roman gladiator games at this point.


Schools Strategize to Increase Student Football Attendance – Athletic Business reports since college games are big business for TV and school administrators.  Study offers ideas on how to get students to games and keep them there because they make money off of basically slave labor.


Now those schools will have some answers. A comprehensive report, “Student Attendance at Collegiate Sporting Events,” commissioned by the National Association of Collegiate Marketing Administrators (NACMA) and the University of Oregon’s Warsaw Sports Marketing Center and released Friday can help schools focus their efforts to engage students.


“It’s definitely a huge concern to capture their attention and get them to games while they’re in school because once you lose them, it’s that much harder to increase that fandom,” said lead investigator Andrew Guerra, who received his MBA from Oregon this month.


Study: Black men playing college football, basketball lag in graduation rates because they are there only to play the game and hope to hit the Big Time and Big Money and 90% of they do not but the top 1% thrive.  Until too badly injured then they are dumped and go bankrupt rapidly and end up in terrible conditions.


“It happens just about everywhere,” said Harper, director of Penn’s Center for Race and Equity in Education. “Generations of young black men and their parents and families are repeatedly duped by a system that lies to them about what their life chances are and what their athletic outcomes are likely to be.”


Harper’s findings come just ahead of the NCAA Tournament, one of college sports’ most popular — and lucrative — events and at a time when the NCAA is emphasizing the importance the athletes getting their degrees.


The degrees most of them get are worthless.  I once dated a football player who was getting an architect’s degree.  I persuaded him to stop playing the game for health reasons.  He was very glad I pressured him.


Harper says his studies show colleges are failing in their mission, with the numbers in the NCAA’s main money-making sports as support: Nationally, black men make up 2.5 percent of undergraduate students but 56 percent of college football teams and 61 percent of college basketball teams, but those black men graduate at lower rates than student-athletes overall (69 percent) and undergraduates overall (75 percent) at their schools.

High school football team disrespects National Anthem – YouTube


Instead of demonstrating against exploitation as slave labor, football players who are black and the majority of players now, they are protesting being part of the USA and are refusing to salute the flag, etc.  Football always was a notorious place to demonstrate ‘patriotism’.  I noticed this week that many players in the NFL who are black are not saluting the flag but standing with hands at the side.


Some are making Black Panther fists and some are refusing to rise at all.  Whole high school teams who are black are now refusing to rise and proud of it.  But where does this go?  I would say, it will hasten the death of this deadly game. College ‘games’: Injuries mount for Huskers, Westerkamp sent to hospital.  Utah football: Injury bug leaves Utes without key players vs. Cal.


YIKES!  This was not big news at all:  Ohio high school football player dies two days after injury – reports.  The black kid looks like he is 25 years old or older in the photo.  YIKES, again.  Only 17 but built like a full adult.


Although football-related deaths are extremely rare, a few other high schools across the country have lost players at young ages this year.


So he isn’t the only one?  And notice all the calls to stop this murderous game!  Yesterday, Injuries mar Texas-Oklahoma State matchup.  Football injuries force Rose Bud to forfeit season which story opens with a comment that football injuries are common at the hospital.  College Football Injury Report: Week 5 keeps a weekly record of all the top players being crippled in college.


What are liberals doing to stop this exploitation of mainly black males?  Black Lives Matter is doing nothing, of course.  Civil rights group closely allied with the NFL calls for the Redskins to change its name – The Washington Post reported last year.  Yup, the civil rights people are worried about the names of teams, not the humans being eaten alive by the game itself.


I suggest we rename the teams after various plantation owners and Civil War Southern heroes fighting for slavery.  This is what it has degraded into: slavery.


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9 responses to “Football Is Slavery For Black Children, Less Than 1% Make It To Pros

  1. Lou

    That Jews would be involved in this. Wow. I was unable to find the list of who owns the franchises, as proof.

    I found this—
    Sports —-Jews control most US professional sports (NBA commissioner Adam Silver, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred). Jews also own half of all NBA teams and one-third of NFL teams.

    Does the name Donald Sterling ring a bell?

  2. Christian W

    The Telegraph in the UK just now was about to expose massive corruption within the English Football League. Unfortunately the paper wanted to expose their findings piece meal. What happened instead is that very powerful interests were able to shut down the revelations through court injunctions, black mail and arm twisting.

    As for black athletes in the NFL. To get there you have to use extreme doping. That is at least, if not more, lethal in the long run than concussions.

    Typically you only need to use steroids during the build up period of training each year. After that all that is needed is to maintain the body/muscle mass. Your daily dose is 4 shots of insuline, then more shots of testosterone, then you need shots to prevent the huge amount of testosterone to turn into oestrogen. You use a minimum of 12 shots a day, plus other stuff. This is a science and the US is world leading there, but atm the real experts are Spanish doctors.

    It was darkly funny that the CIA managed to get Russia banned for doping from the Olympics this summer, when in fact the US and UK athletes are much more advanced in their use of steroids etc. The time to catch doping use is during the build up phase. If there are no tests then, but only during the maintenance phase, then it is easy to look “clean”.

  3. vengeur

    Wow. This is really good news if college students are losing interest in football. Best news I’ve heard in a while. Like Cosell said, “sports is the opiate of the people”. He actually became anti-boxing late in his life, when he saw how it brain damaged so many ex-fighters. Thank you Elaine for the good work you do.

  4. Lou

    It was darkly funny that the CIA managed to get Russia banned for doping from the Olympics this summer, when in fact the US and UK athletes are much more advanced in their use of steroids etc.

    Really? How do you know?

  5. Jim R

    By looking at the side-by-side pictures of Serena Williams and Maria Sharipova.

    Which one is ‘roided-up and which one is not?

  6. Lou

    Jim R, watch the you tube, ‘Serena is a man’–check her hip indent line.

  7. Thanks, Lou. It is time to ban football. It has a near 100% rate of severe brain damage for professionals and a 50% rate for college players.

  8. Lou

    8–Because the players are now so BIG. President Gerald Ford played football, by the 1970s he noted, ‘players are a lot bigger then in my day.’

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