Hurricanes, Volcanos And Blizzards, Oh My!


Hurricane MATTHEW might go right between Haiti and Cuba and into the Bahamas, first landfall hurricane of the season and very late in the season, too.  West to get early taste of winter with pattern change as snow falls in  the Sierras and Rockies.  US winter forecast: Frequent snow to blast Northeast; Freeze may damage citrus crop in South as things cool down drastically from last year’s evil warm fall.  Didn’t we all hate that warm fall…yup.



If you click on this site:  Interactive GOES East Water Vapor Weather Satellite Images and set the speed at 30 frames, you can see how the hurricane has been moving relentlessly westwards in nearly a straight line with out hesitation so far.  Suddenly making a 90 degree turn directly northwards is unlikely.  It may move towards Panama, not Cuba.


Looks to me like the hurricane has split in two and is grinding along the Venezuela coast which is grinding it down a bit.  Nussblog: Matthew now a Category 3 hurricane in the Caribbean | wwltv.comscreen-shot-2016-10-02-at-9-34-06-am

Scientists Fear Active Volcano Near Nuclear Plant Could See Major Eruption Soon as Japan toys yet again with self/planetary destruction.  The absolute worse place on earth to build any nuclear power plants is Japan with Indonesia a close second.  Building nuclear power plants within spitting distance of one of the most active volcanoes on earth was stupid in the first place.


The most recent satellite images shows the hurricane still moving only westwards, no turn to the north so far.


NOAA’s latest National Forecast Charts map as of today at 10:am shows the cold front turning into a stationary front which means the hurricane has a 50%+ chance of going westwards over Central America, not suddenly halting and driving due north, a 90% turn.  This is just my opinion but I feel that momentum is behind moving further westwards and even turning to the south by around 15-20 degrees.


Just one half hour wait and look!  As I re-checked my story, I clicked on the weather maps of Intellcast and look: the stationary front is actually warping backwards instead of pressing southwards due to the hurricane and is no longer capable of pushing this hurricane suddenly northwards.


Another check:  12 hours ago, the hurricane began to split in two.


Now it has, of this hour today at 10 am EST, it is now three storms and the eye is weaker.  I notice all the hysteria headlines of category 5 hurricanes have finally vanished.  A category 3 is now predicted but it is weakening, not getting stronger so far.



But then, we might forget all the above due to this:  Risk of big earthquake on San Andreas fault rises after quake swarm at Salton Sea which could be a sign that the sleeping dragon of the San Andreas and all the sister faults connected to it, are about to blow.  The section of California that will have this eruptive event has to jump northwards by around 16 feet since the North American plate is moving very slowly and the Pacific Plate/California costal landmass is moving northwards at a much higher pace.


The singular event that really impacts everyone is of course, major volcanic eruptions.  Hurricanes are local issues.  Blizzards become major global issues only when Ice Ages begin (which comes regularly, I fear) but volcanic eruptions give us a taste of Ice Age climate by cooling down the planet very suddenly.


When Pinatubo blew up in the Philippines years ago, I was living in a tent while building my house.  I looked up to see the characteristic volcanic ash cloud moving rapidly overhead.  I told my husband, we were in deep trouble and yes, we had one major blizzard after another and it went down to -45 below zero one day and this was the coldest, by far, I had ever been in my life and it was pure hell.


Last winter’s ‘global warming’ on the other hand was wonderful.  Easy life, that period.  No problems!  I loved it.  My plants loved it, the wildlife was happy as happy could be.  Well, if a major volcano erupts, this means the iron laws of survival of the fittest will return.


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10 responses to “Hurricanes, Volcanos And Blizzards, Oh My!

  1. melponeme_k

    ” Well, if a major volcano erupts, this means the iron laws of survival of the fittest will return.”

    No, only the coddled masses on welfare will benefit from food stores, the rest of us will be put into forced famine. Just like the Soviet Union did to Ukraine.

    The biggest factor that would break the elites hold would be for the San Andreas fault to release. Almost every sane power is taking this into account except our country. I also can’t help but notice the hypothetical main Russian-AlCAN bullet train route bypasses most of US only dipping into the states to reach crown jewel NY. It seems the only cities that haven’t been written off by the rest of the world are the ones that reside in the Northeast. Chicago is a dead city walking now.

  2. emsnews

    NY is a major portal for imports. So is LA. Chicago was for exports. Not imports, obviously.

  3. Joseppi

    Forgive me for closing the door on the blizzard……

    “In light of a bill passed by the US Congress allowing families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia, Iraqis have asked their parliament to demand compensation for the US invasion of Iraq.

    The day after the Senate vote, former Republican Senator Larry Pressler expressed fear that as a veteran of the Vietnam War, he could now face legal action.

    “As a Vietnam combat veteran, I could almost certainly be sued by the Vietnamese government or by a Vietnamese citizen,” Pressler wrote”

    Read more:

  4. emsnews

    OK: soldiers being sued is stupid. and for a SENATOR to say that is insane.

    On the other hand, suing the guys like KISSINGER: I am 100% for that. He is a war criminal. There are many of these at the very top, most of them belong to the Bilderberg gang, too, and some are Skull and Bones dudes.

    Yup. Sue them all.

  5. Jim R

    And of course, your congresscritters have decided that it’s your fault. For existing. So they’ll have to raise your taxes to combat all these extraordinary weather events. Without looking at a weather map, they will know that this is the worst hurricane season ever.

    Later on, after they have taxed you into bankruptcy, they can thump their chest and proclaim that their legislation has saved the planet! (because hurricanes are waaay down)

    See how that works?

  6. Jim R

    Nuclear energy. Too cheap to meter. Clean.

    Until that little “unintended criticality” event…

  7. tio

    An event that could have been mitigated by a 12v battery, which happened to be in every car in the lot.

    Who gives a fuck?

  8. emsnews

    It was obvious from day one we were repeating EXACTLY what happened in Afghanistan during the Russian invasion.

    AND the end will be identical, too: al Qaeda and other groups will attack Europe and the US very viciously. Extremely viciously. Again. And we can blame the Democrats this time around. Idiots, all.

  9. emsnews

    Looks like the hurricane is going to roll through the Caribbean and up the East Coast! Looks like hurricane force winds will hit the shores along North and South Carolina to Cape Fear (named thusly due to hurricanes).

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