Painter Forging ‘Great Master’ Paintings Fools Even ‘Experts’

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‘Moriarty of the Old Master’ pulls off the art crime of the century: Market in crisis as experts warn £200m of paintings could be fakes painted with identical materials used in the past to make ‘art’ so that it is indistinguishable from art made by dead artists and art made from living artists.  You see, dead artists are more expensive than alive artists!  This is due to the fact, they cannot make ‘art’ anymore so it is a fabulous ‘collector’s item’ and not ‘art’.  ‘Fake’ means someone tries to tell people, art is by a dead artist but it isn’t really.


The You Tube gentleman is wrong about ‘what is art’.  He says all kinds of goofy stuff but in actuality, anything is art.  Nature is art.  Birds building nests are artists.  Ants leaving trails for each other as they scout for food, create ‘art’.  The wind and moisture creates a wide variety of art forms, too.  Including our beloved rainbows.


Art is everything and nothing.  When, at the end of the 1800s and due to the mass production of stuff, artists had a crisis made a thousand times worse with the invention of the camera and then moving film, to figure out ‘what is art’ and they decided…nothing is art.  Yes, nothing.


Art made by these people from 1880-1914 (WWI wrecked everything) was done in despair.  The only thing left for them was color and so we had ‘impressionism’ which was all about color and not detail.  Fuzzy pictures of brilliant colors were produced mainly for the painters who could barely sell them back then.


But they fixed this by dying!  Errp.  Into the ground they all went and up to the heavens when the value of their mostly landscape paintings.  Who wants a fuzzy picture of themselves?  No one in particular!  Since then, ‘artists’ tore up whatever was left of ‘art’ and left a smoking ruins which today means everything has to be bombastic, stupid, boring, infuriating, ugly or annoying to get any attention.


99% of this is pure junk.  Going way, way back in time to the First Artists, they used tremendous attention to the movements, form, shape and qualities of the animals they hunted during the last Ice Age and made moving works of greatest artistry thousands of years ago deep inside of caves.  The miracle of the first works of art have yet to be surpassed.



I have reproductions of cave paintings in my home to remind me of who real artists really are.  Ideally, we should be able to reproduce great works of art so we can preserve them and see them instead of in museums, at any time or place.  But collectors hate this idea and would rather die than have more art.


They want money value.  For themselves.  Control!  Power!!!  Keep the masses locked out.  Yes, this is all about greed and power, not art.  Art is dead, anyways.  Keeping these rare specimens alive but isolated is stupid.  Open the doors to reproduction!  I wish I could reproduce the Lascaux caves on my mountain!


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5 responses to “Painter Forging ‘Great Master’ Paintings Fools Even ‘Experts’

  1. Lou

    The 2 highest paid living artists are both CON artists.
    Jeff Koons and Demian Hirst.

    Here is an artist who knows how to con, but he is an artist,

    Wolfgang Beltracchi, who tricked the international art world for nearly …
    [Search domain]
    Wolfgang Beltracchi and the Biggest Art Scandal · Guardian …
    Not only could Wolfgang Beltracchi paint, but he could paint like a master. He duped art experts for years in an art scandal that earned him, his wife ..

    [Search domain]…

    Beltracchi – The Art of the Forgery Movie Review (2015 …

    At a certain point, however, there arrives a sense that this documentary is, in large part, a blatant act of self-mythologizing, a way to embolden Beltracchi’s …
    [Search domain]…

  2. Lou

    I was unable to find the Beltracchi documentary that is on You Tube, worth watching.
    One riche person bought a painting for 7 million dollars.
    Wen WB was caught, the buyer kept the painting. ‘I like it.’

  3. ziff

    oh-oh, bad subject, There is ART and there is art [thats the problem with the utoob guy] , art is a solution to an architectural problem , blank walls . So anything will do as we have found, hang up your old beds sheets or a chainsaw.
    Yes, art is now a zombie. There are still things that can knock your socks off , but ART[ filling walls] became really about imaginative space, that has moved to the internet.

  4. ziff

    making Steve Jobs the Leonardo of our time.

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