Hurricane Matthew Does Turn Sharply North, Will Rake US East Coast



Hurricane MATTHEW did do the right hand turn and is now going to hit the Caribbean Islands as a category 3 storm which has winds at 130 mph.  Poor Haiti, hit by one disaster after another will be hit hard as will Gitmo where we are holding prisoners instead of handing over this base to the Cuban people.  Is it being evacuated?  Naw.  The eye of the hurricane is going right over it!


Forty eight hour forecast shows the cold front that is going through NY this afternoon but will become a stationary front over the Atlantic Ocean which means that in three days, it will be unable to stop the hurricane so I am supposing that it will rake the Southeastern sea board and graze past Long Island?  The cold front over the Midwest may still be strong enough to sweep it all to sea.


Hurricanes above category 3 make their own weather systems.  They greatly deform the air flow.  Note that one low after another is passing over the Pacific Northwest bringing rain and snow over the Northwest mountains.  Winter is already knocking on doors there.


Frigid Antarctic front brings snow, coldest weather in years to parts of South America, Africa and Australia this summer (which is winter down there)… and this continues in the fall which is spring in the southern half of the planet.  Severe frosts a bitter blow to WA farmers hoping for record harvest – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) reports in Australia.


We see from the above maps that the southern ocean is colder than normal and the ‘hot blob’ in the Pacific has overturned and now is a ‘cold blob’.  And the la Nina weakened some but is still there.  The Southern Hemisphere has been cooler than the Northern Hemisphere.  And I don’t see that changing any time soon.


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3 responses to “Hurricane Matthew Does Turn Sharply North, Will Rake US East Coast

  1. It looks like Matthew is getting back his Category 5 form back (as of 12:15 PM CDT):

    And one of the tracks has this storm hitting Cape Cod/Buzzards bay as a Nor’Easter!

  2. emsnews

    Yes, I suspect it will. This is classic for the Northeast: a hurricane stays on the ocean churning away while a storm front with a cold front hits it making for lots of fun, even snow late in the season!

    Can’t wait! Yikes. I used to live right on the Atlantic Ocean, it was literally only 500 feet away from high tide back in 1974. By 1980, beach erosion made it just 100 feet away.

  3. Lou

    Haiti had a slave rebellion and they built a glorious whitey free utopia.
    Today Haiti is a vibrant diverse paradise. (not really)
    Bad weather is threatening Haiti again and the Clinton Foundation will once again be there to help the poor downtrodden comrades.

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