Rotting Empire: US Election Between War Criminal And Tax Cheat

Zootopia Movie Clip “Tax Evasion” – Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman (Zootropolis) – YouTube

Did Trump break laws via his tax evasions?  The Democratic Operatives chose this issue to fight him.  Knowing full well, they are ALL tax cheats and all do this legally and they are able to do this legally because Congress and Presidents Bush Sr, Bush Jr, Bill Clinton and Obama all passed thanks to a corrupt Congress, laws enriching the rich and crushing the middle class that got uncontrolled illegal immigration and global ‘free trade’ which has made America very deep in debt with no end in sight except national bankruptcy.


Naturally, our media supports the looting of America.  When Obama took over, the ‘liberal media’ went to sleep and he ran up a huge trade/budget deficit bill which eventually has to be paid.  Our education system was totally corrupted via non-stop student loans which cannot be escaped by the victims of this gigantic scam.  A trillion dollars in new debt appeared this way in just 15 years!


The desperation for jobs is so great, students go deep in debt hoping for some light at the end of this tunnel.  But thanks to the flood of legal and illegal aliens, we have fewer and fewer jobs for citizens.  This undermines the country as a whole and we saw this as Hillary supporters who are illegal aliens mobbed and physically assaulted Trump supporters openly in front of the press and Hillary said nothing.


She is laughing all the way to the bank because her opponent is naive about political dirty fighting.  He thinks he should sling the dirt.  Smart politicians know you have others do it while denying you are doing it behind the scenes.  The media is hiding Hillary’s health problems, her war crimes, her connections to secret international societies who are striving to enslave humanity.


The Pardon of Marc Rich: How Hillary Clinton Served as the “Secret Weapon” for One of the Biggest Tax Cheats in American History is an example of how she and her husband operate.  But Richie Rich isn’t the worst case, it is all our elites.  Note how the price of their many homes has shot through the roof, going rapidly from less than a million dollar mansions to $50 or even $100 million as they buy and sell to each other while the value of homes in our former industrial giant cities crash to $0 and the middle class homes barely rose in value this last 15 years.


The gulf between the 1% elites and the middle class is a yawningly huge Grand Canyon rift.  The game here is to play with the very poor and coddle them so they vote for the Machine which in turn, in pure Roman Empire style, feeds them free food and gives them free games so long as they support the Emperors.


Ancient Rome was a slave state with almost no middle class by 150 AD.  And it rotted away and collapsed totally in Europe with a fragment remaining in the East Asian parts.  The barbarians physically nearly totally wiped out the Roman weak people who relied on the Empire to stay alive.  Pockets of Romanized barbarians and even some Romans themselves, kept alive, barely.


But on the barbarian fringes of the former Empire, all were slaughtered.  This is why today, France and Italy, for example, have a ‘Romanized’ language where the invaders meshed with the Romans and formed those variations of Latin whereas England, Germany, the Netherlands, etc. are decisively German language nations.


The US empire is past its prime.  Our extended mercenary troops are all over the planet as is our navy and air force and it is spreading chaos and war, not stopping these.  Instead of securing the borders, they are far from the Empire’s heart, patrolling next door to hostile rival empires that are not bankrupting themselves.  Deep in debt via trade with China, the US is going bankrupt patrolling China’s waters and confronting China while at the same time, importing many Chinese goods.


This insanity isn’t being discussed this election and this is deliberate.  If we had a real debate between candidates in the past, it would be about all this.  Hillary recently saw a recording of her making fun of Sanders supporters being ‘students living in mom’s basement’ and mocked them for being worried about student debt and unable to find jobs of any sort.


Her numbers are going up due to Trump being an inept politician.  But she is an EVIL politician for she, like Obama, is holding out hope and then will shaft everyone and she isn’t even a sane candidate for war issues: she is a warmonger on top of all this.  So what do we do?


We are helpless in the face of united rich people who desperately want to keep this imperial mess rolling along as far as humanly possible.  Our media giants all depend on fooling people, distracting them, playing games with their emotions all the while, forcing along this system that is causing the rich to get richer and the poor to be cast aside as useless people.


Drug Overdoses Propel Rise in Mortality Rates of Young Whites – The New York Times wails.  Oh, under Obama, Mr. Hope and Change, we got despair, debt and white youths aping black youths who are now mainly a criminal class.  Instead of elevating blacks, we see whites falling into the same dangerous and destructive pit of hell.  Deal drugs and you have more money to buy bling!  Then you die.


The analysis shows that the rise in white mortality extends well beyond the 45- to 54-year-old age group documented by a pair of Princeton economists in a research paper that startled policy makers and politicians two months ago.


While the death rate among young whites rose for every age group over the five years before 2014, it rose faster by any measure for the less educated, by 23 percent for those without a high school education, compared with only 4 percent for those with a college degree or more.


The drug overdose numbers were stark. In 2014, the overdose death rate for whites ages 25 to 34 was five times its level in 1999, and the rate for 35- to 44-year-old whites tripled during that period. The numbers cover both illegal and prescription drugs.


“That is startling,” said Dr. Wilson Compton, the deputy director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse. “Those are tremendous increases.”



This ‘epidemic’ began in two epicenters: West Virginia and the Southwest: Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona and California.  Today, the places with the worst addiction/death rates are these very same places.  West Virginia saw little immigration but the southwest was hammered by millions of illegal aliens.


This is very much connected.  Alongside this is legal prescription drug abuse which comes from our own government’s doctors handing out addictive pain killers like candy.  Even when I had great injuries, I took as little legal drugs as possible because I firmly believe, if you feel pain, you are alive.


Most people seem to want to end pain via addiction which saddens me but which is also another sign of a decaying empire.  So, under Obama, OD rates shot through the roof.  So is this a campaign issue?


NOPE.  I will note humorously that Death  Valley saw few OD cases.  Ahem.  The Corn Belt Midwest till is hanging in there.  But all the Tribal Nations are being hammered by illegal and legal drugs and alcoholism.  The little red squares in the Corn Belt States are reservations.


Yes, it is spreading to white middle class families and this is due to the fact that they are being sunk, collectively by our rulers who don’t need them anymore for various services.  Just like ancient Rome, bringing in endless cheap labor via conquest or other means, meant not hiring Roman citizens for any work at all.  Then these foreigners came in to loot, rape, burn and kill.


That is the difference between unorganized mass immigration that has no leaders versus organized invasion and the disorganized invasion precedes the organized one that follows in its heels.


The NYT today has a huge spread about Obama’s addiction epidemic but doesn’t point any fingers at him and his buddy, Hillary, which the NYT supports very heavily.  ‘More of the same!’ is the refrain, I fear.  No more ‘Hope and Change’ instead, Obama was all about ‘elevate blacks to high positions and to hell with the rest of them or whites in general!’ and it will reap a whirlwind.


Donald Trump and His Allies Struggle to Move Past Tax Revelation the NYT gleefully writes.  Well, the guys who run the NYT are all tax cheats, too!  So is all the DNC leadership.  They all take advantage of the exact same loopholes Congress gave the very rich.  This is why Mr. and Mrs. Clinton can give Chelsea and her Wall Street failure of a husband a $10 million apartment in Manhattan and she has a million dollar job watching the loot mo and dad collected via bribes.


They all made promises to the very rich globally and these people expect to collect their fees for this service.  They are servants of the very rich, and they do not want to talk about this nor does the NYT who knows perfectly well what is going on, one of the creators of the Bilderberg secret gang is the owners of the NYT.


So their tut-tutting about the declining condition of the American people is all fake, designed to fool people into more of the same.  How is Hillary going to fix this addiction/social collapse problem?  So far, nothing will be done.  Nothing at all.


The addiction despair has shot up in rural communities because we have been destroyed by free trade.  All the places being hammered today were places that used to have many sheep farms, for example.  The value of that collapsed nearly instantly when free trade began.  My own flock went from $250 a head to $50 a head.


If you look closely at the maps above, you can see that the drug addiction death rate shot up first in tribal areas which used to herd sheep.  You don’t see sheep all over northern Arizona and New Mexico and Nevada anymore!  The Tribes there lost their reason to exist.  Farming has been ravaged by our rulers.  Badly destroyed except in the Midwest which still manages to make a profit thanks to corn fuel programs.


That is all that is left where I live.  Just corn.  Fewer and fewer cows, zero sheep.  This is painful to watch.


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12 responses to “Rotting Empire: US Election Between War Criminal And Tax Cheat

  1. Christian W

    Tax avoidance is good when Queen Hillary uses it but bad when Lord Trump uses it.

  2. floridasandy

    I still see plenty of cows here in Florida, but seriously worry about the destruction of the insect population and how that works its way up the food chain. I see less of the animals that eat the insects and so on.

    when’s the last time you saw a ladybug, beetle, fly, etc. The only thing I see here are wasps and fire ants, the venomous insects who can fight the poisons that the other insects cannot. There are lot less turtles and deer down here as well.

    We are clearly going in the wrong direction on life expectancy for both people and all living things.

  3. emsnews

    With the death of farming up here, we are full of deer and here on the mountain we kill them in the fall which is very soon.

    Yes, Hillary does what Trump does but the media will not trumpet this fact. They hide it. And this is deliberate, cruel, stupid and mean and typical of dying empires. The Praetorian Guard works for the rich.

  4. Another drug epidemic that is not so obvious is the scary prescribing of SSRI’s and anti-psychotics for such things as not sleeping well!!
    These drugs cause actual brain damage and the anti-psychotics were never meant to be used long term and only for bipolar manic episodes.
    MRI’s show actual brain shrinkage ,dose dependent.
    The drugs were found by accident but the researchers noticed how”calm” it made the test subjects.Others called them chemical lobotomies which is more accurate.Valium,Seroquel ,all that crap keeps the population sedated.

  5. Christian W

    The Pentagan gave the PR firm Purpose $500million ot promote Al Qaeda propaganda (White Helmets) in the West. White Helmets are also linked with MI6, British Intelligence. A quick look at their homepage shows Purpose also supports #Blacklivesmatter, pro-abortion campaigns etc. In other words Purpose is yet another establishment propaganda outlet that caters to the new fake and controlled left within the Hillary paradigm.

  6. floridasandy

    peter, couldn’t agree more.

    conversely, they also prescribe drugs that keep people agitated and suicidal.

  7. Petruchio

    “Did Trump break laws via his tax evasions? The Democratic Operatives chose this issue to fight him. Knowing full well, they are ALL tax cheats…” I think that’s exactly why they did it. It is a standard manipulation tactic. Accuse your opponent (Trump) of what you are also guilty of. That way you can at least partially blunt the tax cheat counter attacks of your opponent. The Clinton media lackeys will play along, you can count on that.
    This way the media has an excuse to not discuss the Clinton Foundation or how Billy Boy Clinton stole all the “Save Haiti” money. Now when the Trump people bring these two subjects up, the media, like the good little media whores they are, can ignore it as dirty politics.
    It is a testament to how far this country’s politics have degenerated when a candidate for President of the USA uses tactics that aren’t befitting a candidate for Student President of a University.

  8. emsnews

    Haiti is about to be destroyed yet again due to the hurricane bearing down on that unfortunate land.

  9. Lou

    Haiti got its freedom from the White [French] devil long ago.
    Its problems are its own.

  10. Go see your Doctor for a checkup and the first thing the Medical Assistant will ask you is “are you having any pain today?”. Amazing.

  11. Petruchio

    “She is laughing all the way to the bank because her opponent is naive about political dirty fighting. He thinks he should sling the dirt. ” I think Trump is well aware that this election is rigged for Mrs. Clinton and there isn’t much he can do about it. I’m predicting The Donald–after he loses this coming Election–will do an “Al Gore”. Remember that one in 2000? The Supreme Court handed the Election to Bush II and Gore went on national television to say “While I strongly disagree with the Court’s decision, I’ll abide by the Court’s decision.” I’ll bet you will Al. If you don’t “go along” with the Real Rulers plans, they’re gonna kill you. Trump will get the same message from the Real Rulers “Big Al” Gore got. Maybe he’s gotten it already. Maybe Trump has already cut deals with the Rulers as to how he’s going to collect his payola for bowing out of the coming rigged election.

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