Washington Post Supports Clinton Because She Can Start WWIII

If It’s Hillary Clinton It’s War,” says Vladimir Putin of Russia! – YouTube due to her being a warhawk.

A President Trump could end the era of American global leadership – The Washington Post editorial board wrote this piece and I must examine it because it is utterly insane and clearly shows how the New World Order Bilderberg gangsters flailing about trying to accuse Trump of being nasty while hiding the fact that Clinton has openly talked about starting WWIII with Russia and China:


 IN NO realm is the U.S. president more powerful than in matters of national security. A president may launch wars, conduct intelligence operations and strike deals with foreign governments with minimal checks from the courts and Congress. If he wished, a President Donald Trump could carry out — or at least order — many of the most extreme proposals he has tossed off during the election campaign…


Ah, the Imperial Presidency!  If my memory is correct, it was us, the students back in 1968 who came up with the concept that our ‘democracy’ was really Roman Imperialism.  Indeed, anyone reading my news service regularly knows that I often talk about ancient Rome and how this is mirrored today with our way-overextended imperium.


The list of wars we have won since WWII is very short: nearly none!  We didn’t win the Korean War.  We certainly lost the Vietnam War.  We lost all the wars in Afghanistan because we couldn’t hold the place.  The Afghanis simply retreat into the mountains, wait and then restart fighting over and over again and indeed, are doing exactly that today with great effect. Taliban storm into Afghanistan’s Kunduz and they succeeded.


Carter: Afghanistan War Supplemental Request Coming in November as the need for billions more for fighting the endless battles of the jihadists in Afghanistan continues endlessly forever and forever.  The Afghanis love fighting.  The only world leader to deal with them sensibly was Alexander the Great.  He came in, fought them, married their princess and went back home again and to this day, they honor him for all this.  Everyone else has a miserable time there.


15 Years Into Afghan War, Americans Would Rather Not Talk About It: the Washington Post editorial board can’t even get this straight.  This is not the ‘Afghan War’ it is the ‘Afghan War II’.  That is, the second ‘invasion’ which is failing exactly like invasion #1.  There is even, in September, at fellow Bilderberg new outfit, the NYT had this editorial about how Hillary and Obama screwed up Afghanistan: The Afghan War Quagmire.  So of course, the paper is now whining about how Trump will be a ‘diplomatic disaster’ when the people the NYT is telling us, are fine leaders, screw up over and over again!  Huh?  HAHAHA.


Mr. Trump could launch surveillance programs targeting foreigners without informing Congress. He could scrap — again, without public notice — the rules Mr. Obama instituted for limiting U.S. drone strikes. He could shut U.S. bases abroad, withdrawing troops from Japan, South Korea and Europe…


Hillary can also ‘scrap the rules’ as Obama himself, has done.  He says one thing, does whatever he is told by his masters.  They pretend to be ‘legal’ and not violate the Geneva Conventions but just like in all our previous wars we lost, our government violated all Geneva Convention rules!  Endlessly! Totally!  When we students discovered the illegal bombing of Cambodia, for example, Nixon had troops shoot at us, killing students, too!  Wow!!!  Who would have thought.


He was not impeached for this and when he was impeached, we students demanded that the corrupt Senate and House indite him for this crime and they refused and they also refused to go after his war crimes.  So we see all Presidents committing war crimes.  How Much Blame Should Hillary Clinton Bear for Libya? I would say, a lot.  Hillary’s Huge Libya Disaster continues to cause torment as Europe is flooded with aliens from this sector.


Yet two aspects of Mr. Trump’s worldview appear deeply rooted and consistent over a number of years. One is his disregard for traditional U.S. alliances, from Mexico to NATO to Saudi Arabia and Japan. The other is a strong and somewhat mysterious attachment to Russia’s Vladi­mir Putin. If Mr. Trump were to act on those instincts, he could transform the world, very much for the worse…


Trump’s ‘mysterious attachment to Russia’ is certainly ‘mysterious’ since it is an invention of the Bilderberg gang and the Washington Post. They have been hammering away at this story for months now.  This is exactly how ‘red scare’ works and Russia isn’t communist at all!  China still claims some ‘communism’ but it also makes much of the stuff the US buys today and this can’t be cut off or we will have no appliances, computers, etc.


It would not be necessary for Mr. Trump to take any formal action to wreck NATO, which has been the foundation of Western security since 1949. If he merely repeats, as president, the suggestion that the United States might not defend states in Central and Eastern Europe that are threatened by Russia, it will send them scrambling to make other arrangements — including their own deals with Moscow…


What is Russia threatening to do to Eastern Europe?  Sell them gas?  HAHAHA.  Who exactly, is threatening Eastern Europe?  Oh!  Merkel and her lunatics who are demanding they take in millions of illegal alien Muslims who are very hostile to the West and want to impose Sharia laws in Europe!  How dare the Europeans prevent this, says the Washington Post who is also demanding we take in a million angry Muslim males, too.


Jews may leave EU if Islamic terrorism, anti-Semitism not halted, top rabbi warns MEPs — RT News reports in Russia.  HAHAHA.  A year and a half ago, there was this headline in the US: Is It Time for the Jews to Leave Europe? – The Atlantic Monthly whined.  So it isn’t just the Russians noting this story.


The new line of attack is to demand Europe take in endless Muslims and…this is causing Jews trouble in Europe only the article tags right wingers in Europe as the people causing Jews problems, not radical alien Muslim gangs!  Which the far right is fighting to keep out, not in!


This haywire ideology of demanding we let in more Muslims and at the same time, accusing us of being anti-semitic and endangering Jews if we want to stop a flood of Muslims who hate Jews…is insanity.  And has a very, very nasty ending, too.


In Asia, a Trump election could prompt Japan and South Korea to reconsider whether to produce their own nuclear weapons — in part because Mr. Trump himself has suggested it. The same is true of Saudi Arabia, which the GOP candidate has been describing since the 1980s as unworthy of U.S. defense. Dictators across the world, from Thailand to Syria to Egypt, would cheer the arrival of an American president who would excuse, and maybe even celebrate, their human rights crimes.


So, accusing one of the nastiest dictatorships on earth, the Saudi royals, whose people attacked us on 9/11 screaming about jihad, the state that sponsors terrorists against liberal Muslim nations like Syria that gave women full civil rights unlike the despicable system in Saudi Arabia…Trump is evil because he thinks Saudi Arabia isn’t our good friend and ally?  HAHAHA.


Dear Washington Post: if you guys bury your heads any deeper in the sand, we won’t be able to even see your feet!  Oh, I nearly forgot this news story:  White House, Congress Trade Blame for 9/11 Victims Bill’s Passage because now citizens can sue the Saudis.  Oh my, what a disaster this is! If Saudi Arabia won’t sell Europe or America their filthy oil, maybe we can buy it from Putin.  I would say, this would do more to bring peace to the planet than any other moves our rulers make, the idiots.


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8 responses to “Washington Post Supports Clinton Because She Can Start WWIII

  1. nani

    WP and NYT makes European media outlets appear professional and competent in comparison. The standard and quality of this pseudo journalism is simply appalling. No wonder many Americans are ignorant about what is going on in the world when this crap is their only source of information. It’s not even journalism, just poorly disguised propaganda and outright lies. Yuck!

  2. DM

    Their pig-ignorance and stupidity have made Americans the laughing stock of the entire world. Go on, attack Russia. Make my day 🙂

  3. e sutton

    There is no money in peace, which is why our rulers do not want it. They insist on walking the thin line between war and peace. Russia and China do not want war but are willing to allow it if they are given no other choice. I tell friends and family that if you want World War III, you vote for Hillary.

    Their response? By golly, she is not as evil as that mad man Trump! A few ill conceived e-mails? Some coughing spells, bah! Why, once she gets into office, she´ll be just as right as rain. To those of you with children and grandchildren, kiss them tonight before they go to bed. There might not be a tomorrow if these monsters are kept in power. I am childless and a few years younger than Elaine. I leave those of you with a future to make the decision about the nuclear holocaust we are presently being confronted with. Choose carefully, my friends. Your life and posterity is at stake.

  4. Jim R

    I noticed another little thing from Russia — not only are they suspending the Plutonium disposal program (which wasn’t going very fast anyway), but they are not going to sell the US any more of those RD-180 rocket engines.

    It will be interesting to see what happens to the US ‘space program’ now. All our old German Nazi rocket scientists have died of old age, and no one studies nerdy technical subjects in school any more, ‘cuz maff is all hard, and stuff.

  5. Melponeme_k

    “and no one studies nerdy technical subjects in school any more, ‘cuz maff is all hard, and stuff.”

    No, this isn’t the reason at all. There were plenty of Americans studying math and science before the 1980s. Free Trade has destroyed any science/math career for an American. Because companies will not hire citizens. They bring in Indians and Asians as H1B Visa slaves. They do it all cheaper than Americans and have no rights to complain.

    So the fall in students studying these subjects is just a reflection of future jobs. If the number is a big fat zero, that will be reflected in the student numbers.

  6. Lou

    Mel, my local ‘2 year college’ offers classes in International ‘Trade’ and ‘Logistics.’
    Logistics = how to bring things in from Asia.

  7. e sutton

    @Jim R,

    Doncha know??? YT took the magic (IQ) with him when he stole it from the Africans. Raciss n ‘sheeít…gnome sane?

  8. Christian W

    Must watch video that gives a clear overview of what is going on in Syria. As usual reality is completely the opposite of the US government brain washing story it wants people to believe.

    Elaine, Vanessa Beely that is interviewed in this program is an interesting person. Like you she is from elite background but works to expose the criminal schemes of the elites and to highlight reality as opposed to the sick mushiness the elites want to impose.


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