Hurricane Matthew Hammers Gitmo, Heading Straight Up East Coast To NY


This changes everything: the hurricane is moving right up the entire Bahama chain and will still be a major hurricane as it sears the entire eastern coast of Florida, will roll up the entire east coast and then maybe go out to sea slightly to hit Cape Cod…unless it makes a a turn like Sandy and end up in my front yard again, 12 inches of rain here out of that one!  THIS IS AN EXTREMELY DANGEROUS HURRICANE.


TIME TO PUT UP SUPPLIES, if you are anywhere near the East Coast.  It will still be a hurricane when it runs along Long Island.  This could be the most destructive storm for the East Coast of the last 20 years?  If it is a major hurricane all the way up to Georgia, this is going to devastate Florida badly.  Eastern Cuba has far fewer people than Western Cuba.  But poor Haiti is very heavily populated and extremely poor and is still being hammered by this major storm.


The Entire East Coast Needs to Be on Alert for Hurricane Matthew: I agree with this assessment. South Carolina To Evacuate Coast as Hurricane Matthew Threatens U.S.; Florida Gov. Rick Scott Activates National Guard and what, pray tell, are all the people at Miami Beach going to do?  Florida is flat as a pancake.


Deadly Hurricane Matthew Batters Haiti: ‘It’s Terrible, a Total Disaster,’ Says Pastor and I do not doubt him.  Haiti is mountainous and stripped of most vegetation so it is very prone to bad flooding on top of the high winds, etc.

Hurricane Matthew hits Haiti – YouTube

Hurricane Matthew hits Haiti, aims at US East Coast – YouTube: below is a screen shot of the hurricane several hours ago:


We can see how it weakened a fair amount as it brushed between Haiti and Cuba.screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-8-41-01-pm

But it will regain strength as it moves past and the Bahamas have no mountains, nothing to slow it down like Cuba and Haiti.  And Florida has zero mountains.  Sustained winds above 100 mph are highly destructive!  All of the flat part of Florida sticking out in to the ocean is at risk from this hurricane and houses are built rather poorly there unlike here on my mountain in NY where everyone builds for heavy snow and very windy blizzard conditions.


My own family is vulnerable to hurricanes right now, living in the middle of the NYC/NJ population concentration.  I am very concerned about them all now.  Good luck and better plan for the worse, not the best, reinforce windows!  Cut down any overhanging tree limbs, etc.


We were lucky years ago when hit by a powerful hurricane in NJ.  My giant oak tree came crashing down when the eye of the storm passed right over us, it missed everything!  We were so lucky.  Very lucky.  The rain makes the soil very wet and tree roots just lift right out like magic in a minute!  Fast.  A neighbor’s house was split in two by a falling tree in the same storm.


Take care, everyone!

Hurricane Matthew flood COVERAGE’ Jamaica – YouTube

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9 responses to “Hurricane Matthew Hammers Gitmo, Heading Straight Up East Coast To NY

  1. ziff

    i thought it was ‘ hurricanes hardly happen’ now . Wishing you best luck

  2. I heard there were 5000 people living at gitmo , wtf ?

  3. H.M.

    Supercomputers at are not in agreement with “Hurricane Matthew Heading Straight Up East Coast To NY”

    Earth “a visualization of global weather conditions forecast by supercomputers updated every three hours” predict a crazy Matthew turning south again on Sunday.

    Check: At press Earth and get the menu.

  4. emsnews

    Yes, the forecasts now are for it to turn suddenly. The reason weathermen gave hurricanes female names was a joke about women changing their minds all the time.

  5. Sunger

    Elaine Supkis Sept 27, 2016-

    “So the six to eight hurricanes have become none so far and the chances of more suddenly appearing is near zilch. It is obvious that the cycle creating no or very few, and those out to sea and weak, storms is still continuing and instead of wondering why this is happening, ‘scientists’ are in denial or are outright lying due to being intellectual frauds.”

  6. emsnews

    And I was wrong! Hooray! And frankly, surprised. But I am also noting now that one hurricane isn’t the six or more that the experts said would assail us all. 90% of them stayed in the mid-Atlantic and faded fast.

  7. e sutton

    Aye, Lassie, it is ye who needs to take care now. Batten down the hatches, lass, she looks fairly severe to these old Irish eyes. You have weathered more severe storms than this, so I worry about you not. Never the less, be on guard for this promises to be a doozy! I am in North Carolina, far from the coast, but the skies look menacing.

  8. e sutton

    About storms named after women….they (women) bitched about it, so the weather bureau started naming storms after men. Seems women thought that White Male Privilege ™ cornered the market on naming storms after women so now for the past thirty years we have masculine names for hurricanes. Next up….Hurricane LaJayveeyus…….have to be fair to the Africans, you know…….wouldn´t want anyone to feel left out and sheeyit….gnome sane?

  9. emsnews

    Hurricane Diddunothin.

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