US Media Giants And Democrats Want WWIII, Also Billion People Spied On By US And Yahoo



How Russia Wants to Undermine the U.S. Election | TIME Magazine has been pushing very hard to start WWIII.  This insanity isn’t just with this one publication, all of them who have Bilderberg gangsters owning or running them, are attacking Russia trying to make Russia look evil in order to hide the greater evil of NATO and Israel and Saudi Arabia, architects of WWIII. None are worse than the top Zionist warmongers of the New York Times: Let’s Get Putin’s Attention – The New York Times war horse, Friedman writes about how evil Putin is and how he is buddies with Trump who NEVER MET HIM BEFORE.  Also, Yahoo joined our Stalinist Democrats in spying on a BILLION citizens of the world.


Putin did call Trump once and chatted very briefly.  He talked a great deal with both Clintons, on the other hand.  Both of whom were buddies until Obama decided it is a fantastic idea to overthrow the elected government of Ukraine.


You may have missed this story, so I am repeating it as a public service:


MOSCOW, Special to The New York Times, Oct. 1 — A previously unheard-of group called Hackers for a Free Russia released a treasure trove of financial records online today indicating that President Vladimir Putin owns some $30 billion in property, hotels and factories across Russia and Europe, all disguised by front organizations and accounting charades.


The documents, which appear to be authentic, include detailed financial records and emails between Mr. Putin’s Kremlin office and a number of his Russian cronies and Swiss banks. They constitute the largest hack ever of Mr. Putin. Russian censors are scrambling to shut down Twitter inside the country and keep the emails out of Russian-language media.


At a news conference in Washington, C.I.A. Director John Brennan was asked if U.S. intelligence services had any hand in the cyberleak of what is being called “The Putin Files.” With a slight grin, Mr. Brennan said: “The U.S. government would never intervene in Russian politics, just as President Putin would never intervene in an American election. That would be wrong.” As Mr. Brennan left the podium, though, he burst out laughing.


No, you didn’t miss this story. I made it up. But isn’t it time there was such a story?


This has to be the most irresponsible, insane, stupid, propaganda from Nazi Germany sort of story I have ever seen in my life!  Little children playing with daddy’s gun and shooting each other are less dangerous than this creep who wants to actively start WWIII.


Putin “is at war with us, but we are not at war with him — both the U.S. and Germany are desperately trying to cling to a decent relationship,” remarked Josef Joffe, editor of Die Zeit, a weekly German newspaper and a leading strategic thinker in Europe. No one should want to start a shooting war between great powers “in the shadow of nuclear weapons,” Joffe told me.


But we also cannot just keep turning the other cheek. Putin’s behavior in Syria and Ukraine has entered the realm of war crimes, and his cyberattacks on the American political system threaten to undermine the legitimacy of our next election.


HAHAHA…so…while the US media cheats, lies and steals for Hillary, manufactures news, ignores important news especially stuff having to do with Obama and Hillary’s nefarious activities overseas and in particular, war crimes by Bushes and Clintons and…Putin is evil???  Did Putin lie about 9/11, made the truth secret by cutting out the Saudi part of the report and trying to keep it top secret…he didn’t do that!


He also isn’t bombing Iraq today.  We are doing this!  And we are shooting in Afghanistan and using all sorts of evil war tools there while the natives fight tooth and nail…and we just gave Saudi Arabia more weapons to attack the people of Yemen???  And Putin is evil???????  What!


Putin’s ‘behavior in Syria’ is to support the government there.  We are on the side of rebels who work with the guys who attacked us on 9/11 and which we are supposed to be fighting but then we blamed bin Laden for 9/11 and he was fighting Russia for us in Afghanistan…as our secret agent there.


Germany: it is dying rapidly.  After deciding that using energy is roasting the planet, they have begun to decapitate their own economy which will soon whither on the vine and die.  Merkel let in an invasion of hostile male Muslims who are now systematically ripping the place apart.  These leeches are all supported by the State which will soon be bankrupt due to this.


These ‘refugees’ are systematically attacking Europeans murdering them by the hundreds now.  And the entire EU is disarmed so no one can fight back.  Obama and Hillary want this for us here where we are already under assault from mass gangs in our dead industrial giant cities and foreigners pouring in illegally and US worker wages have stagnated thanks to illegal aliens replacing citizens and the Democrats suggest we fix this by making illegal aliens voters so they can legalize their replacement and we  know that the people who hire labor will no longer employ them but replace them, too, with more cheap labor.


All this while starting WWIII.  Europe has little time left to wake up.  Already, the State Dept: US Considering ‘Military, Other Options’ Against Russia in Syria and Philippines President: Obama Can ‘Go to Hell,’ We’ll Buy Arms From China on the other side of the planet.  When will Obama and Hillary overthrow this popularly elected leader?


I despise Yahoo so this news is no surprise:  Yahoo Scanned All Users’ Emails on Behalf of NSA — the company was hacked already and hackers got a billion contacts, now this news!


This is an unprecedented revelation related to the scope of NSA surveillance, as well as to Yahoo’s culpability in the process. Previous reports of surveillance involved a handful of targeted accounts or the scanning of a collection of stored messages, but Yahoo is said to be searching through every single email as it arrives on their servers.


EFF staff attorney Andrew Crocker described this as going far beyond the NSA programs known before, adding that “it’s hard to even anticipate what kind of arguments the government could make for the constitutionality or legality of this program.”


The legality of the program of course only becomes an issue for the Obama Administration now that people know about it, and if history is any indication, they’ll resist legal effort not with any argument that the program itself is legal, but rather that those suing them to stop lack the legal standing to do so.


Welcome to 1984.  Our government colluded with Yahoo’s female boss to spy on EVERYONE.  ALL the time!  No less!!!  Insane.  So, Putin is an evil dictator who…invades countries that didn’t attack him…and spies on everyone all the time…and…oh, forget it. Time to see what we really look like:

Snow White Magic Mirror On The Wall Scene English) – YouTube


Last night, the  Democratic candidate for President was pure evil:  Vice Presidential debate sees Tim Kaine go all out attack on Trump ‘A fool, a maniac, and a man who loves Russia’: Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine goes low with a non-stop interruptions and personal attacks on Donald Trump as vice-presidential debate turns ugly|


Clinton ‘can’t recall’ if she joked about getting rid of Julian Assange with a drone – as she holds a press conference in a secretive shrine as Clinton campaigned in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Tuesday inside the Zembo Shrine, a Shriners facility built in the Moorish style.  I wish she said this at the Skull and Bones headquarters.


New Trans-Siberian rail link would mean passengers could travel from London to Tokyo | Daily Mail Online as Russia, China and Japan increase various ties.  Good lord.  This is so insane.  Finally, the owners of various online systems are systematically banning people who don’t love Hillary, famous people, even:  Dilbert Creator Scott Adams “Shadowbanned” From Twitter After Trump Support | Zero Hedge reports.


Scott can post comments about the election but no one can read them.  Scott, darling, I pay a lot of money to control my own site and no one can censor me.  You should never go on Twitter which is for twits in the first place.  Thank me later for this advice.


Yahoo users: SUE THE GANG spying on you all!  Please.  I will support this with all my heart and soul.  And sue Hillary and her buddy, Obama the Neo-Stalinist spy master.


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34 responses to “US Media Giants And Democrats Want WWIII, Also Billion People Spied On By US And Yahoo

  1. Christian W

    Time 1996: The secret story of how American advisors helped Yeltsin win

    Time 2016: Pretends the evil Russians are interfering in US elections.

    US elites truly are insane.

  2. emsnews

    Good catch!!

  3. Petruchio

    Don’t forget about Facebook. You go on their Watch List if you say anything critical about Mrs. Clinton.

  4. Petruchio

    @#! Christian W: Yes, they might be insane. This is the result of decades of interbreeding too closely. I’m betting many of our ‘elites’ are hemophiliacs, a common disease amongst people who breed too closely to relatives. I think more of our Rulers stupidity/insanity is the result of these ‘Rulers’ actually being nothing more than ultra, ULTRA spoiled rotten rich kids. The ‘game’ is rigged so they win no matter how incompetent they are. Example. In any even slightly honest political system, George W. Bush couldn’t get elected to clean up the dog poop in a city let alone become US President!! Bill Clinton. Barack Obama. Same story with them. In ANY even reasonably honest system of Justice and Politics, these guys would be wearing orange jumpsuits and getting “pounded on” in prison.

  5. ziff

    theory going around , Putin rigs trump win, thereby pretext for ,,,,

  6. ziff

    this one is going around the clinton crowd, good one though

  7. tio


    95%+ of the sites I visit try to run the google-analytics javascript tracking code snippet. Not this site you’ll be pleased to know, however you are being recorded by – creepy bastards.

  8. Christian W

    The US doesn’t even care to hide that they are installing stooges now wherever they possibly can, like that corrupt Brazilian dude that was the front for the CIA coup against the elected President. Or Egypt, or Iraq, or Yelstin back in the day etc. Or now Syria and so on and on.

    In Germany Merkel just called for the resumption of the TTIP “trade” (read rape) talks, while she is busy importing Al Qaeda into Germany – the real Al Qaeda.


  9. Christian W

    Did you see this article by bought and paid for lickspittle Danish ex-Prime Minister and NATO General Secretary Anders Fogh Rasmussen. We have stooges and idiots like these hand picked for us here in Europe as “leaders” by the CIA.

    “The United States Must Be the World’s Policeman”

    Only America has the material and moral greatness to stop the slide into chaos and foster peace.


  10. Nani

    Putin is evil, China is evil, Cuba is evil, Venezuela is evil, Iran is evil, Julian Assange is evil, Edward Snowden is evil, Viktor Orban is evil, Trump is evil, etc.. All countries, activists, politicians and people who are opposed, or even just slightly opposed to the current Bilderberg NWO are deemed evil, including pesky, bothersome peasants like us who refuse to agree to this s**t.

    This is why they feed us every day with so-called “news” through their propaganda mouthpieces with warmongering rant like this crap. They want us, the pesky, nasty, irrelevant, bigoted citizens to hate Putin just as much as they do, so that we will support their endeavour to start WWlll with him. Ditto with China and Iran.

    We are living in strange times indeed, a time where virtues like moderation and common sense are frowned upon, whereas warmongering and criminal behaviour is considered as morally justified and noble. Everything is turned upside down.

    Good post Elaine, spot-on as always.

  11. tio

    “The US doesn’t even care”. They have found a cure for HIV, the key was activating the infected dormant T cells that evaded destruction, shame the same cannot be done for populations.

  12. Nani

    Never Before Seen Video: Obama Whines About White Privilege

  13. Nani

    It has been mentioned before on this blog. This is what Hillary wants to bring to America..

  14. e sutton

    Just in case anyone out there thought us Americans don´t take stuff for serious.

  15. e sutton


    Yes, there are some of us in America who recognize the War on Whites. Pretty stupid if you ax me. Cut off the White people and the tax base disappears. But whoever made money betting on the schemes of the rich and powerful?

  16. Christian W

    The Guardian now supports giving the Nobel Peace prize (which must be the biggest joke in the world) to terrorists. And not only any terrorists, but Al-Nusra (= Al Qaeda) terrorists.

    The White Helmets, are a British intelligence created, NATO supported arm of Al Qaeda in Syria.

    Check out the comment section. The CIF (Comment is Free) censors at the Guardian are heavy handed with the Censorship Axe 🙂

  17. Christian W

    There are lots of pictures like this, and videos, exposing the White Helmets for Al Nusra.

  18. Christian W

    British Intelligence services and Blackwater contractors behind the PR campaign of whitewashing Al Qaeda for MSM disinformation purposes.

  19. DM

    I used to read the print version of the Guardian in my youth. Now I would not even use it to wrap fish and chips. The comments section was good, though.

  20. DM

    Interesting snippet re this LeMesurier character. Where did you find this information?

  21. Seraphim

    Thomas Friedman’s articles can’t be used even as toilet paper, they might scratch your rear end too much.

    OTOH, have a look at this:

    “… in 2010-2012 Mrs. Clinton advocated multibillion American technology investments into the Vekselberg-run Skolkovo Project (the Russian Silicon Valley), engaged e.g. in developing hypersonic cruise-missile engines, radar surveillance equipment, and vehicles capable of delivering airborne troops.
    Meanwhile a criminal case, opened in Russia early September against Viktor Vekselberg-owned Renova Group on accusations of multi-million bribery of several Russian regional officials, adds another dimension to this story. It was reported in the Russian media that during the searches made in Renova’s offices in Moscow, the investigators discovered full documentation related to donations made in 2015 and 2016 by the offshore entities controlled by Viktor Vekselberg, to the Clinton Foundation, and the amounts exceed by far the nominal volumes officially published at the CF website. As the candidate Hillary Clinton was then officially banned from receiving foreign contributions, the money proceeded from the Vekselberg-controlled Metcombank via a chain of private American accounts in Deutsche Bank Trust Company.” (Kosher Nostra- a.k.a. Undzer Shtik – in action, see also the Magnitzky-Browder-Khodorkovsky-Madoff ‘shtik’). The plot thickens! Do you know that Russia made the repealing of the Magnitsky Act a condition for resuming talks with US on such a flimsy issue as the disposal of plutonium waste?

  22. Christian W

    DM, Max Blumenthal has written a remarkable overview of the whole sordid corrupt mess:

    Part I

    Part II

    The Usual Suspects are all there: the Soros Foundation, US government agencies (State Departement), Rockefeller Foundation, Gates Foundation, Shady ex-military (SAS eg) contractors working for the governments and billionaires/oligarch and Big Oil sharks.

    The above people will fail state after state, nation after nation, and feast on the remains.

    The truth is out there, also on Twitter, but the PTB are of course trying to close down any challenge to their imposed fake reality and their fake news.

  23. I wish Putin WOULD hack the election! Not necessarily flip it to Donald Trump, but actually make it IMPOSSIBLE to record and tally the votes! (Except those cast on paper, of course — even if the majority of them are cast for Hillary). At least then, we’ll go back to PROVEN technology for vote counting. Voting security is National Security, don’tcha know…

  24. Nani


    It’s the same here in Europe. Our elites seems to love diversity, especially islam whom they embrace with all their hearts. All kinds of critismism of islam is heavily censored here in Europe, just like black crimes are censored in America i suppose. White people it seems, is a worthless race according to the leftists. We are to be replaced and eliminated, the sooner, the better. But as you point out, who will pay for the welfare state if the white populations of Europe and America dies out? This is something the leftist never thought about.

  25. Christian W

    @ Nani

    There is no modern welfare state, in it’s current state, without Central Banks creating money out of nothing. Everything comes down to the fact that the US and European establishment of which Bilderberg is but one minute aspect) will go to war to protect their privilage of printing money out of nothing combined with theft of resources domestic and global, and put the bill on the populace at home and abroad.

    Without money printing the elites would have to pay their taxes, and would lose the lion part of their political power, which they will go to war to prevent from happening. The elites in fact are going to war this very minute, and have for decades, over this issue.

    Also, and this point is important because it is how the elites rule their subjects, the elites take an important issue and pervert it to their own purpose without the owners of the issue noticing. Case in point, black suffering in the US. Blacks may have a genuine issue but the way it is presented and the solution offered by the elites (embracing Hilllary) is not only counterproductive and harmful for blacks, but good for the elites. Same thing with the “Left”. There is no “left” that is genuine and independent of the elites (there is of course, but none that is allowed to be part of the real political landscape). The elites have framed the issues for the “left” and put them in the same trap as the blacks. And of course, and most obviously, the same thing with the white middle class in the US.

    That is why we now have a situation where x is pointing fingers at y, y is pointing fingers at z, z is pointing fingers at x.

    And the elites are pulling the strings of x, y, z and everyone, mainly through framing their reality through it’s incessant MSM propaganda (I include so called “entertainment” and advertising here). Until x, y, z realize the root of the real problem, and most importantly deal with it, nothing good will come their way.

    Elaine is WRONG in calling the creators of US problems foreigners. NO. The current problems are 100% American created problems. Not Stalinists. Not Maoists. Americans. Until Americans wake up and OWN the problem nothing will change.

  26. Lou

    Elaine is WRONG in calling the creators of US problems foreigners.
    More of your bs. Soros and many others are ((( Israelis, etc))).

  27. Nani

    Christian, you do have many interesting points of view. I do believe it serves the interests of the elites to play different groups against each other. Divide and conquer is the oldest trick in book, used by the ruling class for centuries. It also helps to divert people’s attention away from the biggest problem of them all; the elites themselves.

  28. Lou

    Nani, that is why Hussein Obama gave control of the interwebs away.
    Silence and censorship.

  29. Lou

    It’s the same here in Europe.——

    Control is from the Tribe. They are a people without borders.

  30. Christian W

    Soros is an American citizen.

  31. emsnews

    American citizens whose top priority is a foreign government!

  32. Christian W

    No, their top priority is to keep the US MIC and Wall Street/London City banking cabal going at all costs. This top priority is shared with the vast majority of “real” Americans (if there is such a thing).

    The US Empire is where the power of the elites/establishment is rooted and without which they have nothing. The US may be a means to an end, for part of the elites, but Americans are playing along nicely with their service to the US war flag rather than the US peace flag.

  33. Lou

    American citizens whose top priority is a foreign government!

    Indeed. Globalists with Globaloney.

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