Silly, Infantile Celebrities Look Like Whores Or Toddlers: Also Exploitation Of Innocent Children


Kanye West returns to work for first time after wife Kim Kardashian’s robbery ordeal which many people including me think was staged by the female’s team of lunatics.  The reason I am posting this story is to talk about the duality going on here: the male who is a full adult well past his infantile twenties, running around looking like a toddler dressed by a half-drunk mother and his ‘wife’ is running around looking like a hooker who forgot that if you display your wares for free, no one pays for them.


These two nasty people are just the most openly stupid examples of what all our media personalities and politicians are doing: being openly horrible people and thinking this is a good thing and then we have our media lecturing us all about the disintegration of society.


Little children, seeing these ‘adults’ think this is how we are to behave and as things get more and more uncivilized and psychotic, children are lectured about how they should all grow up to be responsible adults when responsible adults don’t make the news or are on TV shows.  Only the nasty or irresponsible ones show up.


’19 Kids & Counting’ Fans Furious: Demand TLC Cancel Show is a fine example of all this.  The show was supposed to be about this fine, religious family that took good care of children but it turned out the reality was totally opposite: rapists inside the family were torturing the smaller children.


The show was cancelled but it didn’t stop the criminals running the show or in the show, it changed its name and rolled onwards to hell: ‘Jill & Jessa: Counting On’ Branded ‘Offensive’ By Big Advertiser …so less and less money came rolling in based on this very exploitive show.


And anyone with any brains knows that child actors often have terrible adult life problems.  We see this all over again with the cast of the Harry Potter series struggling with adulthood.  I knew some child actors of the 1930’s to 1950’s when I used to perform in NYC, we ran in the same social circles and every one of them said they were ruthlessly exploited when children and leaving behind their famous past was pure hell.


I firmly refused to let my own children go into the theater when young for this very reason. The entertainment systems needs children because they are easily cute and cuddly and thus, good for shows, easy to exploit, etc.  Jamie Waylett is an example of all this, just picked his name randomly and voila:

 (born 21 July 1989) is an English actor, and convicted criminal. He is best known for his portrayal of Vincent Crabbe in six of the Harry Potter films. In 2012, he was imprisoned for his participation in the 2011 England riots.[2][3]


The poor kid was picked to play bad guys who were fat and stupid in the movies but was finally fired because he revolted.  Harry Potter actor Robert Knox stabbed to death protecting his younger brother back in 2008.  The poor lad’s parents thought he would have a great acting career thanks to that movie.


Virtually none of the child actors saw any career advantage as adults.  Very rarely do child actors cross the adulthood line, Judy Garland being famously able to do this only to fall apart emotionally as she aged.  Most of her 1930’s cohort didn’t make any crossover and these are the people I met and knew when I was living in NYC years ago.


The entertainment system needs endless children to exploit.  Adults who haven’t really grown up need children to make money for themselves.  I despise the Harry Potter films because they exploited many children especially the ones in the roles of ‘evil children’.  What sort of hell have these actors and actresses lived in since these stupid movies?


Making cartoons about this sort of thing is perfectly fine by me.  They could have  made a series of Harry Potter cartoons.  But no, they had to make movies which had to use real children who don’t know what they are in for if they participate. While Googling this story, up popped this link which happened to go online this morning:

BUSTED: Hillary Planted Child Actor to Ask Question at Pathetic Little Town Hall Rally


6 times child stars sued their parents is another story of interest.  Yes, they do this for parents sometimes steal all the money their children earn. This is how so many famous child actors end up troubled adults has various examples of this.


Jake Lloyd.

The 26-year-old became famous after playing Anakin Skywalker in The Phantom Menace, the widely hated reboot of the series that introduced fans to midichlorians. Since the film debuted in 1999, it’s become common amongst the film’s Internet fanbase to argue that “Jake Lloyd ruined Star Wars,” but the opposite is likely true.


“My entire school life was really a living hell—and I had to do up to 60 interviews a day,” Lloyd told U.K.’s Daily Mail. “Other children were really mean to me. They would make the sound of the lightsaber every time they saw me. It was totally mad.”


Although he has since quit acting, Lloyd was in the news again Monday after reports that the former star evaded police in a high-speed chase before crashing his car. Lloyd gave his name as “Jake Broadbent” to the police likely to avoid becoming an Internet trending topic, but of course, he was anyway. Lloyd told the Daily Mail that he’s learned to “hate it when the cameras are pointed at [him],” but in the age of digital media, that camera is all but inescapable—and increasingly dangerous.


How heartless of Lucas!  I wish this poor lad would sue the bastard.  I knew Lucas when we were both young and he lived in Tucson and hung out with the rest of us as we did Sci Fi stuff.


And then there is this extremely famous child performer who ended up insane and then dying early in life: Michael Jackson.  Who was most definitely a pedophile not because he wanted to dominate children but because he wanted to be a child again so he had sex with children since he was a screwy adult and didn’t know how to express appropriate affection to anyone.


And anxious parents who wanted their own children to be famous flocked to him and gave him access to their children in hopes they would hit the big time and become famous like famous ‘Home Alone’ actor, Culkin Who Shared Jackson’s Bed But Says He Wasn’t Molested.


His life has been hell since Jackson’s sleep overs.  Drugs, drinking, accidents, self-hatred, hey, I was raped when I was only 5 years old by a Skull and Bones creep!  It screwed up my life very badly not to mention, I had to be operated on twice due to it!  It was pure hell!!!  I feel very strongly about all this, obviously.


The poor children.  At least when that hideous creature, Kim K. parked her two children at a different hotel from where she staged that stick up in Paris.  They are being too exploited already, thank god she thought twice about exposing her to that stilly mess, too.  Yuck. I hope she is arrested for this stunt.  We shall see.


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4 responses to “Silly, Infantile Celebrities Look Like Whores Or Toddlers: Also Exploitation Of Innocent Children

  1. Lou

    Thanks. Like most White folks, I dont like Rap [talking over a beat].
    And you know who controls ((( media))).
    It is sad that parents allow pre teens to be ‘Kar trash ianed.’

  2. Lou

    Celebrities that stage robbery.
    In 1973 my own father worked on the NYC ‘Safe cracking, Led Zeppelins million dollars gone’ case.
    Many years later a Zeppelin insider confided in me that Zep [or the manager] faked the robbery and went from NYC to the Caymans and stashed the cash.

  3. Petruchio

    I’ll come right out and ask the question some (many?) people are asking. Why are the Kardashian women absolutely OBSESSED with having sex with black men?? They refuse to date/have relationships with anyone else. Each to his/her own, but it seems odd to me.

  4. Lou

    Pet, as far as I can tell the mom is a Mason [check Vigilant]
    and its part of the (((agenda))). Trying to get rid of the White race.

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