Washington Post Amazon.com Owner Frets About Trump Ending ‘Free Trade’



Also in the news overseas is this story about how our ‘government’ run by aliens is squelching anything to do with Clinton crimes and Obama obstructions of justice.


A President Trump could destroy the world economy – The Washington Post editorializes today.  We have to listen to our Real Rulers who are Real Rich to see what they Really Think.  And what they think is, we citizens are disposable tools and the plots and schemes of the Real Rulers must be adhered to nonstop no matter how many citizens are destroyed by these schemes.  What the monsters destroying America never mention is ‘What are we TRADING?’ and this is the #1 key question.


Brexit is just the start of a worldwide revolution against globalisation, warns the IMF | Daily Mail Online reports from the Free State of Britain.  And they can see what is happening there, the obvious answer to my above #1 question:  US international trade deficit at $40.7 billion in Aug. vs. $39.3 billion expected and the excuse this time is Olympics help boost U.S. trade deficit by 3% in August.  Each month has more deficit than entire years just 30 years ago.  On to the dastardly editorial:


THE DECADES since the end of the Cold War have seen strong and widely shared economic growth, on a global scale. The portion of the world’s population living on $1.25 per day or less fell from 44 percent to 23 percent. Some 200 million Chinese, 90 million Indians and 30 million people each in Indonesia, Egypt and Brazil moved into the global middle class. This progress had many causes, but a major one was the United States’ hard work, under presidents of both major parties, to promote the free flow of goods and capital, within a robust legal framework, among nations.


The comment about wages rising ignores inflation, of course.  Definitely, since we moved most of our manufacturing to China, they have rising wages and a huge trade surplus with the US.  And the WP owner even admits that this is due to the US but refuses to mention that it is our trade deficit creating this wealth overseas that he boasts about.


We have ONE WAY TRADE.  And Amazon.com knows this.  Hell’s bells, all of DC knows this perfectly well.  All the demons of the Darkness knows that the Bilderberg gang which controls our government and media, planned this stripping of US unionized manufacturing jobs and is getting filthy rich, doing this.


These policies benefited the American people, too — though by no means all of them, a fact that has caused understandable concern, especially in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. Seizing on this backlash, and dissenting radically from the long-standing bipartisan consensus, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks of “bringing back” American jobs by repudiating international trade agreements and resorting instead to pressure tactics, such as threatening tariffs against China and other trading partners.


DUH.  About time some weasel running for office promises this!  Since many of the people who lost their jobs are white males, our Real Rulers are absolutely happy about this.  They are at war with white males.


The United States needs to ensure that more of its own middle class shares in the benefits of globalization. Mr. Trump’s policies, however, could trigger a trade war, or wars, thus threatening the achievements of the past three decades without helping Americans who need it most.


What are these ‘achievements’????  HAHAHA: a gigantic trade deficit from hell!


Note how it was zero until 1976 when we had the ‘oil crisis’ and the cost of importing oil began to trouble our trade balance.  It was briefly balanced in 1989 and then all the ‘free trade’ deals were passed suddenly and bang: off the cliff.  1994 was when it really fell: this is when my own business went suddenly under as the US was flooded with imports.


And he would have considerable uncheckable power, as president, to keep his dangerous promises. Could he “immediately renegotiate” the North American Free Trade Agreement, and pull out of it if Canada and Mexico don’t go along? Yes: NAFTA’s Article 2205 says any party may withdraw after giving six months’ notice, and nothing in U.S. law requires the president to get congressional approval to do so. A similar argument applies to Mr. Trump’s threat to pull out of the World Trade Organization, a multilateral consortium the United States and its allies painstakingly constructed to support economic freedom and the rule of law in the postwar world.


And this is why Trump should win and why they will kill him if their rigging of the news (publishing only bad stories about him nonstop while excusing everything Hillary does) doesn’t work.  Yes, they will do anything to stop him from saving us from bankruptcy.


A 45 percent tariff on China (or any country) imposed as punishment for “manipulating” its currency to the United States’ detriment? That, too, could well be legal, at least temporarily, under any of several statutes whereby Congress has broadly delegated the president power to raise tariffs to meet a national emergency or protect national security. As lawyer-economist Gary Hufbauer of the Peterson Institute for International Economics has argued, Congress could not stop Mr. Trump without an unlikely veto-proof two-thirds majority; court challenges would take months even in the unlikely event they succeeded. To be sure, Mr. Trump’s team has recently cast his threats as negotiating positions — examples of how he, unlike previous presidents, would play hardball in defense of U.S. workers and businesses. This is hardly reassuring: He seems to have no response prepared for trading partners’ inevitable pushback.


And what, pray tell, will our trade partners do?  Stop importing stuff to us?  HAHAHA.  That is the entire point of protecting one’s own country!!!!  Duh!  It is astonishing how nasty our rulers really are.  They hate this country with a passion which is why they are working tirelessly to destroy all of us.


U.S. leadership of the global trading system has helped stabilize an area of international life that had bred conflict, even war, for centuries. To abdicate in favor of Mr. Trump’s zero-sum mind-set not only would undo the work of generations and lower the United States’ standing among the nations; it also would license other nations to conduct themselves just as selfishly. The disruption to market confidence could breed economic damage in excess of any transitory benefits. His approach would be a historic error, which, as president, he would be free to commit.


The warmongering Washington Post is trying its utmost to start WWIII.  Violent foreign activities, illegal invasions of innocent countries based on lies about 9/11, the imprisonment of millions of innocent Palestinian natives while stealing their lands, threatening Russia right on Russia’s borders…our Real Rulers work very hard to start WWIII.

If America Attacks Russia, What’s Next? Yes, what is ‘next’?  Well, there will be no ‘next’ because Russia, paranoid and understandably so, will strike first.  They must!  Stopping this means negotiating in good faith to not start WWIII.


But no, we see Neocon Washington Post Urgeing Escalated US War on Syria and threaten Russia with nukes!  Insane and criminal, of course, and this should be stopped, arrest the owner of the Washington Post. Western Russian Missile Brigade Put on Alert for Simulated Iskander-M Launches because of US saber rattling. Russia, Belarus to Hold Two Major Paratrooper Drills in October which is understandable.


MAJOR DEVELOPMENT: Russia ends treaty limiting plutonium production in response to US escalation of hostility and lack of trust as the US bangs away with anti-Putin war propaganda. RUSSIA VS. U.S. WAR IN SYRIA? US proxy attack on Russia embassy a dangerous sign – Fort Russ: not in US news is our bombing of the embassy just two days ago and our attempts with EU tools to stop any investigation of this event.


Then there is this crime by the Clintons and the DNC: Republicans blast FBI for ‘astonishing’ agreement to destroy Clinton aides’ laptops because well, Nixon did this too!  NSA contractor arrested over ‘stolen secret code used to hack Russia’ | The Independent



More murky stuff.  Eh?  So, this guy has proof the US is spying on RUSSIA, not the other way around.  Zero news in the US, of course.  He will be tortured and locked up for life now, this poor computer geeky guy.  The other whistle blowers are still hiding in embassies where our media ignores them as much as humanly possible.


This poor man thought he could blow the whistle not knowing how our media giants are controlled by the same people he was attacking by revealing their lies, machinations, everything.  Putin is tracking this story closely and will discuss it in the UN while the US vetoes any talk about this matter, too.  So much for the UN ‘stopping wars’.


Speaking of the devil, Hillary Clinton considered drone attack on Julian Assange – report — RT America reports.  No coverage of this explosive news in the US.  Wouldn’t shock me if this is true. DOJ Drops Charges Against Arms Dealer Who “Threatened To Expose” Hillary Arming Islamic Extremists | Zero Hedge reports.  Similar attempts at stopping any investigations happened in the past so I am getting confused.  Oh well, everyone at the top are trying frantically to hide war crimes.


But then, I said this many years ago!  Under LBJ, no less…during the Vietnam war, I loudly yelled about this at the top of my lungs.  Didn’t stop our empire from doing dumb things, of course.


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10 responses to “Washington Post Amazon.com Owner Frets About Trump Ending ‘Free Trade’

  1. Christian W

    Julian Assage was about to release more leaked information about Hillary a few days ago, but he pulled back after Hillary threatened to kill him if he does.

  2. Nani

    Hillary reminds me of a witch. She might seem like a nice, sweet and warm person with her “stronger together” and “let’s love each other” propaganda, and of course her “grandmother glow”. But behind the rosy facade there is a callous, cynical woman who only cares about herself and her personal interests. She is also a hardcore Bilderberg servant.

    I do not really like Trump either, but at least he is real. What you see, is what you get. Hillary is so fake.

  3. ziff

    us industrial production is way up

    but jobs have gone in the opposite direction due to automation , which has been industries response to chin cheap labour

  4. Petruchio

    ” They hate this country with a passion which is why they are working tirelessly to destroy all of us.” This is why it makes me want to upchuck every time I see members of the Political Wh#re Class holding their hand over their heart during things like the National Anthem. Same thing when I see one of these Wh#res wearing an American Flag pin on the lapel of their suits.

  5. emsnews

    They are bothering less and less about pretending to be patriotic as they demand we import more and more foreign labor and shift jobs overseas.

  6. Lou

    Robotics makes workers mostly useless.

  7. Christian W

    That’s true, Lou. We can’t go back to the Merchantile model Elaine pushes for since the elites have taken control over all production. We need to come up with an alternative model for globalization and trade that isn’t controlled by the elites.

  8. Armstrong is saying they will nullify trump win claiming Putin rigged it . Should be fun .

  9. Lou

    Christian and I agree on something.

    CHECK RIFKINS, ‘THE END OF WORK’—20+ years old but all too correct.

    Meanwhile at Amazon—https://finance.yahoo.com/news/amazon-promises-change-hunger-games-190252111.html

    Comments at article,
    12 hours ago
    I worked in IT for them and they fired me for this exact reason. I was in the bottom 20% of reps based on surveys, where my survey that got me fired was literally an ex-amazon employee who was trying to gain the system for a free kindle, told me that if I didn’t give them a free kindle I would be given a poor rating, and I was fired a month later for it, because I only had 3 surveys for the entire month, 2 outstanding ones, and 1 negative one. Horrible environment to work in.

    Yep, a company top-heavy in liberals, treating employees like dregs. You can’t make this it sh up.

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