British Pound Pounded By International Currency Traders: Brexit Scares Them

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As Britain deals with the nastiness of democracy with voters being fed up with the EU rules leaving Britain open to invasion by foreigners, taxes and rules that have decimated British manufacturing to the point, it barely exists, just like the US is being savaged by free trade and the people forced to take in hostile foreign invaders who hate our culture, our laws, our beliefs and everything else.  Yes, the people who rule us want us all to shut up and to do this, they terrorize us via things like this:  Bank of England investigating dramatic overnight fall in pound | Business | The Guardian.


The pound already was pounded way back in mid-June when the voters, fed up with globalization, demanded more control over their country.  Gasp!  The Bilderberg gang went to work and voila: we have a run on the pound.  Now, as a person who used to sell in a market totally wrecked, a market where my sheep went for $250 a head dropping to less than $50 a head back when we joined the EU system, so did England, a major producer of their own wool.


England used to not only raise sheep but made cloth and clothing.  Now, it is, like in the US, nearly all imported.  Lots and lots of things that Britain and the US used to make are now imported.  Nearly everything is imported.  Our ‘trade partners’ fix this by currency games which hides reality from consumers by artificially keeping currencies of dying economies going into debt, higher than it should be so they can continue to export to England and the US.


The Bank of England and other central banks are scrutinising the dramatic dive in the pound on Friday to establish what drove sterling to new 31-year low in a trading incident that has had repercussions across global markets.


The trading incident appears to have lasted for about four minutes in early Asian trading, compounding the losses that sterling had already suffered following speculation that Britain is heading for a “hard Brexit”.


The Bank, which had been on alert for the impact of computer trading on markets, said: “We are looking at the causes of the sharp falls overnight.”


Merkel this very same week that Germans are yelling at her to stop killing Germany, has decided to kill England, instead.  She snarled that England should be punished for Brexit and this is being done to stop all others from contemplating fleeing the EU.


XE: GBP / CNY Currency Chart. British Pound to Chinese Yuan Renminbi Rates

The practical Chinese like back in June when I wrote about all this garbage, panicked again and dumped the pound.  The Chinese want a strong pound to keep their products pouring into Britain and like in June, this is in trouble and the Chinese are getting pissed off at currency market games.


British Pound (GBP) to Japanese Yen (JPY) exchange rate history



The Japanese want strong currencies not a strong yen, too.  For the same reasons as the Chinese.


Brace up, Britain!  You need to revive your own industries, your own agriculture which has been savaged lately.  Work, again!  Last May, the UK trade deficit with EU hits new record right before the vote to stop this insanity.


‘Services’ shot up from only 2% of the economy to nearly 6% while importation of stuff went from 1% to 8% and worse, in the last decade, there was a net income outflow from England, too!  NOT GOOD.  Not good at all.  The status quo points very definitely to the entire annihilation of Britain’s economy if this keeps getting worse and worse.


So they must bite the bullet or die later at the fangs of foreign rulers! Which will it be, Brits?  We need to know for we are in the same boat as you all.


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8 responses to “British Pound Pounded By International Currency Traders: Brexit Scares Them

  1. ziff

    good, i’m going to buy some british stuff , should go lower, support @ 1.53 or cdn

  2. tio

    Same boat? Our treasure was buried in Belgium 100 years ago. Where do you think your fifth column came from anyway?


  3. Christian W

    @ 2 Tio

    Is that where the term “dyed in the wool Democrat/GOP” comes from?

  4. tio

    Sorry about that, tired and emotional *cough*. We are dying from the (extractive) fangs of foreign rulers, I would recommend re-purposing that bullet for a start. Nothing is going to change until there is a firewall between money and legislation. The proposed solution to 2008 was more of the same. Capital sees no way forward and has instead chosen to eat itself, what hope? If 2008 v2.0 doesn’t polish us off maybe Mr Putin will tend to that itch in the Pentagons pants?

    Leaving the EU cannot be viewed in any other way than a liberation. And yet here we are.

    @ChristianW – No idea 😀

    I am going into the garden to eat worms.

  5. emsnews

    Exploiting the accumulated capital of the industrial systems of Europe and America while transferring all this to Asia is a mega disaster for our rulers who are too stupid to figure out that the Chinese know EXACTLY what they are doing, they TOLD ME way back in 1987, this was their plan!

  6. Jim R

    China is happy about the ‘strong dollar’ making gold and silver cheap, however. It has slowed down now, but they were buying tons of gold every year for quite a while there.

    I suspect they want to still be able to issue currency if the FX market wrecks global trade and the Yuan is adversely affected. Having a tangible asset like that gives them a good lever to manage their paper currency, much like the USA did up until 1971.

  7. emsnews

    What killed us? The Vietnam war! To pay for it, they hid the money cost via debt.

  8. Lou

    What killed US money?
    LBJs ‘Great Society’ give aways.
    Nixons ‘wage freeze’
    Fords little lapel buttons–WIN – Whip Inflation Now [what annidiot he was]
    and he gave us Cheney and Rumsfeld?

    Spend, spend, spend.

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