Nobel Peace Prize Is A Total Joke Ever Since Obama Won It For Doing Nothing

Barack Obama Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech – YouTube

The Peace Prize has become a joke. My father once went to Sweden to hand out science prizes and he got to wear a tuxedo and hang out with the Swedish royals. He didn’t take me along, hahaha.  But he did have fun.  Now, we see the Nobel prizes which were turned into a farce, going off the cliff entirely with Peace prizes handed out like candy to rulers who are not even slightly peaceful.  But then, Perez and Arafat both got a stupid Peace Prize and Israel then went on to crush the Palestinians with extreme cruelty and continue to do so today.  Ever since then, I decided this Prize is for boobies, not real peaceful people.

screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-6-30-32-am showing leftists marching for peace by waving revolutionary banners and making fists.  The uprising there has gone on for decades and is mostly jungle warfare punctuated by kidnappings and other terror attacks.  Stopping this isn’t easy.  South America is all about endless ‘revolutions’ in between capitalist crack downs.
Right next door is Venezuela — Starvation & Economic Collapse Have Led to Citizens’ Enslavement as chaos there grows.  Cheap oil has ruined the finances of Venezuela and is rapidly destroying rich Saudi Arabia as well.  This yin/yang bouncing between extremes characterizes non-manufacturing economic systems which, incidentally, ours is too, increasingly, ever since we shipped all our manufacturing overseas.
 Back to Columbia and the insane ‘Peace Prize’: the President there has to go back to war now as Colombia to end ceasefire with guerrillas Oct. 31 amid peace crisis | Miami Herald reports:

The FARC and ELN were founded in the 1960s in the wake of a decade of political violence in Colombia known as la Violencia (1948–58). Excluded from a power-sharing agreement that ended the fighting, communist guerrillas took up arms against the government. The FARC was composed of militant communists and peasant self-defense groups, while the ELN’s ranks were dominated by students, Catholic radicals, and left-wing intellectuals who hoped to replicate Fidel Castro’s communist revolution in Cuba. The U.S. State Department has designated both groups as foreign terrorist organizations.


Although some say the ELN is more ideological than the FARC, the two groups have similar programs. Both oppose the privatization of natural resources and claim to represent the rural poor against Colombia’s wealthy. Historically they have cooperated in some parts of the country and clashed in others.


Colombia’s National Center for Historical Memory estimates that guerrilla groups kidnapped twenty-five thousand people (PDF) between 1970 and 2010. More than ten thousand people, including nearly four thousand civilians, have been killed or maimed in landmine explosions, most of which were planted by the FARC, according the Colombian government.

The previous winner, Obama, never returned his prize because he is very creepy and self-centered.  But the Nobel Peace Prize Chief Quits, Asks Obama to Return Peace Prize …


For the first time ever, the head of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee has been fired. It happened on Tuesday, March 3rd.


Thorbjorn Jagland, chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, and former Norwegian Prime Minister, said, on the way out the door, that it would be “really nice” if President Barack Obama were to return the prize. The White House had no immediate comment. (This reporter just now, at 1:47 PM Eastern time, specifically asked the White House whether there yet is a comment, and still there is none. Maybe he will volunteer to return it?)


President Obama received the prize on 9 October 2009 after 9 months in office. There is question whether he had already perpetrated the 28 June 2009 coup that overthrew the progressive democratically elected President in Honduras, Manuel Zelaya and installed the narco regime that followed after, but Obama and especially his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton certainly were the key people in enabling that regime to remain in power after almost every other government in the Americas and many around the world had declared them illegal. The following year, Honduras became the world’s highest-murder-rate nation, which they have since remained.


Then, President Obama in 2011 bombed Libya into anarchy and turned it into a failed state with rampant tribal and religious wars.


In 2014, President Obama carried out a Ukrainian coup which removed the democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych and replaced him with a racist-fascist anti-Russian regime which is bombing the area of Ukraine that had voted 90% for Yanukovych.


Perhaps nothing in the history of the Nobel Peace Prize has embarrassed that Committee as much as the premature granting of this Prize to the man who is increasingly viewed around the world as George W. Bush II.


And the question is, why is Obama, Bush?  Duh.  I once hoped he would not ape Bush but he did and his ‘revolution’ was fake and to this day, blacks still love him greatly because he is a fine figurehead even though he was raised ‘white’ and not ‘ghetto’.  Desperate for some ‘pride’ this fact is overlooked.


The US is watching another ‘uprising’ situation which Hillary is artfully exploiting with considerable help from rich media owners.  Using black voters very cynically to support the New World Order which has use for them as figureheads and to keep the dead manufacturing cities functioning as vote machines whereby the elites can do as they please and the bread/circus populations that are idle can support the rich rulers…exactly like how Ancient Rome operated.  Exactly, not approximately.


Getting the middle class that has fled every singe major city except a few like San Francisco, NYC, LA, etc. these rich/poor people have a death grip on our politics right now.  This is punctuated by out of control rioting in black cities which scares white working class people sheltering nearby.


About our insane election this year: the Washington Post continues one sided coverage of events: Can CNN please hire Mike Pence? – The Washington Post mocks as it attacks Trump nonstop.  Naturally, seeing how horrible Hillary’s choice for VP is, they turn it around and attack Trump for being smarter than she.  Oh, how very clever this story is!  The writer had to think very, very hard how to talk about Pense while insulting Trump’s choice for VP.


This is a screen shot of the Washington Post’s front page.  The ‘fact checker’ is particularly hilarious.  Over and over again, this biased jerk nit picks often lying about ‘facts’.  The real question here is, Hillary’s murky past where she openly breaks laws and Federal regulations, is skated over by our ‘government’ because Obama orders them to look the other way when ‘investigating’ her obvious breaking of rules and regulations or even international laws.


So NO ONE can be ‘absolutely correct’ when discussing Clinton’s secrets!  Duh!  And this is why I totally oppose her.


 Mike Pence laps all of these folks. He’s the governor of Indiana, and tonight at the vice-presidential debate here at Longwood University he showed why he’s just the guy to suit up and blab away on the 2016 presidential race with an ever-expanding group of news professionals at CNN. Moderated by Elaine Quijano of CBSN and CBS News, the debate was about 15 white papers more substantive than last week’s presidential debate last week at Hofstra University. That’s what happens when you subtract the Donald Trump factor.


In any case, Pence makes for an attractive CNN hire. He can defend and advocate for Trump’s positions on foreign policy, social issues, immigration and the economy. Further, he possesses expert deflflection skills, as he saved himself from having to directly defend Trump’s laundry list of offensive and outrageous comments about Muslims, Mexicans, John McCain and many, many other topics. Check out how he responded to Tim Kaine’s contention that the Trump-Pence ticket is engaging in the politics of insult: “Senator, you and Hillary Clinton would know a lot about an insult-driven campaign. It really is remarkable. At a time when, literally, in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, where she was the architect of the Obama administration’s foreign policy, we see entire portions of the world, particularly the wider Middle East, literally spinning out of control.”


The debate’s format lent itself to interruptions, eruptions and Quijano’s repeated attempts to get both fellows to shut up; there’s no telling whether Quijano’s practice sessions — featuring CBS News veterans Bob Schieffer and Bill Plante as the vice presidential stand-ins, according to CBS News sources — seasoned her for the ferocity of these two rhetorical gladiators. What we do know is that Pence tonight honed his expertise in dealing with crosstalk, a central element of cable news.


The Washington Post goes on to this article whining about Why bother having a vice-presidential debate at all? if the Hillary bot loses?  It was a ‘waste of time’ watching her running candidate make a fool of himself  Indeed, how dare they force him to perform in public? She should be able to hide him all the time like she hides from the public.


The screen shot above also has a WP story about Clinton whining about those of us who think she has a very serious health problem she is hiding from us all and that we are doing this because we are sexists not because we think she is a lunatic, running for office while obviously very ill and with serious brain damage going on!


But then, I opposed Reagan for this reason, too!  Yet he got elected while Bush Sr. ran things and then ran right into me when I successfully opposed him in public on the issue of the Chinese students he intended to ship back to China after Tiananmen Square mass murder.  Chinese Student Protection Act of 1992 was signed by Bush Sr. but he originally intended to deport all of them and I stopped this, single handed, by helping and protecting them while they camped out in front of the UN on the grounds of the Union of African States’ side gardens right in the middle of Manhattan.


There, I defied him to come onto diplomatic grounds to arrest myself or seize the students and I won that big, big fight with him which was highly dangerous.  Indeed, this is one of the reasons why the media hates me today.  I won and Bush Sr. lost.


And anyone who really annoys our rulers is either eliminated, shut out of the press, killed or driven to hide overseas.  Anyone who imagines the bloody creature called ‘Hillary’ won’t be as ruthless is nuts.  She is quite ruthless or rather, her puppet masters who pull her strings are ruthless.


She is still raising money and raising it nearly totally from rich people!!!!  Wake up, everyone!  Nope, our revolutionary females on campuses won’t wake up to their own perils. Huma Abedin in hot water for dismissing AIPAC as ‘that crowd’ | New York Post reports which is funny, everyone toadies up to the Zionists.  HAHAHA.


 In a 2009 email to Bill Clinton aide Doug Band, Abedin recommended that former President Clinton turn down an invitation to speak before the pro-Israel lobbying group.


“U really want to consider sending him into that crowd?” Abedin asked.


God, she is illiterate.  I speed type and don’t do short cuts.


The email exchanges were unearthed by The Daily Caller, which reported various Jewish leaders have taken offense to the “that crowd” reference as open hostility to Israel and its allies.


“Appalling,” Morton Klein, national president of the Zionist Organization of America, told the conservative news website. The reference “shows hostility toward Jews and Israel in light of the fact that ‘that crowd’ gives huge ovations to White House speakers.”


It was Hillary Clinton herself who spoke at the next AIPAC conference in 2010.


Bill Clinton’s airport run-in with Loretta Lynch was no accident | New York Post reported yesterday.  Yes, that infamous visit at the airport to stop all investigations of Hillary and this happened.  Every one of these were squelched.  Anyone within the investigations who complained about this were menaced so silence reigns and besides, the majority of our media giants refused to report any of this much or discuss it or heaven help us, bring it up in the fake debates.


Here is more non-news that should be front page news:  NY AG Admits Clinton Foundation Failed To Provide 3 Years Of Tax Forms On “Donors And Contributors” | Zero Hedge


Just 1 day after slapping the Trump Foundation with a cease-and-desist letter, the New York Attorney General’s office has confirmed that the Clinton Foundation failed to file 3 years worth of supplemental tax forms related to the required disclosure of “donors and contributors” to the New York State Charities Bureau. Of course, the attorney general’s office went to great lengths to quietly explain to CNN that the whole thing was just another honest mistake resulting from the overwhelming complexity of the Clinton Foundation.


Today, the headlines are still mostly about Trump not paying taxes.  Well, NONE OF OUR RICH pay effing taxes!!!  And they know this!!! And they are snarking about making this an issue little realizing this might bite back in the future.  No, they expect to control politics forever unlike say, most of South America.


Late Tuesday, a spokesman for the New York attorney general’s office acknowledged some of those financial statements had been missing. The confusion arose, the spokesman said, because of a merger between the foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative, an annual conference which had its final session in New York City last month.


Oh, it was two skanky entities run by the Clintons to collect bribes, are merging and this is making it murky?  HAHAHA.


“The Clinton Foundation was required to file these statements for CGI in 2012, prior to CGI’s merger with the Clinton Foundation in 2013,” a spokesman told CNN. “Today, the Clinton Foundation filed supplementary Statements of Financial Position and Activities for CHAI for 2012-14 and the requisite supplementary Statements for CGI for 2012.”
Though oddly enough, this admission from the NY attorney general’s office wasn’t accompanied by a tweet bragging about the discovery…shocking.
New York attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, who has endorsed Hillary Clinton, has drawn a lot of criticism for targeting the Trump Foundation while refusing to look into various allegations, including these filing omissions, surrounding the Clinton Foundation. In fact, Hans von Spakovsky, of the Heritage Foundation, recently wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal pointing out the inherent conflict of interest.


Judge Nap: Clinton Aides’ Destroyed Laptops Are a ‘New Low’ for FBI | Fox News Insider


Republicans on Wednesday expressed outrage over a controversial FBI agreement to destroy the laptops of two Hillary Clinton aides questioned in the email investigation.


Lawmakers wrote in a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch that it “is simply astonishing given the likelihood that evidence on the laptops would be of interest to congressional investigators.”


It was reported Monday that the immunity deals between the FBI and former Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills and ex-campaign staffer Heather Samuelson included an agreement that the FBI would destroy their laptops after reviewing the contents.


Yes, this is naked political terrorism practiced by Democrats not that Republicans aren’t above doing this, the two parties are addicted to doing this.  This is why our country is going bankrupt. Arms dealer who threatened to reveal Clinton’s Libya dealings rips DOJ for ‘injustice’ | Fox News reports.  Geeze, this reminds me of Reagan and Bush Sr. and giving out arms like candy to various entities including al Qaeda. This reminds me to post this fun news story:  Dozens of Afghan troops came to US for training, then vanished | New York Post but not the NYT reports.


HAHAHA.  I wonder if they are training to fly jets?  So, they are here illegally and Obama loves illegal aliens so this fits perfectly, he is bringing in a million Muslims:  Chart: Obama Admin. On Pace to Issue One Million Green Cards to Migrants from Majority-Muslim Countries.  We have zero say in all this, of course.


Far From United: German Protesters Send ‘Merkel to Siberia’ on Day of Unity as right wing Germans chant ‘Merkel to Siberia and Putin to Berlin’.  Yes, Putin is highly popular with anyone who is a nationalist patriot and doesn’t want Bilderberg rules.


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  1. Petruchio

    For me, the #1 disgrace for the Nobel Peace Prize is when Henry Kissinger won it. His co-winner the year Kissinger won, Le Duc Tho, had the good grace to decline the sham of a “Peace” prize.

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