Bilderberg Bezos Uses Washington Post To Attack Sex Stuff As Pure Evil!


Trump says Washington Post owner Bezos has ‘huge antitrust problem’ | Fox News reported way back in May this year.  Ever since then, the WP has been relentlessly attacking Trump on a daily basis with the stable of Dark Knights there howling like banshees about him.  Why Is Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Attending 2013 Bilderberg Conference asks Infowars…yes, he is a top Bilderberg gangster.  Watching this monster howl about sex is scary and yet at the same time, amusing to me.


Jeff Bezos:’s ‘dread pirate’ founder also took over the Wall Street Journal.  He is out to control our economy for his own enrichment and like his ilk, doesn’t like paying no taxes, no way:  Washington Post Owner Jeff Bezos Does Not Believe in Taxes so of course, he and his gang attack Trump about taxes.  I like Bezo’s Bozo headline, ‘Trump will have to answer for his VULGAR REMARKS’!  Wow, he was vulgar about sex.  Oh, I am going to faint!


I was a hippie way back in San Francisco in the late 1960’s and made the news by tearing off my top half of my clothing and throwing myself into the ocean.  HAHAHA.  Oh dearie me!  Then I did other sex stuff.  Lots of it, in fact.  The police loved watching me do these sex things all the time, I was very popular with them all.  So here we are, the sex fiend Bill Clinton who I defended way back years ago for being a sex fiend like the Kennedys, Roosevelts, Eisenhowers, even old nasty Nixon, I defended him and Hillary thanked me with a letter and I wrote back saying I didn’t like Clinton’s POLICIES especially free trade, thanks for nothing.


So, the private conversation between two heterosexual males is pure evil.  But public sex talk by everyone else including females parading about half naked protesting sex laws, well, that is liberalism!  So why are liberals sitting idle while Hillary and her gang are attacking SEX???  Next: Hillary says sex workers are also evil?  Eh?  Or is this business of ladies throwing themselves at men demanding they see their sex stuff, evil?  HAHAHA.


The Kardashinians fling their titties and bottoms all over the place, demanding we look at them and the media runs after them, photographing their sex parts and makes money off of this…and we are supposed to be scared to death of Trump smacking his lips over all the sexy females who assail him for attention!  HAHAHA.  He never wanted to see me.  Why?  Because he lost in a game of wits with me.  On the other hand, these other ‘ladies’ were all clamoring to clamber all over him and then…oh, he touched their tits!  HAHAHAHA.


So, the Washington Post wants to protect sex workers?  There are hussies selling sex?  Oh my!  Oh horrors!  How dare they!  I must hit them with my umbrella as soon as I put on some decent clothing, where is it?  Damn.  I got to buy some decent clothing, must go to a Muslim shop to see what they have planned to dress us up in so sex never happens…eh?  As for the frat boy comment: did anyone notice that girls in school are demanding to become totally drunk, go staggering about half naked while slurring about ‘I want some more FUN!’ are to be totally protected and no one touch them at all, ever?


Dionysius will do what he does best: get ladies drunk and then have sex with them.  The solution is simple and one my own ancestors who were female chose when they joined the anti-drinking crusade: pass Prohibition again!  See how simple this is even if it doesn’t work, of course.  People insist on getting wasted and will go to greatest lengths to do this.  Duh.


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos pledges $2.5m to same-sex marriage in Washington because men oogling females is evil but gay sex is OK.  I think gay sex is fine.  So is all sorts of adult sex.  But evidently Bezos thinks males lusting for females is evil.  What?  I better call his wife to explain all this to her and why it is messing up their own night life.


So our hysterical leftists and media giants and others love to go to The Sexiest Underwear Show from the Victoria’s Secret and gush over all the delectable pretty very young models trotting around in high heels, wearing next to nothing in underwear, my Victorian great grandmother would assail these hussies and the producers with their umbrellas and then smash all the champagne bottles and scold them for being evil wenches and pimps.  HAHAHA.  Sounds like fun!


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13 responses to “Bilderberg Bezos Uses Washington Post To Attack Sex Stuff As Pure Evil!

  1. ziff

    Nov 6 , 7 they will sandbag trump with false allegations [ no time for response]

  2. Petruchio

    ” But public sex talk by everyone else including females parading about half naked protesting sex laws, well, that is liberalism! ” Well they can’t come right out and tell the truth, which is they are out to destroy but first demonize white culture but ESPECIALLY white males.
    “They” being our so-called rulers, the Political Correctness Crowd. Another example of the politically correct’s hatred of white people especially white males? Note our monopoly controlled media. You would think black people compose over 50% of the population in the USA based on how many black people are on commercials and tv programs. It’s almost as if there is a conscious effort on the part of the folks who do the hiring in the TV/Movie world to ONLY hire blacks–or foreigners. It seems that if the tV rulers MUST hire a white person–male or female–that white person MUST be from ANY country besides the USA.
    You would never guess, from watching the propaganda on TV that 82% of black babies are born to single mommies. Or that a large majority of blacks live well below the poverty line.

  3. Yes Petruchio I wonder if Whites are an absolute minority right now! Our gov’t would never bend the statistics? Looks like the Left is becoming more puritanical except when it comes to homosexuality, bi sexuality and transgenderism then it’s all double plus good. Good news the NFL boycott is working.

  4. floridasandy

    I swear that the liberal media is almost getting puritanical when it goes to sex and consent in America.

    It looks like Trump grew up, and his kids turned out just fine. He is still married (although Melania wouldn’t love that story) and he has created many jobs for many women. The fact that the left is dragging out 20 year old stories for character assassination seems to indicate that they are getting DESPERATE.

    What has Hillary done again? Lately, her unwillingness to let go of any of her 100 billion dollar charity/slush fund money cost up to 500 people their lives in Haiti.

    I wonder which the average American of any race would think is worse?.

    I guess black lives don’t really matter to HIllary, even though she said that she would explain their needs to us ignorant white people. She could be a spokesperson for us! How lucky are we? LOL.

  5. emsnews

    This happens EVERY election. They dig up some sex stuff and then faint like Victorian 50 year old virgins. Then they advertise their latest ‘see the sex/murder/demented filth we have cooked up next!’

  6. floridasandy

    it is especially ridiculous coming from the “liberated left”.

    they embarrass themselves.

  7. Christian W

    The “liberal left” has been captured, besides I don’t think the “liberals” we see in media really are genuine liberals – they smell of thinktank spew – “humanitarian” bombings, Saudi Arabia and Israel worship, no contradictions are too great to openly and fully embrace fully spewing the US government lines in everything.

    There is no difference between creationists and this version of “liberal” (openminded) closemindedness.

  8. Christian W

    Saudi Arabia, led by officers from the UK, just bombed a funeral service in Yemen killing and wounding many hundreds. Will these fake liberals, never mind the White House and US government, cry out for sanctions, no fly zones and war crimes tribunals against the Saudi royals and all military officers involved?

  9. emsnews

    Yup. The Saudis killed thousands of Americans on 9/11 and then Bush Jr assisted in letting them flee the country when all other planes were forbidden to fly and he should have been instantly impeached but no…and Hillary has hauled his criminal ass out in public to support her campaign to continue similar war crimes and treasons.

    And..thus die empires! They all die thanks to this sort of lunacy at the top.

  10. Lou

    Elaine, where Jews or Neo cons behind the Sauds?

  11. Christian W

    Along with the MIC they were behind the Sauds as always. The bombs that were dropped were dropped on the Yemen funeral service were US mk82 bombs. It’s all for the greater good don’t you know?

    The US must fight all independent Arabs and destroy their nations. Only Arabs/Russians/Chinese/Germans/etc that are beholden and servile to the US are allowed. Beholden to means having their economic systems integrated into Wall Street and London City and their rulers subject to Washington dictats, lest furious punishment ensues. One means of achieving this goal is Wahhabism.

    Belgian intelligence service KNEW that the Paris “terrorists” were on the prowl and about to attack – yet they did nothing. Just like US intelligence knew perfectly well 9/11 was about to take place. They did nothing beause “Muslim” terrorism is but another tentacle of the Washington beast.

    When we start to see suicide and car bombers, outside of Western intelligence control, targeting Christmas shoppers in London and Paris like what we see in Baghdad, that is the day the terrorists are starting to slip the Western leash. Real terrorism is what is happening in Syria and Iraq with the US support of Wahhabi suicide bombers and Al Nusra/Qaeda and ISIS.

    The US knows perfectly well that there is no ISIS or Al Nusra/Qaeda without Gulf royal support. Terrorism in the service of the West is what we see in Paris, London, New York, Yemen, Syria and Iraq. There is no way Al Qaeda could have grown to a real Army without the support of a huge network of logistics and serious financial backing from NATO and Saudi Arabia.

  12. Christian W

    If Mrs. Clinton found it in her heart to forgive Mr. Clinton for the Lewinsky affair and mulitudes of rapes and habitual “Bimbo dicking” (thx Colin Powell) why is the MSM making noise about what Trump said? Trump would just be par for the course in the White House wouldn’t he.

  13. emsnews

    Hell’s bells, Trump sounds like he should marry Hillary only would YOU? Nope. Yuck.

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