NYC Mayor De Blasio Ordered Staff To Hide School Violence Information—Pretending Schools Are Safe

Racism, School Desegregation Laws and the Civil Rights Movement in the United States – YouTube


Across the board, liberals are self-destructing.  Aside from attacking Trump for being sexual (!!!) which is the kettle calling the pot black big time, we have the destroyed schools and youth violence running wild after years of Obama making excuses and Hillary saying it is OK to riot…so the new Democratic mayor of NY is trying to destroy the place exactly the same way Democratic mayors did when I lived there and became ‘the Housewife from Hell’ because I arrested more people than the average cop!  De Blasio doesn’t want anyone to see pics of guns, drugs seized in schools | New York Postn reports today as the clock turns back.


Floyd said he got a threatening call from a lieutenant in the NYPD’s Brooklyn South headquarters asking how the Teamsters union got hold of photos of a BB gun confiscated Wednesday at Erasmus Hall HS.


Department brass also sent out a harshly worded warning ordering the school cops not to take or release photos.


“Under NO circumstances are [members of Service] allowed to take photographs of weapons, dangerous instruments and/or contraband confiscated or found on school grounds and forward the photographs [to] anyone outside of the police department without authorization,” it read.


News of the policy came the same week that three students were caught bringing pot to school — with one packing heat as well.


On Friday, a 16-year-old student brought a loaded handgun and six bags of weed stuffed inside his socks to Murry Bergtraum HS, which is just steps away from Police Headquarters, cops said.


Our schools rapidly resegregated over the last 30 years. I was early in doing this, that is, pulling my children out of school because they were assaulted by bigger, stronger black children who are usually held back due to being unable to keep up with regular school work. All my friends did the exact same thing for the exact same reasons.  Private schools opened up all over the place thanks to desegregation.


It wasn’t because we hated black children, it was because black children were not disciplined properly either at home with their mothers being the only responsible adult or the schools that didn’t dare do anything to infuriate black leaders.  To paper over this catastrophe of greatest proportions, desperate Democrats are now trying to screw around with statistics to pretend black schools are not hell holes that are run by criminals.

America in the 20th Century The Civil Rights Movement – YouTube


It all started so earnestly.  In the 1950’s black students were nearly identical to white students.  Hair styles, clothing, grooming was all the same.  Then we did the ‘hippie’ thing.  In my case, I NEVER wore mini skirts or anything remotely like that.  My favorite thing to irritate staff and students was to dress in beautiful things I picked up at Value Village in Tucson which was clothing sold for pennies that came from 1890-1945.


I wore hats so often, the students called me ‘Auntie Hattie’.  But in general, most girls and boys dressed nearly the same.  By 2000, dress rules ceased existing in most schools and people including staff come dressed very casually.  And rules for moving around the school and courtesy, etc. is nearly gone in many schools.  Getting schools to function is now impossible.  When I was a child, if one was too annoying to the teachers, they hit you.  Hard.  With a ruler.


If mildly annoying, you got slapped with the flat side, if very annoying, you got the hard edge and if you were really nasty, you got the metal edge.  Now, teachers have to retreat and wait for the cops to come while students attack them!  Zero fear there.  Mostly, students fight each other.  And it shows.  Many schools have nearly vanishing education at this point, it is so chaotic.  And NYC has many such schools.


Reforming School Discipline and Resource-Officer Programs – The Atlantic


 The U.S. Department of Justice and Department of Education offer a compelling answer in their Guiding Principles for improving school discipline. School resource officers should be “focused on protecting the physical safety of the school [and] preventing the criminal conduct of persons other than students.” Educators, not officers, should handle routine school discipline. When an officer is involved in everyday discipline, from enforcing school rules and teacher directives to responding to adolescent defiance or disobedience, the result is “inappropriate student referrals to law enforcement.”


So, teachers must deal with these darlings?  HOW???  Set up a machine gun nest at the desk and warn them, if they touch anything or throw anything or pull any weapons out, they will be gunned down?  How about giving teachers flame throwers!  Or how about drones.  The drones are near the ceiling and zap the kiddies when they get violent?  Pray tell, what tools will teachers have to deal with out of control children raised in the slums by often criminal parents?


Hillary is backing this sort of crap. She even told people at a rally, it is evil to discipline black children and we should ‘listen to them’ and I agree, want to hear a stream of obscenities and very poor speaking ability?  Listen to them and hear the mental chaos and hatred broiling in the heads of children raised by single mothers and going to schools that are scared to death of these same ‘children’.  How very sad it is, how far we have fallen since 1964.


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5 responses to “NYC Mayor De Blasio Ordered Staff To Hide School Violence Information—Pretending Schools Are Safe

  1. Lou

    Do you expect anything else from a communist? Miscegenation is his theme as well. Make NYC unsafe again..

  2. Shawntoh


    This is shocking to me– these reporters are FINALLY verifying what you said in previous blogs! Bravo to you.


  3. I started ‘Save Our Schools’ way way back in 1981. It was a total failure, one of my few failures. The Teacher’s Union is huge part of the DNC and they didn’t want any changes to the status quo so it is dead and gone now due to internal collapse.

  4. Petruchio

    I keep wondering, “How much stupider do the elites want us ‘proles’ to be? I mean, just go on YouTube and type in “Just how stupid are Americans?” in the search box. Nobody can tell you where Hawaii is on a map, but they DO know who Khloe Kardiashian is having sex with. And this is all part of a Plan. It is NOT hard to figure out what it takes to get students to perform in school. Homework. Testing. Throwing the troublemakers out of school. And, even holding students back a grade if need be. Yes, there are legitimate learming techniques that can be debated, but the general guidelines are clear enough.

  5. Yes, reinstate the older systems. I agree. I sued to leave home at age 16 and dumped high school with no degree and went straight to college. The school where I was at gave me permission when only a sophmore to spend most of my day in the library instead of ‘classes’ which were below my level so I said, ‘Why bother’ and began to get scholarships to leave and winning these, left!

    The US educational system is now all about propaganda and passing the buck. They assume black children can’t learn so they just pat them on the head and duck when the child tries to deck them and then hope the little charmers don’t mug them as the teachers flee the ‘hood’ to commute home outside the cities where the black kids are concentrated.

    This is insane, it can’t last forever, each generation is worse than the one before due to the failures going all the way back to 1964.

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