Private vs Public: Things People Post On Modern Media Go Public And They Are Fired

5 Tweets That Got People Fired – YouTube

Trump called his daughter Ivanka ‘a voluptuous piece of ass’: Donald’s 17 years of crude, misogynistic ‘banter’ with shock jock Howard Stern resurfaces after hot mic recording furor: once again, we are distracted from real politics by sex.  It is very common today to fire people who post sex/race stuff that is slightly verboten, on ‘private’ media which is then recorded and splashed everywhere.  I still remember Nixon: HE RECORDED HIMSELF.  But in most cases today, the persons releasing recording with people saying the wrong thing or doing a joke that is risque, they are summarily fired and destroyed and this happens every day in the US and is happening to Trump who talked dirty in private…like almost all males.


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People are being fired all the time due to using modern media and not understanding that unlike in the old days, if you published people’s phone calls without permission, for example, you were sued.  The modern media systems are set up so that the owners of these systems can do as they please and so far, this means spying on everyone as we learned about Yahoo this week, for example.


The present hissy fit over what jokes Trump told in private (hint: often sexual, duh) is deliberate because the communications between Hillary and others during her time as our Secretary of State just got released yesterday and I note no media is talking about this little business which is all about war, international politics, collecting bribes from Wall Street, lying to voters about her real intentions, etc.


No, digging up dirty comments by men from past years, this is what is our major news and our delighted rulers are joyful they can focus the public on sex and not on things that matter.


It’s sexy, it’s daring…It’s crotch-baring! Slide over sideboob, there’s a risqué new look turning heads on the red carpet – but be warned it could go ‘horribly wrong’

WTH is going on????  This is movie business!  The ladies there are hawking their sex wares with the same level of ‘look at my crotch’ as prostitutes.  This ‘we are super sexy’ stuff is running right alongside people losing jobs over making silly sex jokes.  In face, not one is allowed to joke about anything, anymore, lest someone records it or it is picked up by spies who infest mass media today and is splashed all over the news with news media heads tut-tutting the sexy evil going on in between stories about naked celebrities posting selfies.  Forget mirror selfies! Introducing the new outfit pose It girls are pulling all over Instagram… will you give it a try? That is, taking pictures of crotches.  Yes, the ‘celebrity’ ladies are all doing this to get attention again.


Pamela Anderson turns into a crusader against porn after Playboy covers, Baywatch swimsuits and THAT sex tape while other females make their living selling sex stories after being taped having sex.  Anderson was a nobody until she ran around on TV in her swimsuits and underwear.  Now she hates this?  Hollywood has always been all about sex and violence and when combining the two, makes lots of money.


While Muslims attack Europe with ferocity, Europe has women trotting around showing off their crotches, selling their sexiness which means big money.  Forget mirror selfies! Introducing the new outfit pose It girls are pulling all over Instagram… will you give it a try? That is, take pictures of mainly one’s crotch.  So, where are the girls who are terrified of sex?  Celebrities like the ones now doing crotch shots in order to get attention like the infamous K crew, are setting bad examples but make lots of money doing this.


Sex sells!  At the same time, our leaders have to pretend they are eunuchs if they want to have power and the females have to be so scary no one would dream of having sex with them all.  This sexless crew who really are quite nasty in private, go about lecturing us about how sex is evil while they, the media owners, run sex nonstop to get people to watch stuff so they can also be stuck watching commercials all of which depend on people wanting to see sex stuff of various sorts.


The New York Times which never supported Trump gleefully calls for him to step down even as they cover up what Hillary did for Wall Street, that is, pimped herself out to rich men.


Washington Post: Breaking News, World, US, DC News & Analysis gleefully hides news about the Wikileaks stuff while peddling this.  Howard Stern deliberately did this to his former friend for political power.  Stern, who I sort of know from way back when I lived in NYC and was very active there, was a DIRTY TALK ass who was on the radio as the very first ‘shock jock’.


Trump earned his popularity via being an entertainer.  All male entertainers who are masculine do and say the stuff he did and said.  Even Reagan.  Way back in the 1950’s, Reagan didn’t worry about people secretly or openly filming or taping everything he said or did in private.  Now, this is quite common and ‘reality TV’ which didn’t exist back then, has destroyed many families and lives even the ones supposedly about ‘good Christian families’ who turn out to be not so good after all.


How silly this all is!  It feels very strange to me, living now in near total isolation on my little mountain, watching all this unfold.  I am one of quite a few people who will never, ever appear in the news no matter what because we are all blacklisted by our government.  This is why nothing I do or say online ever appears in the news even when I did things like infamously petitioning Congress on the even of the Supreme Court’s illegal ruling about counting votes, a petition demanding ‘Uniform Voting Systems Act’ which Congressional leaders assured me, would be discussed.


Nope.  Only NPR reported this event and then dropped it like a hot potato.  To this day, the American people don’t know that we should have uniform voting systems and to scrap the primary systems and replace it with revolving systems that cycle through various states so there can be no set system to exploit.  Our voting systems are collapsing badly including illegal aliens voting, ballot box stuffing, counting problems, etc.


All are spiraling out of control of the People and this is deliberate because only the elites can negotiate this system and we can see how outsiders like Trump can be stopped: they can splash private conversations all over the place, howling about how evil it is for him to say stuff when joking about things like sex.  Meanwhile, the mainstream media refuses to publish and condemn Hillary’s private speeches to donors and Wall Street and foreign powers!  Much less, her chatter at Bilderberg meetings which the NYT and WP owners attend and keep totally hidden.


Ahem!  This is why I consult those rags only to point out how evil lying bastards and bitches at work.  There is near zero real information there, just endless propaganda.  And unfortunately, too many people are still very naive about all this and this is why they are herded about helplessly by wolves pretending to be sheep dogs.


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18 responses to “Private vs Public: Things People Post On Modern Media Go Public And They Are Fired

  1. Lou

    How many police have been killed by Blacks and Muslims since BHO took office 8 years ago [to ‘fundamentally change merika]?


    No surprise. They are both ((( ))) and are or were in White topia, along with sell out Bernie.

  2. Petruchio

    This whole Trump episode wouldn’t be happening at all if the media weren’t almost exclusively controlled by a group of six mega media companies. Media control in a lot of cases equals THOUGHT control. Same thing with the Clintons. Both Bill and Hillary would be in prison long ago if there was even a small amount of diversity in media ownership. Fill the media with on- air mouthpieces, trained seals who will say what they are ordered and not ask the wrong questions and you have information control. Our current corrupt media system proves that what is NOT discussed in the Mainstream Media can be more important than what IS put on the air–or in print.
    Media control equals thought control which enables policy control. If anybody in the media were asking the right kind of questions to the Bush Crime Family and the Clinton Crime Family, these guys wouldn’t have gotten away with their crimes.
    Just like Daddy Bush said–in private–was this: “If the American people ever discovered what we have done, they would chase us out of town and lynch us.”

  3. floridasandy

    good post there Petruchio.

    No surprise that Billy Bush is tied to this recent Trump issue\ fake outrage.

    We have the Clinton kid, Mccain kid, and Bush kids all reporting, with absolutely zero talent. How many talented reporters are lost? The cream is not rising to the top anymore.

  4. Hierophant

    Does anyone else remember this TV show that was on HBO, it featured 4 women sitting around talking about sex. It was very crude and vulgar. It featured nudity. Women loved it. They even made a couple of movies…

    The rank hypocrisy of this thing is galling.

    See the mindless masses get led to the abattoir.

    HRC in her speeches talks about a no-fly-zone in Syria, how it would result in many civilian casualties. And three days ago there she is advocating for a no-fly-zone. But Trump made some off-color jokes about how his fame is attractive to women and how he uses this to his advantage. So we have one candidate presently advocating the wholesale slaughter of human beings, and one candidate who made a dumb joke in private over a decade ago. And which one is being vilified in the media?

  5. KHS71

    This is sad. There are real issues here such as the economy and foreign policy and they are being ignored. It’s all theater and it is rigged. Maybe it has always been that way. This time is is much more obvious.

    Don’t wish to vote for either candidate. I have voted in every presidential election since 1972 and this is the first time I feel this way.

  6. Vengeur

    I love how the “Sainthood Standard ” is applied to Republican candidates. If they are not a Saint, then they are not qualified to be in office. Of course the same standard is not only NOT applied to a LECH like Bill Clinton, but Clinton was actually ADMIRED by the press for his obsessive extra-marital use of women.

  7. emsnews

    It has always been ‘this way’ for my entire life. What is new here now is, the internet lets us all communicate despite controls. People lose their jobs for saying stupid stuff privately and this is the danger now: the machines tracking all information are set to attack mainly ‘middle class/white/mid level workers and families’ so they SHUT UP AND ARE VERY SCARED.

    Blacks can say anything including ‘Kill cops’ and nothing happens, this eggs on white kids to ape this and then they are severely punished…and all this is deliberate to create a race war and then eliminate all blacks who are grossly outnumbered by better armed white people who lurk in the countryside.

    Why are our rulers doing this stupid thing? Well….divide and conquer only they forgot: YOU NEED ALLIES AT HOME. And this is what the Democrats are really losing, they got the weaker parts of the country to follow the leader who is really a very nasty person and who is lying to them all…the weaker parts of the country are useless if your aim is world domination.

    Stupid people! Reminds me of Ancient Rome which did the exact same thing with the same results: barbarians invaded and wiped it all out.

  8. KHS71

    Just posted on Zero Hedge

    Newly Leaked Emails Reveal Unprecedented Coordination Between Hillary Campaign And Press

    Nothing new here. The press has failed all their responsibilities. Yellow journalism at it’s worse. Hearst would approve.

  9. Seraphim

    American hypocrisy is breathtaking. Or is it rather double-think? In any case is pathological. Insanity.

  10. Christian W

    @ # 9 Serpahim

    I’ve been saying that for years. It’s not only in the US though. The rot is speeding up now. The UK elites are going down the same road to hell.

    White Helmet activists just went to a Stop the War (in Syria) conference and blamed Jeremy Corbyn (the new Labour leader hated by the UK Establishment because he is genuinely left – as opposed to fake left like Blair and other establishment stooges) for the situation in Syria and called for more militarism. As I’ve often pointed out the White Helmets are an Al Qaeda propaganda front created by UK and US intelligence.

    This means that Al Qaeda are now used directly to influence domestic policies in the UK and not only as propaganda bullhorn for NATO policies or bodey man to herd the fearful public.

  11. Christian W

    @ # 3

    We have the Clinton kid, Mccain kid, and Bush kids all reporting, with absolutely zero talent.

    And what do you know, I took a look at the interesting link to the zero hedge story posted by KHS71 above and found another one – Mika Brezezinski at MNSBC, whose father is none other than Zbig Brezezinski. Looks like the elites are controlling the “news” in more ways than one.

  12. emsnews

    Their incompetent children are being hired to keep things ‘Friendly’.

  13. WTF???

    So, Trump doing naughty stuff is a “normal primate” but bankers doing this are “gnomes”?

  14. emsnews

    Big difference: the gnomes rape YOU. Trump tempts people, annoys people and tricks people but bankers can put you in prison while doing all that.

  15. Lou

    In contrast to the headline of this thread, the NY Post has locked down their comment section. Libs hate the truth and honest discussion.

  16. emsnews

    90% of US media locks out all comments. Some, like the NYT, has tiny open windows on rare occasions. The Washington Post has comments but has banned 90% of the people who used to post there regularly in the past.

  17. Christian W

    Yeah it’s not as if free speech is a cornerstone of Liberalism of anything Lou.

  18. Christian W

    More establishment rigging of the system to shoe horn Queen Killary into the White House.

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