Evidently Media Owners Think The Entire Election Is About Sex Not WWIII With Russia!


 Daily Mail Online from England which always even not during elections, loves to talk about sex all the time.

I feel like back in high school again in 1967 just before I got to go to college that year.  I was only 16 and already arguing about international politics and the rising Vietnam War.  Tucson, my home base back then, was a big Air Force training center and they were sending pilots to Vietnam so it was a school topic of discussion since family members of students were going there to fight this murky war.  Meanwhile, all the media talked about was…guess what?  Sex!!!  Miniskirts, for example, was a huge topic of discussion.  So was race.  So here we are, back again with a major, major war, WWIII, brewing thanks to the idiots running Europe and America pushing for confrontations with both Russia and China!  What the hell is going on here?


To repeat yesterday’s example, ‘How To Snog Without Getting Hogwarts’: Boston University Offers ‘Harry Potter’-Themed Sex-Ed Class | Huffington Post carried, it is all about putting sex into everything, smacking the lips and then these very same fake ‘liberals’ get hysteria about real sex and the possibility that males discuss female sex in rude ways.  Now I think I am old Auntie Hattie hitting kids who kiss in the halls with her umbrella (as a joke).  What is going on here?screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-8-16-50-pm

The infantile media behavior back in 1967 is being repeated exactly the same way today.  There is zero difference.  Not a change, whatsoever…this stupid thing rolls on and on and on.  The top news in US media doesn’t match news overseas due to heavy pushing of garbage by our media bosses all of whom work for the top elites who want to control the US population by distracting them with flashing lights and pictures of Playboy Bunnies stripped naked.


I remember when the recluse in the Playboy Mansion turned against the Vietnam War.  It was hilarious and signaled the end of that stupid, useless war.  We lost the war due to ideological reasons as well as tactics.  Swearing to never repeat that mistake, Bush Jr. did exactly that when he illegally invaded Iraq based on utterly false charges he knew were false.  No one has arrested him….


OMG!!!!  And this is the #1 reason to vote for Trump!  And it is not the top headline, at least it is mentioned in Europe.  He dared to say openly on national TV what all our ‘reporters’ and ‘pundits’ and other criminals have refused to say.


The criminals running the The New York Times saw nothing important except for SEX!!! Oh my, the paper that pushed ‘art work’ that is obscene, that praises obscene movies and stage shows my grandmother would destroy with her umbrella as sinful and evil…that paper attacks Trump for talking, not doing, SEX!  Sex sells!  So this is the #1 topic for America to discuss: sex.  That is, how dare we talk about sex unless we are talking about sex all the time, no?


In stark contrast to the sex fiends running the NYT, we have this from Antiwar.com:


WWIII, anyone?  Seems this is Hillary’s game plan.  Will Russia nuke the US if we elect her?  This is highly possible since the only way to win WWIII is to nuke the other side first before they do it.  This is called ‘hair trigger events’ and we came close to this every week during the Vietnam War, didn’t we?  This stupid war nearly ended modern society.  I used to give speeches about WWIII and I wasn’t just ‘give peace a chance’…I was waving the red flag of danger because of international politics.


I tried giving a speech about this in Eastern Europe when I was arrested in 1968.  I believed that if I went there and talked about all this, it might prevent WWIII.  I was only a child, literally under age back then.  But had the wit to understand that the road the US was on at that point was highly dangerous.  We can thank the Russians for their patience and superior tactics, running the US nearly into bankruptcy as we struggled to destroy Southeast Asia in order to save it.


The entire debate last night should have been all about war and peace and plans for the future of this planet.  It wasn’t.  Sex, sex and more sex and how dare Trump bring up Mr. Clinton’s sex life!  HAHAHA.  Right.  The Washington Post has the usual sex front page:


Why did the ‘debate’ fall so low?  Well, look at our media: it is totally in the gutter, it lives in the gutter, it is a RAT Caught Dragging Slice Of Pizza Down NYC Subway Steps!  That is our media.

Not in the mainstream headlines:  Bernie Sanders Supporters Furious Over Hillary’s Leaked Wall Street Speeches | Zero Hedge


 With the media exclusively attuned to every new, or 11-year-old as the case may be, twist in the Trump “sex tape” saga, it appeared that everyone forgot that a little over 24 hours ago, Wikileaks exposed the real reason why Hillary was keeping her Wall Street speech transcripts – which we now know had always been within easy reach for her campaign – secret. In her own words: “if everybody’s watching, you know, all of the back room discussions and the deals, you know, then people get a little nervous, to say the least. So, you need both a public and a private position.” In other words, you have to lie to the general public while promising those who just paid you $250,000 for an hour of your speaking time something entirely different, which is precisely what those accusing Hillary of hiding her WS transcripts had done; and as yesterday’s hacked documents revealed, they were right.


The Clinton campaign refused to disavow the hacked excerpts, although it quickly tired to pin the blame again on Russia: “We are not going to confirm the authenticity of stolen documents released by Julian Assange, who has made no secret of his desire to damage Hillary Clinton,” spokesman Glen Caplin said in a prepared statement. Previous releases have “Guccifer 2.0 has already proven the warnings of top national security officials that documents can be faked as part of a sophisticated Russian misinformation campaign.”


News from China:  Commentary: U.S. presidential election chaos exposes flawed political system – People’s Daily Online and the commies there sound far more adult and reasonable than here in US media:


Scandals have dogged the two main candidates throughout the 2016 election, which has further increased dissatisfaction among U.S. citizens. According to a recent Gallup poll, 60 percent of registered voters view Donald Trump as the least favorable candidates in 25 years, and Hillary Clinton as the second least favorable.

The tax-related questions for Trump, as well as worries over Clinton’s health and her use of a private email server, have all led to the current state of the election. In their first presidential debate, the two candidates focused more on personal attacks than policies. The Times commented in an editorial that the candidates have neglected the widening gap between the American dream and social reality.

A recent survey showed that voters now perceive the government and congress as the biggest problems needing to be addressed in American society. These concerns come ahead of issues like the economy, employment and immigration. Of course, that doesn’t mean voters don’t care about economic and social issues, but it does show the great and growing concerns that U.S. citizens have about their political system.


Rival resolutions on Syria sponsored by Russia & France fail at UNSC — RT News reports.  Yes, all this is being uselessly debated at the UN just like in 1967.  And the people definitely are in an angry mood now:  Paul Ryan Shouted Down by Trump Supporters in Wisconsin – Breitbart.  Like the rulers of England suddenly discovered, there is a lot of anger in the hinterlands that might bite hard.  Even people who are naive about things in the past can access real information online along with lots of fake information.


But the thing here is, they can find stuff in general and since this election is a hysterical mess thanks to our media and the Clintons…oh, did we hear the news that Winkileaks: Leaked Emails Show That Trump Was a Tool Used by the Hillary Campaign From Day One.


By the way, I got two different responses from Google when I used the word ‘wants’ versus ‘wanted’ in my search!  The past tense brought up better returns on my search:


Only right wing sites are carrying this explosive news this morning.  Not the NYT or WP or ABC or NBC, etc.  The elimination of news that really matters is how we are ruled.  It isn’t just the naked lying, it is the refusal to talk about highly important news that pisses me off the most but then, didn’t I give a speech about all that 50 years ago nearly exactly?  Deja vu all over again!


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7 responses to “Evidently Media Owners Think The Entire Election Is About Sex Not WWIII With Russia!

  1. Nani

    Juanita describes in detail how she was raped by Bill, and how she was threatened by Hillary.

  2. ed

    flaming on wars to hide economic looting and mismanagement.

  3. ziff

    my only problem with that last bit is , Trump coulda done a better job of being the worst candidate

  4. Christian W

    These kind of people are literally about to trigger off WW III. Very white and very crazy.

  5. Nani

    As the US strives to ignite WW3, Russia and China issues warnings to the US. The US elite won’t listen, because they are to stupid and arrogant to understand the dangers of this foolish game.

    Russian general: US needs missile shield for military supremacy over Russia, China

    Chinese general: US encourages Asia-Pacific countries to develop nuclear missile programs

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