Democrats, Rich Bilderberg Gangsters and Hillary Want WWIII With Russia


When I was a mere child, I got to live through the McCarthy hearings.  I grew up watching adults be fearful they would be drawn into that red-baiting mess.  Everything was heavily censored and no one could talk about real politics because they would be accused of being Russian commie tools and destroyed socially and banned from jobs, etc.  And here we are, half a century later and the New McCarthys are all ‘liberal’ Democrats who hate cops and want to burn down our cities in riots:  Donald Trump, Putin’s puppet – The Washington Post‘s most recent and most insane editorial.


ON FRIDAY, while much of the country was preoccupied with the latest revelations about Donald Trump, the U.S. intelligence community made an alarming and unprecedented announcement: Russia was seeking “to interfere with the U.S. election process” through the hacking of political organizations and individuals, including the Democratic National Committee. The statement rightly alarmed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who said in Sunday night’s debate that “we have never in the history of our country been in a situation where an adversary, a foreign power, is working so hard to influence the outcome of the election.”


Experts differ on whether the Putin regime is trying to tip the election to Mr. Trump, as Ms. Clinton suggested, or merely to sow confusion and distrust about the integrity of U.S. democracy. But the leaks traced to Russia through the WikiLeaks website have been aimed at Ms. Clinton — most recently emails from her campaign chairman revealing excerpts from her private speeches on Wall Street. The timing of the WikiLeaks releases, clearly calculated to do maximum damage to the Democrats, confirms (again) that the website is not a crusader for transparency, but a willing political agent of the Kremlin.


Unlike the nasty New York Times which allows near zero comments and the few times they do, it is heavily censored, the Washington Post did allow frequent comments and only censored people who effectively disputed with the writers there but left the regular, badly written stuff up, is now totally censoring comments.’s owner is very big on pushing whatever works to smear Trump and anyone showing how this is actually starting a very dangerous ‘Red Scare’ situation, they don’t exist at the Washington Post comments and now, no pro-Trump comments are allowed at all.  Thus, we get a repeat of Pravda thanks to our stupid billionaire ‘free speech’ leftists.


Leftists NEVER allow ‘free speech’ in the long run, they are huge on censoring stuff.  Many people in the last five years have lost jobs in the public sector, police, teachers, reporters, politicians, etc. all do down the tubes when they write online even only privately, ‘dirty’ or ‘not-PC’ stuff. Citizens now have to be very careful to review anything they post or write to see if there is even the slightest trace of ‘bad speak’.


Men laughing about sex in private, in the locker room, for example, will be severely punished now.  But worse, the propaganda for WWIII is roaring onwards thanks to the Bilderberg gang screeching about it as loud as possible even as ‘allies’ in Europe and Asia both are making friends with Putin for business reasons!


I am a nobody.  Few believe a word I say.  Growing up very privileged, I spill the beans and will never, ever be published because no one is allowed to talk about the Real Rulers and the messes they make, being mere humans pretty much totally out of touch with reality due to living in heavily guarded mansions and children going to very private schools, etc.


These people run our media and they lecture us about for example, how to run schools.  NONE of them send their children to real schools, they are all sent to hidden schools that groom them to be even creepier than mommy and daddy.


The Daily Mail in England correctly says that Hillary Clinton launches attack on Russia accusing Vladimir Putin of ‘war crimes’ | Daily Mail Online:


The FBI said in July that it was looking into the hacking of the Democratic National Committee computer system, after WikiLeaks published nearly 20,000 internal emails on the eve of the party’s convention.


At the debate the subject of Russian hacks also came up in a separate voter question about a WikiLeaks document published Friday, which showed that Clinton allegedly said in a Wall Street speech that ‘you need both a public and a private position on certain issues.’


Clinton, while appearing to confirm that the document was genuine, went on to blame the leak on Russian meddling, in what was unusually strong wording for the former Secretary of State.


‘We have never, in the history of our country, been in a situation where an adversary, a foreign power, is working so hard to influence the outcome of the election,’ she told the crowd.


Clinton said the leaked speech remarks were in the context of Steven Spielberg’s 2012 movie Lincoln, showing that President making different arguments to different people.


But she used the question to attack Russia further, and condemned WikiLeaks as a part of Russian smear efforts.


Smearing Wikileaks for being commie tools is classic.  And I predicted this creepy female would do this, last year.  And since our echo media is backing this lunatic storyline, we have a situation that is quite grave.  SO WHAT if Russia is leaking this vital information?


The Washington Post today claims that Scandal! WikiLeaks reveals Hillary Clinton to be . . . reasonable. Yes, this is how they looked at the leaks: it proves Hillary is great!  And good!!!!


So…logic time here: why is the Washington Post so freaked out about the release of all this information?  If it is good, then the Russians are supporting HILLARY, not Trump.  Eh?  Of course, the WP staff, working for a billionaire, are most anxious to further his schemes and overlook simple logic or sanity.  WP Wonkblog: Trump tried to call out Warren Buffett. He probably didn’t expect this. That is, releasing his taxes.  Buffet should have done this decades ago.


And Hillary’s taxes?  I want to see all the way back to 2000 on that business.  How much did her husband collect in ‘fees’ from foreign governments and Wall Street ‘speeches’ while she was Secretary of State?  A billion?  Two billion?  And how much was taxed?  (Hint: virtually none).


Holding this dual position that Trump is evil because Putin says he prefers Trump to WWIIII Hillary (duh) and that Putin is causing all this uproar because he hates Hillary…and simultaneously, the information Putin released shows that Hillary is fantastic at international politics and good at everything…MAKES NO SENSE.  And of course, it can’t make sense since all of this red scare stuff is desperation to keep that carcass afloat before it stinks.


One of Clinton’s biggest critics in email case says he’d tell Trump not to jail her reports the WP.  ‘She broke the law, she conspired to do war crimes, but why put her in jail for all this?  She is a Bilderberg gangster, we don’t jail Bilderberg gangsters!’  Yes, this is the scheme.  Since all our war crime criminals get away with it, why not let all of them get away with it forever?  No need to punish anyone for breaking international laws that the Nüremberg laws claimed, gave us the right to execute Nazis!


Nope, that was singular and since similar war crimes today doesn’t lead to executions if one is part of NATO, this means there are no war laws anymore and the fiction that there are war crimes should be dropped.  Executing people for war crimes is pure revenge, not justice.


What really irks me is, cops who shoot the wrong person or, in the dark, shoot someone they thought was armed but who wasn’t really armed, these people are arrested like criminals and put on trial.  But Hillary can blithely plot to kill whoever and carry this out via various means (and she and Israel’s rulers want Assad very dead!) and she gets to do this and the WP and NYT will applaud this as great and good when it is all war crimes.


Turkey is getting closer and closer to Russia after the failed US coup there.  Russian news that we won’t see in the US: ‘Boy was torn apart’: Residents talk to RT in Aleppo hospital (EXCLUSIVE)

RT has visited a school and a hospital in Aleppo and witnessed children who were mutilated by Islamists’ mortar and rocket fire in government-controlled areas.
Last night has been restless for the government-controlled western Aleppo, where multiple mortar shells landed. SANA news agency said that at least four people have been killed and 14 others injured as shells targeted al-Hamadaneyah neighborhood, though the exact number of victims is not immediately clear.


NATO’s Polar Roar: 5 US bombers ‘intercepted’ in large-scale exercise over Baltic Sea — RT News reports as NATO plays chicken with nuclear armed Russia.


The bombers lifted off from different bases in Missouri, North Dakota and Louisiana, before meeting up over the Atlantic, and undertaking an uninterrupted flight over Europe, where they refueled mid-air, a key component of the exercise.


Once there, they were treated like intruders by local NATO jets, as part of the alliance’s air policing training.


“NATO’s Air Policing mission preserves and safeguards the integrity of Alliance airspace. Scrambles are launched within minutes in response to aircraft not following international flight regulations or approaching NATO member countries’ airspace,” explained a statement from NATO.


“Allied and Partner jets scrambled to train intercept procedures at designated points in the exercise, and the NATO Airborne Early Warning & Control Force aircraft ensured command and control during operations.”


Stupid Pentagon people!  This is waving a red flag for war.  They know this.  It is deliberate.  They want to up the ante.  Too stupid to figure out that this helps Russia figure ways to destroy the US in the first 2 hours of WWIII, they think if they fly a bunch of nuclear armed jets from Kansas to Russia, taking hours to do this, Russia won’t know about it before hand via satellites (yup, there are these things in space that can track this sort of stuff!) and boom: destroy everything in America via missile launches and then pick off the US flights as they move over the Atlantic and then into Europe which won’t exist, either, if they are stupid.


But I know the Europeans: they will help Russia stop the US jets if Russia promises not to blow up Europe, too.  Playing war games is stupid if one has stupid people playing the role of the ‘enemy’.  But who at the Pentagon, wants to play ‘smart enemies’? No one, so they pick the persons who are least capable to play that role in war games.  This is why like all other times, our military will be caught with pants around the ankles if we were attacked.


It is built-in blindness to reality.


The “unique” exercise was a success, according to the release. “Our Air Policing assets in Northern Europe and throughout the region embraced the unique training event,” said Huyck.


This is not the first time such an exercise has been conducted, with a mission, Polar Growl, being conducted last year.


Too stupid to figure out this is also a training mission for Russia.  Russia is very understandably very paranoid of someone doing a sneak attack after peace treaty signings that poking at Russians this way is fatal.  They know they must do first strike and not wait until it is too late.


The mission will end at the Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex (JPARC) where the planes will conduct a bombardment exercising dropping dummy bombs.


Our military flounces all around the entire planet and very close offshore of both Russia and China, menacing everyone and openly talking about the need for WWIII.  This aggression is splashed in our own media as ‘self defense’ but it is certainly not.  Dragging in all of Europe into confronting Russia with military force is suicidal for Europe and finally, they are getting cold feet about all this.  But the real problem is, if this is all play acting by the US, it can still trigger WWIII all too easily.


This is why stopping this sort of confrontation is highly important.  But our rulers are addicted to creating powerful enemies since the Muslim fighters are treated as a joke even when they kill thousands of people in NATO countries.


Oh, one last look at the lunatics from the Washington Post:  How to reclaim Trump’s slur, from the author of the bestseller ‘P—y’ – The Washington Post…yes, the book says ‘Pussy’. Oh, how dirty!  But Trump is very dirty unlike this Pussy female writer who…talks about dirty sex.  Hmmm….


Trump has “put p—y on the front page of every leading newspaper in this country,” says Thomashauer, a self-actualization guru who has been helping women find the power in their panties since she opened Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts in Manhattan nearly two decades ago.


The author Regena Thomashauer (Liz Linder 2012)
Like many other people, Thomashauer is disgusted by Trump’s lewd videotape in which he brags about groping women. Nevertheless, she says Trump has “accelerated my cause”: “to elevate p—y to be the highest compliment.”


Trump “crossed a line” when he crudely “reduced women to a single body part,” in a derogatory, aggressive way, she says. But she is hopeful that “p—y will rise and push back.”


This story was from a day ago and the comments were not totally censored like today’s paper.  Some comments:

7:24 PM EDT
I guess you should also tell women to stop using the term dick when referring to some unpleasant guy they once dated or rejected in a bar. Maybe some male author should write a book to reclaim the dick. Meh…it’s never bothered me…even on those rare times it’s directed at me.
6:08 PM EDT
Nora, most of us have left the fourth grade. You can write the whole word and skip the dashes. Thomas Bowdler died a couple of hundred years ago.
8:38 PM EDT
Reporters and feature writers don’t make style and usage decisions at The Washington Post. Those things are determined by senior editors and the Copy Desk.

5:57 PM EDT
“Thomashauer, a self-actualization guru who has been helping women find the power in their panties.” As any man can tell you, women found that power eons ago.

This woman is just another huckster who has managed to cash in on a current trend in the pop culture. Just give her $5,000, meet with her for a couple of weekends, and you, too, can find your secret power.

This silliness will pass, and by the time it does, Ms Thomashauer will have a hefty balance in her bank account.
5:47 PM EDT
Now if Oprah would take the same approach to the “n” word. Chris Rock did so once, but it didn’t take.


Note how the sex fiends pretend, at the WP, to be 50 year old Victorian virgins even while interviewing a raunchy, evil whore of a ‘writer’ who would cause my grandmother to become very violent with her umbrella if that hussy ever walked down the sidewalk of Old Tucson.  Good lord.  Never saw so many hysterical virgins since 8th grade school.

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10 responses to “Democrats, Rich Bilderberg Gangsters and Hillary Want WWIII With Russia

  1. Petruchio

    “Men laughing about sex in private, in the locker room, for example, will be severely punished now.” This is true only if you are a white male. If you are, for example a black ‘rapper’ you can objectify women to your heart’s content. Anything goes. If you are a black rapper, you glorify the sexual assault of women and the MSM will refer to it as “artistic expression”.
    Always remember: this Political Correctness stuff is all about attacking traditional white culture and in particular white males.

  2. Seraphim

    Call it ‘vagina’ and be Kim Kardashian and everything is alright.
    “Kim Kardashian flashes her vagina to friends who ‘think it looks gorgeous'”@
    She can even have sex on tape.

  3. ziff

    thats the rumor, they will use Putin to overturn Trump win

  4. ziff

    WW111, still really about knocking out the other nukes first, which is impossible for both sides i would think. So maybe they just throw conventional bombs at each other?

  5. Jim R

    Formerly ‘alternative media’ paper, The Guardian, removes comments that do not conform to their efforts in support of starting WWIII:

    The writer, Vanessa Beeley, has her own blog, here on WordPress:
    Interesting lady, she has actually been to Aleppo.

    To answer the question of Gary Johnson, “What is an Aleppo?”, I would say it’s the sound of the end of the indispensable, exceptional, one-and-only, global world empire. The last of the terrorists are just now being eliminated from there..

  6. Lou

    When I was a mere child, I got to live through the McCarthy hearings. I grew up watching adults be fearful they would be drawn into that red-baiting mess.
    — EMC was right

    The ((( Rosenbergs))) were helping kill American Gis. All these decades later their crony admitted the truth.


  7. Jim R

    Here’s Vanessa Beeley on Aleppo:

    I think I posted it before, but this was a really good report.

  8. Christian W

    That was me posting it Jim, great minds and all that 🙂 but thanks for posting the link to her blog, I forgot to do that.

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