Entire Bush And Clinton Clan Attack Trump’s Sex While Screeching About Sex Attacks On Themselves

Two-Headed Bearded Dragon from China!!!! – YouTube

I am so very happy I can read the British news so easily today.  Used to be, I had to go to the UN neighborhood in Manhattan to do this!  Well, the news from the US is huge tonight, all the sewage from the DNC/Clinton/Bush criminal clans is flowing like crazy into the East River and stinking up all of Manhattan with allegations of corruption and collusion with Wall Street and foreign entities, all this makes the allegations that Trump talks dirty so much dreck, we are talking Mafia-level crimes by the Bushes and Clintons who support each other!


George H W Bush’s granddaughter Lauren Bush Lauren reveals she’s backing Hillary Clinton which means all the Bilderberg Bushes support Bilderbitch Hillary! HAHAHAHA.  This is the funniest news, yet!  They belong to the same gang!! They all go to the same international meetings to discuss treason with foreign powers.  They are traitors and should all be put in prison, they are gangsters economic gangsters as well as war criminals.  Arrest them all!!!


Victorious Trump DARES the media to unveil more explicit audio from his past, and warns he’ll double down on Bill and Hillary’s ‘vicious’ real-life treatment of women after his debate comeback which seemed to work since talking sense about international banking and power politics is verboten and the ‘moderators’ are sex fiends more interested in what size dick is in someone’s panties…and they are doing this to protect sex fiends like Clinton!  HAHAHA.


I predicted this would happen.  I know Trump and he is very coarse but then our nation is very coarse.  Our movies are very violent and dirty sex.  We are addicted to being rude, crude and stupid!  At the same time, feminism is demanding we all be dainty, careful and sweet and asks us to do this by screaming curses, slinging mud, tearing up stuff and running around stark naked ripping rabbits apart with the teeth.  Yes, civilization at work!


‘She is acting like a spoiled brat kid’: Now Wikileaks reveals how Bill Clinton’s closest adviser lashed out at Chelsea and accused her of leaving one foundation staffer close to suicide but that sex news isn’t the big news, the big news is how the Clinton and Bush clan and buddies are getting very filthy rich selling our country to foreign powers!


Clinton’s closest aides, Doug Band, called Chelsea Clinton ‘a spoiled brat’ and suggested she wasn’t concerned about leaving a senior Clinton Foundation executive close to suicide, a new crop of John Podesta’s emails reveal.


This curious story interests me and I wonder why Hillary hasn’t been arrested yet for her involvement, certainly her husband should be arrested:


…Band was writing a memo trying to sort out the relationship between his new-ish international advisory firm Teneo, the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative, as Chelsea Clinton was seemingly irked by its coziness to her famous parents and their philanthropic endeavors.


He referenced a news story that was coming out – ‘we are screwed,’ Band wrote – which the Daily Caller suggested was one that highlighted the connections between Teneo and MF Global, a global commodities firm that went bankrupt in 2011.


I remember covering this story and wondering when Bill would be put behind bars.  Instead, he sits in front of bars, drinking with Bush Jr. who is sloshed and obviously a lush.


In December 2011 the New York Post reported that Teneo had been advising MF Global, which was led by former Democratic New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine.


Teneo was bringing in a haul of $125,000 a month at the same time MF Global was losing millions of dollars of its investors money…


Aren’t these looting expeditions fun?  Insiders get to run off with the loot and the people fooled by the Big Names of Former Presidents lose everything.


Blair, who was at the head of the British government from 1997 until 2007, has made an estimated personal fortune of $74 million at October 2016 exchange rates, since leaving office.


Blair has long been accused of using his office to enrich himself and his family – who now have a vast property portfolio in the UK – with lucrative contracts with JP Morgan, the World Bank and a series of governments, many in the Middle East or others which have faced questions over their human rights records.


And these criminals pretend they are ‘humanitarians’ when they are really looters.  Bill and Hillary looted money for Haiti.  Haiti is again in the news with new destruction and will be looted by them yet again, I am betting.  Grifters, all, they feel they must do this to make up for being hounded by voters.


Trump’s numbers fell like a rock briefly when all the sewage came out but when people saw that Hillary, Chelsea, Bill and gang were sludge monsters themselves, this means people will hold their noses while voting since everyone is dirty, aren’t they?  The main difference as I see it is, Hillary is pure Bilderberg/international conspiracies to loot and destroy the US and Trump is a dirty gambler who hated losing to me when placing bets and hahaha about that but at least he notices that selling us to foreign powers so they can exploit and destroy is is treason.


More dirty sex news (isn’t this a fun riot?): ‘We Talk P*ssy’: Bill Clinton Golf Buddy Vernon Jordan.


Back to reality news:  Japan eyes Y1 tril economic cooperation for Russia which means the US mania to isolate Russia is collapsing and note that it is our top ‘allies’ doing this.  Putin & Erdogan talk restoring trade, Turkish Stream, Syria cooperation in Istanbul and now they are Best Buddies while Obama and Hillary assail the ruler of Turkey.


German businesses consider investment in Crimea again, sneaking behind the US bully boy back to make secret deals with Russia!  Hey…Germans are very nervous about Russia.  Unlike the US, they have a very good idea, making Russia pissed off can  be highly dangerous.  So they are now beginning to back pedal quite a bit from open confrontation.


‘Sanctions brought nothing’: German politicians call for rapprochement with Russia — RT News reports:


 The current policy of “saber rattling” should not continue, Erwin Sellering, the prime minister of the German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, told Germany’s weekly Welt am Sonntag newspaper, as he called for lifting anti-Russian sanctions.
“The tit-for-tat sanctions have brought nothing. They should be lifted as soon as possible,” Sellering, who represents the Social Democrats, told Welt am Sonntag, adding that Russia and Western countries should “move closer” again.
His words were partly echoed by Thorsten Schaefer-Guembel, vice chairman of the German Social Democratic Party (SPD), which now forms the ruling coalition with German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU)…


“The SPD should now breathe new life into the policy of détente right now, in the times of crisis,” he said, stressing that Germany should “hold all negotiation channels open” and rely on diplomacy and bringing “change through rapprochement,” particularly in its relations with Russia.


He called Russia “an important actor, without which the resolution of many global issues, including [bringing] peace to Syria, is impossible,” although he also stressed that Russia is a “difficult” partner.


Our infantile leader’s attempts at restarting the Cold War is doomed to failure because it is suicidal as well as dumb.  And Trump didn’t do this, it was entirely the work of the Clinton/Bush Bilderberg machine politics and I am delighted all the fake GOP ‘opposition’ that would flare only over stupid issues while agreeing to all the international issues will now end and we will have two political parties instead of this two headed beast.


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5 responses to “Entire Bush And Clinton Clan Attack Trump’s Sex While Screeching About Sex Attacks On Themselves

  1. Petruchio

    I almost never watch the show, but I happened to have the TV on before leaving and so I witnessed Nancy Odell of ET came on the air. This commentary by Odell was absolutely priceless! She claimed to be horrified by Donald Trump’s locker room comments about women. “Trump objectifies women.” And, “Our country has no place for people like Trump with that kind of attitude towards women.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! Hey Nancy, have you EVER noticed how sexist the business YOU are in is? You don’t seem to mind that. There is absolutely NO business that is more sexist and male chauvinist than the TV/Movie Industry! You see scenes on TV that objectify women. Same thing with movies. They objectify women CONSTANTLY.
    Finally I have to wonder if Nancy Odell has ever asked herself the question, “Would I be an on-air personality on the TV program “ET” if I weren’t hot looking and had a nice pair of…..”assets”? I mean can people like Odell REALLY be that dense? I would wager Nancy that if she wants to find sexist people, she need only stay within the business she is in. Don’t worry about Trump.

  2. e sutton



    Karl Denninger has an excellent take on it on his website. Well worth the read.

  3. Vengeur

    I really enjoy Elaine’s take on things, being that she is a sort of “Liberated Liberal”, in the sense that she is free to be honest and truly objective about what passes for liberalism these days.

  4. Lou

    Liberals were wrong about [almost] everything.

  5. Christian W

    I am delighted all the fake GOP ‘opposition’ that would flare only over stupid issues while agreeing to all the international issues will now end and we will have two political parties instead of this two headed beast.



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