Professor Loses Teaching Job Due To Saying Black Lives Matter Is Similar To KKK

YouTuber Savagely Attacked By Blacks Over Holding Up An All Lives Matter Sign! – YouTube


Professor leaves university after likening Black Lives Matter to Ku Klux Klan | Daily Mail Online reports only the professor was locked out of the campus for saying the obvious.  Black Lives Matter is an extremely racist group that is more racist than the Black Panthers and they were very racist.  Anyone saying ‘All Lives Matter’ is attacked by these black racists, physically attacked.  Meanwhile, our dying school system that is corrupt to the hilt, panders to leftists who want Lenin/Maoist thought controls that prevent any exposure to any ideas that doesn’t fit their lunatic agenda.


Muir, who lectures at UVA’s Engineering School and who also owns a restaurant in the area, was responding to a Facebook post that included a photograph of a recent appearance by BLM co-founder Alicia Garza in Charlottesville, the campus newspaper Cavalier Daily reported. ‘Black lives matter is the biggest rasist organisation [sic] since the clan [sic],’ Muir commented on a post by local realtor Roger Voisinet.


The fallout from Muir’s comments compelled him to delete the comment. The university released statements indicating that it was distancing itself from the professor.


They simply fired him.  Now they have to find a teacher that can teach math…good luck with that.  I suggest the school hire some black person to teach this man’s courses.  Our schools are dying due to PC politics and soon will be a running joke.  Sounds familiar? Has happened in the past.  To entire civilizations, no less.  The great library is Alexandria, Egypt, was attacked and burned by Christians which is why we have so little literary information from the Roman Empire which was very literate.


‘A recent comment regarding the Black Lives Matter movement, posted on social media by Doug Muir, a lecturer in our school, has raised serious concerns about UVA Engineering’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and support of populations that are traditionally underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and mathematics,’ UVA’s Engineering School said in a statement.


A University of Virginia professor has taken a leave of absence from the school after he came under scathing attack over the weekend for likening the Black Lives Matter movement to the Ku Klux Klan. Douglas Muir, who teaches at the school, commented on Facebook that he believed that Black Lives Matter was the ‘biggest’ racist organization since the KKK.


He was kicked to the curb with no chance to explain himself or even ‘apologize’ since this is all about not making the black kids angry.  Who needs math?  And he isn’t the only hard science professor to be kicked out, this happens over and over again, mostly not making news.  It is common, in fact.


Muir, who lectures at UVA’s Engineering School and who also owns a restaurant in the area, was responding to a Facebook post that included a photograph of a recent appearance by BLM co-founder Alicia Garza in Charlottesville, the campus newspaper Cavalier Daily reported.
‘Our faculty and staff are responsible for upholding our values and demonstrating them to students and the community. Mr Muir has agreed to take leave and is preparing his own statement to the community.’


I suppose he will grovel and plead with everyone to not punish him for saying the obvious.  No one can stop me from saying the obvious though I suppose all the internet will be censored soon and this delightful period of the last 20 years where we could openly talk directly to each other online, will fade away to nothingness but rage, hate and destruction.  All will be censored in the end and too many liberals imagine they will be allowed to scream, cuss and attack online in the future.  Fools, all.


Critics, though, want more punitive actions. The mayor of Charlottesville, Wes Bellamy, even called on the public to boycott Muir’s restaurant.


Bella’s Restaurant is an Italian eatery that Muir co-owns with his wife, Valeria Bisenti.


‘Ms. Bisenti, with the assistance of her husband Douglas Muir, wanted to create an atmosphere where the customer always knows they will get the best of everything, just like at Mama’s house in Rome, according to Bella’s website.


Yes, they intend to annihilate this family, ruin them financially, torture them and drive them out of town, while blacks can go around threatening to riot, snarling and cussing at everyone especially the police and we all are to stand back and do nothing.  I encountered this way back in 1973 onwards: violent black criminals demanding the right to loot, rape and steal, literally, while we were supposed to do nothing.


Comments to the story are revealing:

screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-7-27-25-am screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-7-29-09-am

No such comments will appear in the US mainstream media mostly because 90% of them allow no comments.  We are to discuss stuff at…FACEBOOK which is where this ruckus happened and note that anyone who does post something there, is severely punished if it isn’t PC.  The comments at this Brit paper are all anonymous which is the only way peons in the US can communicate what they really think.


Big strongman in the movies makes the news as Sylvester Stallone reveals heartache after teen half-brother gets teeth knocked out on Florida State campus  | Daily Mail Online


Dante told police he was walking near Stadium Drive at about 3am when two men approached him and one punched him in the face, the Tallahassee Democrat reported.  Stallone ran from the area closer to FSU campus and was able to lose the suspects.


A friend then took him to a local hospital. The two suspects are described as black men.

Sylvester Stallone’s brother victim of black violence in Tallahassee. Knockout Game – YouTube


Then there is this white family with a toddler who were beaten, robbed and tortured by blacks but the black judge chewed out their child for writing a witness statement which said the child is now emotionally scarred by this event and is scared of black men.

Black Judge “GOES OFF” On White Victims Of HOME INVASION For STEREOTYPING Black Men!! – YouTube

So this insane judge let off the criminals with a light sentence due to a ‘4 year old toddler’s racism’ for being scared of black men.


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17 responses to “Professor Loses Teaching Job Due To Saying Black Lives Matter Is Similar To KKK

  1. e sutton

    The little girl got a huge lesson in TNB (true negro behavior) and hopefully will remember throughout her life the propensity for violence these animals have. She is much better off than the young girl who was kidnapped, raped, savagely beaten when she attempted to escape, and subsequently slaughtered and fed to the alligators in Florida during Spring break a few years back.

    The ¨judge¨ (and I use that term loosely since we all know the only way this porch monkey could have gotten into and through law school is AA) is a living, breathing example of the eternal flame of victim hood negroes carry around like a badge of courage. You think he is an exception? Then ´splain how our president, the former editor of the Harvard Review, managed to not publish one single article during his time there. Let´s not even get into how he got into public office or the presidency (Lew Ayers, cough, cough, Saul Alynski, cough, cough…) Look, you can dress a chimp in a tuxedo, but that doesn´t make him Cary Grant.

  2. Ken

    You state that it was the Christians who burned the library at Alexandria. I believe that the Muslims did it, since any book pre-dating the Koran was essentially worthless.

  3. kenogami

    First it was the Christians who burned the Alexandria library. Then a few hundred years later, the Moslems burnt it too and that was the final burn.

  4. emsnews

    Correct. Sad, isn’t it? Censorship is a key element for all the big time religions. They all do thought control.

  5. floridasandy

    it’s also a feature of big time governments.

    I don’t even recognize my country anymore-with this political correctness and willingness to force people out of their jobs due to their OPINIONS

  6. Petruchio

    That black judge cited above is fanning the flames of racial hatred and bigotry more than any white KKK member ever did or could. This judge said what he did for the same reason an obviously guilty OJ Simpson got away with a double murder. A lot of blacks don’t want justice.
    They want to get even with the white system of justice. People are going to do what they do because they feel there is no other option. For example, if white people feel the need to protect themselves because the justice system will not protect them, some whites will take matters into their own hands.
    Firearm ownership is legal in the US. People can, just like in the days of the Wild West, take the law into their own hands. I do not endorse violence, but if people feel they MUST protect themselves, something big happens. It isn’t a lawfully appointed cop who is carrying a gun and arresting people it is the individual citizen, with a gun in his/her hands that decides to shoot or not. Big difference. And if it ever gets to the point of a “Shoot black people on sight”, blacks have a big numerical DISadvantage. I’m nit hoping or wanting society to get violent, but imho things will go this way if there are more judges like the one listed here.

  7. Christian W

    @ Sandy & Pet

    It’s NEO-liberalism.. Not Liberalism, which used to be, at least a supposed, corner stone of US politics. NEO-liberalism, the spew of American universities and think tanks, has been destroying nations for decades. It started with Chile in the 70’s, has gone through Russia (Putin ended it), it is far along the tracks in destroying Europe, and is now attacking the US.

    The epi-center of Neoliberalism is the US elites, who use their various tools (the Presidency, Media, CIA, US State Dept, “Humanitarian” orgs like the National Endowment for Democracy, Human Rights Watch etc etc etc, Pentagon and so on) to push the agenda on many fronts.

    Neoliberalism aims to disarm citizens of their economic and political power. One major prong in the neoliberal attack is to rob people of their cultural and national identity and guilt trip them for past crimes in history. Germany has been neutered almost completely, America is following rapidly. Sweden is a basket case. Greece has been robbed with Italy soon to follow. Nvm Iraq, Libya and Syria.

    The American middle class has to stop this neoliberal rot. It is not “Stalinist”, “Maoist”, or any such nonsense. It is 100% an American rot that is sweeping the world.

    No doubt a lot of groups, including Blacks, have geniune problems. The problem with groups like #Blacklivesmatter is that they are front groups for the Neoliberal manipulators who use such agitprop devices to hijack the genuine underlying agenda and twist them to serve neoliberal purposes.

    Instead of working on root problems that would demand cooperation and long term solutions, all solutions serve the neoliberal agenda of weakening the populace and enrich the elites.

  8. Christian W

    If you look back a few decades the “Left” has been systematically destroyed (since the Kennedy assassinations). For decades US politics was deliberately pushed further and further to the right until it went over the edge. Now we have a situations where a far right fascist tool like Hillary Clinton claims to “left” when in fact she is 100% a tool of unbridled, ultra-right, red in tooth and claw, no shackles allowed, Robber Baron controlled Capitalism.

    It’s funny (weird) to see Americans talk about the “left” from the perspective of their little elite controlled box.

  9. Lou

    far right –can you give me some ‘for instances?’ — pro guns? laws she is for?

  10. emsnews

    Fascists always disarm citizens.

  11. Christian W

    Already told you Lou, She is for virulent Laissez Faire Capitalism. Anything goes for the elites and you pay for it. The gun issue is just distraction from the real issues just like Trump kissing/groping ladies is a distraction, Lesbian/Gay issues are a disctraction, Abortion is a distraction, Russia baiting is a distraction – the elites will inflame any issue as long as it is a distraction from their crimes and theft and looting of the US and every other nation they can get their greedy hands on.

    Since you seem to be confused what Communism is, the basic idea of Communism is to create a classless society, meaning there are no elites who control everything for personal profit. In the US today a dozen families or so control more than half the wealth of the entire nation.

    The Clintons work for these elites, not against them. The Clintons work for the Capitalists who keep the middle and working classes down and without political power (the US middle and working class have exactly 0 influence over real US policies according to US studies). The Capitalists control the US political process through money, by bribing and lobbying Congressmen. The Capitalists have, if you factor in all the various aspects hundreds of millions of dollars to spend on each Congressman/woman in lobbying fees/bribes.

    In fact, the Clintons are a very good example of a US family who made it to the top by. They are not quite through yet as their crimes may yet catch up with them. But if Hillary Clinton does become president then they will have made it and will be part of the tiny US elite running the country for the next few generations (if the US manages not to start WWIII before then).

  12. emsnews

    Except Hill and Bill have done too many naughty things. They will be kicked to the curb, fed to the dogs, used to distract from the elite crimes. Bill and Hill are too stupid to understand how this works.

    Smart people keep their heads on their shoulders and down like my ancestor, Pettit the Pirate. The queen of England (dear Anne) made a deal with him when the war with France ended and gave him forgiveness if he ceased being a pirate and he took it up, took off deep into the wilderness and named his first town he founded, ‘Lima’ and the second one by his son, ‘Peru’ and if you look at a map, you can trace how my mother’s father’s side of the family trekked out of reach of government naming each town ‘Lima’ or ‘Peru’ as a family in-joke.

    Hill and Bill want to be Bilderberg Bosses but they aren’t bosses, they are tools. And pretty crappy tools, too. The elites had to totally expose themselves and their schemes to fish these two creepy people out of one fix after another. The elites dislike this greatly.

  13. Lou

    Bill and Hill are too stupid to understand how this works.

    I do not think that they are stupid. Perhaps their greed and power hunger
    [the desire for more power seems to be endless for them] have blinded them to the possible consequences of their games.

  14. Lou

    Obama, Holder, Lynch [all mixed race ‘blacks’] working to ensure more felons are Police.

    “The report also states that criminal background checks can impact minorities too because they are more likely to have had contact with police due to the FACT THAT THEY COMMIT CRIME IN RIDICULOUSLY HIGH NUMBERS COMPARED TO WHITES”

    Yes, this same plan worked out great during 1970-80’s when New Orleans hired a bunch of new hire cops. [read Blacks].

    They lowered the requirements and ended up with a lost od Criminal Cops. Those cops were running drugs, protecting drug runners and acting as Hit Men for the drug runners who were inconvenienced by citizens who interfered with the drug operations.[bwaaaaaaaaaaaa].

  15. Shawntoh


    I thought you might find this interesting–

    “….Activists wearing hats with black panther pins formed a line in front of the security official barring entrance…..”


    HEADLINE: “Portland City Council meeting runs smoothly after public locked out”

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