Hillary Q Tip, A Dirty S..e..x Singer To Croon At Chelsea Party And She Wasn’t Offended!


Fox News, Donald Trump Complain: Blacks Say ‘Cracker’ but we cannot…


Q-tip DJing for Chelsea’s birthday party, Bill’s secret eye problems, and a relationship with Goldman Sachs so cozy they helped find office space  | Daily Mail Online: I picked this headline because thanks to Wikileaks and supposedly, the very evil Russian master minds (hahaha) we get daily gems like today’s story about Q Tip, a filthy mouthed black rapper who loves Hillary.  And funnier still, she loves him and his ‘music’ very much.  This fainting Victorian lady who can’t bear to see piano legs, invited this potty mouth to visit her privately!

Uh uh uh uh uh get up
Uh uh for real uh uh
Come on
Ummah, Ummah, Ummah, Umm
A hard time if your motion is still
Let me move some things around because the lyrics is ill
Abstract..you know my stiggidy in here [yeah]
Niggaz get on and swear it’s they f**kinyear
But yo your girl just moved
to the joint in the club, in the car if it groove [uhh]
Broad look, the movement is on
Mild mannered mami’s in Victoria thongs, uh
I give my rhyme a bless
Guaranteed to make it right if your night is a bust [yeah yeah]
You Vivrant and you fresh and all
Original to say the least and you’ve impressed Kamal [come on]
Rappers start then they stall
Findin it very hard to make it over the wall
Hey, get your weight up, my motto you heard?
And I grown a deaf ear to felonious words, uh
So girls move it around
If you see your main dog give a brother a pound
And just uh..Breathe and Stop, for real and give it what you got, and just uhh
Breathe and Stop, for real and give it what you got
Give it what you got, give it what you got
If you on the block then give it what you got
A thug, a thrill, you as mean as the eyes [say word]
I wanna feel you, them big ass thighs
Your Prada dress or your Gucci bag
with the Polo jeans over doobi-bag, uh
Yo hold the door a-ight?
We comin through, Tribe beef, hold it down for the night
Big Moon got the fifth
D-Lyfe he got the deally and girl you got the gif [yeah for real love]
turn it over the page
Usherin all

status really don’t matter
everbody get right to the pitter the patter [come on]
Makin moves, settin precedence
Enterin your residence, the whole scene is decadence
and the feelin is true
I’m seein me and my crew, you seein black and blue, uh [yeah]
So let’s go for the ride
Strap yourself in tight and if you bonafied then just uh

Dunn what what bring it, bring it
A-bring it give it bring it give it
bring it give it bring it give it
bring it give it bring it give it
bring it give it bring it give it
bring it give it bring it give it
A-where we bring it to?
Right here, right where? Right here, right where?
Right here, right where? Right here, right where?
Right here, right where? Right here, here here
Right here, take it home home, take it home, right here
Millenium, on your mind, are you runnin out of time?
Hope you skippin every line because I’m gettin mine
Move it around a bit again
Every block every town we startin a trend [for real for real]
Eye to eye ma and toe to toe [toe to toe]
Who concentratin on killin the show?
Penetration is methodically slow
Mountain high valley low gonna find the dough [yo for real for real]
All my peoples, no matter the creed
We gonna satisfy the urge and discover the need [uhh uhh uhh uhh]
You feel, you feel the bite in this
If you think I’m type real then invite me miss
And let me say a rhyme in your ear
Dancin close you the most and you fit in here [yeah]
You feel the rhythm is right
You know the spittin is tight
You think you won’t but I think you might, uh


One would imagine this ‘song’ which is sung to the sound of sex grunts and which is all about having illicit sex with sexy females who don’t get married since marriage has nearly totally collapsed in black communities today…He raps about how sex makes him happy and the more animalistic, the better.


This is no love song, it is a song about rutting.  And it is loved by millions who copy this in real life and as things disintegrate, each generation is lost further and further in the ‘sex’ not ‘love’ woods and will end up in social chaos.


Evidently, Hillary who is married and her daughter who is married, think that pandering to blacks singing about raw sex while using obscene words and calling themselves ‘niggers’…whites censor this ‘evil’ word, by the way, the more they censor it the more the black rappers and Black Lives Matter uses this word, indeed, defiantly, they have collectively proclaimed they can call themselves ‘niggers’ so I am merely quoting them without being shy about what they are saying just like I will quote cuss words when people say them.


Producer Says There’s Footage of Donald Trump Using the N-Word…we know most blacks are voting for more welfare money so it doesn’t alienate them any, no liberals will vote for them and they are the ones acting as if this word is pure evil…except when blacks use it all over the place, then it is ‘black power.’  Time to stop pretending this word offends black people.


It obviously does not.  This fake morality drives me up the wall.  I don’t mind if people want to talk about grunting while having sex, I dislike our media giants and the Democrats pretending they are offended by any talk that is even slightly risque from Trump while they all make billions off of promoting and encouraging blacks to talk and act dirty for entertainment of whites who must be always totally careful about being polite and non-sexual.


It is hilarious that the NYT published this article at the same time this story came out about the authorof this article:  Wikileaks: NY Times’ Mark Leibovich Obeyed Request to Cut Palin Joke from Hillary Interview…and the real thing here is, Hillary is telling us she controls the Apocalypse.  So now we know who the Whore of Babylon really is, no?


A New Weapon in Russia’s Arsenal, and It’s Inflatable: the New York Times, in between endless top headlines screaming that Trump will lose this election, has a story about how scary Russia, besieged by NATO and threatened with WWIII by European and US rulers especially the Clintons, has made a large number of decoys for the US and NATO nations to attack when we do the inevitable sneak attack.


The NYT thinks this is pure evil, not parking nuclear bombs on Russia’s front door step and screaming all the time that Putin controls our elections which is a joke since our media giants and the Bilderberg gang controls our elections…all of this insanity will lead to mass deaths eventually unless we wake up and act sane again.


Obama Mulls ‘Retaliation’ on Russia for ‘Hacks’: with zero proof, we are going to WWIII over hacks that prove the DNC is filled with liars and conspirators?  We should all thank Putin for pulling aside the curtain hiding our Real Rulers and what they Really Plan.  Hillary refused point blank to release even one private speech she gave over the years for millions in bribes, for example.


Our media giants colluded in this by refusing to demand she release these vital visual proofs of her crimes.  Gorbachev Says US-Russia Tension Has Reached ‘A Dangerous Point’ which is certainly true.  Clinton Email Says ISIS Support ISIS by US Allies that is, we now have proof that Clinton orchestrated the use of ISIS to attack Russia, not fighting ISIS like she and her Peace Prize boss, Obama, constantly lied.


Rappoport: this is a crime that could sink Hillary « Jon Rappoport’s Blog


Before I quote a NY Times piece, understand this: the Clintons have been running a parallel operation to the government, in the form of a Foundation that is taking in cash from people who want political favors. Just suppose a few donors who are ponying up those $$ want to sell a company to the Russians. But because this company deals in a very, very sensitive product, and that product happens to come out of the ground in the US, agencies of the US government have to approve the sale. And one of those agencies that does approve the sale happens to be headed up by Hillary. And this sensitive American product, well, the last person you’d want to control it is the head of a place called Russia—he can sit in Moscow and have complete dominion over this product that exists on US soil…and nobody thinks this is a problem. It’s a yawn. It was a big story for a day or two, and then it sank below memory and everybody moved on. Forget about it. Who cares?


Memory is short. On April 23, 2015, the NY Times ran a story under the headline: “Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal”.


The bare bones of the story: a Canadian company called Uranium One controls a great deal of uranium production in the US. It was sold to Russia (meaning Putin and his minions).


So Putin now controls 20% of US uranium production!


US Warship Fires Missiles Off Coast of Yemen…yikes.  Photos Show Fragments of US Bombs at Yemen Funeral Massacre because Saudi Arabia is our ‘ally’ there.  Hillary wants WWIII and this is the #1 reason to not vote for her.  Vote for Bernie, at least he isn’t a warmonger.


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2 responses to “Hillary Q Tip, A Dirty S..e..x Singer To Croon At Chelsea Party And She Wasn’t Offended!

  1. nani

    I am impressed by the professional and cool headed response given by Russian diplomats to their American counterparts who act like childish brats, shouting infantile threats against anyone who dares to oppose them.

    Russian Meddling in US Election Campaign ‘Ridiculous’ – Lavrov

    “It’s flattering, of course, to get this kind of attention — for a regional power, as President Obama called us some time ago… We have not seen a single fact, a single proof,” Lavrov told CNN in an interview

    Read more: https://sputniknews.com/politics/201610121046255540-lavrov-us-elections-meddling/

  2. Christian W

    Lavrov bats a home run.

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