The Mainstream Media Open Sewer Versus Wikileaks Showing Behind Curtain Dirty Deals


Donald Trump’s ‘sexist’ remarks forced Vendela Kirsebom to switch tables at White House party is the latest parade of sexy chicks who pose in public to show off their near-naked bodies, complaining about men oogling her.

This news article below about Wikileaks and Trump from the New York Times front page sums up the insanity of this ‘election’:  the paper that claims to give us ‘real important’ news has been sillier than an addled goose this election, nearly totally ignoring all the information pouring out of Wikileaks because it is information about Clinton.  Instead, it attacks Wikileaks and Trump claiming that ‘bipartisanship’ (aka, the conspiracy of fake Democrats and fake Republicans to do things behind voter’s backs) is good and Trump and Wikileaks are evil for exposing Clinton’s real intentions and very real crimes.  Instead, our media is on a sex binge now while at the same time, ignoring Clinton sex crimes, preferring to focus on Trump’s goofy crudeness.


The NYT Zionists are furious that Trump is using factual, real information about Hillary’s many conspiracies to lie about her intentions and activities aimed at becoming the new Goldman Sachs President.  That is, rule us for Goldman Sach’s benefit.  The ongoing attacks on Assange are connected to this and connected to sex issues.  Using sex as a tool to suppress others while indulging in even open rape themselves, this is how our rulers operate.


Since they know they all have wild secret sex, they have the ability to see others doing this, too, and can exploit this to smear opponents while at the same time, still indulging in all sorts of crude sex, themselves.  I see today virtually no mention of the Wikileaks information in the US press except for excuses, of course.  All this information is of vital importance to the US public for it has to do with what sort of deals our future ruler is making behind our backs.


Hillary openly discusses how to lie and cheat voters by pretending to support a position in public while plotting secretly with super rich bankers and foreign rulers to do the exact opposite when in power.  This is TREASON.  The cynicism of this woman, Hillary, is astonishing.  As she plans to rape entire populations, she and her disgusting supporters scream about Trump joking about sex and touching women.


Wikileak: Clinton Told Oil Majors Environmentalism Is Russian Hoax | reports.  This is a typical example of how Clinton mixes in Red Scare hysteria with a betrayal of prominent promises to ‘environmentalists’ in the US, claiming in public, she is going to clean up the environment and stop using fossil fuels:


According to Sputnik International, Wikileaks reportedly uncovered a paid-for speech made in 2014 by the former Secretary of State in front of an audience of “North American oil and natural gas tycoons.”


“We were up against Russia pushing oligarchs and others to buy media. We were even up against phony environmental groups, and I’m a big environmentalist, but these were funded by the Russians to stand against any effort, oh that pipeline, that fracking, that whatever will be a problem for you, and a lot of the money supporting that message was coming from Russia,” Clinton allegedly said.


Those words suggest that Hillary Clinton was aware of a Russian strategy to undermine fracking and oil in general in the U.S. back in 2014—a theory that had been raised by others in the past, including NATO, but denounced by Greenpeace, who touted the theory as “preposterous.” The theory is that Russia has long been trying to undermine U.S. energy efforts, including fracking and pipelines.


Greenpeace has good reasons to be very alarmed.  They are being set up by Hillary to call them ‘foreign agents’ who are traitors and who will be assisting attacks on the US and thus, should be killed or imprisoned.  And make no mistake.  Hillary was promising these fossil fuel giants, she was really on their side and all talk to the contrary were lies to fool the people on the left into voting for her.  In return, the rich oil people gave Hillary a quarter million dollars for this gem of a speech.


“By the time we get through all of my conditions, I do not think there will be many places in America where fracking will continue to take place,” said Clinton in a 2016 Rally in Flint, Michigan.


It is obvious that this woman is deliberately lying.  So where are the headlines today in our major media?  None.  Podesta emails: ‘Carbon Tax has a Chance if Hillary wins’ – but ‘it’s lethal in general’ don’t mention it is another example of saying one thing and doing the opposite.  If something might be controversial, the idea is to either lie about it or not talk about it at all and then impose it via fiat after the election.


Clinton Campaign Chair: Hillary Hates Phrase ‘Everyday Americans’ is another revelation from the Podesta trove.  This was her response to Bernie Sanders winning elections.  Bill Clinton: Trump’s ‘standard redneck’ base is what I grew up in | Fox News is her husband making fun of voters:


 Bill Clinton suggested this week that GOP nominee Donald Trump’s base is comprised mostly of “rednecks.”


“The other guy’s base is what I grew up in,” the former president said during a campaign stop in Fort Meyers, Fla. “You know, I’m basically your standard redneck.”


The former president also recounted a moment during the 2016 Democratic primary when he went to campaign for Hillary Clinton in West Virginia – a state that they lost and predicted they would lose long before voting even took place.


“[S]he said, ‘There’s no way that we can carry it,’ and I said, ‘No way,'” Clinton said Tuesday, recounting a conversation he had with his wife about campaigning in Mountain State.


Bill and Hillary both know they will carry the inner city mass votes because they are good at lying about what they plan to do to these cities in the future.  That is, make things infinitely worse.  But in the back hills country, the speeches about how evil coal is has hammered workers there badly and they are very angry about losing jobs.


The inner city wants more welfare and less police so they can pursue crimes as a job and make the taxpayers pay for the illegitimate children who are nearly all the children at this point.  The hill billy people don’t want welfare, they want work.  The Clintons, being grifters themselves, prefer collecting bribes rather than doing actual work, too.  So they conspire with useless city populations which are driving out the remains of the middle class, to run this country.


The election maps show this clearly.  The state votes for President are meaningless. When color maps show what is really going on, it is obvious that cities tend to be Democratic and the entire countryside is the reverse and this dimorphic political reality is explosive since the countryside is also heavily armed as well as very alarmed about the increasingly violent and uninhabitable cities.


Wikileaks: NY Times’ Mark Leibovich Obeyed Request to Cut Palin Joke from Hillary Interview – Breitbart reports.  Hillary got to edit reporter’s stories.  Anything that she said that might not work so hot, was censored by the bosses at the NYT.  Leibovich, a tribal member, obeyed his boss, of course.  Being a prostitute means swallowing after stroking.


Erik Prince: Leaked ‘Pay-to-Play’ Clinton Emails Show ‘Everything Is for Sale for the Democrats’ and this goes back to the truth that Liberal Media Basically Refuse To Cover Recent Wikileaks which means they are all conspiring to cover up Clinton crimes.  This is amoral as well as evil.  Liberals who are doing this nonsense are not just being snarky, they are conspiring to commit crimes.  They want to impose rule on us based on lies of their leaders.  But then, many ‘liberal’ media are actually Bilderberg co-conspirators.


The New York Times, allegedly America’s “paper of record,” has only written five stories about the leaks. None about Hillary saying Saudi Arabia and Qatar fund ISIS, the state department coordinating with the Clinton campaign, or journalists’ coziness with the Clinton campaign. Possibly the reason the Times didn’t cover the latter is because two of their writers were exposed in the leaks for their close relationship with the Clinton campaign.


Political writer John Harwood showered Clinton with praise in the emails and even gave her campaign chairman Podesta advice. While New York Times Magazine chief national correspondent Mark Leibovich gave the Clinton campaign veto power over an article he wrote.


The Washington Post had only two stories about the leaks on their front page Tuesday afternoon. But none were about the leaks themselves and just Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s and Podesta’s remarks on them. The Washington Post’s editorial board even ran a piece titled: “Scandal! WikiLeaks reveals Hillary Clinton to be…reasonable.”


The Washington Post did not cover Clinton allies making fun of someone raising their kid Catholic, Chelsea Clinton seeking an “internal investigation” into the Clinton Foundation, or Hillary having to be told when to smile during speeches. One of their reporters was featured in the leak running her story by Podesta before it was published and admitting to leaving out factual information.


The Los Angeles Times has one story regarding the leaks on their homepage Tuesday night and it is about Podesta accusing Trump allies of being behind the leaks. The liberal paper is light on their coverage of the leaks and one of their few stories is about Clinton’s press secretary Brain Fallon attacking the leak.


Yes, the main storyline cooked up by the Bilderberg gang is to blame the messenger, blame everyone else and not tell anyone about the many secret deals and schemes uncovered by patriotic hackers.  This gigantic conspiracy can’t go on forever, of course.  When Hillary staggers into the White House and her husband resumes being President, all this garbage will rise up and overwhelm everything.


Here is how our media is white washing for Hillary:  Fact check on Hillary Clinton and ‘everyday Americans’ – Business Insider


The false narrative was born when WikiLeaks published another batch of emails from John Podesta, the chairman of the Clinton campaign.


In one message to Jennifer Palmieri, the communications director for the Clinton campaign, Podesta wrote: “I know she has begun to hate everyday Americans, but I think we should use it once the first time she says I’m running for president because you and everyday Americans need a champion.”


It was clear from the context of the email that Podesta was referring only to the phrase “everyday Americans,” as he was discussing language for a speech Clinton was set to deliver in New Hampshire.


Talk about slice and dice!  This desperate writer claims that Podesta didn’t say ‘she has begun to hate everyday Americans’.  But he did say, ‘She hates…them.’  So, she does hate us.  We annoy her.  After telling Jennifer that Hillary hates most Americans for being annoying to her, she will be our ‘champion’.  Except Podesta and Jennifer both know, she isn’t going to do that, either.


Simple English is turned into a logic pretzel in order to lie about Hillary’s actual mind, how she thinks and what she plans for the rest of us.  Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist: Hillary Approved Sending Sarin Gas to Rebels to Frame Assad, Start Syrian War… Chris Hedges: It’s Our Bombs, Not Trump’s Comments, that Fuel Hatred Towards the United States « InvestmentWatch reports.


This is another war crime.  Since the US, under Republican Presidents, got away with war crimes, this continued under Obama.  This story, like all the others, will not result in these New Nixons being tossed out of office.  But then, Nixon was never tossed for his war crimes, either.  I said way back then, we should have had a war crimes trial and now today, it is nonstop war crimes.


Cut Off Trump or G.O.P. Will Be Damaged, Big Donors Say reports the NYT.  This is the #1 reason to vote against Clinton.  The Big Donors who control both parties are furious that Trump is talking about them all!  And they are furious about the release of their super secret meetings.


Back when we were all demanding that Hillary release her many secret speeches that were followed by quarter million dollar bribes, she refused and of course, THEY also refused.  They didn’t want to release this information of secret deals for good reasons.  People will be understandably pissed off at them!  And they have equally secret deals with the Republicans.


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11 responses to “The Mainstream Media Open Sewer Versus Wikileaks Showing Behind Curtain Dirty Deals

  1. Jim R

    I just heard something on the car radio – npr station, that was disturbing. I think it was discussed here, but I sort of whizzed past it, just can’t keep up.

    It seems that a Trump speech, in which he never mentions Jews, is anti-semitic! I was at a fuel stop, and I turned it off before the announcer made his case. But apparently criticism of the crooks in charge of the banking “industry” is anti-semitic. Who’da thunk?

    You know, it’s the same with Jews as it is with blacks. If they *volunteer* for abuse, they just might eventually get what they wished for. And it won’t be pretty. Sadly, it will be the ordinary, every-day Jews who suffer, I suppose the oligarchs will retreat to their bolt-holes…

  2. Christian W

    Well what do you expect from the Western MSM? They just make shit up and sell it to the public – it’s no different from North Korean MSM making up stories about Pink Unicorns flying above the grave of dead leaders.

    The US/Western MSM propaganda is actually psychological warfare on the American/European people.

  3. Petruchio

    I think the real issue with women like Vendela Kirsebom is that they have realized they were just a “Flavor of the Month”. Her cover is from at least a few years ago–and the bikini model world has moved on. Everyone gets just 15 minutes of fame Vendela honey. Just like Andy Warhol said would happen.

  4. Christian W

    @ Jim

    Vanessa Beeley was censored by the Guardian for criticizing the factual content of an article written by one Mr. Chulov about what is going on in Aleppo. But instead of allowing a discussion the Guardian censored Vanessa on the grounds her criticism was personally abusive of Chulov! So you can’t criticize someones work anymore because then you are personally abusive! Vanessa posted her censored reply and there was nothing personally abusive in it of course. She was only pointing out how full of shit the Churlov article was.

    See where this ‘super sensitive, I am a victim’ crap comes from? It is yet another elite tactic to divide and conquer and prevent a reasonable dialogue about reality and facts.

    “Fainting virgins” are used to prevent genuine much needed debate of reality while the real abusers, those who pervert reality and gaslight other people for criminal ends, hide behind this facade.

  5. Nani

    WikiLeaks Reveals Hillary Clinton Vowed to ‘Ring China With Missile Defense’

    Read more:

    Hillary seems to believe that Russia and China will sit idle by when she threatens to encircle them with missile shields, thus depriving them of their ability to retaliate against US missiles. Russia and China recently warned the Americans about this, and vowed to take retaliatory measures if the US went ahead with these plans, which they apparently intend to do.

    The risk of WWlll will rise significantly if this nasty woman gets elected.

  6. Christian W

    Wow, this is pure North Korea stuff. No evidence whatsoever is given why the CNN has reached it’s conclusion. Where is the “groving evidence” CNN?

    The US elites are truly getting desperate now and pulling out all stops. There is no going back from crap like this – it is full steam ahead into full dictatorship.

  7. emsnews

    Now we all know what ‘shit storm’ means. 🙂

  8. KHS71

    “The US elites are truly getting desperate now and pulling out all stops” This is what make me think this election is still very close. Pay attention to what they do, not what they say. If the election was in the “bag” as we are led to believe, why is the MSM still reporting all the negative Trump stories?

    Here in Missouri we are getting basically no presidential election commercials. I just got back from having to go out into the rural areas and the Trump signs are all over the place. I have only seen a few of that other person’s signs. I refuse to use her name. What a deplorable person. I only know of one person that plans to vote for her, my daughter-in-law. She was a Bernie supporter. My daughter isn’t even going to vote for her. My brother will vote for Jill Stein. He can’t stand either one. Same here but will probably vote for Trump.

  9. floridasandy

    Hillary lost the debate, so they had to have something to do to change the subject

    She was supposedly holed up preparing, and still got her clock cleaned.

    We have Trump signs all over the place here in Florida, both on the east and the west coast. I get the Bernie supporters, but I never did get the Hillary supporters.

  10. Melponeme_k

    All these women coming out as abused by Trump make me laugh. In fact they make me laugh when it involves all rich men.

    The women with these stories see payday when they meet rich men. They self preen for this very thing to happen. So that they can be ready for a marriage, inopportune baby OR sue for sexual harassment. It is a win, win situation for them no matter how the cards fall.

    It’s just funny that the rich men fall for it every time.

  11. Jim R

    Elaine, thanks for that link to the excellent collection of videos and links.

    It may be a good ‘deprogramming’ guide for those who are stuck in the lies coming out of the Washington propaganda network.

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