Mainstream Media Totally Ignores Hillary Threat To Start WWIII With CHINA


Once upon a time in a country long ago that no longer exists, the flood of information about Clinton’s secret speeches to bankers would have been front page news and the media pundits would be calling for her head: Clinton: US Threatened to Ring China With Missile Defense — News from who is publishing real news unlike our mass media giants who are fixated on sex.  Her astonishing secret speech to bankers should be front page news today.


But of course, it isn’t.  No mention, not one, at Google News.  The sexpots running the NYT has nothing of any importance.

screen-shot-2016-10-15-at-7-05-40-amWashington Post has one front page story about how Trump isn’t attacking Putin and demanding a war with Russia and how this is evil of him, he should be warmongering instead like Hillary.


Our ‘security officials’ are hacks who think we will win WWIII via a sudden sneak attack on Russia and China simultaneously.  Both are taking the Pentagon’s plots very, very seriously.


This is the #1 news story in the universe that is missing in action in the US:  Clinton: US Threatened to Ring China With Missile Defense — News from which has virtually no effect on US public and isn’t a top media outfit.  This alarming news is from the trove of information hacked from secret servers.


This warmongering speech was given by Hillary to the Goldman Sachs criminals.  They are conspiring with her to start WWIII which is about as criminal as crimes go.  Death penalty crimes, according to the US at the Nüremberg War Trials.


Much like the Bush Administration’s strategy of launching missile defense projects all along Russia’s frontier in Eastern Europe, while publicly insisting they were meant to counter Iranian missiles that didn’t have the range to get there in the first place, the Obama Administration’s fledgling plans to put missile defense systems in eastern Asia is similarly using North Korea as an excuse to surround China.


Clinton also said she’d told Chinese officials that the US “has as much a claim to the Pacific as China” because the US had fought so many naval battles over the ocean during World War 2.


The State Department refused to confirm or deny the threats, insisting they don’t comment on “diplomatic discussions,” and would not address anything contained in “alleged leaked documents.”


Clinton warned U.S. would ‘ring China with missile defense’: hacked email | Reuters reported yesterday.  Of course, this was not picked up by the Hillary media as the giants conspire to cook up news mainly about Trump sex and bury news about Clinton sex and warmongering by our elites who fully support Clinton’s warmongering.


Hacked emails raise possibility of Clinton Foundation ethics breach is the #2 trending story at Reuters today and thus, was ignored by as much of our media as possible.  This hack is about how Hillary promised to not take money from foreign governments but took a cool million bucks anyway.


The emails released by Wikileaks do not appear to confirm whether Qatar gave the promised $1 million, although the foundation’s website lists the State of Qatar as having given at least that amount. There is no date listed for the donation. A spokesman for the foundation declined to confirm the donation.


Reuters could not rule out the possibility the $1 million was intended as a birthday present for Clinton personally, not for the foundation. His spokesman did not respond to questions.


Like Bilbo’s ring of power, she and Bill claimed it was a birthday present!!! HAHAHA.  All this is the natural outcome of Reagan going off to Japan the day after leaving the White House to collect his $2 million bribe.  Back then, I demanded he be arrested.  He was praised by our media who told us how cute it was, the Japanese paid so much for a mere speech!


The ethics agreement allowed foreign governments that already supported foundation projects to continue while Clinton was at the State Department. However, if one of those governments wanted to “increase materially its commitment,” then the foundation was required to ask the department first…


How on earth can ANYONE represent the US via the powerful ‘State Department’ office while collecting bribes or collecting bribes in the past?  This is pure insanity and even with that tiny restriction on bribes, greedy Hillary and her spouse still violated this and why aren’t both under arrest today????


Qatar’s embassy in Washington did not respond to questions. A spokesman for Clinton, who was campaigning in Seattle on Friday, also did not resond to questions.


Last year, Reuters found that at least seven other foreign governments made new donations to the foundation without the State Department being informed, partly, foundation officials said, because of “oversights.”


It isn’t just Qatar doing this, a number of foreign entities are doing this.  Has China and Russia refused to do this?  Are they one of the few who didn’t grease the Clinton palms?


Exclusive: Obama, aides expected to weigh Syria military options on Friday in response to this news about her bribery crimes.  This, in stark contrast to the silly ‘he TOUCHED ME’ stories by young ladies 30 years ago.  Since good old Bill did the exact same thing, this topic should be dropped by the media who should be focusing on WWIII threats.


And where, pray tell, is our anti war movement?  Dead, of course.  Instead, young people are focused on being offended by sex, too.  This would be funny as hell if it weren’t for the fact that our Real Rulers want WWIII.


I will note there are also zero antiwar demonstrations in disintegrating Europe which is being invaded by foreigners who then attack the citizens there.  This is a most amazing time, watching empires disintegrate is always most interesting and for the last 1,000 years, books have been written about this and no rulers learn anything from all this, they do the same stupid things over and over again, mindlessly.


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5 responses to “Mainstream Media Totally Ignores Hillary Threat To Start WWIII With CHINA

  1. Jim R

    The interesting thing about WWIII is that it can be quick. Obombya can actually have the whole thing, and lose it, before the election next month.

  2. e sutton

    They play fast and loose, not to mention stupid, in making threats and saber rattling and leave all our lives at extreme peril due to their mindless, crazy aspirations. I predicted way back on this very site that they would open up a honeypot for Trump before the election. Sadly, I am not surprised they pulled this particular rabbit out of the hat.

    Think about it. Their plots and schemes are now completely exposed for the very first time. Thanks to Wikileaks, Alex Jones, Elaine, and too few others, the mask has been ripped from the monster and we get to see it in its full horror and ugliness.

    Our European cousins are too distracted being hunted down by the new ¨asylum seekers¨ and Americans are too distracted by stuff Donald Trump may or may not have done ten, twenty, or even thirty years ago. What a way for the world to end!

  3. emsnews

    I am not surprised that the NYT won’t report news anymore, Slim, the guy in MEXICO now owns that rag which used to be run by NYC Jews who bought it from NYC rich white Protestant males the previous 100 years.

    And this information that the NYT is not an American paper but a MEXICAN rag, is carefully hidden though the new ‘editor in chief’ is…not a Jew anymore, it is a Hispanic guy.

    The Jewish guys were unfair and often lied but they were not as bad as the present crew who still have the ‘liberal’ stuff in the arts and crafts parts of the paper but the political side is very much Mexican and I grew up on the border of Mexico and am not a stranger to how this works.

  4. Jim R

    Well then, let me be the first to say ¡Ay, Chihuahua!

  5. emsnews

    Arrriba! Andele!

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