Trump Rallies Are Huge, More Clinton S-x Victims Speak, Media Goes Nuts

BREAKING: Trump Crowd Shames Mainstream Media at Cincinnati, OH Rally! – YouTube


The mainstream media is pulling out all stops to stop Trump who is gliding over the sex issues due to Hillary and Bill being sex fiends, themselves.  Old Senator Sanders could have run on the ‘I have no sex life’ platform but not Bill the Cigar in Cunt Clinton!  He said, and Hillary agreed, that he will run half of the White House if she wins so we have to talk about his dirty sex since this is the #1 issue for mainstream media ignoring the Wikileaks information to whine about SEX.  Yes, this is the Sex Fiend Election and hurray for this wonderful fun!

Hillary Bars Alt Press, Buses In Students to Hide Pitiful Rally Turnout – YouTube and earlier, Bernie supporters demonstrated against her.  This speech was hidden from everyone because she would be scared if people protested so virtually no one was allowed inside the auditorium which is hilarious in the extreme.


If I were a teenager again, I would be running around dressed like a hippie chick, shouting, ‘We need more sex!  Free love and nudity for President!’ and loving every minute of it.  If I ran around half naked now, doing this, people would be really turned off.  Heh, but back then, I did do that!  Yes!  And loved doing it.  Fun stuff.


After days and days ignoring Wikileaks raw information about how our rulers are lying bastards and bitches, all the media was focused on was raw sex and how Trump is a sex fiend.  Oh my, unlike…hahaha.  We know the answer to this ridiculous riddle.


‘I felt, whoa, this is really weird’: Hillary Clinton tells Ellen DeGeneres how she noticed Trump stalking her during second debate as Hillary continues the ‘I am a fainting Victorian virgin’ campaign strategy.  She was intimidated by him!  And the female on stage with her agreed, he is scary.


NO ONE intimidates me!  If I were on stage and I have been on stage in the past and I have debated people, some quite powerful, I have been in even violent, tense situations standing on a chair to deliver a speech or on a wall, or surrounded by hostile cops…I could intimidate Hillary just by staring at her like when I hunt deer.  Glare.


Is she playing the fainting female card here?  She certainly does faint an awful lot these days.  How is she going to negotiate anything if she is easily intimidated?  Bah.


CNN ran an ‘interview’ that went out of control when the subject was all about Trump sex when the pro-trump lady broke the news about the video of Clinton assualting a flight attendant:

#Rapist #BillClinton gropes flight attendant under skirt, not realizing camera is on – YouTube

Boom! Dr. Gina Loudon Drops BOMB on CNN – Video of Groper Bill Clinton Is Out! – YouTube.
The visible vicious anger of the CNN female is hilarious and totally unprofessional. —this video is where a hostess of a TV propaganda show on what used to be CNN but is now Cunts Noogie Nobody show…she is very biased and wants only to talk about Trump sex not Clinton sex.  Then there is this story:

Trump Surrogate Gasps Out Loud When CNN Panelist Call Trump ‘An Irredeemable Pervert, A Predator’ – YouTube

So the opposition talks about the most recent video of Clinton screwing around with a stewardess. Oh, the CNN cunt couldn’t tolerate that, she firmly said the topic was Trump sex, not Clinton cunts.  So there we have it in a nutshell: these clowns in the media are sex fiends and should be arrested for damaging the morals of young helpless ladies in miniskirts.

Trump Our campaign is ‘existential threat’ to establishment – YouTube

 So we have this story now:

Former Bill Clinton Girlfriend Tells All and talks to Alex Jones about this since CNN is run by cunts who hate any females who have sex with Clinton.   Sex with Clinton is non-news for them all.  HAHAHA.


Now for a big video news item about how Hillary staff are encouraging underlings to tamper with votes and thus get rid of Trump ballots:

HIDDEN CAM: Clinton Staffer Says I Could “Grab [Her] Ass” and Not Get Fired – YouTube.  I hope the Hillary staff are arrested for voter fraud now that they openly said it is a good thing to tamper with the voting process illegally.


Hillary Clinton used variations of ‘I don’t recall’ 21 out of 25 times when answering questions about private email server in court filing and she is now canceling events due to all the sex fiend stuff.  Typical cowardice from this warmongering, money grubbing female.
Wells Fargo CEO to walk away with $134MILLION in wake of bogus accounts scandal and he is a Hillary supporter.  And remember: this banking scandal is on Obama’s watch and Obama doesn’t watch squat except golf balls.


Russia creates terrifying ‘death ray’ that can FRY enemy drones because they are preparing for WWIII since the US is pushing for WWIII with Hillary.  Gads, talk about insane.  And this: Urgent – Why Is  Diego Garcia Wall-To-Wall US Bombers? Looks like Obama is going to launch WWIII  before November.


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19 responses to “Trump Rallies Are Huge, More Clinton S-x Victims Speak, Media Goes Nuts

  1. Hierophant


    You got me going down the YouTube rabbit hole! It is really interesting to see how popular Trump is online, and how much people despise HRC. Yet the MSM gives the complete opposite picture. Which is real? It is sad that Trump is our best bet to stop the Clintons, but sometimes you gotta go with what you got and not what you want.

  2. Jim R


    It’s hard to say, in a shooting war, whose cutting edge 21st century technology will prevail, but a couple things don’t look good for the US.

    The electric grid is one of those infrastructure projects that never gets much attention, and can probably be disrupted by an EMP. The Russians may benefit, in a relative way, by never having had reliable service.

    And the fact that we’ve been buying rocket engines and critical materials like rare earths from Russia and China, sort-of highlights a fundamental shortfall of technology. Let’s not mention the F-35.

    All that hardware on Diego Garcia may amount to nothing but a target-rich environment in a real shooting war.

  3. Christian W

    US considers air strikes against the Syrian Army:

    This is interesting timing considering the Rense rumour about Diego Garcia being choke full of long range bombers.

    It is also likely the US is about to bomb the Houthis in Yemen. Saudi Arabia is on the ropes and losing (not winning = losing) no less than three major wars, in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. The US, the real hand moving the Saudi sock puppets, must do something now before Saudia Arabia collapses completely.

    It is also possible the US is about to attack Iran directly for a lot of reasons, most related to the above comment.

    And… can’t you just see the enormous MSM blast in support for the “experienced hand” of Hillary Clinton, demanding Americans rally behind the flag, when the US is in defacto war with Russia and much of the globe come election time in November?

  4. Petruchio

    “And this: Urgent – Why Is Diego Garcia Wall-To-Wall US Bombers? Looks like Obama is going to launch WWIII before November.” Yes, I’m thinking the Lame Duck Golfer, Obama the Doorman, will start war with Russia before he leaves office. That way Hillary the Warmongering Hag can”t be blamed for starting a war. The media wh#res will then be able to applaud Hillary’s Wartime Leadership skills. “What a Great Statesperson Hillary is” they will say.

  5. Ken

    As long as the media continues to focus on the mud slinging no one will care about the issues. The fact that Trump’s position on the issues is closer to that held by a majority of Americans becomes irrelevant.

  6. emsnews

    Exactly, Ken. And what is stupider still is, Clinton evil sex is nasty, too, and our media giants think this is not only OK but who cares? So, the fact that Trump slobbered on some female anxious to make it big by being near a rich promoter is ridiculous news. Good lord, I have known more than a dozen ‘celebrities’ who were either political or TV or movie stars, film makers, etc. and they all were assailed constantly by pretty women demanding attention.

    This whole hysteria is ridiculous and stupid at the same time and pisses me off. Way way back in my youth, as a joke, my friends would ask me to be their bodyguard to fend off these females. Seriously.

  7. Christian W

    It’s simply a sign how corrupt the US government is at this point. It’s not only the Clintons that are corrupt, it’s the whole enchillada. Trump is a bit dodgy himself and he certainly has a slew of corrupt backers, but at least he doesn’t seem hell bent on launching US Air Force bombers, and suicide bombers, every chance he gets – at least not yet.

  8. Christian W

    US is preparing attack on Russia says Joe Biden. Of course such a cyber attack would be tantamount to declaring war.

  9. Christian W

    @ e sutton

    Europe is under Zionist attack/occupation. These are the joys the “Free Markets” (ie Zio controlled Markets) have given us. European nations are hostage to economic manipulation (small nations with vulnerable economies) and the leading politicans are bought and paid for, just like in the US.

    Most Europeans, like Americans, are too busy playing with the fake easy credit given to them to notice that their freedoms are being ripped away as payback.

    “Sweden loves Soros. Leaked document shows 65% of Swedish politicians are “loyal allies” of George Soros”

    Read the article on censorship of Palestinian solidarity pulped by a German union publication under pressure from Zionist organizations

  10. Christian W

    The Podesta emails keep on giving 🙂

    This is from the 2008 campaign.

    “Hillary Clinton was behind the ‘Barack Obama is Muslim’ narrative in new Wikileaks document”

  11. Jim R

    @CW #8 — that should read “CIA prepares to steal several billion from the treasury and never tell you what they did with it”.

  12. Christian W

    Well, in the US government deficits don’t matter, they just attribute it to the black hole and get some more dollar printed out of nothing. Of course, this cute game can’t go on forever, which is why we will have WWIII launched by these lunatics.

    WWI was fought over money.
    WWII was fought over money.
    WWIII will be fought over money.

  13. Petruchio

    Personally, I really don’t care if Donald Trump patted some bimbo on the ass or made some sexually crude comments–now or 11 years ago. Trump’s a billionaire; he’s going to have women vying for his attention. And he’s a typical male. Of course he is going to want to have sex with hot looking women; all straight men do. My question is, Why are these women so helpless? Where is the feminist movement when you need it?
    I find it REALLY strange that in a day and time where all you hear is how women are the FULL equals of men these VERY SAME women are emotionally scarred for life just because some typical straight male made a sexual comment–or God Forbid!! Touch them inappropriately. It’s all about neutering white males–and using sex as a weapon. How many people in the world have NEVER done or said something embarrassing in the past 11 years? The Elites want to exclude anyone they don’t like and they use this sex smear tactic to do it. And they don’t care if they are hypocrites.

  14. emsnews

    Like I keep saying, in college I made oodles of money over short periods of time stripping in clubs. And I am not the only one by a million miles, either. We all viewed stewardesses, for example, as ‘nice strippers’ who didn’t have to shot tits but were ornamental, no less. So of course, we are now seeing women who worked in First Class Air stewardess jobs, freaking out as they are now elderly ladies because a customer TOUCHED them! Oh, the horror.

    HAHAHA. The stripper side of me can’t believe people are this feeble but then, I deliberately enticed men and made them hot otherwise, my boss would be pissed off greatly.

  15. pontiff holysh*t

    @ # 12:

    The American revolution was fought over money
    The American civil war was fought over money
    The Peloponnesian war was fought over money

    Etc., etc., ad infinitum

  16. Christian W

    Indeed Pointiff, and now we are reaching another point in history where one system is failing yet trying to impose it’s will on nations far away and subjugate them. And eventually those nations being attacked will either celebrate a new “Independence Day” of be under the boot of foreign owners.

  17. Petruchio

    @#14 Elaine: OK, I have to ask it. You brought it up. What did YOU do when some guy would pat your precious little behind at the Gentleman’s Club when you worked there? Must have happened a few times. Never seen a picture of you in your youth, but you must have been at least decent to look at.

  18. emsnews

    HAHAHA. Believe it or not, I loved sex fun. I loved toying around. I was young, single and wanted fun. I was, after all, THE ‘Hippie Chick’ in my community and proud of it.

    As an adult, I would play these games, too. Tons of fun, it is how I met my first and then second husband.

  19. Lou

    Tons of fun, it is how I met my first and then second husband.—–

    And may be the way some lose their spouses, as well.

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