Endless Collusion Between Clinton, Obama And Media Owners

NEW WIKILEAKS Revelations DEADLY For Hillary Clinton (FULL- 10/15/2016) – YouTube


We are now entering the Toilet Zone: US media giants, many of which are owned by billionaires of in the case of the NYT, foreign powers who are hostile and encouraging alien invasions…they are united in attacking Trump nonstop with hysterical sex denunciations and other underhanded activities.  Yet online, the vast majority of searches by citizens are around the Wikileaks gigantic mess which reveals what our Rulers are really doing behind our backs.

Ministry Of Truthiness Blocks Wikileaks – YouTube

In this episode, they discuss how Hillary was planning to smear Obama and one element was, accuse him of not being an America but an African Muslim.


Donald Trump Speech Today 10/15/16 Rally in Portsmouth, New hampshire ( Attacks Hillary Clinton ) – YouTube

They hoped he would run away after being exposed for being a heterosexual male and if the Democrats want no sex, they must elect a nun, not Hillary who is obviously a woman who has had some sex.


But she is a street whore.  I used to work strip joints many years ago (hahaha, no way today, would anyone pay a penny to see me strip!) and men talk dirty.  Trump is on a roll now, attacking Hillary who has to cheat…yes, CHEAT with both Bernie and Trump.


This silliness and petty cheating is on top of global crimes and cheating the US public.  What was in the 30,000 emails that show her conspiring with buddies to break laws.


You Tube list on the page where the Trump speech is parked is very amusing.  Note that the USA Today video has ‘Trump SEXUAL…’ on its screen shot.  HAHAHA.  It is all about Trump Sex these days and note he is totally unabashed about this instead of scared.


Kennedy, all the Kennedy males are grinding their teeth in the afterlife, since they had to hide everything.  Trump doesn’t have to hide a thing now whereas Hillary continues to hide elephantine messes she created and can’t sweep under a carpet, there is no carpet on this earth big enough.


I cannot imagine Sanders going low like the Clintons.  He, at least, was honest and forthright.  How sad it is, he was cheated by Hillary.  And a lot of the information from Wikileaks is all about how she plotted to get him out of her way.
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7 responses to “Endless Collusion Between Clinton, Obama And Media Owners

  1. Ken

    Wikileaks reveals how Hillary knowingly spread lies about Bernie as part of her campaign strategy. Smearing him with mud worked. Tried and true strategy. It should not surprise anyone that she is now using this tactic against Trump.

  2. Christian W

    Real journalism is now a crime in the land of (the free?) Corporate dictatorship. Only corporate drones singing the company line allowed.

    “Documentary Filmmaker Faces Up to 45 Years in Prison for Covering Pipeline Protest


  3. Petruchio

    Trump’s VP choice, Mike Pence is quoted today saying that whatever the Election results, the Trump ‘team’ will abide by it. This is starting to remind me of Al Gore’s surrender speech where he said he disagreed with the Election result (in 2000 vs Bush) but would abide by the Supreme Court’s decision handing the election to Georgie Boy Bush. What does Pence’s comment mean? Does he really mean it or is he just saying it to avoid being attacked by the media as a “conspiracy theorist”? Or maybe, as with Al Gore the elites told Pence, that the coming Election is rigged in favor of Clinton and if Trump or anybody else complains, they die.

  4. floridasandy

    Assange got shut down.

  5. Christian W

    Correction. RT is not fully closed down but it is being hounded to close down by the UK. The UK authorities closed down one bank account, without explanation, for RT news agency.

  6. emsnews

    That is preparation for WWIII.

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