Latest Trump Scandal: He Kissed A Woman Who Didn’t Cry!

Yale Students Sign Petition To End First Amendment – YouTube


Latest Accuser Claims Donald Trump Forcibly Kissed Her; When I was only 16 years old, I was at the forefront of the women’s rights movement, suing in court to take ‘boy’s classes’ like auto mechanics and wood working.  I gave speeches on women’s rights.  I also fought for sexual rights.  I even stripped half naked while giving a speech about all this in 1969 when I was still only 18 years old!  And look at today: we are voting based on whether or not women were kissed by Trump.  Gah.


These harridans who are helpless little twits, unable to express their true feelings but then more than happy to whine about stuff years later for political gain, should be kicked in the shins, kicked to the curb.


What is their excuse?  How many of these baby women slapped Trump when he kissed them???  How many of these creatures yelled ‘Stop it!’ when he got too close????  NONE.  They all simply walked away.  Well, will wonders never cease.


Women who are easily bruised emotionally should not be allowed in public.  I was raped when only 5 years old and this meant I had to be operated on to fix the mess made of my sexual organs, I nearly died with my first period, spent a week in the hospital back then.


So how did I end up on the front of the ‘free love’ sexual revolution?  Why didn’t I curl up in a ball and be an emotional wreck?  I learned how to fight.  It was pretty simple.  I remember when I decided to do this action: be a ferocious fighter.


This is why, starting when only 13 years old, I made arrests of dangerous people.  By age 30, it was second nature to announce, ‘You are under arrest’.  When I counseled rape victims at the Free Clinic in Berkeley, I told them that the best cure for being raped is to learn how to fight back.


I gave speeches on this topic.  Learn to fight!  Don’t be helpless!  Teach little girls how to be women warriors.  And here we are today, acting as if adult women are really Victorian fainting virgins who can’t say ‘no’.


This is NOT WOMEN’S RIGHTS, this is the steep slope off a nasty cliff.  This is infecting everything!  Trigger Warnings and Safe Spaces on College Campuses Can Silence Religious Students – this ‘trigger’ crap is all about not causing emotions in various baby-adults.


At our universities, debates are being annihilated by screaming bitches howling that no one should ever, ever challenge them or hurt their feelings about anything.  Trigger Warnings, Safe Spaces and Microaggressions: Discussing Questions of Freedom of Speech on Campus – The New York Times


According to a poll recently released by the Gallup Organization, 78 percent of 3,072 students from 32 four-year private and public colleges said they believed their campuses should strive to create an open environment where they would be exposed to a range of speech and views. Twenty-two percent noted that “colleges should prohibit biased or offensive speech in the furtherance of a positive learning environment.” But 69 percent favored limitations on speech when it came to language that was deliberately upsetting to some groups.


In 1968, I set up a table (I was only 17 years old) with a petition concerning the need for the university to treat women like adults, not children.  This was due to the ‘parental protections’ that only females must follow but not males.  It was unfair.  I had a goal, too, I was trying to force the school to allow me to live off campus instead a dorm.


My suit was finally won when I was already out of school.  When I set up that table, the administrators came to me and said I had no free speech rights and thus, could not set up my table.  They literally wrestled the table away from me.  I grabbed my chair and refused to let them steal it, too.


This little battle was witnessed by many students and was my opening shot in ‘we must change’ program I cooked up two years earlier.  Now today, we have fakers pretending to be ‘radicals’ but they are really ‘reactionaries’.  At the time I was fighting sex laws, the Maoists in China were annihilating sex.  This neo-puritanism is very much a leftist thing just as the ‘return to the past discriminations’ is a right wing thing.


Here is a student whining about the NYT article, claiming that she and her fellow fainting Victorian ladies are so fragile and helpless, they must be protected from being challenged by teachers and other students who disagree with them:


How can colleges and universities best balance a need to foster intellectual discourse about difficult topics with a need to protect students who may feel marginalized for some reason?


A little heads-up can help students engage with uncomfortable and complex topics, and a little sensitivity to others, at the most basic level, isn’t coddling. Civic discourse in this country has become pretty ugly, so maybe it’s not surprising that students are trying to create ways to have compassionate, civil dialogue.


I see a lot of ‘ugliness’ in the neo-Victorian hysterics on campuses.  These fainting virgins are actually screaming viragos who howl at teachers and staff about Halloween costumes that are funny, for example.  Rudeness is to be banished by people who are the rudest bitches on this planet earth.


The NYT article has a ‘professor’ explain complicated ‘sessions’ whereby students discuss, in tiny groups that self-segregate, these ‘scary issues.’  The crime here is obvious: they are paying thousands of dollars in school fees to do what I did FOR FREE in 1968.


When I conducted sessions about sex laws and free speech and free love, I did that on my own, cost me $0 to do and I learned how to talk in public and withstand howls of rage from my audience.


After the resignation of President Timothy M. Wolfe, students and faculty agreed that a new approach is needed to combat the rising number of racist incidents at the University of Missouri.


Much of the racism was  actually black people doing nasty stuff and the result is now obvious:  University Of Missouri Applications Drop By 23% Thanks To Black Lives Matter Insanity.  Obviously, potential students disagree with the minority of protestors who drove off the President.


Yale’s Halloween Advice Stokes a Racially Charged Debate when professors suggested students not be little babies, frightened by silly Halloween masks, Yale Professor and Wife, Targets of Protests, Resign as College Heads because of these same babies couldn’t tolerate being around adults anymore.


There is no free speech on campuses today because the Maoists who hate sex, hate beauty, hate everything civilized, are pushing very hard to terrorize everyone into running away from them while they take over our schools.


The neo-Victorians who feature fainting ladies too delicate to be exposed to kissing or touching, runs in tandem with these angry Moaists who scream and yell and physically attack people while whining that they are being oppressed.


I had to deal with this garbage back in 1969 when disruptive Maoists would go to the last SDS conventions to attack me for not being PC.  Believers in strong arming everyone, they stormed the stage and tried to shut me down, yelling at me.


These people now run many of our campuses because sane people have been driven away by the collapse of the professors who now are replaced with mainly females working part time as ‘adjuncts’.


Tenure is dead and soon our schools will be run by rich administrators who keep the army of angry old cheap labor ladies distracted so they don’t fix this mess by quitting entirely. I quit years ago!


And now about the issue of ‘sensitivity’: blacks today have more rights and privileges (for example, when hiring staff at schools, blacks are put at the head of the line, white males at the back of the line behind white women) than ever in history and they are complaining bitterly about all this and demanding more privileges, not equality.


The rift between the immense and growing black underclass that can barely be literate and the elite blacks in the universities is already the size of Grand Canyon and getting worse by the year.


The intertwining of various forces are interesting to me: the belief of young people that campuses are terrifying places where leftists are helpless runs alongside beliefs in the black community that the social disintegration there is not due to welfare destroying families to the point that less than 15% of black children are living in homes where the parents are married, much less, with their fathers at all, blaming whites for this mess and at the same time…the left isn’t fighting globalization.


Globalization is what is killing black communities and it beginning to utterly destroy white lower class communities, too.  Where are the protests against free trade?  Are these leftists nuts?  HAHAHA.  Yes, they are nuts.


What is this election about?  I watched a Trump speech he made yesterday.  Half of the speech was about FREE TRADE and how it is destroying our economic system and jobs.  Wow.  Way to go!  Hope he is honest about this issue.


Did our mainstream media report on this?  Nope.  Their main story was all about kissing adult women who didn’t have half the guts of my grandmother who, if insulted by a  man aggressing her, would have slapped him.


But then, she grew up in the Wild Wild West and could ride a horse bareback, swim entire lakes, climb mountains, shoot guns, etc.  HAHAHA.  Like me!  I admired her for this!  Ditto, my adventurous godmother, Mrs. Mitchner (yes, the author is related to her).


I had a fabulous childhood learning to do all that.  This is why I greatly resent this new culture on our campuses teaching women to become girls instead of full adults.  And teaching blacks to be arrogant and demanding and not fix what is wrong with the black community.


Look at what Obama has done for the slum cities: he eliminated even more low level jobs there leaving them all as useless ghettoes where no one wants to go or shop or anything, dead cities killed by free trade. Bah.


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8 responses to “Latest Trump Scandal: He Kissed A Woman Who Didn’t Cry!

  1. csurge

    The ‘scandals’ are nonsensical. Everybody knows it, His poll numbers have barely budged since they began their latest offensive. And better still, his speeches hint that he knows what he’s fighting for here. He knows, Elaine, and I think he’s willing to do whatever it takes to save his country

  2. melponeme_k

    I just saw Mozart’s Don Giovanni yesterday.

    I found it interesting that the Don was damned not for massive wealth illegal begotten means or not, nor for being a psychopath, a murderer, or even overindulging in food or drink. He was damned for being a sexual predator.

    And the opera wasn’t about Christian morality. Because the opera makes a pointed observation that Don Giovanni is imprisoned in the realm of Proserpina and Pluto.

    So the crime wasn’t that Giovanni slept with a lot of women. It was more about him violating sex magic laws.

    Talk about a load of messed up spiritual views.

  3. tio

    But what music.

  4. emsnews

    He killed a girl’s father when he was courting her and that was his ‘crime’.

  5. melponeme_k

    He wasn’t courting Donna Anna, according to her, he snuck into her room and tried to rape her. The rape and murder are rather downplayed compared to his womanizing.

  6. Christian W

    More WWIII news:

    The legendary Donbass commander, Arseny Pavlov – call sign”Motorola” , has been murdered by Ukraines secret services (read the Mossad/CIA). “Motorola” was one of a handful or fighting men who fought off the NaziUkrainians when they attacked Donbass. His unit “Sparta” was so successful he became a symbol of the entire resistance. He led his men to many victories, including the brutal fight over the Donetsk airport.

  7. DM

    Rather strange take on Don Giovani, melponeme_k. You should have forked out another $20 for the Programme…

    Re Arseny Pavlov sound like the opening shots for the next Act. I think the denouement will not be what the “Ukrainians” expect.

    As for Don Trump, if he wins and puts these FEMA camps to good use, I’m sure this will inspire the likes of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. The caste of characters to choose from must surely inspire a spectacular operatic drama.

  8. Melponeme_k


    No, it isn’t a strange take on the opera. Especially when you take into account that Mozart was a fervent Freemason. I see masonic alchemy all over this opera. In regards to The Magic Flute, it is akin to sitting through a magic ritual.

    Isn’t it interesting that Mozart, on the eve of a major revolution, was just shaking his finger at sex hijinks not the fact that the Don was using his title against everyone. Interesting. But I really hate thinking that the great man was a pod person the same as performers are today. That really makes me sick at heart.

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