Trump Shatters Fundraising Records For Small Donations

Most Offensive Halloween Costumes – Man Vs Youtube #23 – YouTube

Due to donations averaging $140 each, Thanks to His Fans, Trump Just SHATTERED a Republican Record for fundraising.  Most fundraising in the last 30 years is all about collecting bribes before going into office which is why much of what happens in the US is all about making the big bucks gang happy, not US citizens.  In return, the polished politicians carefully stroke various sex/race issues to guarantee voters will still turn out and vote like robots for their favorite Bilderberg conspirator.  Trump is shattering this entire business.  They have denied him any money from the GOP funds and he doesn’t need a penny, either.


The Trump campaign announced Saturday in a statement that it has received a total of $360 million from a record-breaking 2.6 million individual donors, which is up 24 percent from August. Those individual supporters represent the largest donor group of any Republican candidate in history, according to the nominee’s campaign.


Last month, Trump’s campaign ended with approximately $75 million cash. Trump has contributed $2 million monthly to his campaign.


Even with wealthy donors, Clinton still collected less than half of what Trump raised in September.


How pathetic is that?  Clinton, supposedly the front runner, can’t get the cash despite all her private parties in various super rich neighborhoods, she is getting nearly nothing from actual voters.  This is shocking.  And serious.  Very serious.


The flood of money from the rich in all elections has utterly warped our political system and is one of the root causes of the mess today whereby the rich are not taxed enough and they sponsor politicians who spend like drunks in an open bar.  No one is paying the piper…yet.


Bill is ‘having a hard time,’ Chelsea is ‘livid’ and Hillary is ‘p***ed’: How the Clinton family is being rocked by Wikileaks (and their donors and friends are furious at what candid aides said about them) but these same ‘friends’ are the corrupt rich who think they own the Clintons so they are mad their servants are being crude when downstairs in the basement.  To hell with them all.


Top Clinton aide offered FBI a funding ‘quid pro quo’ if agents helped him bury a Benghazi email – ‘never to be seen again’ – during probe of Hillary’s secret server: THIS IS A CRIME.  The FBI was ordered by Bill Clinton and Obama to shut down and not prosecute anyone and everyone obeying this illicit order should start talking to lawyers because everyone involved is committing a conspiracy crime.


NBC execs ‘LEAKED the ‘p****gate’ tape to the Washington Post to screw Trump but REFUSE to release damaging video in which Bill ‘rape victim’ claims Hillary threatened her which is typical of the California rich dude who owns that miserable paper.  Remember the Watergate reporting by this same paper?  Long gone, long buried.  It is now a rag, useless except for mild amusement.


Now Trump attacks Biden and highlights his ‘long history of groping’ with a video clip of the touchy-feely Vice President and yes, this guy, Biden, is as creepy as Trump when it comes to touching females and etc.  Geeze, I would suggest all politicians look in that mirror some day, this defines them.  Of course, the NYT and WP won’t feature this story since they are lying about reality to such a degree, the North Pole is in Brazil.


Centerfolds defend Trump: ‘Barbi Twins’ say he was always ‘a perfect gentleman’ at parties, clubs and casino events and never took advantage of beautiful women who were ‘all over him’ and yes, women were attracted to him like flies because they wanted to be on TV.  And get other goodies from him.  Duh.  This is why not one of these wenches cried out loud when he touched them.  Note the above Biden videos, no one is screaming, either, even as they look at him in horror or try to move away from him.


EXCLUSIVE: ‘Donald came into the dressing rooms but there was NOTHING inappropriate about what he said or did.’ Former Miss USA slams the string of women claiming Trump sexually assaulted them: yes, he liked going in and since he paid for all this and was the prize giver, women were happy he was checking out things since these same hussies were going to trot on stage barely clad in underwear and high heels hoping men would drool all over them.  Yup.


God, it has been 49 years exactly since I started doing strip clubs to make fast money.  50 years since I stripped down in public for the hell of it.  This is embarrassing.  Have we transported back to 1900?  If so, why are all these hussies running around in public, half naked or worse?  Stop it, if you want no more dirty women and dirty men.  Join ISIS what covers women head to toe, if this whole thing makes you all ill.


Speaking of hussies, screaming women who remind me of the followers of Dionysius who ran riot, ripping poets from limb from limb while drunk, are screaming at University officials to stop students from wearing Halloween costumes:  University of Florida students offered counseling for offensive Halloween costumes | Daily Mail Online


Caitlyn Jenner, on the other hand, didn’t mind the costumes inspired by her Vanity Fair cover. ‘I don’t find them offensive at all,’ she told Today.


The site announced that it pulled the costume because of the backlash.


‘We are sorry if it offended anyone,’ the company tweeted.


Yes, ‘offensive costumes’ are now verboten.  What shall anyone wear at this point?  Oh, the women can dress up like women in ISIS cities and the men can dress as wienies.  That will do the trick.  Not much treats.


WIKILEAK: Supporter That Gave Hillary MILLIONS Actively Supports ISIS that is, our friends, the Saudi royals who also sponsored the 9/11 attacks on the US.


‘Her inability to communicate remorse is becoming a character problem’: Hillary Clinton’s aides wanted her to apologize for deleting her emails – but they couldn’t ‘get her there’:


According to a Wikileaks release, she had previous argued in an email dated Aug. 17, 2014, to John Podesta, then a counselor to President Barack Obama, that Saudi Arabia was “providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region.”


However, a publication by The Petra News Agency that was later removed showed that Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman explicitly stated that in addition to the funding the Islamic State group, Saudi Arabia had also been funding — you guessed it — Hillary Clinton…


Wikileaks is pouring information out of that server’s sewer at a mad rate now.  This is why the government is trying to shut down communications from where Assange is hanging out.  Hillary on this topic:


“The third area that demands attention is preventing radicalization and countering efforts by ISIS and other international terrorist networks to recruit in the United States and Europe,” she began. “For starters, it is long past time for the Saudis … to stop their citizens from funding extremist organizations.”


“And they should stop supporting radical schools and mosques around the world that have set too many young people on a path towards extremism,” she added. “We also have to use all our capabilities to counter jihadist propaganda online.”


For starters, this creepy woman should stop taking money from Islamic radicals who want to destroy and enslave all of us.  Thanks in advance.


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21 responses to “Trump Shatters Fundraising Records For Small Donations

  1. Christian W

    For starters, this creepy woman should stop taking money from Islamic radicals who want to destroy and enslave all of us.

    You can add Zionist radicals to that. Isn’t the Petrodollar system wonderful?

  2. Jim R

    As the empire continues to come apart at the seams.

    In the Philippines, they have told the Americans they don’t want US military bases there any more. They are in discussions with China for military hardware.

    And now they’re not sure whether Yemen fired a missile at them or not. After firing a couple big missiles into the Yemeni neighborhoods. Oops, haha, too bad. At least the Saudis are happy.

    And they are ‘liberating’ Mosul, in Iraq. Didn’t they already do that back in 2003? Anyhow, they are basically carpet-bombing the place into rubble, after giving ‘safe passage’ for ISIS to move from there to Raqqa in Syria. Apparently in hopes that ISIS can prevent the Syrian Army, with Russian help, from controlling all of Syria.

    The Ukraine continues to fester. No territory is changing hands right now, but lots of bad blood — quite the success for the Empire of Chaos, they’ve created ethnic conflict where it was quiet before a couple years ago. The current Russian strategy is to let Europe pick up the tab for it. They keep getting billions from the IMF while Greece starves.

    And then there’s this —
    Dallas Cops Retire In Droves; Take Lump Sum Pensions Fearing Money Isn’t There (And It Isn’t)
    Remember all the cop shootings there a few months ago? When some crazy guy attacked them at a ‘peaceful demonstration’.

  3. Christian W

    Your Dallas cops link didn’t work for me, Jim, but I googled it and found the article. The point is that the pension funds is drying up.

    This is the major point driving the elites to war, the economic system they have mismanaged and looted is not sustainable. Now the elites are working on how to distract the masses they looted from the coming disasters, meaning before the systems really crash and the middle class find themselves stranded, broke and penniless and reach for the pitch forks with intent. At the same time the elites need to keep the cash flow running enough to feed their insatiable greed.

    So now we have hot and cold wars brewing and the hot wars are getting hotter and the cold wars are more than lukewarm now. And the heat is being stoked by none other than our very own increasingly desperate eiltes.

  4. Christian W

    And we have certain segments of the population in the US fattened up as sacrificial lambs and lightning rod for repressed anger, fear and resentment and, most importantly, as substitute targets instead of the elites.

  5. I think the number of small donations info trumps the MSM polls.I am sure all the people donating intend to vote as well.
    This and the small turnout at Killery’s town meetings bode well for Trump.

  6. Christian W

    But the elites count the votes.

  7. Petruchio

    “…and yes, women were attracted to him like flies because they wanted to be on TV. And get other goodies from him.” Yeah, let’s be honest here. NOBODY forced these women to enter Trump sponsored contests od to have any contact with The Donald. What’s really going on here are some bitter women who have tried to get Trump’s attention–and wanted some “gold” out of it. Instead, they end up getting nothing out of the deal or they end up having gotten “pumped and dumped”. Seriously, how can you take women seriously who go public with the “Donald Groped me” charge–11 years AFTER THE FACT! Of course, when it comes to the media and the Clinton scandals, the media won’t cover those because “we can’t authenticate” the charges against Clinton. (Kristen Welker said this on NBC’s “Meet the Press–Postgame”. You can’t make this stuff up, folks!!

  8. Christian W

    It’s simply Swiftboating and bulshitting (“Bullshit baffles brains” remember). All the Clinton campaign needs is to drown Trump in bullshit hoping it sticks – and it WILL STICK – it already has, Trump is now known as the Groper, at least for now. Is he really? Most likely not, but it has smeared Trump and that was the only goal all along.

  9. floridasandy

    Not enough, Christian.

    I don’t know anyone who changed their mind about Trump, mainly because the alternative is Hillary.

    After Trump won the second debate, I knew it was on for the media. They are running out of time, and not getting the reactions that they were expecting. They still keep Hillary in hiding so she can’t say anything stupid that could be used against her, and because she needs her rest.

    The Rubio and Murphy debate was on tonight in Florida, and both candidates took turn bashing Trump. I will be voting libertarian in that senate election. This cycle sure has been entertaining, to say the least.

  10. emsnews

    It has clearly shown the fissures and breaks! And we must thank Trump for talking about the Bilderberg gang. This is why, if he hammers away at them, they will kill him.

    Because if he loses and continues to talk loudly about their real organizations and plans, this will still screw them badly.

  11. Petruchio

    No I think Trump has enough visibility with the General Public where the Bilderbergers won’t kill him. If they do, it will confirm beyond any and all denials by the MSM that the Bilderbergers DO in fact exist. The Bilderbergers do not want this ‘confirmation’ to happen because the next logical step is identifying them–which in turn would be followed by prosecuting them. And with the Public’s near complete lack of confidence in Congress and the Executive Branch of Government, some of these “prosecution” methods may not be only the formal, legal kind. I’m sure the Bilderbergers would love to murder Trump–and they may do this, but I doubt it as of right now.

  12. Jim R

    Well, you know, Petruchio, a plane he is riding on could have mechanical trouble … or a car he is in could careen out of control and cross the median into an 18 wheeler, with the subsequent discovery that the chauffeur was drunk. There is still time.

  13. Lou

    Pet — I think Trump has enough visibility with the General Public where the Bilderbergers won’t kill him.

    –Have you gone to ‘clinton body count?’–a site Elaine laughs at.
    5 enemies of the Clintons dead in 6 weeks. Including John Ash of the UN.

  14. emsnews

    Kennedy was out in public when killed, seen by many people. Ditto, Lincoln. Ditto, Reagan, etc. etc. etc. It nearly never happens in private.

  15. Lou

    Only takes one of those so called, ‘Lone Gunmen.’

  16. Jim R

    They are probably combing the records now for disgruntled ex-employees, the ones who didn’t get on his reality TV shows, people he stiffed in business deals, etc, etc.

  17. emsnews

    Yes, it is all about dirty tricks but not DNC dirty tricks or international crimes or accepting bribes. What our media giants are hiding is huge and thus, funny as hell since they are destroying themselves by hiding stuff.

  18. Christian W

    It’s not really funny though. The elites are destroying the world, not only themselves, in order to hide stuff. This is HUGE. It’s not only the Clintons, it’s the entire political, banking, media, military and corporate elite in the West, especially the US, UK and France. And behind these elites are figures from a “nation” without borders.

  19. Lou

    The last time I saw Lennon was in a restaurant near his place. I let him pass.

    The Konformist – Why Bush & the CIA Had John Lennon Killed …
    The Konformist: KON4M 99 … Why Bush & the CIA Had John Lennon Killed … What’s rather amazing in fact is that society did NOT disintegrate/implode/explode in …
    [Search domain]
    More results
    Did George Bush order the assasination of John Lennon …
    Did George Bush order the assasination of John Lennon? Started by PaulEdwardWagemann, April 19 … Sean Lennon among others think the CIA killed John Lennon.
    [Search domain]…
    Why Bush & the CIA Had John Lennon Killed — The Beatles, the …
    Why Bush & the CIA Had John Lennon Killed … the Montauk Project, the Tavistock Institute and Mass … vice-president George Bush had Lennon slaught

  20. Petruchio

    I think a breaking point is fast approaching for the elites. IF the rulers kill Trump there will be imho, a high risk for elements within the masses to take matters into their own hands. Vigilantes will start hunting banksters and Rockefellers and Rothschilds. Think that couldn’t happen? I do not advocate violence, but don’t bet on vigilantism not happening. This is why I think The Donald may be safe from getting murdered.

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