Voters Disgusted With Election, Trump Supporters Angry, Hillary Supporters In Denial


The parade of beauty queens who once upon a time did all they could to attract Trump’s attention are now howling like elderly virgins that he touched them!  Gloria Allred warns Donald Trump more ‘victims’ will come forward to accuse him.  This insipid lawyer says she sat on the list of all these poor, sheltered females who paraded about on TV in the skimpiest bikinis, ever, in high heels, are actually all helpless children who didn’t know that ‘beauty pageants’ were for adult men to drool over them.


This interface between ‘public performers playing sexual roles’ and the real humans who are being enticed by these professional ladies who grew up being groomed to parade about in underwear…look at how the press treats the Top 10 Sexiest Victoria’s Secret Models.  The media loves Victoria’s Secret and I read about the fashion shows in the news, have for years and years.


As a former worker in the ‘look at the pretty women and shower money on them’ business way back when I was under 21 years all, all this neo-Victorian snottiness is pissing me off greatly.  I didn’t know any young ladies in my former line of work, fainting before going on stage to shake their assets.  None.


Indeed, we all competed hard to see who could get the biggest response.  Incredible news, no?  The young contestant on the Trump TV show, ‘The Apprentice’ is now putting on an act that she was really a scared young lady who weeps with hysteria remembering how, years ago, he touched her, poor thing.  Note the picture at the top of this story, showing her crying and needing to be babied.  Yuck.


It took less than a day for Trump to answer this false allegation and it reveals criminal intent on the part of the lady who is making these allegations:


Is the news media repentant?  Are they blasting away about how Trump is being falsely accused and that indeed, modern women who already went through the entire ‘sexual revolution’ of the 1960’s can’t weep like babies when men touch them?  Not one female slapped or loudly chided this ‘monster’.  I have slapped men, I have slugged men, indeed, I have drawn guns on men in the past.


What ails all these females when rich men touch them and then many years later when he or whoever is in the public eye and the media giants want to destroy him, reveal that they passively let him kiss them on the cheeks and oh my, poor dears!  Faint away!


As a feminist, this disgusts me greatly.  Here are the top NYT headlines this morning:


So, the #3 article which is all about war and peace and our survival on this planet, we learn about all of Hillary’s war crimes?  HAHAHA.  War crimes are OK with our media giants. Plotting to kill millions of women is perfectly fine.  Kissing them is pure evil.  I think I will throw up now, excuse me.




This really pisses me off.  The NYT has the audacity to whine that TRUMP’S ‘incendiary talk’ is evil now, after the press smeared him with feces nonstop for a week even as terrible news about Hillary’s conspiracies with the very rich and foreign leaders shows spectacular corruption at the highest levels.


How dare Trump attack the press which is revealed to the average voter as an evil organization, a system owned by very rich or often foreign people like the NYT is now in cahoots with the richest man in Mexico, this corrupt system of ‘news’ is screaming for some reforms.  I almost never use US news media except to mock it.  I get better news about what is going on from Russia than from the US.


So, Trump can’t accuse our press of being a machine of misinformation and…we have documented proof that Hillary secretly plotted to attack Syria and no in self defense but to destroy the government there.  This, dear readers, is a war crime.  And furthermore, since we now have proof of this, she should be arrested.


Did the NYT call for this obvious solution to her secret plans?  Nope.  The people running the joint are Jewish and Israel’s rulers hate Syria’s ruler so anyone with half a brain can put two and two together.  The NYT is participating in a war crime if they excuse this.  I can’t read this article due to it being locked down, but I am betting, based on past experience, that this article excuses her secrecy and her crimes.


The Washington Post totally ignores Wikileaks.  ‘How dare he complain about lopsided coverage?’ whines Bezos.


Zero mention of the wars, except for this story:  ‘Band-Aid on a bullet wound’: What America’s new war looks like in Afghanistan’s most violent province which takes us back to 9/11 when we bombed Afghanistan after a bunch of Saudis and Egyptians attacked the US.  Yes, that was a war crime.  All our actions for the last 20 years have been war crimes.


US and Russia tensions are now the worst they’ve been since 1973, says Vitaly Churkin of Russia.  The Wikileaks showed clearly the conspiracies to destroy Russia and I don’t blame Russians for being pissed off about all this.


Assange’s contact with the world was cut last night in London so he can’t put out more US State Secrets and other hidden goodies.  Top Obama advisor, David Axelrod suggests Hillary Clinton SKIP final debate over Trump’s drug test suggestion which is hilarious considering she lost the previous debate.  Run away and hide under the bed, poor dear!


From Wikileaks:  Hillary Clinton aides lamented that Muslims committed San Bernardino massacre because it screwed up Obama’s demands, which she supported, that we import millions of Muslims.


Kaine delivers entire speech in Spanish at Miami church and he definitely supports open borders, too.  And is a Democrat.  The issue of the loss of US jobs overseas coupled with letting in millions of illegal aliens is a sore point with US citizens.  For most workers, real wages have barely budged for decades while Top CEOs Make 300 Times More than Typical Workers: Pay Growth …and we can thank our rulers for this double whammy.


Millions of Men Are Missing From the Job Market wonders the NYT, a paper that worked tirelessly to destroy working class white males.  Colin Kaepernick plays his first game since starting national anthem protests | Daily Mail Online in England reports how males in the US are reacting to all this buzz about how they are evil and patriotism is stupid.


Confirmed: NFL Losing Millions Of TV Viewers Because Of National protests against the flag …Obama defends US football player refusing to stand for national anthem infuriating patriotic Americans even more than usual.  Yes, there is definitely a boycott that is gaining strength, not weakening.  This is hammering the NFL and hammering the propaganda TV stations that need this money to sell ads to merchants.


The entire apparatus of feeding propaganda systems via selling stuff during TV football games is collapsing rapidly.  The money won’t be there soon.  The bad feelings aren’t going away, they are increasing now.  NFL tells teams anthem protests aren’t impacting ratings which is hilarious.  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Praises National Anthem Protests, saying they are really good.


So…they can play to empty stadiums for all I care.  The game is destructive, blacks in particular, should boycott this sport just due to the damage to their players, if nothing else.  That would be sane.


The Teenage daughter of Olympic champion Tyson Gay killed in shooting at a hang out last night after midnight.  She is yet another endless black victim of black men wildly shooting guns, the three men were arrested but this is characteristic of what is going on under Mr. Civil Rights, our President who has let things get utterly out of control in the black community and is doing absolutely nothing to fix this collapse in basic civility and safety.


What on earth was a 15 year old doing at a drinking party after 1am, anyways?  Where was daddy?  Oh, no where to be seen.  It gets worse, she was out and about, in the streets at 4am!  What the hell?  And this was Sunday night, too?  All this goes back to the stories of sheltered white women whining about Trump touching them.


Black girls are allowed to hang out in the streets all night long at parties, and they end up DEAD.  Yes, killed, raped, murdered, beaten, whatever, who knows?  Lots of bad things and no one raises an eyebrow about this.  Why aren’t they all being sheltered carefully and we are talking about non adults, mere legal children here, not full adult women who professionally parade in public, displaying themselves for money.  Children!  Shot dead and no one cares.  No ‘black lives matter’ here.  For black lives are meaningless at this point.


Obama and Hillary’s solution is importing a million angry Muslims and that isn’t fixing this problem, that is certain.


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11 responses to “Voters Disgusted With Election, Trump Supporters Angry, Hillary Supporters In Denial

  1. Melponeme_k

    Egypt to restrict illegal alien trafficking through their country and into Europe.

  2. ziff

    i’m in Canada , just a spectator but our news show CTV [clinton t v] last night had a piece mocking trump for complaining about media bias. You have to marvel at the complexity of the mind fuck , does it have a name ?
    And why are Cdn’s getting this ? expats maybe ,,, ?

  3. Christian W

    One of the brain washing techniques they are using is called Gaslighting

    In this case there is obviously media bias but the media bias powers mocks the victim as insane for seeing the media bias. That is gaslighting, a technique very typically used by psychopaths to attack and weaken their victims.

  4. Petruchio

    I think the worst thing about all these women coming out with “Donald dared to TOUCH me!!!” stories is it damages REAL cases of sexual harassment. The truth is, some sexual harassment complaints are real, some are not. Some women, if a relationship goes bad or the guy chooses a different female will use a sexual harassment complaint as a ‘revenge weapon’. Like what these former beauty queen/bimbos are doing. Maybe somebody is paying them to come forward, who knows?
    And, just as an aside, I wonder if these women realize the damage they are doing to future employment? Almost every potential employer, if they get even the tiniest whiff that a potential employee is a sexual harassment complaint looking for a place to happen will NEVER hire her. So cuddle up with Gloria Allred, ladies, but she aint gonna hire you.

  5. Christian W

    Another favorite mind fuck technique used all the time by the PTB, especially US, UK and Israeli criminals on the political arena, is Goebbel’s admonition:

    “Accuse others of what you are guilty”

    Like when Israel accuses Iran of having nuclear ambitions and have the US with client states impose crippling sanctions on Iran, while having 200+ nukes themselves. Where are the sanctions against Israel and the US? There are none because these fascist countries rule by the fist, not through the law.

    Or when the US foments an anti-Russian coup in Ukraine and accuse the Russians for aggression when Russia defends it’s interests against the coup. The Russian actions are then twisted into an excuse for imposing sanctions (economic warfare) against Russia.

  6. ziff

    cw, thanks , didn’t know that one

  7. Christian W

    @ 4

    And where are all the bimbos that the old goat Bill Clinton “dicked”? Why aren’t they out there gold digging like mad right now? Maybe they know they will come to a sticky end if they try since the legal system is rigged in the favor of the untouchable Clintons.

    These golddiggers that the Clinton team have found are hired to do a job, they will get handsomely paid for it so they won’t need to work again. The Clinton “team” has planned this since at least May this year the wikileaks emails reveal.

    Also the truth doesn’t matter here – Hillary, who is asking women to vote with their pussy, has now tarred the Donals as a pussy grabber. Therefore voting for Hillay is protecting your pussy.

    These lies don’t need to stand for long, it’s enough if they last another few weeks then people can forget about them and Hillay will sail into the White House white as snow to spew her poison on the rest of the world.

  8. floridasandy

    they probably know if they push the Clintons too hard they will end up dead.

    It is so easy to have an unfortunate accident.

  9. Mewswithaview

    This will be pulled soon enough grab it while you can. Adam Curtis – HyperNormalisation BBC Documentary 2016

  10. Christian W

    @ ziff

    Canada is part of the UK/US axis. They get the Establishment (“Bilderberg”) propaganda because it is one system that binds the citizens in the dark.

    Also, Canada have a very large population of Ukrainian heritage, including a substantial part that came over from the Nazi side after WWII. These people are being cultivated as a force against Russia, the elites don’t want any deprogramming of their cult members.

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