Government Tries Desperately To Shut Down Wikileaks

Why and How Watergate Happened and Forced Nixon from Office: John Dean (2010) – YouTube


The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : CNN: It Is Illegal For Voters To Possess Wikileaks MaterialJonathan Turley writes about the legality of leaking ‘private’ stuff.  Of course, there are many laws surrounding State Secrets which is why very brave whistleblowers risk prison or death to reveal war crimes.  It is a very dangerous business to break into systems that are secretive and reveal crimes of governments.  This is why we see all sorts of criminal actions after a war when secret documents are finally revealed, for example.


With the internet, we have state secrets splashed all over the place, and this is legal because these secrets are crimes and kept secret because they are illegal stuff designed to fool people in an election so the criminal conspirators can then rule via force using the State tools to keep everyone under control as they do things that were hidden during election processes.


In the case of this election, actions being taken to steal the election first in the primaries against Sanders and now the major election against Trump, conspiring with media owners to commit crimes is illegal and all means exposing this are legal ipso facto since these are attempts at stopping an ongoing crime, namely, the theft of an election, a conspiracy to take power illicitly.


Donald Trump vows to ‘drain the swamp’ in Washington with term limits for all members of Congress | The Independent in ENGLAND reports.  Didn’t see this story in the US headlines…will wonders never cease? The entire sewer of campaign crimes is coupled directly with a refusal to publish obvious news whenever it isn’t in the interest of the media owners to let voters know what the candidates are doing or thinking.


This screwy way of controlling populations via keeping them ‘out of the loop’ and hiding opponents is quite common in the US which has been run this way all my life, for third party candidates get nearly no access to the news systems and are intercepted and eliminated before they can even start.


He also sketched out steps to tame the lobbying industry in Washington, a pledge that President Barack Obama made before he took office for the first time and which he largely failed to deliver…


But while it may make political sense for Mr Trump to try to lead the term-limit bandwagon, he will also know that the chances of it ever arriving at the station are extremely slim. Any amendment to the US constitution requires the support of two thirds of both chambers of Congress before it can even start to get anywhere.


While ordinary voters might support it – a 2013 Gallup poll showed an astonishing 75 per cent of Americans, including both Democrats and Republicans, voicing support for term limits – getting those two-third majorities would be singularly problematic. It means asking members of Congress to sign papers consigning them to joblessness. That is an unlikely proposition.


A lovely demonstration of this is this news: Democratic campaign bus with Hillary’s face on the side is caught dumping RAW SEWAGE in the street: yes, they did pump it out!   Honest, and it wasn’t a story about Hillary exiting this bus.  Protester wearing a Bill Clinton T-shirt is dragged out of a Bernie Sanders rally yelling ‘Clinton is a rapist’ as Bill laughed nervously and tried again, to make pre-arranged ‘jokes’ about the angry demonstrator.


The NY Post has this hilarious story about how the Republicans pile on Trump for claiming election is ‘rigged’ because they rig it, too.  Since neither party wants to stop this cesspool dirty games, since both stage elaborate ‘us against them’ games which are fake, they don’t realize that thanks to the Internet, we get to see behind the curtains more than once and smart people are rapidly figuring out, this is a rigged game by international powers that want to destroy or enslave us all.


In this case, today, Governor Cuomo’s little cub scout at CNN, the baby boy who got his cool job via political corruption, that is, our media hires these spoiled brats to tell us the news.  They, in turn, dutifully do nasty stuff against us and I know the Cuomos personally and am outraged they chose this direction in life ever since I stopped talking to them around 25 years ago.  We go way back.


Now back to the top story about the Podesta emails and other interesting junk Wikileaks is revealing:


Cuomo was about to discuss embarrassing emails from Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s inbox but he stopped to remind viewers “remember, it’s illegal to possess these stolen documents,” Cuomo says. “It’s different for the media, so everything you’re learning about this, you’re learning from us.”…


So, this clown, the son of a governor of a huge state, thinks HE is the gateway for citizens to learn about crimes by our politicians?  Like hell.  The media is in cahoots with these criminals!  Duh!  And what is the ‘media’???? I am ‘media’.  I have published for years, online.  This makes me ‘media’.


It is true that possession of stolen items is a crime and documents can be treated as stolen items. However, this material has already been released and it is doubtful that downloading widely available material (particularly in a matter of great public interest) would be seen as prosecutable possession. Whoever had original possession has released them widely to the public like throwing copies out a window by the thousands. Whatever crime is alleged, it will be directed at the original hacker and not the public. Just downloading and reading public available material is unlikely to be viewed as a crime unless you use material to steal someone’s identity or commit a collateral crime. Otherwise, possession of the Pentagon Papers would lead to the arrest of tens of thousands of citizens.


More importantly, most people do not download these documents but read them on line and there is no actionable crime in reading the material from any of the myriad of sites featuring the Wikileaks documents.


WRONG.  The reason all of us write about all this immediately is to prevent Cuomo and his buddy in the White House, Obama, to arrest and harass and abuse people who are publishing the truth.  We ‘mob’ events so that no one is ‘guilty’ of revealing the TRUTH.  And the truth hurts these guys who lie to us so they can do illicit or illegal stuff behind our backs.  This is evil and morally wrong.


Cuomo is right about status of reporters being clear and protected. In Bartnicki v. Vopper, 532 US 514 (2001), the Supreme Court reaffirmed that the media is allowed to publish material that may have been obtained illegally and declared a law unconstitutional to the extent that it would make such media use unlawful. The Court reaffirmed the need to protect the first amendment interests and took particular note of the fact that the material was a matter of public interest.


The real question is, ‘Who is a reporter?’  And in the Internet Age, it is all of us.  We are all ‘reporters’.  We are also ‘citizens’ which is supposed to carry various elements including exclusive right to vote for our own leaders.  Who we choose in elections that should be fair but are not.


Dennis Kucinich: FBI Investigation of Hillary Clinton Was Fixed in Her Favor


Instead of the investigative process being focused on achieving justice, Kucinich says it was “a very political process” that had “everything to do with the 2016 presidential election” in which Clinton is the Democratic nominee. Kucinich elaborates that “the executive branch of government made an early determination that no matter what came up that there was no way that Hillary Clinton was going to have to be accountable under law for anything dealing with the mishandling of classified information.”


So we are to be chided for publishing secrets that reveal crimes by our representatives who are trying to steal an election…while Hillary can ‘mishandle’ secret war information that ends up getting people killed.  Right.  Worse, she erased information that would point to herself as a criminal and we call this ‘a cover up’.  And this is what got Nixon in hot water, as I recall.


It wasn’t merely the crime but the cover up and what started the entire thing?  The damn Pentagon Papers.  The illegal crew sent into the psychiatric offices of Ellsberg’s doctor were there to steal information to give to the press to defame him and call him crazy.


In 1971, Ellsberg tried to get the papers showing clearly how our government was lying about WAR and was hiding WAR CRIMES and no one would publish them no politician would stand up for this information to appear in public and finally it was published and I and my friends in colleges leapt upon it, devoured it, published our little papers about it and distributed these on campuses and gave speeches about it and the cops were sent in to attack us and I was arrested for jay walking…HAHAHA.


Yikes,  Kent State shootings came of this!!!  Oh, do I remember that time.  Nixon won the election but was kicked out of office, he was allowed to flee intact instead of being shipped to Nüremberg.  I was really ticked off about this.  ‘We don’t want a fight’ said the Democrats who were perfectly happy to send my fellow male student friends to die in Vietnam or go to prison!


Grrrr….It ticks me off just to think about all this.  Years and years later, a festering wound never repaired.  Today’s lies are like the lies back then, Hillary is talking war with Russia and China and a host of other people, Iran, etc.  She is a New Nixon and I hate her with a passion at this point, especially after this week’s news.  Arrest Hillary.


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5 responses to “Government Tries Desperately To Shut Down Wikileaks

  1. Christian W

    But it’s not only Hillary. Most US ambassadors outright bought their position from GOP and Dem operators. The US politicians at this point are but front figures for Wall Street, Big Agro/Pharma/Oil etc and oligarchs like Soros, Rockefeller never mind the Rotschilds. The Pentagon Generals are looking to retire to nice cushy, extremely well paid, jobs working for the MIC corporations or Wall Street.

    In fact this is how the US system has worked for a hundred years. The only thing that has changed is that the putrid mess now has become so great it has surfaced, at least for now.

    The inevitable reaction from the elites is that they will double down and push 1984 on us even faster and more completely. “Freedom is slavery”. Look at how many Americans are caught up in Doublethink waving the US War Flag as a symbol of freedom.

  2. e sutton

    Well, Christian W, it took the populace about forty years to catch on to the fact that they where being played. Then, those doing the playing, managed to teach the remaining few who still had two functioning brain cells, that there was an entity that actively wished to destroy them. Still, they listened not. Forward onto today…..

    Similarly to the blacks, white liberals will not be dissuaded from their lofty, social justice warrior ideals. With every lasting knife being thrust into their last artery, they will repeat, ¨But…….I thought……we .,,,,.were friends!?¨ Got ignorant whites? No? Anyone who wants to make a cool million need only to post a casting call, on line.

    Does not matter, race, creed, color, etc. The SJW will stand by his or her own brethren.

    There is a belief that negroes are the keenest thing since sliced bread, and how we ever got this far in civilization is beyond imagination. There are also those who believe in Santa Claus. Delusions, as we all are aware, have their purchase price.

  3. Christian W

    There is research made that many people simply cannot see/accept when their leaders do the opposite of what the people believe their leader stands for. Many people simply physically do not have the connections in place in their brain to be able to add that up. The neurological bridges between the necessary parts of the brain simply are not there. Therefore, if their leader betrays them, they cannot easily see that they have been betrayed.

    I think the US leaders are the best in the world at exploiting such people. No matter on the “right” (Christian Fundies) or the “left” (Social justice warriors). The elites just figure out which buttons to push with which group – and then they are laughing all the way to power and the bank.

  4. Christian W

    Btw figuring out peoples “buttons” is one reason Bezos bought the Washington Post. He is using algorithms to see how people respond to stories put up by the WP. The same story is put up but framed in different ways, then they have algorithms calculating the response by the readership. Which part of the readership responds to the article when it is framed in a certain way, and vice versa.

    So now, when we can see that the Washingon Post is full of crap and spin, they still have managed to get new subscribers and readership (according to the WP, but the way they lie it could also be complete bullshit in order to market the WP as a successful product).

  5. emsnews

    The Daily Mail and Daily News are more honest than the Washington Post.

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