Second Video By Veritas Showing Undercover DNC Operatives Discussing Breaking Election Laws

Rigging the Election – Video II: Mass Voter Fraud – YouTube

A SECOND VIDEO has just emerged showing clearly top DNC operatives discussing how to do very illegal stuff during an election to cheat and steal.  So far, none of these clowns have been arrested.  These re the ones who made daily visits to the White House.




After claiming he can rig elections ILLEGALLY, he says the states being targeted for this are those that weakened campaign laws in states like Michigan and Iowa.  And when discussing how to canvass a neighborhood to see who has moved out of their homes so these can be used to rig vote via a stranger using a computer to do this in ‘early voting’…the undercover agent discusses with him how to hide all this illegal junk:




Here is a discussion of how a Democrat, Bob Creamer, head this voter organization that encourages fraud, how exactly one running a polling station can help illegal aliens vote:


Using aliens to choose our leaders is absolutely noxious.  It is TREASON.


The whistleblower suggests Creamer do something utterly illegal.  This is his response:


Creamer agrees this is a great idea and says there are some big organizations that want to register illegal voters who would love this.


The undercover reporter is introduced to an undocumented, illegal alien from Mexico who is a lawyer and who is coordinating cheating in elections so illegals can vote and be bussed all over the place to vote repeatedly.



There are more of these videos in the stream and will be hammering the Democrats this time around since they are the ones doing the main cheating this election cycle.  All should be put in prison, of course and if this was orchestrated by the White House, definitely all the way to the top.

HIDDEN CAM: Russ Feingold Says Hillary Might Issue Executive Order on Guns – YouTube


All Hillary needed to do was be utterly honest.  Simple, no?  Instead, she chose to lie about nearly everything, telling each person she met, whatever she thought would work and to hell with the consequences since she has her own ideas which she won’t change for anything.


Utterly untrustworthy barely describes this woman and her gang.


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8 responses to “Second Video By Veritas Showing Undercover DNC Operatives Discussing Breaking Election Laws

  1. Lou

    I usually avoid ‘the tube’ but I was out yesterday and CNN was on.
    Van [guard] Jones talking about how ‘stirring the pot is not illegal.’
    Well, yes and no. It depends what disruptions of Trump rallys are done.

    In any case, Van [gave himself the name] was part of the group that started the 1994 Los Angeles, Rodney ‘Kang’ riots that left 50+ dead.
    remember Reginald Denny?

  2. emsnews

    Absolutely and this is who Hillary is using to gain power.

  3. Melponeme_k

    That part where Fovel says he has to make people do what he thinks they should do was chilling. Talk about going the full Nazi.

    Warning, there is another scam going about regarding election fraud. The DNC is sending out questionnaires. Don’t respond! Apparently, they are stealing signatures, registering illegally in other states/counties and voting with the stolen identities.

  4. So why is Trump not buying air time to show this video evidence of DNC collusion with voter fraud? Trump will still be defending his 11 year old crotch grabbing comments in tonight’s debate. The media is pooh poohing this story and focusing on Trumps “he said she said” nonsense.

  5. Christian W

    Of course the media has to pooh pooh Trump since the media is complicit in crimes. The media knows if the house of cards starts to come crumbling down they will go down as part of it. The MSM are war criminals!

  6. Okeefe has taught me well. Before I can ever trust him again, I will always need to see the complete unedited tapes first. I remember buying into his tapes on ACORN but then seeing how his careful editing made ordinary conversations seem criminal. Veritas has produced the opposite of its name. Okeefe is a fake and is nothing more than a shill for whatever interest group pays him.

  7. e sutton


    Yes, Christian W, there are many, many heads that will roll if Madame Clinton is not installed. It reaches that far back. Even George Soros has been unable to hide his fingerprints on the charming little scandals that have been revealed in wikileaks.

    I have not done all the math, but if the rule of law is ever put into force in this country (as Elaine stated, it was destroyed as far back as 1974, when Nixon escaped due process), you will see a fallout the likes of which anyone younger than fifty has never before seen in this country.

    The plan for a dumbed down populace has been in the works for a long time. Once the medium of television was discovered to be a mass produced method of mind f*ck, the (((folks))) behind the curtain have been working overtime to do their magic on the American populace. Fifty plus years ago, whites who reported on how television and MSM was actively working on destroying the American social fabric, they were called ¨nervous, over-wrought, egg heads¨, and quickly dismissed. Even as far back as 1964, the John Birch Society was scoffed at as ascribing to ¨Conspiracy Theorists¨, before that theory was put into mass use. If you are old enough, you will recall that anyone who disagreed with the Warren Commission report on the Kennedy assassination was also deemed ¨conspiracy theorist¨.

    Funny thing about those conspiracy theories. Knock them around your head a few times and many, if not most, actually seem quite plausible. But don´t try telling that to your social justice warrior neighbor. Fifty years of indoctrination is pretty hard to overcome.

  8. Christian W

    I doubt any heads will roll. The elites may sacrifice a few hopelessly overexposed tools – like the Clintons, and point the fingers at them as “bad apples” and mentally “flawed”. Then within a short period of time the elites will have regrouped and Business is on as usual. Ka-ching. That is the US system.

    Very interesting timeline in the link above.

    It shows how the UK and US teamed up with Nazi Germans, in 1944 (!) to crush Greek patriots. The US then installed a click of Greek elites and oligarchs to run the joint. This has been the US modus operandi across the globe for centuries.

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