Trump’s Last Speech Before ‘Debate’ Run By Bilderberg Gangsters

Donald Trumps Last Speech Before The Final Presidential Debate 2016 – VOTE TRUMP NOVEMBER 8TH 2016 – YouTube


Last pre-‘debate’ speech by Trump talks about NAFTA, free trade, the budget deficit and borders and has a huge and very enthusiastic audience and despite media and DNC attempts to pretend women hate Trump, 50% of his audience are women, as far as I can see.


Whatever he actually does, he is talking like me, talking about crime, trade, money and other issues.  The debate is a Punch and Judy show which has been the case since I can remember in the last 40 years.

1960 PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE #1 (JOHN F. KENNEDY VS. RICHARD NIXON)(9/26/60) – YouTube is the very first Presidential debate I ever watched.  And I was only 9 years old, soon to be 10.  Watching this shows us what a zoo ‘debates’ have become.


I have not watched a single debate in years and years considering these to primates throwing feces in zoos.  I do watch and examine the speeches!  The government of the US is in a state of near collapse at this point.  No matter who wins this election, we will have violence since this is the natural end result of elite policies destroying our cities systematically and thoroughly.


Anyone who wishes to talk about the ‘debates’ may do so here and I love reading comments.  But I just can’t take it.  Today, an auto repair place tried to cheat me and I had a very intense phone confrontation leading to me saying, I was going there to have a very loud confrontation in front of other customers when the owner got his brain back into motion and did as I ordered and will pay for his staff’s own mistakes.


Gads, what s world this is!  HAHAHA.  Actually, getting very pissed off was fun.  I enjoyed it greatly and was actually unhappy I couldn’t go all the way in this fight. But making the creeps back down was fun.  And we are trying to stop cheaters, rip off artists and criminals from cheating us in DC and I support fixing our government finally.  Someone has to do it.


So…since the lies told by the media are annihilated by anyone watching Trump’s rallies can plainly see, all the fake stories about how women love Hillary are trash, the idea his followers are losing heart is insane, they are super fired up to a degree that is astonishing to see.


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12 responses to “Trump’s Last Speech Before ‘Debate’ Run By Bilderberg Gangsters

  1. Christian W

    No matter who wins this election, we will have violence since this is the natural end result of elite policies destroying our cities systematically and thoroughly

    It is not only US cities coming crashing down. Entire nations are burning because of the US system.

    And yes, it is up to US citizens to fix this mess. Nobody else is allowed to meddle in US political affairs.

    Also, I do wish you’d write more about the US economy again, but thinking about it what is the point since normal rules no longer apply to this utterly manipulated and fake system.

    Look at this curve of a complete collapse in foregin investment in US bonds, down the cliff the Wile E Coyote treasury bonds go weeeeeeeeeee.

    This makes Uncle Sam very, very angry. He needs his loot or he will threaten and if that doesn’t work he will reach for his guns. Problem is nobody has any real money to invest in US bonds, especially since the bonds don’t pay back anything, so Uncle Sam can rant and rave all he wants but he has shook down his easiest victims now to the point they don’t have anymore in their pockets and even their future has been signed off.

    TIme for the hollow men and women at the top to print more hollow money to hollow out the US economy and the US cities and citizens with it…

  2. emsnews

    Yup. It is too painful and too obvious. And look, Trump is talking about the obvious solutions and so far, is endorsing exactly what I have been saying about the economy for years now so I focus on that.

  3. Christian W

    I’m not sure there are any “obvious” solutions though. Bring back what jobs? Do we need to make even more cars?

    Many “old” fashioned jobs are being made obsolete through robotics and computers. Our financial industries are based on a bankrupt system and even traditional middle class jobs there are disappearing in favour of machines.

    Old style trade is also a thing of the past under these circumstances. If one nation can build factories with machines producing stuff so can their neighbours. Even the nations that traditionally have been used as providers of cheap resources can soon industrialize through 3D printing. I don’t mean this literally as I don’t know enough about it, but I do know we are not going to turn back into the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

  4. e sutton

    Elaine has driven this point into the grave: We sold out our economy back when Reagan was in office. How you young folk forget! There is still opportunity left here. As long as one single white person remains, there is hope. God help any nation that has a shortage of whites.

  5. Christian W

    But you can’t get the old economy back, that is also in the grave. We need a new system here in the West, but also globally.

    The Silk Road project with Germany, Russia and China coming up with new ideas would be a great start… but of course London City and Wall Street can never allow that as it would mean they would be unnecessary and completely marginalized.

    So the Old World Order Whites (Old British Empire plus New American Empire) will launch WWIII to prevent this scenario. They even teamed up with some really unsavory ME royals (KSA and Qatar) to do so. Rank madness of course. This is the core of the New World Order – London City and Wall Street bend Russia, China and continental Europe to their will and subjugate them. Once that is done London and Wall Street can loot to their hearts content with no opposition.

  6. emsnews

    As I explained in the past, the ‘Silk Road’ is a one way street for Europe: annihilating what is left of EU manufacturing. It benefits the rich.

  7. Christian W

    EU has other things than manufacturing. Basic manufacturing is going out anyway due to robotics and 3D printing. Germany still has engineering and design which is where the future is.

    The US has Germany pegged as the number 2 spy target in the world, and it’s the industrial/innovative ability it spies on. Volkswagen was severely punished by the US for daring to approach Russia and build factories there.

  8. emsnews

    As I said earlier, our allies are not frantically offshoring everything.

  9. Lou

    our allies are not frantically offshoring everything.–Are you sure?

  10. Christian W

    Yeah, the oligarchs want to loot everything including Europe. They have already started including in the UK, Greece, Ukraine, starting in Germany (that’s why the push millions of Muslim refugees in) etc etc etc

  11. floridasandy

    I would like to see a detailed column on the economics of migration-countries that are being paid and countries that are paying to get them to leave.

    It is all very interesting, and I am sure that money is behind a lot of this immigration, including the money to move poor and disenfranchised people from country to country.

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