2000 Election Coup Haunts This Election Due To Unconstitutional Supreme Court Ruling

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A Peek In The Past: 2000 Failed Election Vote Counting | Culture of Life News My letter to the editor years ago before I was removed from the public eye by our mass media bosses.


Way back in 2000, I stood up in public and denounced the Supreme Court ruling on the 2000 election as a fraud, a coup, a destruction of our right to vote and said, if this ruling is true, the Judges should have demanded Congress pass laws forbidding inaccurate, dirty voting systems based on the Civil Rights Act.  I expected all liberals to join me in this push.  Not one ‘liberal’ politician said anything.  They turned tail.  I then realized, they planned to do the same things the Republican right wingers did in 2000.


This moment was when I ceased being a ‘liberal’ and became a rather bitter ‘libertarian’.  I hunkered down on my mountain, made certain I have good defenses, and waited for the next hellish mess and here we are: in exactly that.


At charity roast, Trump delivered what might as well be a campaign eulogy is typical of today’s headlines.  The RULING ELITES were there and they booed him.  This is the same week ordinary citizens mobbed his events, cheering him.


The Washington Post is very happy they can write these headlines hoping the citizens will join the very rich in booing him and get rid of him for he is what we used to call ‘a populace’ candidate.  Hillary has no enthusiastic base.  Her rallies are small, much smaller than Trump’s rallies.  80% of her funds for running are from the very rich or foreign entities.


Our media doesn’t mention this. The media thinks if they push and push, and ‘win’ they will be safe for another few years of open looting.  I am disgusted with Sanders because he wanted to be the ‘populace’ candidate and belly flopped.  He should be attacking Hillary on her Wall Street/foreign power/Bilderberg connections but instead, got a couple million dollars and ran off, saying, Hillary isn’t corrupt at all.


Thus dies the left finally, totally betrayed and chained by the Ruling Elites.  This is an important election because it reveals the fissures of 2000 are now ten times worse and more obvious and the press has to deal with this by finally cutting off all connections with their readers by eliminating or severely editing down all communications.  You cannot talk to them anymore, they talk to us and tell us to shut the hell up.


Instead of having a finger on the pulse of the people, they are now imposing themselves on us all. In today’s news is this old story resurrected by the WP:  ‘What did you just call me?’ Black broadcaster confronts hate in Charleston. – The Washington Post wants us to read this story again, today.


In it, a man on crack who is white, insulted a black reporter.  He used obscene words and sounded exactly like…a black rap performer.  I wrote about this story 4 years ago and noted that blacks are utterly not offended by cussing and using the ‘n’ word.  They do this all the time, claiming ‘free speech’ and this poor white dude thought he could do it, too, when his inhibitions were down due to drugs, he indulged in what blacks do openly and make money, doing it openly.


I chose this story today because the WP will not allow any comments on this repeat story because it is ‘too sensitive’ as if anyone living in any major black run city in America doesn’t hear the words this white man spoke on a daily basis from each other.  They cannot claim these words ‘hurt’ if they enjoy indulging in these words all the time, themselves.


We have an election which is all about shutting down the anxieties and anger in the white communities via force.  With the media mocking everyone who is concerned with favoritism 50 years after the Civil Rights Act forbids this, anyone who is concerned about the broiling chaos, hate and fear in the black cities which were stripped of their industrial activities and jobs, anyone worried about the gigantic debt burden that is oppressing our young going to college, the destruction of our public schools as discipline vanishes and students riot and kill each other and the staff…as the police step back and let black criminals run riot…we have a much worse repeat of 1970’s social experiments that nearly annihilated our cities.


The Washington Post has unconsciously posted this story because the editor, who I assume is probably white, felt bad about these children dying.  The family moved in just four months ago and it was cold last night and I suspect they used a wood stove or some other primitive system and it burned the house down.


I looked at other news stories from Nebraska up there and none said ‘beautiful’ family died.  It is already snowing out there in the hinterlands.  Our Rulers hang out in comfortable, warm places and whine about ‘global warming’ while people freeze on the Great Plains this winter.


The gulf separating the very rich and very poor is immense and the programs being imposed by the very rich is going to hammer the lower classes harder and harder over time.  This gigantic gulf has not been addressed by our leaders in this election except for Sanders, briefly before he became an instant multi millionaire, and Trump who is a multimillionaire but not via collecting bribes overseas like Clinton.


Virtually no one, left or right (there is no center) in Congress is angry about collecting foreign bribes because…THEY ALL DO THIS NOW!  All of them.  When they leave office, they go full corruption/collusion with the international super rich.  None retire to go work a farm like in the old days.


Harry Truman was poor when he retired.  He didn’t collect one penny in bribes!  Imagine that!  This happened right when I was born, 66 years ago. Look at today’s crop of creeps.  Reagan legalized taking bribes from foreign governments openly instead of under the table.  This was cheered by the press which told us, ‘Look at how popular he is overseas!’


Indeed.  Since two key factors in our elections remain ipso-facto legalized, that is, cheating on vote counting by using inept, broken systems and accepting bribes from both at home and foreign powers, we have a really crummy government that is destroying our country relentlessly piling on debt while not taxing the super rich and maliciously wrecking our once-fabulous public school systems and turning American against American while unleashing armies of unemployable black criminals to prey on everyone while our elites punish the police…this is going to end very badly, I must sadly say.


← US Media Giants Misrepresent The News So They Can Covertly Support Bilderberg Candidates and Tsunami Of Student Debt Will Destroy Our Economy And Even Our Civilization are two past stories I wrote about all this.


A repeat of my letter from so long ago, it seems like the last Ice Age:


The overall problem with the press coverage—or should we say NONcoverage—of Bush’s many chunks of hidden history —‘Missing the DUI Story’, CJR January/February) is that, unlike any previous politician or even celebrity, there was no media storm demanding he release his medical or school or military or CRIMINAL records.


This was and is unprecedented. I belonged to a team of concerned citizens who researched the missing years and when we talked to the New York Times and George Magazine about this matter, both admitted that Bush and his people in Texas were stonewalling the press and refusing to even minimal cooperation with normal everyday questions.


So I wrote to both publications and requested that they have headlines saying, BUSH CONCEALS QUESTIONABLE PAST and then detail the stonewalling coupled with cries for release of records, especially the missing military records we needed.


They bluntly refused! I couldn’t figure out why (Note here: I am being coy with the press, not telling them why, of course, this is a letter of protest I needed to see published!) Tompaine.com also tried to budge our media into at least pressuring Bush to come clean, but they were all intent on figuring out if Gore really said he was in Love Story. When we got under their skins, they told us that the missing two years of 1972-1973 were too long ago. They also said, no one cared, yet whenever we polled the public on our own always there was intense interest in the information concerning the missing military years. So the real question here is why our media suddenly got cold feet whenever any subject of Bush’s malfeasance arose.


And why the press changed the explosive DUI story from questions about Bush’s past, one that has more than three arrests, to who revealed the essential information.


We smelled a rat here and the corpse still stinks.


And minus a functioning press, we are doomed to this fate since no one is pressuring our Real Rulers to stop doing all this crap to us.


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12 responses to “2000 Election Coup Haunts This Election Due To Unconstitutional Supreme Court Ruling

  1. Petruchio

    “So I wrote to both publications and requested that they have headlines saying, BUSH CONCEALS QUESTIONABLE PAST…” The Election 2000 would NEVER have happened if the USA had a REAL media. A media that was honest and independent. A media that would ask the difficult questions and actually do some honest-to-goodness investigative journalism.
    Thank Billy Boy Clinton for the current state of the presstitute media. It was under Clinton’s watch and direction that allowed the media in the USA to be merged into 6 mega corporations owning 96% of the media in the US.

  2. Christian W

    It’s not Bill Clinton’s fault, it’s the system itself. Too much wealth in the hands of a few makes the few able to bend the system to their own ends. The Clintons and Blairs are only riding on the crest of the system. The Clintons’ business idea is the same as the Royal House in the UK. The Clintons sell political favours and influence.

    It’s all gotten that much worse after Dubya Bush manipulated the economy even more to serve Wall Street and the oligarchs. War economy + Housing Bubble + Derivates Beast + “Crash” ie. looting the Treasury to rebuild the banking system = biggest economic swindle in the history of mankind. Add the Petrodollar system where created “money” is traded for commodities and the “money” is returned for military hardware (ie “jobs”, “manufacturing”, “exports”, “profit”) and political favours. The “money” creators get “rich” from export “profits” and the commodity sellers get “rich” from “money” received for their commodities. And both sides are happy with this arrangement and use their “profits” to buy politicians, media people, and other servants/subjects who want to get rich too.

    So the top 1%, who are in the position of “creating money”, got enormously much richer while the rest got shafted. Now that 1% is out for more while looking to safeguard their loot from any challenge. They do this buy controlling politicians and media, all systems really, with their wealth.

    Unfortunately for the 1% the many inherent contradictions with the system they set up means it will implode on itself one fine day. These contradictions get harder and harder to manage. The harder they get to manage the more brutal and primitive the attempts at keeping it all together.

  3. Christian W

    The “fake liberals” (fake left) and “fake conservatives” (fake right) are straw men put up in place by the rich in order to control the narrative and let them get away with their crimes.

    Elaine points out that the center has gone, as has the real left and real right. Well the reason for that is simple. The real left, the real right and the real center represent the real people. Exactly the peope the elites need to control in order to preserve their privilage. If the real people come into power it means restrictions, wealth management (class balance), a functional media analyzing the agendas behind policies, genuine diplomacy, equality before the law and so on.

    At least I would assume “real” people would want a well balanced and functional society. If the populace are very unhealthy individually and collectively the all bets are off, naturally. Then again, that is another reason the elites are pouring poison into all social systems.

  4. Christian W

    The “real” people have vanished because it is easier to just take the money, close the eyes and shut up. That is why there is no left or right today. People sold out for easy money. The dollar system has destroyed the US. Same thing here in Europe. That is why people are comatoze and sleep walking into WWIII. That is why there is so little real resistance to the elites. The elites are just a representation of our own greed.

  5. ziff

    from assange guess you saw but wondering your view ,,

    ”There is no US election. There is power consolidation. Rigged primary, rigged media and rigged ‘pied piper’ candidate drive consolidation.”


  6. you seem to always forget the thousands of overseas military ballots they also threw out that same year. It’s been 16 years, nobody stole the election.

  7. tio

    {At least I would assume “real” people would want a well balanced and functional society.}


    {Brimming with hubris and self-importance, the ruling Elite and mainstream media cannot believe they have lost the consent of the governed. The disillusioned governed have not fully absorbed this epochal shift of the tides yet, either. They are aware of their own disillusionment and their own declining financial security, but they have yet to grasp that they have, beneath the surface of everyday life, already withdrawn their consent from a self-serving, predatory, parasitic, greedy and ultimately self-destructive ruling Elite.}

  8. floridasandy

    hillary lies under oath:

    In her sworn responses to the questions in our written deposition, Hillary Clinton said she “did not recall” communicating with her IT specialist about her clintonemail.com account. Inconveniently for her, we now have emails making that excuse look rather flimsy.

    We just released another batch of State Department documents uncovered by the FBI. The emails included reveal direct communications between Clinton and her top IT specialist, Bryan Pagliano, about clintonemail.com management problems.

    Clinton claimed under oath that she “does not recall having communications” with Pagliano relating to the email system. Clinton’s emails to Pagliano, who installed and maintained the clintonemail.com computer system in the Clinton’s New York home, relate to email management problems with Clinton’s BlackBerry.

    The FBI recovered these emails from those not turned over by Hillary Clinton. These new emails are government documents and not personal emails as Hillary Clinton claimed in defending her decision to not turn over 30,000 emails sent or received by her as Secretary of State.

    You can be indicted for lying under oath

    judicial watch is getting some good documents.

  9. CK

    The past is not history; it is not even the past.

  10. emsnews

    The past is always with us, a ball and chain, unescapable unless one is extremely powerful and even then, ask the Norns about past present and future as they wind their rope around the Tree of Life.

  11. Petruchio

    Breaking news: AT&T is trying to purchase Time-Warner for $86 billion. It is not enough that we have a close-to-monopoly media already. The media barons want to get even MORE control. I guess even with the control they already have, that isn’t enough to control the propaganda narrative and the information flow.

  12. Lou

    Pet, does TimeWarner have anything that you use?

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