Massive Cyber Attack Hits US Right On Heels Of Hillary Clinton Making Debate Threats

A massive cyberattack blocked your favorite websites; FBI and Homeland Security are investigating and I bet a billion dollars this will be blamed on Putin.  Now…after the US with zero information, blamed Russia for other cyber problems even with this event:   US Army Chief Threatens War With Russia – We will beat you harder than ever before hinting that this will be either a cyber attack or nuclear strike!!!  Yes, our Real Rulers want WWIII and so they just got a taste of it today.


I noticed something was wrong this morning.  More than half of the sites I tried to reach were out of commission.  It was very hard, posting this morning and I wondered what was going on and now I know.  The company attacked today is not to far from my home!  Wow.


The US is very, very vulnerable.  This is obvious to any observers.  Nothing was changed after 9/11 to make this country safer, indeed, as many things were done to make it more dangerous, with crime rising, with murders shooting literally shooting to the moon, terror attacks happening hard and fast…nothing was improved since 9/11.


Now we must have war with a very sophisticated nuclear power nation that has a reputation of fighting to the bitter end if attacked.  This stupid tactical error of our rulers is historical and shows they have zero understanding about history or technology.


Last night, Hillary the Hellion made it crystal clear, the US has exactly 4 minutes to launch nukes against Russia and China.  She said this!!!  In public!!!!!!!  And the Russians and Chinese were definitely listening.  No wonder that the very next morning, our computers are screwed up from coast to coast.  Duh.


EU fails to agree on new Russia sanctions, Tusk claims Moscow aims to ‘weaken’ bloc — RT News


EU leaders reportedly clashed on Russia during a summit Thursday, with some willing to include a threat of new sanctions over Syria in a final statement and others opposing the move. In the end, only individual leaders publicly spoke on the threat.


Europeans brace for coldest winter in a century – Ice Age Now reports.  Sigh.  BUSTED! Hillary Superpac PAYING OFF NBC WSJ Clinton FAKE +11 Point Poll lead – YouTube

And for a laugh:  Obama has stated he wants ‘truth tests’ for media; Chilling Orwellian Double Speak – YouTube


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11 responses to “Massive Cyber Attack Hits US Right On Heels Of Hillary Clinton Making Debate Threats

  1. Jim R

    “Russia to blame” in 5, 4, 3, 2, …

    And because some people can’t get twitter or facebook or read their nyt propaganda online, it means WAR!

  2. Jim R

    Also, starting a war enables them to sweep the financial shenanigans, the foreign policy failures, and lots of other rubbish under the carpet and blame it on the war too.
    Which was all Russia’s fault, just because … the politics of a crying baby.

  3. Petruchio

    As for me, I will be looking for news of cyber attacks/hacking in Israel. I believe the Russians think it is the khazarians that are pulling the strings.

  4. Christian W

    “Russia and Puting were mentioned more times during the US presidential debate than any other subject”:

  5. Christian W

    The chart I linked above also shows how rigged the debates were to start with.

  6. emsnews

    Thanks for the chart urls. I am using it, wow. And of these ‘topics’ 90% of the chatter was the media clowns attacking Trump while coddling Clinton.

  7. Christian W

    And the media clowns are taking their cues from the Deep State clowns and their tools. Ever since Russia blocked the US bombing campaign of Syria, by refusing to allow a second Libya scenario, the US has been planning to attack Russia.

    And ever since then the constant propaganda theme, on all fronts including sports, has been anti-Russian. This brainwashing of the American subjects, not citizens anymore, is mentally abusive in the extreme of course.

  8. Christian W

    Note how the mad general in the link above talks about “hitting” them like “they have never been hit before”, but not word about being hit back. Are these madmen going to gamble that their Pearl Harbor attack on Russia will be so overwhelming that the Russians will not be able to get one single nuke off in return?

    What will this general say to the people of New York who have their families wiped out in an instant, or over months and years with great suffering, following atomic explosions? “We appreciate your great sacrifice in the name of the Unites States of the Corrupt Chosen Elites”?

  9. Jim R

    CW, the general won’t have to say anything to them, because he, like they, will have been vaporized as well.

    Russia’s navy is small, but modern. Mostly all new since the ’90s. I doubt that the generals first strike will be able to eliminate all the subs and other movable launch platforms.

  10. Lou

    the Russians and Chinese were definitely listening. No wonder that the very next morning, our computers are screwed up from coast to coast.

    —-Thanks. Depressing but at least I know. Would Hitlery be evil enough to start a nuke war?

  11. Petruchio

    @#10 Lou: Mrs. Clinton certainly IS evil enough, but I think the gameplan of the Rulers is to have Barack O actually start the conflict with Russia–before he leaves office to play golf full-time. This way, Mrs. Clinton can get say she “inherited” the war–she’s no warmonger!! HAHAHAHA! Also, if the war with Russia starts before Mrs. Clinton assumes the White House, she gets to a.) kill a lot of people, which she LOVES to do, and b.) Hillary gets to assume the title of Conquering Hero, proving that a ‘gurl’ can fight and win a war just like any warmongering, bloodthirsty MAN can.

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