Right Wing Bilderberg ‘Conservatives’ Forced Out Into The Open, Fighting Trump’s Popularity


I became dreadfully curious about the New York Time’s featured editorial by Jonathan Rauch (a Tribe member, of course) and so I fetched it up from the internet through back door channels and yes, it is hilarious as I thought just looking at the insane picture used by the NYT to illustrate the article:  Here’s Why Hillary Needs to Be Two-Faced – Allen West Republic


As Written by Jonathan Rauch for the New York Times:


Although this year’s presidential race has not been a season of gentle ironies, there’s one to be found in the revelation of what are alleged to be Hillary Clinton’s closed-door speeches. After all the fuss about the bombshells they might contain, they show a warmer and more relaxed figure than the guarded, elusive and sometimes evasive persona she presents to the public.


Just as refreshing, they show a disarming candor — including candor about lack of candor. Politicians need to be two-faced, Mrs. Clinton supposedly said (the campaign has not confirmed the leaked documents’ authenticity). If her frank critique of frankness proves to be more of a political nonevent than a bombshell, as has been the case to date, that will be for a good reason: Most of us know she is right, even if we don’t admit it.


Tired of swimming in that sewer, I went to the alligator swamp to wrestle beasts:  Want to save the Republican Party? Drain the right-wing media swamp says the Washington Post which is one of the biggest, most alligator filled swamps in America. I can’t read their silly editorial due to it being blocked from view which is fine with me because this means nearly no one will read it.  HAHAHA.  Way to sell propaganda, dudes!


I found the WP editorial republished here:  Business Insider has this hilarious whine fest from regular right wing pretend conservatives who are as double faced as Hillary:  


Some conservatives tried to fight back against Trump, pleading with their audiences to see what they contended to be the rational point of view, but their arguments seemed to go unheard.
One of the chief problems, Sykes said, was that it had become impossible to prove to listeners that Trump was telling falsehoods because over the past several decades, the conservative news media had “basically eliminated any of the referees, the gatekeepers.”


Why are they all irrational?  Vote for a corrupt Republican like the Bushes!  Is that the screed some conservatives are pushing?  HAHAHA.  This is an open revolt of the voters who were betrayed by Bilderberg right wingers like the Bushes!  This is called ‘the cows are coming home’ and these are some very pissed off cows coming home.  A stampede, in fact.


And who, pray tell, are the ‘gatekeepers’ and ‘referees’?  HAHAHA.  The list of names is very long and all of them conspire with each other to fake the news, hide reality, lie, be two-faced, pretend they are hostile to Democratic leaders while playing footsie behind the stage scenery, etc.  None of these clowns tell us about their secret meetings abroad like the Bilderberg bashes.


“There’s nobody,” he lamented. “Let’s say that Donald Trump basically makes whatever you want to say, whatever claim he wants to make. And everybody knows it’s a falsehood. The big question of my audience, it is impossible for me to say that, ‘By the way, you know it’s false.’ And they’ll say, ‘Why? I saw it on Allen B. West.’ Or they’ll say, ‘I saw it on a Facebook page.’ And I’ll say, ‘The New York Times did a fact check.’ And they’ll say, ‘Oh, that’s The New York Times. That’s bulls—.’ There’s nobody — you can’t go to anybody and say, ‘Look, here are the facts.'”


HAHAHA.  HAHAHA.  I swear, the mainstream media and pundits and politicians are in a conspiracy to make us laugh to death!  The New York Times is the #1 delivery system for rank, open lies that are easily debunked. Ditto the Washington Post who is even worse.  The NYT has been utterly trashed for many years by the most recent generation of owners.  They think peddling lies is OK.


I was banned there years ago when I proved they were lying about nearly everything.  I did this by dragging in news from overseas where I get 99% of my information.  I trust no US media giant for even weather reports at this point.   Why?  They claim we are going to roast to death and believe me, this winter is going to be brutal, for example.  Liars from to to bottom and utterly incapable of seeing how they are rank liars since they all live in this vast bubble in lower Manhattan and various warm resorts.


“And I have to say that’s one of the disorienting realities of this political year. You can be in this alternative media reality and there’s no way to break through it,” Sykes continued. “And I swim upstream because if I don’t say these things from some of these websites, then suddenly I have sold out. Then they’ll ask what’s wrong with me for not repeating these stories that I know not to be true.”


So, this right winger’s own audience is telling him he is nuts or a liar or both.  Guess what, you silly tool.  You are losing your audience.  Being true to the Bilderberg propaganda story, you end up on the wrong side of the wall of reality.  Lying about everything is stupid when your lies are so nakedly exposed by the Wikileaks revelations.


Ziegler said he faced much of the same problem.


Poor baby.  Terrible news, being a Zionist traitor.  He desperately needs everyone to follow him mindlessly and sacrifice themselves for his secret causes.


“If you are a conservative talk show host, which I am, if you don’t accept that it’s likely Hillary Clinton has taken part in multiple murders, or that Barack Obama is a Muslim extremist sympathizer who was probably born outside this country — if you don’t accept those two things, it’s almost as if you’re a sellout. You’re a RINO. You’re somehow part of the liberal elite. It’s nuts. It’s making my own show very difficult to do. It’s almost where to the point where we are not able to function.”


HAHAHA.  Yes, there are fake stories out there but then how do we tell them apart?  Oh, Wikileaks!  Since our elites are cranking out lies and deceptions nonstop, complaining about people taking in other lies and deceptions is…deceptive.  It is a lie.  If this clown admits he puts out lies and deceives people deliberately then and only then can he complain.


He continued: “It’s almost like it’s a disease, and it’s taken over people. I don’t remember this being the case four years ago. But something has happened. Something snapped. But now all of a sudden, if a story comes out, and it’s not on Breitbart or endorsed by Drudge, it can’t be true. Especially if it’s about Donald Trump. Which is flat-out ludicrous.”


Trump is a clumsy loudmouth who drools on females.  Sort of like one of my dogs.  Hillary is a two faced Bilderberg war criminal who has engineered the destruction of a number of nations and unleashed a tsunami if Muslim males to invade all NATO countries including the US and Obama has insisted on letting this flood pour in while claiming he isn’t a Muslim even though there is photographic proof he went to a Madrass in Africa as a child, etc.


And where is our media?  Silent!  Even as dire proof shows up with Hillary plotting with DNC operatives who visit Obama in the White House frequently, plotting to break the laws to elect her illegally, the right wing pundits are yelling that this isn’t news, this isn’t real and the rest of us are insane to think this is news and it is all lies…HAHAHA.


Wow.  I thought I would never see the day these slime balls would crawl out from under their rocks to expose their true feelings and beliefs to the rest of us so unwittingly.  Now, reading the comments of the readers of Reddit.com where I picked this story up, amuses me since they are all ‘liberals’ and think they are very smart winners when they are too stupid to see that this story is all about how Hillary and right wing pundits have a secret connection hidden from view very deliberately and this exposes the connection.


And none of the comments here at Reddit can see the connection to the ‘two faced Hillary is good’ story the NYT is peddling.  So very sad.  Talk about dumb, on the other hand.  There is no excuse for this level of stupidity at this point, not after Wikileaks.


Here is a comment I find particularly pathetic:


[–]MrPibbWasBetter 24 points 9 hours ago*
I don’t see anything wrong with a right wing media. However, the sheer amount of untruthful bullshit that gets spewed from that corner of the market is just insane.
Yes, I’m very aware that MSNBC(everyone’s favorite false equivalency) is extremely biased. However, there’s a difference between bias and straight up fucking lies, falsehoods, and misleading distortions. Bias =/= lies.


So, in this bizarro universe on the left, ‘bias’ isn’t ‘lies’.  HAHAHA.  Refusing to report important news, deliberately hiding vital information, cooking the books, and even making up stuff is OK so long as it is just ‘bias’.  Got that.


I’m biased against Trump. But does that give me the right to lie about his misdeeds or just make shit up? No. If I truly think he’s bad, I should be able to articulate my position using facts and logic.


But facts aren’t being used here.  Feelings are being used.  Equating kissing girls and pinching their bottoms is worse than war crimes destroying Libya and Iraq and Syria and Yemen and killing thousands and thousands of innocent bystanders is a lesser crime is…liberal insanity.  It isn’t even slightly the same, it is totally deranged.


If Fox News wants to shit on Liberals/Democrats 24/7 and never EVER report negative information about the right, fine by me. But present facts, hard data, and logical arguments. Don’t send your anchors out there spewing shit their producers found on Infowars or other sources with dog shit credibility.


And note the lies and evasions on the left in the news.  Including refusing to report highly important news that is life and death for our entire nation.  Infowars has been much more on the ball than any of the liberal media.  I watched liberals on TV lie and lie and lie so much, they are bedridden when it came to the Wikileaks revelations.


Right now, the right wing media-sphere is so fucking far out there, all they’re doing is damaging their credibility with the younger generation. A generation born in the internet age where everything is fact checked is not going to tolerate being lied to on a daily basis. Fox News’s core audience consists of baby boomers. The average viewer is 68. Once they go, where will sane conservatives turn to when there are no other options? Fox and their ilk won’t be able to shovel their horseshit anymore. Sure, there will still be people listening, but nowhere near their heyday over the last decade or two where they dominated the market.


This dimwit gets all his or her news from the internet.  The problem of ‘what is good at reporting news’ remains all about one’s bias.  I read all sorts of news because I am curious.  This is why I gave up on US news because it was so biased and controlled, there is little to learn about things there, so I go nearly always, to overseas news.


Wall to wall propaganda is what the US news is all about these days.  At least we have competition in Europe…from Russia!  Which is funniest of all.  The silly gooses posting comments at the liberal site are really stunning in their stupidity.  The revelations about vote rigging and cheating is mocked as a right wing conspiracy against fine Democrats, not a crime being revealed.


Sad, so very sad this is.  One ‘smart liberal’ tells the others not to look at the damning video clearly showing voter fraud, election crimes, etc. lest this ranks the videos higher and thus, more people might see it!


[–]jibjaba4 14 points 9 hours ago
Please don’t link directly to that crap, try finding a debunking video or article and link to it. Direct links increase it’s standing with search engines.


Putting one’s head in the sand is stupid since it makes the rear end look even bigger.  But telling this to liberals is a waste of time.  They can’t hear a thing, all have gone deaf and certainly quite stupid.


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14 responses to “Right Wing Bilderberg ‘Conservatives’ Forced Out Into The Open, Fighting Trump’s Popularity

  1. Christian W

    The US, and Europe, is in a right mess. I’ve said for a long time that the US is incredibly corrupt. The latest wikileaks show how the system works for all to see. The problem is now that corruption is everywhere at the top. How do you sort it out when every single leg of the system is rotten? The FBI hasn’t done it’s job for decades, if ever. The FED and Wall Street are rampant. Congress is swimming in corporate bribes, as is the Pentagon.

    A book was released in the other day in France that showed how addicted the major French political figures were to Qatari – and other GCC – bribes.

    The same is true for the UK system, rotten to the core and brimming with GCC bribes and London City + tax haven fiddling.

    And all that is only on top of the very old Ziomoney system which goes to the very roots of the system.

  2. Christian W

    John Podesta’s brother, Tony Podesta, is a Democratic lobbyist who gets $140,000 a MONTH… from Saudi Arabia. He is a registered foreign agent.


    And people believe these Saudi goons are “liberals” because they have the Dem tag? The GOP is no better.

  3. Christian W

    The Petrodollar system, combined with endless money printing, has destroyed the West.

  4. Christian W

    Le Figaro: President Hollande has a popularity rating of 4%.

    Yup, 4% not anything else but 4%. Not 5%, but – 1, 2, 3… wait for it 4%

    How low can he go? The world waits with baited breath.

    The Western implosion really would be high comedy if it wasn’t so tragicomic.

  5. emsnews

    As low as Merkel.

  6. Christian W

    France is a bit ahead on the implosion curve, remember they have been under a State of Emergency for months now.

    Merkel is not quite at Hollande level yet, but she will be.

  7. Michael Moore even says Trump will win in a surprisingly sympathetic video.
    He says the people are pissed and even if the don’t like Trump they will vote for him in the biggest F**K You to the establishment.

  8. e sutton

    I expect to see some fireworks come election time regardless of who wins. If it is Hillary, I expect there will be more than a bit of outrage among the Trump folks. If it is Hillary, you will see the negroes go ballistic. Fears of the EBT card going empty is in the mind of each one of them. And perish the thought that the Affirmative Action beneficiaries will actually have to prove their worth.

    The productive citizens of this country are sick and tired of being ridiculed and maligned by the leftists. Over at Greg Hunter´s site, Catherine Austin Fitz claims that on a recent road trip, she went into a trucker stop that had only unisex bathrooms. Yes, there were no bathrooms for males. At a trucker stop. These are the folks who bring you the stuff you see at your local Wally World. And we are sh*tting all over them.

    When these folks finally decide they have had enough, I expect all Hell to break loose. I give Madame Clinton approximately three to six months to bring that chaos to this once great country.

    The level of bribes, fraud, misappropriation, distortion, and outright lies is absolutely astounding. Like Elaine, I remember the Nixon years. Unlike her, I remember the general public being much more skeptical of the media and more than a bit outraged as Watergate unfolded. The general population today seems perfectly okay with pay-for-play, murderous rampages throughout Africa and the Middle East, and winking at the FBI openly when faced with a subpoena. Then, of course, we had something of an independent media. Nothing like the Infotainment we have today, with media in bed with the White House and Pentagon. The rule of law is officially dead in this country. Stick a fork in it.

  9. Christian W

    There is a reason I have been using ZioNazi Ukraine as an example of what is in wait for the US. The parallells are all there.

    – Oligarch/banker rule
    – Deep state pulling strings
    – Criminal/extremist tools as politicians, all owned by the oligarchs
    – Globalist wealth extraction to the maximum
    – Privatization of everything
    – Wrecked economy totally dependent on loans from blood sucking IMF
    – rampant militarism
    – endless war against a manufactured enemy
    – sky high unemployment, no pensions, borderline starvation (coming soon)
    – lying rotten media distorting reality in endless waves of propaganda

    Look there what the US will look like, with local variations of course, down the road if people don’t get off their butts and clean the system out of corruption. The US is already far down the road with France and Germany and the UK in the starting positions to go there.

  10. Petruchio

    More reports are coming in of rigged voting machines that will register a vote for Clinton no matter who you vote for. These latest reports come from Texas. Big surprise. Is there a State in the country that is sleazier than Texas? I know some States, like Florida and Ohio make it close, but I will give the #1 rating to Texas.

  11. Ken

    Peter C. makes a good point. Supposedly almost 80 percent of the population believes that the country is on the wrong track. Hillary represents the status quo, and is proud of it. If the members of the public who believe the US is on the wrong track decide to vote anti-establishment (i.e. Trump), he might still pull this out.

    But he needs to stress that he is the alternative to the status quo. Right now Hillary has him spending all of his time counter-punching instead of focusing on the issues. And he keeps falling into this same trap over and over.

  12. emsnews

    Ken, he has been doing exactly as you say. The MEDIA has focused only on side, stupid ‘issues’ and only publish him when he blurts out some thing or another while totally ignoring the bulk of the real information he is talking about.

    Note the ‘debate’: 50% was all about nuclear war with Russia!!!! OMG. The media talked only about Trump saying he won’t concede in a rickety voting system if there are flaws.

    This lead to a stream of total lies about our voting systems being ‘good’ which is false. The system is terrible and deliberately terrible so it can be manipulated by insiders and pros.

  13. Christian W

    In the old dictatorships the Big Wig always got 99.9 % of the vote. If he felt generous 99.8%.

    In the US, who needs to keep up appearances, I bet the vote will be pro-Hillary 50.31% even if 14% actually voted for her, especially in the “swing” states.

    If Hillary isn’t invalidated as hopelessly corrupt before the election, especially now that her crimes are out there for all to see, I don’t know what will save the US public from themselves.

    Seriously, which American can feel good about themselves when/if Hillary is sworn in? And if you feel nauseous then, imagine what people in a place like Syria will feel knowing that Hillary will soon bomb and kill them and their families, with “humanitarian” American bombs ofc, to help “moderate” Al Qaeda terrorists into power.

  14. KHS71

    I saw the article on voting machines in Texas also. Doing it in Texas does not make sense. Texas is very much a Red state. The polls have Trump winning in Texas, if you believe the polls. Why in Texas?

    I would expect them to do this is Florida or Ohio where the vote would be closer and tampering much easier to hide.

    I have found the wikileaks enlightening. They have laid bare the elites and politicians and their criminal behavior and corruption on all sides.

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