Breaking News: Hillary Clinton Illegally Had Private Meeting Today With Supervisor Of Florida County Voting Machines

Democrats Attack Poll Watchers: Roger Stone – YouTube Go to 11.35 minutes of this broadcast for breaking news about  Hillary secretly meeting with the head of the voting in Broward County, Florida to rig the polls there.  Remember 2000?  Where were the rocks upon which that election floundered?  Why, that exact same spot!  And they use just as crappy machines for voting as nearly two decades ago, too!  Imagine that.


HAHAHA.  Nothing was fixed after that election and the Supreme Court deliberately inserted in their ruling about that mess, that their ruling could not be used to force Congress to pass the Uniform Voting Act.  So we have exactly the same crappy system today as back then with no end in sight.


Hillary took the time to go to buddies at the Board of Elections today to conspire with them secretly.  She should be arrested for breaking the law.  How dare she do this.  She told the pressitutes with her to stay away while she went on a private business there but other people tracking her got to film her going into the one place she should have avoided at all costs.


This election is finished.  If Hillary isn’t taken off the ballot by the authorities, we have the right to declare our democracy officially dead since open cheating is legal and no reforms are being made to stop this.


I’m back…just saw the NYT.  HAHAHA.  Planet stupidity. It is all rather sad, actually, once upon a time they tried occasionally to convey some true information but that is long dead.


In looney land, Trump is being defeated and this is because Hillary is cheating in Florida, and the NYT thinks that this is still  hidden news.  HAHAHA.  Fools, all.  Top story #2 at the dying, crippled NYT:


There are five hours of a Trump tape!!!  None of it involving cheating at polling stations, lying to authorities or Congress about war issues, or say, plotting to steal an election illegally via circumventing the laws and lastly, taking bribes from shady foreign entities.  Nope, it is Trump being his crude, noisy self.  No crime in that.


This smaller story on the front page is about Hillary ‘cleaning up’ her ugly Augean Stables  where an entire herd of bulls left a mountain of sh*t.  So she is ‘scrambling’ to fix this while several new scandals rear their heads and lift their tails to drop more BS on her.  She is up to her chin in BS now and the reporters with her are eye deep, themselves.  Oopsies.



This story is obvious: there is a major boycott going on due to black players deciding that they are going to dishonor the flag and make a spectacle of themselves being unpatriotic.  And these patriots are very angry that high school kids are aping this and that in New Jersey, honoring the troops and cops and waving flags at games is now verboten but protesting the flag isn’t…this ends very badly for the DNC and Hillary and her buddy, Obama.  They have no clue of what is brewing.


What is brewing is very dangerous.  But the, Hillary lied when she said she isn’t going to disarm citizens.  She assured everyone she wasn’t going to try doing this but the Wikileaks information shows her clearly plotting to do exactly that and this news has spread like wildfire in the hunting community where I live.  People are very angry about this.


Experts Puzzled Over Significant Drop In NFL TV Ratings : NPR: I poked around to see how clueless the super liberal parts of the media are.  NPR is totally partisan and incredibly stupid these days.  I had the radio on to classical music and they had the news on the hour.  It had a clip of Hillary gurgling in Florida about how she was going to win (!!!) and a hit piece on Mr. Trump who was asked no questions at all.  Well…this story by the geniuses at that station is all about the mystery why males are turning off the NFL in huge numbers.  Oh, the agony.


So a bunch of clueless liberals sat around wondering and scratching their pointy heads and came up with one hilarious story after another.  I wish they blamed global warming for this.  But then, it should be ice hockey that is dying and it ain’t dying.

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7 responses to “Breaking News: Hillary Clinton Illegally Had Private Meeting Today With Supervisor Of Florida County Voting Machines

  1. e sutton

    No, it ain´t global warming…….it is white males causing the destruction of our country. It is high past time to get rid of these productive, intelligent, folks. Bring more negrroes in….I have yet to see when this solution ever works out better for the community at large (sarc/off).

  2. Turn on CNN and they are sitting on this story?

  3. floridasandy

    I live in the state of Florida and Trump support is crazy high. This is a state that Obama took last time, so that doesn’t bode well for Hillary. She has everybody she can trot out campaigning for her down here, and she has been running ads like crazy.

    The ONLY way she could win Florida is to rig the election, but there would be a huge amount of outrage because we all know the score down here. .

  4. Christian W

    The Pussy Riot has been dusted off by the PTB to attack Trump.

    What is really interesting about this is how the Deep State manufactures entire concepts to use as attack tools. Pussy Riot. White Helmets. ISIS and so on

  5. Christian W

    Germany sells tanks and artillery to Qatar for Petrodollars/euros. Ka-ching!

  6. floridasandy

    The Clintons are dirty in just about every country:

    The fast-moving FIFA bribery scandal now has a Clinton connection, after news that the nation of Qatar and its 2022 World Cup organizing committee – and even FIFA itself – donated between $1.3 million and $5.55 million to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

    Read more:

  7. emsnews

    Isn’t it charming we get our news from thousands of miles away while the NYT and WP struggle to keep up their monotonous reporting lies? HAHAHA. I actually can’t help but laugh about all this.

    Years ago, in disputes with the NYT staff, they banned me for life because their audience agreed with me more and more and with them all, less and less.

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