No News Is No News: US Media Hides Veritas Videos To Rig Election


Google News: the eruption of information of the DNC secretly cheating in this election has made nearly zero news.  The media giants are gleefully reporting that Clinton isn’t losing in the polls thanks to them all not reporting the news.  The theme of this election is all about sex not crimes committed against the American people so the Clintons can collect loot for themselves or commit war crimes.  Since the US has this perpetual ‘get out of jail free’ card when it comes to war crimes, the US media can avoid discussing this issue.  But the Veritas crimes are about ‘what do voters really want?’ because it is all about preventing voters from changing rulers.


The US media is working over time sweating bullets to avoid discussing last night’s Veritas video release because this video directly connected the Clinton election crimes to both Clinton and Obama.  This calls for a thorough investigation and usually these happen only when the news media gets the public angry enough to do it.  Since the vast majority of Americans don’t know about the Veritas videos, they can’t pressure the government to investigate all this voter fraud.


This is why the election we are in now is truly an extension of the disaster of the 2000 election: the media told everyone that there was no voting problems, that we didn’t need even the slightest reforms and all was really well and fixed by the Supreme Court via an illicit ruling that broke all the legal laws set down in our Constitution.


I went to Google and found out that I am the #5 result in this search for information about ‘illicit and illegal court ruling’!  And Google didn’t show my other articles on this topic.  But at least it shows the latest one.  But do note virtually no one agrees with me at the top otherwise many articles would show up.  Instead, there was this insane consensus that the ruling fixed things and I warned years ago that it fixed nothing and here we are, dejavu all over again.


The New York Times – Breaking News, World News & Multimedia


the NYT actually has a Wikileaks story and uses the word ‘vexed’ to describe the conspiracy to collect bribes from the very rich, worldwide, who want to have influence over our government via illicit and illegal channels!  The NYT won’t call this ‘bribery’ which is illicit and illegal.  No, we get to read the NYT’s take on all this as if it was all about hyenas fighting over the corpse of a dead elephant.


Washington Post: Breaking News, World, US, DC News & Analysis – The Washington Post


The Washington Post, soaked in sex and urine, has top story about sex.  HAHAHA.  National Enquirer better up the ante to keep up with the dreck.  It mentions the Wikileaks story and actually notes that the GOP is going to raise hell about this in the future but NOT TODAY during and ELECTION.  Will wonders never cease?


News from Russia:  Clinton Exposed as ‘Awful, Untrue and Evasive’ in Latest #PodestaEmails17 Dump while Putin laughs at this mess.


From British news which is much more entertaining and blunt:  Inside Bill Inc: How the ex-president raked in tens of millions of dollars through a series of deals while Hillary was Secretary of State, as told by aide in Wikileaks email


The latest hacked email released by WikiLeaks details how one of Bill Clinton’s closest aides helped rake in millions for the former president. The 12-page memo was sent by Clinton’s former aide Doug Band in 2011 to him, his daughter Chelsea, several board members of the Clinton Foundation and its lawyers as well as its then special advisor John Podesta. Published after a hack of thousands of emails from Podesta’s account, it details how Band helped run what he called ‘Bill Clinton Inc.’ Band and another aide helped secure more than $50million from ventures, including speaking fees, according to the memo.


This is why the elites are most anxious to install the irritating, falling apart physically wife of Bill Clinton: they paid millions and millions of dollars in bribes and expect results!  This conspiracy to rule the US for looters and criminals is illicit and illegal and grounds for revolt since it is obviously going to destroy our nation.  Duh.


Headline in Britain and not the US:  Trump says Obama is ‘caught up in the big lie’because Clinton staff KNEW Hillary had emailed Obama from her secret address | Daily Mail Online: Obama lied when he told us that he didn’t have a secret name or talked to Hillary over unsecured systems.  She lied, too.  They both lied.  He knew she was using other systems and he even used a fake name to hide his participation in all this.  This requires investigation, doesn’t it?


And the GOP will do this.  They just don’t want to do it now.


And because all of this,  a revolt is brewing in the hinterlands.  The bubbling anger is very much there and ignored by the elites who also ignore the collapse of civility, society and sanity in the black/Hispanic city cores where all the other people fled to the hinterlands to avoid rampant crime and social collapse especially in the schools.


Student knocks out his classmate because punching female teacher in the face | Daily Mail Online today.  This happens daily in our schools that are the front lines of generational warfare as each generation of city children are increasingly out of control.  This hopeless situation isn’t going to stop suddenly with the election of a President who takes measures to stop all this.  No, it will take years to stop this mess which I fled with my children way way back in 1984.


If you live in an all-Asian or all-white school district, your children have a fighting chance to learn something useful.  If you are trapped in a city system, you can send children to a private school or flee.  Obama not only didn’t fix this situation, he made it worse.


you tube students fight teacher – Google Search turns up story after story like today’s story:


Trump has 2-point edge in new Florida poll is a news story which has been switched to Election 2016: Florida spirals away from Donald Trump according to Politico but then New Polls: Trump Gaining in Pennsylvania, Ahead in Florida and Ohio in yet another outlet and I got this all from Google news.  When we look at the stories at Google, we see that two days ago, the liberal media clowns were crowing that Trump is losing but the latest polls today show the opposite not that anyone will report this news in the fake liberal media.


They do this simple thing: they post old news and don’t update it.  And this daily fuss about polling is insane. It goes on and on and on but on the other hand, even with rigged polls, they can’t hide reality totally because they are genuinely scared to be shown to be incompetent or outright criminally insane.  So they keep a slight touch of reality so they aren’t discovered.  Couple this with hiding vital information about criminal activities on the part of one political party and we get the messes that plagued us for the last several decades.  Yes, decades since Watergate supposedly fixed everything and we were going to have sane, good elections and not the twisted, Byzantine, corrupt, manipulated mess we see today.


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6 responses to “No News Is No News: US Media Hides Veritas Videos To Rig Election

  1. Melponeme_k

    Last week and the week before, Gallup poll was ringing my home line off the hook. Call after call like crazed stalker. I just ignored them. It is none of their business what I think of Trump or Clinton nor who I plan to vote for in the coming election.

    The amount of criminal activity is staggering. The worst is knowing there is absolutely no one in charge who will begin criminal investigations. They are all on the take. All of them bag men.

  2. Look up Atlas Project , polling data company ,even says on their site they work for ” progressive causes ” , cited by leaked emails as helping to rig polls , all denied by Atlantic article , but it says on the website !

  3. emsnews

    Yes, there is now proof that electronic voting machines change votes. I was all for election voting reforms and Congress threw it all away saying we will never have a close election again (!!!!) is now coming to light. Cheating will be rampant.

  4. Jim R

    Very much like it was with the banking/mortgage fraud business, nothing was ever fixed. Those voting machines were defective by design, and nothing is done.

    At one time, I commented on Bev Harris’ website, but I haven’t visited it in years now. It would be great if Trump, or someone like him, would make some headway cleaning up these messes.

  5. emsnews

    Yes, it is very deliberate. And getting worse, not better. But hark! The demons of History are at work right now and Hillary is going down in flames due to SEX SCANDALS in her own closest buddies and husband, etc. She is going to be covered with green goo now as the FBI is now investigating her for CRIMES. HAHAHA.

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