More Wikileaks Revelations Rock Clinton Campaign: Bribes To Bill, Chelsea And Hillary


And our messy election roars onwards, doesn’t it?  Thanks to foreign news sources, much of the Wikileaks information is filtering back into the US via online media outfits like my own small attempts.  But like the Trump fundraising which is all about collecting money in small amounts from citizens, the Democratic campaign planes are crashing in burning metaphorically because the latest Wikileaks information is all about selling access to the White House for hard cash and how that noxious, corrupt business was conducted by Hillary, Chelsea and Bill Clinton.   Clinton donor who ran for-profit university was invited to State Department dinner by Hillary months before giving Bill a $17 million ‘honorary’ job | Daily Mail Online reports from England.


This amazing level of corruption has to stop.  When we put ‘he touched pretty girls’ next to the economic, political and war crimes of the Clinton family, it is  no contest.


The doors to a State Department dinner attended by influential academics were swung open by Hillary Clinton for a for-profit university after it donated millions of dollars to her charity, it’s been revealed.


She got the university a seat at the table when she was Secretary of State and just months later it gave Bill Clinton an ‘honorary chancellor’ role worth $17.5million over five years.


The CEO of the university in question – Laureate International University – Doug Becker, was lauded by Hillary before the 2009 dinner in an email to her deputy chief of staff that appeared on WikiLeaks.


The rape of millions of ‘students’ who are scammed by the government loan scam operation whereby people get government loans to ‘go to school’ and then are stuck with the costs afterwards that is literally inescapable, you can’t go bankrupt.  A host of scam schools took advantage of this and Congress and Obama did little to stop this looting operation.


To enable this looting operation, operatives interested in saddling students with debt for a worthless degree (and normal schools do this, too!) had to bribe powerful politicians to enable this and not put up any barriers to this looting business.


This graph is from the Federal Reserve itself.  The staff there and the appointed people who run it are quite aware that this is a classic bubble graph with terrible future implications and…they do nothing at all, the DNC does nothing at all, Bernie Sanders got millions of young people cheering him because he said he would stop this in its tracks but he was finally brought down thanks to our media never mentioning he even existed in most places.


An uphill battle was waged and he won quite a few victories considering how the Clinton machine was working secretly with media owners to fix the election so the voters would have little choice.  The Clinton gang plotted the sex stuff for Trump who is very vulnerable in this area and the media giants openly conspired to hide all the Clinton crimes during the election if not hide these forever.


Then Wikileaks struck gold.  Trump says government should scrap FBI probe of Hillary Clinton’s ‘illegal’ email server | Daily Mail Online again, reports for us here in the outback of the US mind control systems.  Absolutely this must happen because we now know more hidden stuff which means the FBI, who were ordered by Obama appointees to stop the investigation and let everyone off the hook, is now on the hook again with Obama at risk of arrest for he arranged this operation to kill a legal investigation so a criminal could enter the White House, this is a MAJOR crime.


How Hillary Clinton adviser reacted to private email server…’F***ing insane. Who told Hillary she could use a private email?’ How adviser reacted to growing server scandal – and demanded someone be ‘drawn and quartered’ for it| Daily Mail Online

Tanden and Podesta were discussing the email scandal and also Sen. Bernie Sanders’ rise in the poll as Clinton, who had once been considered an easy shoe-in for the nomination, became exposed.


Tanden told Podesta, who headed CAP before rejoining Clinton world and becoming part of the campaign, that she was supposed to go on CNN and talk to Jake Tapper about the newest set of polls.


‘They wouldn’t tell me results but if I had to guess it – discerning from our prep call -will show Bernie doing pretty well w Hillary and doing as well against Jeb or close to it,’ Tanden thought.


Podesta responded with a burn for Sanders.  ‘PS can you imagine what the Republicans would do to him if he were the nominee?’ Podesta wrote.  Answering that email about an hour and a half later, Tanden suggested Podesta not jump to conclusions right yet.


‘Well, let’s see what the poll actually says,’ she said at 7:15 p.m. ‘Let’s hope the Democratic party is not suicidal….’


‘We are still way more likely than not to win nomination,’ Podesta assured Tanden.  ‘We’ve taken on a lot of water that won’t be easy to pump out of the boat,’ he continued. ‘Most of that has to do with terrible decisions made pre-campaign, but a lot has to do with her instincts.’


Podesta noted how Clinton was ‘nervous’ so she was ‘prepping more and performing better.  Got to do something to pump up excitement but not certain how to do that,’ he added.


HAHAHA.  That is ‘funny news’.  But shows how this creepy organization operates at various levels to foist a rather unpopular candidate on the rest of us via various dirty tricks, corruption, promises to Wall Street while lying to voters, etc.


This is another example of Obama/Clinton corruption since it couldn’t happen without Obama running things from the White House:  State Department aides tried to get billionaire FOREIGN donors access to Clinton on official trips abroad | Daily Mail Online reports, again, from England where we get most of our real news these days.


Now time for sex stuff which our media whores considers to be the top topic, the big, big thing we are all hooked on, the evaluation of the sex lives of our rulers is far more important than say, trade policy bribes:  Emails reveal how Hillary Clinton’s aides panicked over Bill’s alleged sex attacks: HAHAHA.  Arrest Bill.  Since the DNC and his Frau, Hillary are telling us that sex stuff is evil and people who do sex stuff should be rejected and kicked to the curb…time to boot the dude, Mrs. Hypocrite.


Back to the corruption issue:  How the Clinton campaign was very concerned with keeping George Soros onside | Daily Mail Online reports.  Soros is a FOREIGNER and if she conspired with him…arrest her for treason.  Donald Trump attacks the Clintons over recent WikiLeaks release of memo | Daily Mail Online reports again and this is all about bribes, corruption, foreign powers seeking to control our government so they can loot us, etc.


Now back to looney tunes, the The New York Times which is desperate to prop up their buddies in crime:


Look, ‘big donors’ aka, rich people bribing politicians to secretly do things for them, are abandoning Trump!!! HAHAHA. This is supposedly ‘bad news’ since the NYT believes that political corruption is wonderful and it works great for the very rich, they get all the things they want!  Also, the NYT has to mention the Wikileaks stuff but minimize is showing that Chelsea, deep in corruption herself, was ‘protecting her father’ while he was merrily collecting a billion dollars in bribes!


Clinton far outpaces Trump’s October fundraising, amasses dominant war chest screams the Washington Post.  HAHAHA.  Of course, she gets more loot, lots more loot because she is collecting bribes.  Virtually no money is coming from voters unlike Trump’s fundraising.  It is corruption money not that the billionaire Silicone Valley creep thinks.  He thinks that buying power is great fun.  Force people to live under his brutal rules, yes, what fun.  This is why he bought the Washington Post.  Bezos must be having a heart attack this week with all the Wikileaks stuff pouring out.


And none of it appears on the front page of the paper that broke the Watergate story.  HAHAHA.  Down the drain it goes.


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11 responses to “More Wikileaks Revelations Rock Clinton Campaign: Bribes To Bill, Chelsea And Hillary

  1. Petruchio

    So Billy Boy Clinton gets an honorary “job” paying him $17 million. Who cares??!! I wanna read about all those beauty queen bimbos that got their precious little asses pinched by The Donald. But seriously, I don’t think Hillary could do ANYTHING wrong, no matter how criminal her behavior as far as the MSM is concerned.
    This country is a laughingstock to the World because of this campaign season. Elaine has detailed it really well so there is no need to regurgitate it here. You have Hillary Clinton, who is owned by Wall Street and foreign entities like the Saudis, who gave Hillary $500,000 worth of jewelry to name just one example.
    What do our MSM cover? Donald Trump groping some bimbos. That’s news. Bill Clinton can rape women and that is not newsworthy!!?? I guess the MSM has decided to drop any pretenses about being objective. Not that they ever were.

  2. vengeur

    What I do not understand about Hillary using a unsecure private server for classified State Department e-mails is this: How is it that the NSA, CIA and or FBI didn’t know about her private server operation???? Isn’t it part of their job to protect our high level Government officials and their communications from being hacked by foreign powers? All of this was going on and NONE of these cyber security people in these “watchdog” agencies were aware of it???? Something is VERY wrong here.

  3. Melponeme_k

    FBI reopened Clinton’s email case.

    I suppose the egg on their faces was too much to bear. Now we’ll see if they actually investigate and this is not just a placating gesture.

  4. Jim R

    Scott Adams, the author of Dilbert. I have begun to follow on Twitter.

    This is so naughty on a couple of levels, HaHaHa…

  5. Christian W


    Russia has been thrown out of the UN Human Rights Council, yet Saudi Arabia was re-elected. What a bloody farce the US/West has become.

    Sorry folks, but this mess is not going to end well.

  6. Lou

    Will Hitlery be jailed, soon?

    And this just appeared,

    “The death of a former aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin (while at a Washington DC Hotel) in 2015 was ruled an accident by US authorities on Friday…….

    The medical examiner determined Lesin died as a result of blunt force injuries to his head, neck, torso, upper extremities and lower extremities, – Lesin, a millionaire, was a Russian political figure, media executive and longtime adviser to Putin.

  7. Christian W

    Always thought the death of Lesin was a CIA hit job. At first it was reported that he died of a heart attack, but this story is rather different. The US/UK elites hate Russia Today (RT) with a passion and Lesin was the founder of RT.

  8. Ken

    Venguer (#2) asks why the various security agencies didn’t pick up on Hillary using an unsecured server. There is a rumor going around the internet that they did exactly that, and in particular the NSA (which supposedly makes copies in real time of everyone’s emails and internet searches) has copies of Hillary’s 33,000 deleted emails. They sat on them for a long time, but according to the rumors the FBI found out about the stash and has gotten their hands on them.

    Just a rumor, and probably wishful thinking, but I would love it if it were true. Even though it means my emails and searches are in a database somewhere.

  9. emsnews

    As I said above, yes, these internet information stashes seem to not be totally deleted and I hope we get to real them all. HAHAHA. Interesting times, makes me relive the Nixon years.

  10. Jim R

    It’ll be even funnier when the election for the White House is won by some 14 year old kid from Nowhwere, Iowa, with a notebook computer and a lot of time on his hands…

  11. emsnews

    Like the Pirate Party in Iceland! Seriously. At least we will know the people are fairly smart, not stupid jerks who hang out overseas at Bilderberg meetings.

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