Hillary Participates In Lopez Performance Featuring Lots Of Dirty Sex Dancing

Jennifer Lopez performs in Miami for Hillary Clinton – YouTube


The feminist movement and especially Hillary Clinton are very angry about female sex stuff, that is, men looking at women dressed as if they are in a strip joint, leering at them and asking them to be sexy and dirty and here we are with Hillary Clinton at this stripper ‘concert’ were the female keeps showing her bare ass while wearing an American flag over her crotch…and this is ‘moral’ and ‘good’ and in contrast to Trump touching women and of course, this is the woman who thinks Bill Clinton’s sex is OK.


This entire election has been all about sex.  And the collapse of various people in this election is connected to sex.  And Hillary’s entire premise is, she must be President because of her sex.  And this sex fiend stuff that Hillary endorses confirms that sex stuff is OK and even good and this means that women dressed up to attract males should not complain about attracting males.


This brings us to the Muslim business: they have a solution.  That is, forcing women to cover up entirely.  But of course, we don’t talk about all this stuff because we are too focused on sex issues at this point even as our country goes under the water due to bankruptcy, chaos, race wars and other interesting things.


And a flood of illegal aliens, can’t forget that.  Hillary wants to be a Nuevo Puritani, that is, anti-sex fiend person who will stop all this nonsense only all the professional sex music peddlers who vie with each other to look like they work in a cheap strip joint, these are her biggest supporters!


I once worked in a strip joint way back in 1969.  And wasn’t half as dirty as these ‘in your face’ literally females trotting around in S&M gear with naked butts.  So obviously, Hillary thinks this raw sex is fantastic.  So why does she whine about Trump all the time?


He loves this stuff!  And evidently so do most Hillary supporters.  I will note in the above video, the audience was cheering her American flag crotch dance so they aren’t wilting violets shriveling up if a man touches their tusches.


CL-ASS ACT– JLo Shakes Thonged Booty on Stage at Hillary Clinton Concert


And this is the picture of Hillary’s supporters, playing sex stuff with a mic up the vagina.  Oh, but Trump TOUCHED women!  HAHAHA.


Donald Trump Inappropriately Touched 2 Women: He … – YouTube

Note how traumatized these adult females are after a rich man touched them here and there and even perhaps joked with them.  In contrast, poking your ass in the face of an audience and having sex with one’s mike on stage is what fainting virgins do who can’t bear being touched by men, perish the thought.


Just before going on stage with a professional sex stripper peddling dirty doo-doo, here as the front page of the New York Post.


All of which points to Clinton’s most likely strategy: say nothing while trying to make the issue about Comey’s unorthodox move. A hint of it came Friday evening in her first public reaction.


After falsely accusing him of sending his congressional letter only to Republicans — congressional Democrats also got it — Clinton dodged a direct question about whether she had spoken to Abedin. Instead of saying yes or no, she avoided it entirely.


According to reporters, Abedin was on the campaign plane, but disappeared when it landed. And she hasn’t been seen since; hence the “Huma in Hiding” headlines.


We’re likely to see more of those headlines in coming days. It’s the Clinton way, where truth is always the enemy.


I wish candidates could be consistent.  Hillary is all about a new form of Puritanism and is peddling the storyline that adult women are helpless little virginal Victorian darlings who faint when they see table legs naked (YES…this is true, uniformly back then, tables were all covered with cloths to hide the legs!!!)…and while peddling all this malarky, she runs off to a very dirty stripper show, kisses and hugs the scantily clad dancers and announces that this sort of hussy dirty stuff is fantastic.


Give me an effing break here.  Stop it, you dirty old creature and stop attacking men for thinking American women love to be touched and looked at and so forth, obviously, this is a #1 thing for many, many females today: to have men leer at them otherwise the top fashion houses wouldn’t be featuring some of the dirtiest ‘fashions’ ever.


And I was a dirty hippie chick who made money showing my titties.  Anyone reading this story can click on this fashion show to see painfully thin young ladies barely over the age of high school, dressed in sex/bondage outfits by a major fashion designer: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Lingerie 2013 | POPSUGAR Love & Sex.


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