Obama, Both Clintons And Att. General Lynch Are Repeating Exactly Watergate Coverup Crimes



The New York Times is paddling up sh*t creek without a paddle, desperately trying to keep Clinton from drowning in her own vile wastes.  If Sanders was running for President, I would be talking all the time about policies and plans of candidates and would be heavily leaning towards Sanders even though he was a pie in the sky guy, figuring that Congress would curb the less functional parts of his plans.  But I opposed Hillary from day one.  She was pre-selected via pulling strings and represents Wall Street and foreign powers and is a big time Bilderberg gangster.  Well, she and her Bilderberg rich media buddies are pushing hard to undo the FBI’s investigation of this criminal female.


The NYT has become throughly disgusting at this point.  It is shameful, how this naked partisanship has sunk that once-somewhat functional paper.  Even worse with the Washington Post, of course.


It is hilarious how Hillary’s appointees in the Justice Department claim we can’t have an investigation during an election!  I heard in the news that their Dear Leader was part of the Watergate hearings…um, she and the geniuses at the NYT and WP should know then that investigations of crimes of Presidents do happen during elections.  And in that Nixon election was full of sh*t, too.  I remember it.  Filthy and that, due to our media falling on their faces back then, too.  Nixon was running against us students back then and that, because of the illegal bombing of Cambodia and the Vietnam War.


Note how the WP has to have its obligation ‘Trump is nasty’ article, too.  Hillary and her gang of grifters used donation rules to give themselves millions of dollars of naked bribes from Wall Street and overseas dictators like Saudi Arabia.  How dare the WP not talk about that in any articles.  It would be OK to note that BOTH candidates don’t give much which would be useful to discuss and if Sanders were running, a top issue.


Note how Sanders would have made all this much cleaner, of course.  No vomiting filth from our media owners but they hate Sanders ten times more than they hate Trump.  So they would have found some way to smear Sanders nonstop.


Speaking of vomit, the DNC is running in circles trying desperately to put out the fires and clean the Stygian Stables:  Lynch, Justice opposed Comey’s Clinton email letter; Democrats in Senate demand answers | Fox News


Four Democrats in the Senate on Saturday sent a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey requesting a range of disclosures in the wake of Comey’s Friday announcement about newly discovered emails possibly pertaining to Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server.


The letter asks for “more detailed information about the investigative steps being taken, the number of emails involved, and what is being done to determine how many of the emails are duplicative of those already reviewed.”


Sen. Patrick Leahy, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Sen. Benjamin Cardin and Sen. Thomas Carper signed the letter and gave Comey and Lynch a deadline of Monday to respond.


“Director Comey’s letter has been misunderstood. It is already being used for political purposes, creating a misleading impression regarding the FBI’s intent and actions,” the senators wrote, calling on federal officials to dispel any misleading impressions and clarify what significance any of the new emails have to the previous investigation of Sec. Clinton.


HAHAHA…yes, that is what we should do: put up all the raw information, all the sewage online and let us online people dig through it and find all the goodies.  Frankly, we can do it.  But we can’t issue subpoenas and force people to cough up more information, that is for the FBI to do and the Attorney General has to be replaced since Lynch is obviously in cahoots with the cabal that is committing these crimes which go straight to her boss, the Ghost of Nixon, Obama himself.


John N. Mitchell was Nixon’s AG and…went to prison!  I hope Lynch remembers this tiny tidbit of history.  She is a key person in trying to squelch this investigation and you can bet, all the FBI agents who were in revolt over her letting everyone off the hook do remember what happened during Watergate.  The similarity of this conspiracy to commit crimes and the Nixon scandals is very close indeed.  I am stunned no media giants have pointed this obvious thing out for readers…HAHAHAHA…I remember Watergate really well and how the media covered up all this and made excuses on behalf of Nixon!


Nothing, absolutely nothing in different.


The top Hillary advisor claims she is very stupid, much dumber than say, a kid in high school who knows how to hack computers:  Abedin reportedly pleads ignorance of how emails at center of latest Clinton probe got on computer | Fox News


The Washington Post reported that Abedin was not a regular user of the laptop in question. The paper also reported that Abedin’s lawyers did not bother to search the device for work-related emails after she agreed to turn over such messages to the State Department.


On Saturday, a senior law enforcement official told Fox News that the laptop contained “five digits,” or at least 10,000, emails of interest to investigators.


The source also told Fox News that law enforcement officials think it’s highly unlikely that all of the newfound emails are duplicates, as the Clinton campaign has suggested. The Post reported, citing former FBI officials, that investigators would likely use a computer program to weed out duplicate emails before examining the remaining messages for possible criminality.

Trump:  Justice Department trying so hard to protect Hillary – YouTube


The real juicy stuff is all the communications of the President down to the lowest level of the Clinton election team conspiring to screw the voters and cheat in an election and play dirty tricks and collect bribes from foreign powers, etc.


Bill and Hillary Clinton ‘failed to obtain permits for renovations’ at their new home in suburban New York which they purchased for $1.16million: HAHAHA…if you are a criminal secretly, why not lie, cheat and steal everything in sight!  They do nothing straight forward or correctly and their chief talking point is all about how good they are at running things aside from corruption schemes to collect money from the very rich across the planet so they can control the US and abuse their powers.


The secret forces that could lead to a Trump victory | New York Post is an article about campaign finances.  The $513 million Hillary raised aside from the $250 in bribes mostly came from curious dark places and not from many citizens.  80% of Trump’s money came from citizens.


We should have done something to determine who was going to win’: Hillary Clinton heard on tape making stunning argument that US should have fixed 2006 Palestinian election: fixing elections is her mode of operation.  The significance of all this is simple to see.  She thinks it is perfectly fine, doing this.  Very dirty stuff, this information alone disqualifies her for running for President.


Homeless woman is attacked by an angry mob for standing guard over Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star with a ‘F*** Mexico’ sign: in ‘liberal’ California, people are quite violent and if you say or do the wrong thing, they illegally attack free speech via mob violence.  All of Trump’s visits to California featured neo-Nazi-style Sturm trooper attacks on citizens wishing to hear political speeches and Obama and his gang in the White House AND Hillary all said nothing or cheered it on and certainly made zero moves to stop the violence and even blamed Trump for it rather than the people doing the violence.


Trump wipes out Clinton’s seven point lead as she loses steam in polls carried out BEFORE the FBI announced it was reopening emails investigation and this, in the teeth of nonstop screaming from the press and the politicians about his sex stuff while ignoring their own sex stuff.


And a blast from the past:  Ex-Secret Service officer behind Clinton tell-all planning defamation suit | New York Post


“Officer Byrne will bring legal action against you, in your personal capacity, and against Media Matters,” a lawyer for the former Secret Service officer wrote to Brock, a loyal Clinton ally and the founder of the liberal advocacy group Media Matters.


The letter requests Brock and Media Matters to “hold” all records and communications associated with their communications regarding Byrne — including “Any communication(s) between David Brock and The Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton” regarding the former Secret Service officer, suggesting there might be collusion between the campaign and her defenders.


Poor Media Matters! Defending the indefensible nonstop is now causing them to crash and burn, too: Media Matters for America |


One would imagine that the top story there would be the one about being sued for being liars.  Nope.  Instead of seeing the direct connection between what happened with Watergate (theme there was the coverup was the thing that destroyed all the Nixon people) instead, Media Matters clings to the old, tired trope of ‘how dare they ask any questions or have independence!’:  Conservative Media Raise “Special Prosecutor” And “Impeachment” Following FBI Letter.


Well, duh!  The Obama administration cannot possibly examine itself.  And the meeting of Lynch and Mr. Clinton was supposed to be secret but a reporter recorded his visit to her plane, which was done to avoid this information from appearing on any schedules and have a zero paper trail, this furtive meeting was lied about by both Clinton and Lynch and therefore was a conspiracy between them to do what happened next which was Lynch killed the investigation of the email scandal.


And that, in a nutshell, is Watergate all over again.  And the ‘media watchdogs’ on the left are too stupid to see this or understand this and Media Matters doesn’t watch the media otherwise all their articles would be about media collusion with Hillary and how she and they interface secretly overseas at the Bilderberg meetings and that opens a big, fat can of worms Media Matters doesn’t want to expose, do they?


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21 responses to “Obama, Both Clintons And Att. General Lynch Are Repeating Exactly Watergate Coverup Crimes

  1. Lou

    A lawless President means we are in uncharted territory.

  2. Lou

    in ‘liberal’ California, people are quite violent —Not most Whites. We are not so violent. The non Whites are.

    I ask bc California is now North Mexico.


    ELAINE: My ancestors came to Arizona in 1864, in California in 1849. The last of my immediate family left in 1992. We know exactly what has been going on there, I left Arizona in 1974 when my house was destroyed by the city and I left California way back in 1969 saying, ‘You are all NUTS!’

  3. KHS71

    If all goes right according to the Demonrats, maybe the Klinton Kriminal Klan can have the honor of being the first husband and wife team to be impeached as a presidents.

    If elected and sworn in, the only method for removal is impeachment and conviction. Another dog and pony show if it happens. The rats will never break ranks.

    Nixon was never impeached. He resigned before the Articles of Impeachment could be voted upon.

  4. Christian W

    It’s not ony the US President that is ‘lawless’ Lou. It is the entire Deep State Establishment across the Western world. The UK Establishment is lawless, France is lawless, all NATO nations are lawless. The US determines what the law is and everybody else has to Obey. That is the ‘Law’. That is why we have wars in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, Libya etc and soon Europe and WWIII in it’s *hot* phase.


    The elites just signed a self serving CETA agreement between the EU and Canada. When Justin Trudeau says: “It’s a historic day for Canada-EU relations. #CETA will help grow the middle class on both sides of the Atlantic” you can be sure the opposite is the truth.

    The corruption is immensely larger than just the miniscule Bilderberg (which is but a tiny facet of the Establishment) or the Clintons or Obama.

    I ask bc California is now North Mexico.

    What used to be Sweden will soon be officially annexed by NATO too.

  5. emsnews

    The Bilderberg gang is simply a easy way to describe these interlocking conspiracies to rule secretly. As is the Skull and Bones which heavily weighs on me due to ancestor Henry Steele founding it and giving it the ‘communication systems with the Outer Darkness’. That hits me directly, the little creeps.

  6. laughinglions

    You should take a look at the cartoons done by this guy. Amazing stuff : http://grrrgraphics.com/cartoons.html

  7. Christian W

    @ Elaine

    Indeed, it is a multifaced beast.

  8. Christian W

    Israeli Officer Says He Made Up One of the IDF’s Most Iconic Tales of Heroism

    Col. Zvika Greengold received Medal of Valor for ‘single-handedly destroying 60 tanks’ in Yom Kippur War, but senior reserve officer says tale was spun to boost unit morale.


  9. emsnews

    He blew through sixty tanks of beer. 🙂

  10. floridasandy

    trudeau is a dirtbag too, I pity the Canadians who didn’t choose him.

    This is getting good with the emails and I predict that they will all turn on each other like a hungry pack of wolves.

  11. floridasandy

    I am guessing Comey is mad about being kept in the dark and that is why he came forward:

    FBI agents investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state knew in early October that the tens of thousands of emails they found in a separate investigation of Anthony Weiner would be pertinent to the private email server investigation. Nevertheless, the agents waited weeks to inform FBI Director James Comey about the “newly discovered” emails. It is unclear why the Agents did not tell Comey sooner.

    Hillary may be in trouble finally. She isn’t smart, but her assistant is even more clueless, evidently. 🙂

  12. Christian W

    Comey is toast and he knows it.

    Looks like the professionals in the FBI, those who are left, will have Comey’s balls served roasted for fucking up their reputation for eternity.


    Hillary is plenty “smart”, and above all ruthless, but she has finally pulled of one scam too many. There are limits to anything.

  13. Christian W


    Hahaha that’s much closer to the truth I’m sure 🙂

  14. This is huge? Or is this a false flag? Perhaps Trump is being set up to look bad next week when Comey announces nothing to the emails and reiterates no evidence to charge Hillary. Just a thought.

  15. Gurrker

    Enjoy this Halloween featuring Hillzebub and her gang of Demoncrats. Will Wikileaks give her a treat? We shall know soon.

  16. Petruchio

    I think FBI Director Comey has figured out that HE is the Designated Fall Guy. The Establishment–or Deep State if you like–seems to have decided to throw Comey under the proverbial bus. I think the Elites have done a damage assessment and decided that Comey is the best choice to sacrifice. Besides, Comey could, if he wished do some serious damage to the Clinton Crime Family if he goes Public with what he knows. So the Rulers are going to smear/discredit him before he damages THEM. And spin is important to the Rulers. BTW: did you notice one of THE biggest sleazes in D.C., Sen. Harry Reid, is ripping Comey for the “political” timing for re-opening the Clinton email scandal. I expect Diane Feinstink to chirp in at any time now.

  17. floridasandy

    weinergate-I like it.

    It looks like Huma may be trying to save her own butt. Abedin had by sworn testimony claimed that she turned over all devices and emails she had pertaining to the original investigation of Hillary Clintton-which she clearly did not.

    Hillary will throw Huma under the bus because she can’t blame Russia for this one.

    A source within the FBI is reporting that Huma Abedin is requesting Immunity in exchange for testimony against Hillary Clinton and possibly others. Since the story broke about the FBI finding what are now said to be tens of thousands of emails on a laptop seized in an unrelated case being investigated by the FBI against husband Anthony Weiner, there has been speculation as to the nature of these emails.

  18. emsnews

    The warmongering Democrats ARE blaming Russia for all this!!! Nonstop!!!!!! This is dangerous insane. Starting WWIII in order to cover up domestic crimes is…a regular thing with dictators only the DNC isn’t our dictators, we can still talk about stuff unlike in say, the EU where this is verboten by the gang of former East Germans running the place into the ground.

  19. Jim R

    So, this just popped up on Twitter. It’s from his brother Malik..

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