Both DNC and GOP Screwed Up Afghanistan Losing Many Billions $



US Central Command’s front page talking about the ‘leadership’ and ‘sacrifice’ of US (and foreign) soldiers who are entangled in endless messes overseas that costs the US billions and billions in wasted dollars added to our immense debt mountain. This dangerous mountain of debt is going to destroy our country completely as if it were bombed by Putin.  Putin knows this so why waste bombs on the US when we are destroying ourselves?  The Afghan business was a trap.  Putin wouldn’t go into Afghanistan if we paid him.


From the USCC news:


The sun blazed. Sand blasted everything in its path. A Marine sat in a turret, squinting and looking around for eminent danger. The sound of tactical vehicles made a thunderous sound traversing the dirt terrain. Just as his convoy crested a hill an explosion rocked the earth — and then darkness.


In 2009, Sgt. Michael Kane, woke up being tended to in a medical bay at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan. He was later told his convoy had been struck by a 30 pound improvised explosive device. With only one month remaining until the end of the deployment, Kane’s fears had finally come true.
“We all knew it wasn’t a matter of if, but when we would hit an IED,” said Kane. “All I knew at the time is that the vehicle was still in driving condition. All three of us received grade two concussions. I received the brunt of the blast since I was at the turret.”


Poor guy.  He has to live the rest of his life with the trauma and injuries while the Bushes evade fighting for America, Obama never fought one minute for America, Hillary can’t fight at all, we had over 30 years of cowards running the US into the ground fighting for nothing useful at all.


NO ONE can control Afghanistan.  It is impossible.  Bin Laden knew this which is why he worked tirelessly to lure us back in and voila: he succeeded.  He will go down in history as the man who destroyed the US by enabling our most corrupt and stupid leaders to invade Afghanistan and fail.


The stories our military geniuses tell each other keeps them rolling along helplessly as they go from one disaster to the next just like in Vietnam, they don’t understand what they are really doing and can’t examine anything due to ideology and ‘Yes, Sir!’ relations with the bosses refusing information from below ranks.


From the government run website talking about all this:  Carter, Inherent Resolve Commander Brief Operations in Iraq, Syria > U.S. Central Command > News Article View


 WASHINGTON, Oct. 25, 2016 — Defense Secretary Ash Carter and Army Lt. Gen. Stephen J. Townsend, commanding general of Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve, updated reporters yesterday on operations in Iraq and Syria during a news conference in Irbil, Iraq.


This isn’t Afghanistan news, they are stupidly trapped in Iraq as bin Laden wanted.  9/11 was all about goading Bush into both Afghanistan and then Iraq and bin Laden knew his quarry well, his family is very entangled with the Bushes.  It worked like a charm.


On this week’s international trip, Carter also is visiting Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, France and Belgium to meet with key partners in the campaign to deliver the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant a lasting defeat, and to participate in the fifth NATO defense ministerial conference of his tenure as defense secretary.


HAHAHA.  They will sit around and talk about how to start WWIII with Russia.  Stupid never dies.  It kills.  As for the ‘lasting defeat’ of the Islamic armies: Israel desperately wants them destroyed after they destroy the more liberal Muslim dictators.  This requires we have WWIII.  This insanity has to stop but won’t stop since Israel is self-destructive in the extreme.


In Irbil, Carter met with troops, praising them for excellent work in the current phase of the military campaign, supporting Iraqi security forces in their battle to liberate the city of Mosul from ISIL control…


I remember the Vietnam war and McNamara doing this, too.  Same futility, same refusal to understand this sacrifice of citizens is doomed.  ‘Go on as ordered,’ says these clowns to humans who will be maimed or killed for nothing.


The secretary met earlier in the day with Masoud Barzani, president of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region since 2005, congratulating him and his forces on their critical role in carrying out the Mosul campaign.


It has taken ten times longer to ‘win’ this war and we had to destroy the cities, of course, than the original invasion.  Ten thousand times more costly, too.  And we stand there, dripping in blood in the middle of the ruins of Mosul and scream, ‘How dare Russia do this, too!’


Carter also visited the joint operations center in Irbil, where coalition members work with Iraqis and Kurdish peshmerga forces and coalition forces…


Carter said it’s essential that the Iraqi security forces destroy ISIL in the cities of Mosul and Raqqa, but pointed out that doing so doesn’t end the campaign.


HAHAHA.  No comment.  HAHAHA.


“We know that ISIL will take to other lesser locations in the countryside in Iraq, to take the Iraq example,” he said. “And we’re all planning to help the Iraqi security forces consolidate their control over all of Iraqi territory.” Defeating ISIL in Iraq and Syria is essential but not sufficient, the secretary added.


“That’s why — whether it’s Afghanistan or Libya or anywhere else — we and our coalition partners have a campaign wherever ISIL may pop up, … and every time we eliminate overseas an external plotter, we contribute to the protection of the homeland,” the secretary said.


Every time, more terrorists attack us at home.  The wars were supposed to stop this dynamic, not make is worse.  All NATO nations are now being attacked by angry Muslims and the more we bomb them, the more they bomb us at home.


Now time to do a little time trip down the Rabbit Hole To Hell, let’s go back to 2008 and the Central command:


New contracting process begins with new road > U.S. Central Command > News Article View


June 8, 2008 — BAGRAM AIR FIELD, Afghanistan (June 8, 2008) –


A ground-breaking ceremony was held in Charikar, Parwan province, Afghanistan, for the reconstruction of a new road, June 7.This construction project is the first project to be awarded to a contractor that was chosen through a new contracting process created by the Kapisa and Parwan Provincial Reconstruction Team here.


The winning bidder for the road building contract was the Kabul Heart of Asia Construction and Road Building Company, owned by Syed Hakim.

And who is Syed Hakim?  New Afghan army rejects trained professionals – Washington Times interviewed this general in 2004 after our illegal invasion:


For almost 19 years, Syed Hakim lent his calloused hands and disciplined mind to the defense of Afghanistan, from military school in Kabul to the holy war against the Russians to the anti-Taliban militia currently guarding this dusty city 35 miles from the Pakistani border.
Last month, Mr. Hakim received a letter from the defense ministry saying Afghanistan no longer needed his services.

A new Western-trained army would take his place, it said, and Mr. Hakim should find a new life, as a farmer, maybe, or a shopkeeper.


“There is no reason for a professional soldier to demobilize. If they are going to take away the professional soldiers, how are they going to rebuild the army?” he said bitterly.


Evidently, he found a ‘job’ which was to have the US pour money into his ‘business’ and you can bet, he hates us greatly.  He is a commander, not a foot soldier and during the ‘clean up’ phase of our invasion, he was dumped into the streets unceremoniously.  Think he is helping us out?  Back to the 2012 story:


The old contracting process only gave the governor and a few key players control of the contracting process. Now, the governor will be disassociated with the contracting process.


HAHAHA. And they took their revenge for this.  Like the general.


“This elimination of the governor was decided for two reasons,” said Air Force Lt. Col. William D. Andersen, Parwan PRT commander. “First, is to get the governors out of this line of work so that they can work on more governance as apposed to the nuts and bolts of contracting. Secondly, it eliminates the appearance of impropriety in the contracting process.”


HAHAHA.  And our politicians and generals can’t figure out what happens next?


The local officials are now in charge of the contracts, specifically the Provincial Council, who are the elected representatives of the people from each district in a given province. They are the mandated body that, by law, is charged with prioritizing and developing projects for the provinces.


“Our expectation is that if they are in charge of prioritizing then they probably need to have some sort of say into the execution of those projects,” said Andersen. “And as the peoples elected officials, it provides transparency into the process by making them part of the process of working on the projects.”


HAHAHA.  I am going to die laughing.  Um, Chicago, for example, shows how political corruption works.  I put a half dozen top Democrats in New York in prison for bribery, theft and corruption charges not to mention conspiracies.  Happens all the time here in the US.


They saw immediate benefits to the new process, said Andersen. The line directors and the Provincial Council selected the same contractor.


“That really made us feel they certainly came up with the right guy,”said Andersen. “Because they came up with the same contractor independently, it will eliminate a lot of the quality-control issues that we have had on projects in the past.”


Earth to commander Andersen: NO, it will NOT do that.  It doesn’t work that way here in the US and won’t work out in Afghanistan, either.


Did it work?  Nope, later we have this news:  From 2012:  U.S. and the World – USAID Road Building in Afghanistan…a Study in Waste – AllGov – News


Road construction in Afghanistan under the auspices of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is so terrible that “one could argue that USAID officials are providing aid and comfort to the enemy,” according to Matthew J. Nasuti of Kabul Press.


Efforts to develop the highway infrastructure of the war-torn nation have been “cheap,” badly designed and “poorly constructed.” Problems plaguing the projects include unwillingness on the part of USAID officials to supervise construction, preferring instead to remain in the capital, Kabul, for fear of attacks by insurgents.


Furthermore, once a new road is completed, it “immediately” begins “to decay as Afghanistan lacks the resources and skilled personnel to maintain these costly, modern structures.”


Back in May, The New York Times documented a particularly unfortunate example of corruption and ineptitude: the Garden-Khost Road, which was meant to link the Afghan government to remote areas of the country south of Kabul near the border with Pakistan. USAID gave the contract to the Louis Berger Group of New Jersey and Black & Veatch of Kansas, which subcontracted with Indian and South African companies, which in turn subcontracted with Afghans, who found other subcontractors. Because each company took cuts from the original USAID money, by the time financing reached people who were actually performing construction, there was not enough money to do the work.


So, the corrupt businesses in the US then farmed out the work and took a big hunk of money for doing this and the guys at the end of this pipeline of corruption which began in Kansas, not Kabul, got the left overs which they abused, too.  And who was arrested for all this?  No one here in the US, of course.


Also from that year is this story…Corrupt Kabul Bank Disaster No News In US | Culture of Life News, that is, myself, dredged up this report from foreign news sources since we have nothing here in the US that is even faintly honest:  Report: Kabul Bank lost $900m in embezzlement – Asia – Al Jazeera English


According to the 87-page report, 10 pilots working for Pamir Airways, which the bank had a stake in, were paid annual salaries of over $300,000. These costs, dated from March 2008 to November 2010, were categorised as “pilots of cash delivery”…


Khalilullah Ferozi, CEO of the bank, was also reported to have gone on shopping sprees at Louis Vuitton and Versace with money from the bank.


Najeeb Azizi, speaking to Al Jazeera from the Afghan capital, said the accused, many of whom are closely connected to the bank’s former officials, showed “no sympathy towards this country or the people of this country”.


Though Karzai himself is not implicated in the report, his brother and a brother of Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim, first vice president, are among the bank’s shareholders listed as having taken out loans from the bank.


And that year I did this story:  Imperial Election In US Brings Out The Worst In Everyone


The election heats up. Virtually no solutions to the Afghan war where the idiotic Training Has Been Suspended for New Afghan Recruits because they use what they learn to kill the NATO invaders. The drum beat for war with Iran has quieted down as the media owners in the US know they are in trouble with their audiences so they are more ‘peaceful’. But the economic warfare is raging quite loudly with supporters of the richest 1% lying about economic matters as they seek to assure their victims, we will all win the lottery if we only cease taxing the rich and providing social services.


In March, 2012, I wrote about the US Being Shoved Out of Afghanistan.  In April, Culture of Life News reported that  the Taliban Open Spring Offensive With Spectacular Attack On Kabul and by May, 2012, another story by myself that shows how little things changed when Mr. Hope and Change came to the White House:  US Is Delusional Not Bin Laden.

From January, 2013 at Culture of Life News:  US Continues To Build Roads In Afghanistan As Taliban Blow Them All Up Even Faster | Culture of Life News reported.  And who read my little story?  Hardly anyone, of course.  Being right about things means being ignored by big media propaganda outfits.


Also from 2013, again, from my own news service:  Obama Admits He Gets NSA Information From SNOWDEN Not Government Officials!  Obama has a press conference and takes questions for once:


…this amazing admission which came at the end of a press conference about murdering Syrians using missiles, means one of several terrible things.

1. The President is ‘out of the loop’ when it comes to running our government.

2. The spies are keeping their nefarious activities secret from both Congress AND the President.

3. The President is lying and pretending he doesn’t know so he isn’t guilty of destroying the Constitution.

4. The real rulers are the spies and those they work with who happen to be foreigners in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Israel as well as England.


By 2015, we were well on the downslope to getting our staff off of the roof of the embassy in Kabul.  From 2015:  The TAPI Pipeline and Paths to Peace in Afghanistan which is the funniest propaganda story that year.


Can the TAPI pipeline, through Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and … News Desk … Building a natural-gas pipeline and building a peace process with … trekking north, across Europe, in search of security and a better life.


Also from 2015:  Obama’s DOD Spends $43 Million To Build 1 Building In Afghanistan… This Will Make Your Blood Boil


the U.S. government (the same government that never has enough money to pave roads or fix bridges) managed to build a $500,000 gas station in Afghanistan for $43 million.


The crisis started when in 2006 a U.S. Geological Survey found that northern Afghanistan had abundant natural gas supplies. The government, through the Task Force for Stability and Business Operations, decided to build a gas station to make compressed natural gas available to the general public in Afghanistan.


Sounds good so far — except the people in Afghanistan who do own vehicles don’t have ones with engines powered by natural gas.

Waste and grandiose projects run by guys in the US shaving the taxpayers for easy money led to catastrophes like that natural gas station.  I suspect it no longer exists.  It is way too tempting for the Taliban to blow it up.

Finally, we reach TODAY’S NEWS:  The U.S. spent billions building roads in Afghanistan. Now many of them are beyond repair. – The Washington Post


Thirteen years ago, the United States called the reconstruction of the Kabul-Kandahar highway “the most visible sign” of efforts to rebuild Afghanistan. But today, that stretch of road is no longer a sign of progress.


Instead, it is now littered with craters from bombs and insurgent checkpoints and is “beyond repair,” an Afghan official said, and it is a symbol of the failed U.S. intervention here.


Now, the Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) says 95 percent of the sections of road they inspected were either damaged or destroyed. And 85 percent were either poorly maintained or not at all.


The U.S. government has spent nearly $3 billion on road projects in Afghanistan, which had only 50 miles of paved road in 2001. But according to an estimate from the U.S. Agency for International Development, it will cost more than $8 billion to replace the country’s road infrastructure.


Duh.  What a shock.  Who could have guessed?  Putin is laughing about all this, he knows we are going bankrupt.


“It’s easy to point to miles of paved roads as a metric for spending development dollars,” military analyst Joshua Foust wrote for PBS.


But those development dollars often lined the pockets of insurgents, shady contractors and corrupt government officials. And roads have little benefit if they are controlled by militants or criminals.


How many years have we known this?  How about since nearly day one!


A reminder of the evil of emails:  CIA/Pentagon (One Creature Now) Spy On Gitmo Lawyers By Stealing Emails is a story I wrote years ago that is echoing the news today.  Hillary should be at Gitmo, too, along with the Bushes and Obama.


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