Watergate And Vietnam War Deja Vu All Over Again


Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid attempts to deflect the heat on Hillary Clinton | Daily Mail Online reports.  Yes, the corrupt head of the Democrats in the Senate is Red Scare baiting right out of the McCarthy book!  This man claims he is a ‘liberal’ yet he reflexively pulls this noxious and highly dangerous game.  Aside from the obvious sex double standards of the Democrats who excuse stuff when they do it and howl like banshees if Republicans do anything similar, this copying of past Red Baiting is particularly dangerous and can cause WWIII.  This is the main reason I am against not just Clinton but all the DNC leaders.  They are outright warmongers.



The Daily Mail of London shows the insanity with charming clarity.  The US boasts about ‘freeing a battered town’ which we bombed and sent in arms to kill ISIS rebels.  Next to it is a story of the US warning Russia and Assad about ‘significant humanitarian consequences’ if they do the exact same thing.
AG Lynch Takes The Fifth As Crisis Intensifies – YouTube


U.S. Sent Another $1.3 Billion to Iran After Hostages Were Released but this was negotiated in Europe and it actually is money the US has been holding ever since the revolution in Iran.  Both parties here are at fault, in that both did this mess due to the super elites who run us wishing to strangle Iran on behalf of Israel and Saudi Arabia.


Our media and government are both in this huge muddle due to having to be hypocrites on all levels at all times.  It is as if no one can look at the past to see how silly this double standard business is.  Just like the Democrats are proud of bringing down Nixon via Watergate, now they ape Watergate all the way down, pretending to be morally outraged at everyone who are exposing their Watergate while praising the exact same sort of people who brought down Nixon.


BREAKING – FBI INSIDER – Huma Abedin Seeking Immunity Deal With FBI is another echo of Watergate.  Top aide to the criminal gets nailed, the big boss claims ‘I didn’t know anything’ which is an obvious lie and so forth.


It Begins… Hillary Lackeys Paint James Comey as Putin Puppet is an echo of Watergate, too.  For the last six months, the DNC clowns in Congress and surrounding corrupt Hillary have been hammering at Russia as deflection of what is roiling within as they desperately try to rig the election.  Playing every possible game including having crummy voting equipment, they try desperately to cling to power.


Now they are smearing the FBI head claiming he is in cahoots with Putin.  The already very angry FBI agents who demanded that the investigation squelched by Comey are now doubly angry that they are being accused of being agents of Russia…I cannot imagine their rage at this point.  And it is very dangerous and even suicidal for the media and Democratic leaders to play this game.


A Clinton Telling The Truth Would Be Strange, Unprecedented, and Deeply Troubling | The Deplorable Climate Science Blog



Yes, this is a total echo of what is happening now but with the Democrats being accused of doing what they now say the GOP is doing to them today.  Sad, isn’t it?  And Iran/Contra was not punished properly nor any US war crimes are investigated properly and the parties punished which means the Nüremberg Trials were illicit and merely revenge for WWII, not legal at all since the laws applied there have never been applied to anyone else in NATO nations, they can do literally anything including launch WWIII without warning.


How Clinton plans to deal with Comey’s October surprise – POLITICO


 Late on Friday, after Clinton went out of her way to hold a rare news conference in Des Moines, Iowa, campaign chairman John Podesta and other top aides convened a private call with previously in-the-dark swing state leaders to update them on the situation, according to participants. The message: Everything is under control.


Clinton’s strategists have projected a confident front, shrugging off any possible impact from Friday’s bombshell news and pointing to weeks of strong early voting and persistent polling leads, even as they blast Comey for re-injecting the email issue into the race with his cryptic letter to Congress. Their goal is now to convert Democrats’ anxiety over the FBI chief’s move into a fury and a rallying point for a base that has flirted with overconfidence in recent weeks.


As campaign manager Robby Mook phrased it in a call with reporters on Saturday: “This situation has created an urgency and intensity from our volunteers and activists…”


As Clinton took the stage in Daytona on Saturday afternoon, she was drowned out by boos the second she brought up the FBI. “Some of you may have heard about a letter that the FBI director —” is as far as she got.


Yes, attacking the FBI for investigating Democratic crimes is a real winner here.  The manic base might buy this swill but no one else will.  Hillary supporters cannot see how they are aping the Nixon supporters way back when I was young.  They cannot see themselves in the mirror at all.  Partisan thinking blinds them.  Note how we have so many antiwar demonstrations…NOT.


The antiwar movement on the left is totally dead.  It was blown up by Obama and Clinton.  Together, they rampaged across the planet committing one war crime after another and boasting about it and before beginning this, the Nobel Prize people stupidly gave Obama a prize when he did exactly nothing and now he and Hillary are desperately trying to start WWIII to boost their ratings in the US as their crimes come home to roost.


Speaking of roosting crows, Hollande Gives Ground as Angry French Police Converge on Elysee Palace demanding more pay, better equipment and more support in their now ongoing war with armies of angry Muslim males attacking France so relentlessly.  Hallande can stay in power for a few months longer due to the crummy systems in France but he is doomed.


Meanwhile, in the middle of all this warmongering and sending armies of terrorists into NATO countries, I see that Japan, China, S Korea trade chiefs pledge to promote free trade talks and where are Obama’s people in these negotiations?  Nowhere to be seen!  These three countries export to…the US…and import very little from the US.  These three nations are more than 50% of our trade deficit!  This is big news…in Japan and even in Russia.


Trans-Siberian railway could be extended to Japan and Japan is also going to work with Putin in Siberia to develop Siberian resources!  Thinking the Unthinkable: Can Japan Bring Russia Back to the G7? The US has systematically locked out Putin and Russia from everything including the corrupt Olympics which I no longer watch, haven’t for years now.


Malaysia to Buy Ships From China in Another Blow to US Regional Dominance as various ‘allies’ read the writing on the wall.  US Orders Family Members Of Istanbul Consulate Employees To Leave as relations with this huge NATO ally, Turkey, continues to deteriorate after the failed CIA coup there.  Philippine President’s Pro-China Shift Faces Test at Home as the US rulers panic.


Hey!  We invaded that place a century ago! How dare they do this?  Our ‘allies’ who have trade surpluses with us are happy to not only remain ‘allies’ but force us to pay 70% or more of their own security costs as we go bankrupt trying to patrol the entire planet and accumulate war crime charges as we act like the Germans during WWI and WWII.


The final straw is Obama, the Peace Prize fraud, yelling about WWIII and how Russia is doing all the revealing of DNC crimes in the US and thus, is evil and should be bombed because of this…talk about utterly insane.  Arrest Obama, arrest the entire DNC leadership.  Bring them to Nüremberg.  Ditto, the two Bushes and Cheney.  Arrest them all.


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8 responses to “Watergate And Vietnam War Deja Vu All Over Again

  1. Christian W

    Trump + Russia. Proof please.

    US Congress + Israel. Clean up this mess first.

  2. floridasandy

    Lynch helped quash the Clinton Foundation investigation.
    Prosecutors with the U.S. attorneys office in the Eastern District of New York — which Loretta Lynch led before taking over as attorney general last year — refused to allow FBI investigators probing the Clinton family charity to review emails found on devices turned over this year by two of Clinton’s lawyers during the separate investigation into the mishandling of classified information on Clinton’s private email system

    I bet Lynch will keep invoking the 5th.

  3. I have to admit American elections are waaaaay more entertaining than our Canadian ones.

  4. Christian W

    @ Sandy

    I bet there will be a lot of drooling idiots everywhere, nobody remembers anything and have no clue how the emails appeared on their computers or who said or wrote what and when. At the same time “The Russians did it” mantra will get showed down the throat of Americans.

    Will the American people just accept this crap?

  5. e sutton


    Yes, Christian W, they will. Bill Clinton visited my little Hamlet yesterday. He cooed about how this election would ¨define a generation¨. He left out the part about this being the final generation of humanity should his haus frau get elected. Then again, I don´t expect truthfulness from a serial rapist.

  6. Jim R

  7. Lisa

    I am so tired of hearing how everything Hillary did is the Russian’s fault. I feel like I’m back in the 80s again. Maybe she should change her slogan to:

    I will crush you

    But she probably wouldn’t understand:

    The Only Winning move is not to play

  8. floridasandy

    Jim, R, ‘

    love that picture!

    I guess Donna Brazile, who gave Hillary he questions, is out at CNN. If Hillary can’t win the deates with the questions supplied to her ahead of time, what does that say about her skill set?

    I can’t wait for the Hillary/Weiner/Aberdin showdown. Aberdin has been caught lying under oath, and that can’t be ignored.

    Market ticker again had an interesting piece on this,

    So why did Comey do it? I don’t know.  Maybe what was really there is so thermonuclear that he believed that if he did refer it the ultimate result would be the destruction of the nation. Maybe he’s a political hack.  Maybe he was threatened by Clinton; it’s not like that hasn’t happened before.
    What I do know is that by sending his letter last week Comey did an extraordinary thing and the only reason to do it is that failure to do it was more harmful, in his opinion, than doing it.
    Let’s remember here that what led to this was an investigation of Weiner allegedly sexting an underage girl.  The investigation began with NY authorities and then the FBI gained jurisdiction when it became clear that the other party was across state lines.  This is an extremely serious charge, standing alone folks — interstate sexual offenses involving minors are serious business and people go to prison for a very, very long time if they are proved to have committed those acts.

    No, whatever was found had to relate to Hillary personally, it had to be of sufficient magnitude that James Comey came to the conclusion by manifest weight of the evidence that Hillary Clinton had committed acts so serious that she could not serve in the Office of President

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