Bilderberg Leaders Spread 1960’s Anti-Russia Propaganda In NATO Countries


Did Donald Trump have a secret server communicating with Moscow? Scientist uncovers ‘sustained relationship’ between servers at Trump Organization and Russian bank opens a can of worms via rumors that aren’t vetted in any way but who cares anymore?  The key here is, our election system is totally infested with foreign money from the get-go ever since Ronald Reagan sold us to the Japanese for $2 million dollars. I clearly remember that event because I howled about it and the news media claimed that the US was ‘smart’ and ‘strong’ so much so, the Japanese admired Reagan and cheerfully handed him money as a speech payment.  To this day, that was the most expensive speech, ever, though the Clintons try hard to surpass it.


Today, that epic bribery haunts us as all our politicians now go about the entire planet seeking money from foreign interests which they pocket, claiming they are paid for ‘speeches’ which are really promises for future operations.  I.e.: bribes.


A malware hunter claims he found a server registered to Trump Organization, communicating exclusively and covertly with Moscow-based Alfa Bank. Tea Leaves, according to Slate, is part of a community of computer scientists who go after hackers and cyber-attackers. He claims to have found the server in July and asked six colleagues for help analyzing the data he collected. Conversations between the Trump server and Alfa Bank peaked during important moments of the election, such as the Republican and Democratic conventions, according to Tea Leaves and his colleagues. Alfa Bank’s founder,


Ukraine native Mikhail Fridman (bottom right), is now the second richest man in Russia and is worth $15.3 billion according to Forbes. Hillary Clinton, who has bashed Donald Trump (top) for his relationship to Russia and Vladimir Putin (bottom left), said Monday it was time for the GOP nominee to answer ‘serious questions’. Alfa Bank and the Trump campaign have both denied using a server to communicate.


This is a mere allegation.  Of course, the media will not attach this to all the bribes handed out to the Bushes and Clintons which are roughly $2 billion  though we don’t know because it is…secret.  Thanks to Wikileaks, we saw the speeches Hillary gave Wall Street.  They paid dearly to hear her scratchy voice drone on and on about stuff a ten year old child could write.


She was there to collect a bribe just like Reagan’s speech was delivered better but totally vacuous and mostly was ‘Arigato for the loot, dudes.’  I demanded this stop back then and was rebuffed because the very rich were jumping with joy when Reagan allowed obvious and outright bribery.


Back to the top story about evil Russians menacing the world:  US Calls on Saudis to End Airstrikes on Yemen and US Warplanes Will Kill Fleeing ISIS Fighters which shows how insane our foreign policies are.  We are bombing Muslims in the same area that we condemn Russia for bombing Muslims and the US public doesn’t see this contrast because 90% of world news is carefully hidden from view the same way they hid it during the Vietnam War.  That is, what news?  I don’t see any news!


The media giants back then conspired with the Presidents to hide the news, not report the news.  I learned to get 90% of my news from overseas back then because the refusal to cover news here in the US was nearly total.  Every time I made leaflets explaining what was going on based on real news from overseas, I was told, these were lies and then we had the Pentagon Papers which again, just like today, was illegally released to the public.


The politicians and President howled at Daniel Ellsberg and covert actions were taken to attack Ellsberg which lead to…Watergate!!! HAHAHA.


For his disclosure of the Pentagon Papers, Ellsberg was initially charged with conspiracy, espionage, and theft of government property, but the charges were later dropped after prosecutors investigating the Watergate Scandal soon discovered that the staff members in the Nixon White House had ordered the so-called White House Plumbers to engage in unlawful efforts to discredit Ellsberg.


The echoes of the past are getting louder and louder, aren’t they?  I haven’t thought about Ellsberg in quite a while and during this whole mess today, few if any commentators…indeed, none at the major media…are bringing up Watergate or Ellsberg or illegally bombing countries while condemning Russia for this…HAHAHA.  Sigh.  Wow.

Bobby Knight promises ‘no bulls**t’ in a Trump White House as The Donald says Democrats should FIRE leader who leaked CNN questions – and warns Hillary faces a ‘criminal trial’ even if she wins: this is all involved with the rigging of the ‘debates’.  CNN supports Clinton so they assisted her in cheating.  She happily cheated since she is used to breaking laws and being sneaky.  Reminds me of someone, who is it?  Ah, HAHAHA.  Nixon.


So far, even with obvious proof that Hillary cheated during the faux debates on TV, the media isn’t chasing her down about this since they wanted her to cheat and helped her cheat and will continue cheating everyone and lying and doing stuff that school children are punished for doing, right?  This is childish, Hillary and her gang of supporters know perfectly well, they are cheating.  They know this is wrong, their elementary school teachers told them this years ago.  There is no excuse.


Exactly what’s wrong with ‘more of the same’? asks one of the stable of unstable commentators who infest the Washington Post website.  That is, why not continue the destructive path Obama (and of course, both Clintons and both Bushes) put us on?  Double the debt again.  Double the school debts of our children.  Chaos in schools and cities are OK, the police are evil and white people should passively suffer attacks from black youths who learn nothing in school and are predators?


This is a fantastic plan for the future, oh, and war with Russia and China, too.  Back to the past with a vengeance, not change we can make.  The Washington Post openly claims, we need change absolutely nothing.  Change We Can Believe In: Barack Obama’s Plan to Renew America’s Promise: Barack Obama is their slogan but they should change it to ‘Change Nothing, go off the nearest cliff, dudes!’


FBI agents ‘wanted to investigate the Clinton Foundation but were barred by their bosses at the Justice Department’ is news from overseas that isn’t on the front pages of the NYT or WP or anything here in typical fashion.  This is open corruption.  This is also exactly out of the Nixon playbook. John N. Mitchell – Wikipedia:


John Newton Mitchell (September 15, 1913 – November 9, 1988) was the Attorney General of the United States (1969–72) under President Richard Nixon. Prior to that, he had been a municipal bond lawyer, director of Nixon’s 1968 presidential campaign, and one of Nixon’s closest personal friends. After his tenure as Attorney General, he served as director of Nixon’s 1972 presidential campaign. Due to his involvement in the Watergate affair, Mitchell was sentenced to prison in 1977 and served 19 months. As Attorney General, he was noted for personifying the “law-and-order” positions of the Nixon administration, amid several high-profile anti-war demonstrations.


Nixon used the press to cover up a mountain of corruption and war crimes back then.  That tradition continues today, here is one of the New York Times top stories:  Trump’s Tax Dodge Stretched Law ‘Beyond Recognition’ is hilarious since the Clintons made a billion dollars collecting bribes making ‘speeches’ here on Wall Street and overseas.  No problemo, dudes.  The NYT doesn’t balance this story with the obvious mirror story which they are deliberately hiding:  Hillary Clinton Cut Her Tax Bill by ‘Donating’ $1 Million to Herself via the Clinton Foundation? : desperately tries to cover up the corruption by ignoring key points.


4. The Clinton Family Foundation is a separate entity from the Clinton Foundation. Inside Philanthropy describes the Clinton Family Foundation as “a traditional private foundation that serves as the vehicle for the couple’s personal charitable giving.” It has neither staff nor offices.


5. According to Inside Philanthropy, the Clinton Family Foundation regularly disburses contributions to scores of different charities (one of which is, in fact, the Clinton Foundation):


Digging into the Clinton Family Foundation’s 2014 tax return reveals that they did around $3.8 million in grantmaking and held some $5.3 million in assets. Of total grantmaking in 2014, $1.8 million went to the Clinton Foundation, just under half of total giving.


However, in 2013, the Clintons gave $1.8 million through their personal foundation, with only around a fifth of that money going to the Clinton Foundation, around the same share as in 2012.


So where have all the other gifts gone? To lots of different places, is the short answer. In 2014, the Clintons gave money to 70 nonprofits through their foundation. The picture looked similar the year before, with many grants falling in the range of $5,000 to $25,000.


Recipients of the Clintons’ largesse via the Clinton Family Foundation in 2014 ranged from the School of American Ballet to the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Foundation to Wellesley College to the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity.


Snopes evades all the tax issues of the Clintons and the source problems they have.  All that loot are bribes.  Some of the bribes go to ‘charities’ like ballet companies, etc.  The rich dudes giving the Clintons the money to give to ‘charities’ give money to the NY Ballet Corp and other fun rich entertainment stuff and they give money to Clinton to do this, too, for them, in the Clinton name and…good grief, this is so obvious, it isn’t funny.  It is ‘in your face’ corruption.


Giving bribe money to Wellsley College, home base for good girls wanting to be elite rulers, isn’t ‘charity’ here, it is ‘support system for the elites’.  And why give money to Hillary to give to schools where rich girls go?  Eh?  Why not give the money directly, why does it have to pass through the sticky hands of the Clintons, first?  HAHAHA.


Snopes is stupid or childish or doesn’t understand how bribes work anymore (all of the above, of course) and the newspaper and media owners know very well how this works, they do it, themselves!  The laws are written for years to enable this bribery and all of Congress which is howling at Trump, knows this which is why they won’t ever let him in.


Hillary’s Wall Street Speech Fees: Hers Or Clinton Foundation’s?


Anderson Cooper: ”But did you have to be paid $675,000 [for three speeches to Goldman Sachs]?”

Hillary Clinton: ”Well, I don’t know. That’s what they offered.”


Some observers believe it was Hillary doing the offering, and that she is not truthful about her Wall Street speaking fees. Material on her website suggests $225,000 as her minimum, with $225,000 for 34 of 41 speeches. Mrs. Clinton’s fees for the remaining speeches were at even higher prices. In total, she received $9,680,000 for these speaking engagements in 2013.


Even so, it is a drop in the Clinton bucket. In all, there were $153 million in Bill and Hillary Clinton speaking fees. Mrs. Clinton was paid dearly by Wall Street, suggesting a conflict of interest despite her recent distancing. No matter how much Mrs. Clinton hopes to lure Bernie Sanders voters, it must be hard at a $225,000 a pop. And although few observers may be worried about the tax issues, they are nettlesome too.


Mrs. Clinton’s financial disclosure forms show that she reported personal income of more than $11 million for 51 speeches in 13 months. Yet she has not defined how she and Mr. Clinton decide which fees are personal income and which go directly to charity. Normally, the IRS doesn’t let taxpayers pick and choose. But this is no normal family, nor is it a normal charity.


The Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation admitted collecting $26.4 million in previously unreported speaking fees from foreign governments, foreign and U.S. corporations. For tax purposes, who is the recipient, and how late can the Clintons decide?


The American people are increasingly confused.  Trump is rich and pays little in taxes.  Hillary doesn’t pay much at all if anything, in bribe taxes.  A great idea; tax bribes at 90% and our budget gap will vanish!  This will pay for everything Hillary claims she wants to give us.  If she supports that idea, I would vote for her holding my nose.  But this will not happen, no way in hell.


She already promised Wall Street, she will fleece everyone secretly and leave us all deep in debt.  More of the same, of course, which makes Wall Street predators very happy indeed.  And Putin won’t have to destroy us in WWIII because we will destroy our empire via bankruptcy and invasion of barbarian mobs who hate the populace and put them to the sword.


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4 responses to “Bilderberg Leaders Spread 1960’s Anti-Russia Propaganda In NATO Countries

  1. Jim R

    It was the Russians … the Russians …

    Nevermind, it was a bright 14 year old kid with a netbook.

    Reuters laying off people. The print media continue to die. Switching from news to propaganda did not help, apparently.

  2. Christian W

    Who is Huma Abedin?

    According to this video Saudi sources paid $25m into the Clinton Foundation + funded 20% of Hillary’s campaign.

  3. emsnews

    HAHAHA about Reuters. All they have to do is form an alliance with RT News from Russia and voila: they can have great news stories that are true, not false! Fixes everything. This is what I do. 🙂

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