Russia Can Win WWIII: US Elite Hubris Can Cause Total Annihilation

The Geopolitics of World War III – YouTube


This video talks about Nixon just like I am doing this week.  The gold backed money vanished under Nixon and the budget deficit began its relentless climb at the same time.  This all was caused by the Vietnam War, Cold War costs and the LBJ social welfare programs.  All these backfired very badly over time and are still driving us towards national bankruptcy.  Instead of focusing on running things sanely, money printing has been rampant to run this scheme, the dollar has lost over 90% of its  gold standard value.  Since our rulers insist on WWIII, I go to Russia’s news  service to see if we can win WWIII.


Federal Surplus or Deficit [-] – FRED – St. Louis Fed shows how we went off the rails after the gold standard was killed off.


The stupid scheme with trade with China was, China would boost our high tech stuff.  I knew from day one, this was insanely stupid, I hosted a number of Chinese scientists way back when Madame Mao was arrested.  They were quite clear what their goal was: to surpass the US in all things.  Today, instead of buying space stuff from the US, China wants to buy Russian rocket engines as BRICS boosts space cooperation:


At the first meeting of the BRICS nations’ space agencies, the five-member bloc agreed to set up a joint grouping of satellites and share data. Beijing has shown particular interest in purchasing Russian rocket engines.


Years ago after the Space Shuttle catastrophes, the US basically gave up.  I said back then that Russia would fill the gap and this has happened and now we have zero chance of selling US technology to China.  China and Russia are a huge territorial area that are adjacent and which half circumnavigates the North Pole and all nuclear rockets will travel over the North Pole when hitting us all and Europe is naked both to the east and over the North Pole and the chances of Europe surviving WWWIII is utterly nil.


Do note NO ANTI NUKE DEMONSTRATIONS in Europe these days.  The EU populations are helpless, overrun by hostile Muslim males and told, Russia will kill everyone so why not park nukes and military might right on Putin’s front doorstep, hey, that will prevent WWIII.


This is, of course, insanity.  It provokes it, this guarantees WWIII will happen with zero warning.   Of all countries on this planet, Russia has the most reason to be paranoid about exactly this sort of thing.  So they will react swiftly to any military buildup on the borders.  And NATO is doing exactly that: openly threatening Russia.


At the inaugural meeting, which was held in the southern Chinese city of Zhuhai, the heads of the space agencies of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa agreed to step up cooperation in space, the head of Russia’s Roscosmos Igor Komarov said on Tuesday.


At the meeting, which will now become regular, the countries “agreed that in the future, we will set up a joint grouping of satellites for Earth remote sensing,” Komarov said, adding that the countries have also been thrashing out the legal details involved in the agreement, which will set up a framework for data exchange between the space agencies on Earth remote sensing.


And there will be military satellites that will destroy our satellites.  The first 10minutes of WWIII will be the US and Russia/China blowing up satellites especially communication satellites.  We will be in the dark as the second wave of nukes hit.  Zero warning, of course.


The madness of all this is due to people being lied to about WWIII.  I grew up deep inside the darkest parts of the spy/military complex and literally lived at a secret base for one season when I was very little.  These people and I debated WWIII for years and years now they utterly ignore me for I am now a non-person.  But I still can yap about this matter.


I used to dream of WWIII, the actual thing, and it still bothers me greatly.  Most people live in happy bliss, utterly incapable of understanding the nuclear cloud on the horizon.  Our media giants work hard to obscure this and Presidents lie about this.


Russian 6th-gen drone fighter jets to fly in swarms, enter near space — RT News reports other systems being set up to screw the Pentagon plans for a one sided war with the paranoid Russians who have this reputation of fighting ferociously to the bitter end and winning over and over again:


“The main principle of this aircraft’s way of deployment is a so-called swarm, a collective solving of any task. There will be one or two piloted aircrafts in the group, the others will be unmanned vehicles,” said Vladimir Mikheev, an advisor to the deputy head of the Radioelectronic Technologies Concern [KRET], Russia’s largest radio electronics manufacture, in an interview to TASS on Monday.


The revolutionary drone technology developed by the company would allow a single piloted aircraft command from five up to 10 unmanned vehicles. The pilot’s helm and suit will send a signal to the on-board system, which will assign a number of drones to his command. The tasks and number of vehicles depends on the pilot’s status and experience.


China is probably making a deal for this technology, too.  The US has already said to China, they must not be an armed nation and we will arm Japan with nukes if they arm themselves further, etc.  The battle over the islands issue is key here: the US has chosen to confront China and this has enraged the Chinese greatly and it key to today’s news that Russia and China are growing much closer, the new ‘Road from Europe to China’ via Russia is proof of this growing alliance.


And Russian scientists figured out how to stop US weapons from infiltrating Russian airspace:  Russia to kill drones, missiles with 10km-range super-high frequency cannon


Russia’s Rostec Corporation is to unveil a super-high frequency weapon capable of taking down all kinds of drones, missiles and other high precision weapons. The presentation will be made at the Army-2015 military expo.


The Mosow Radio Engineering Institute has developed a super-high frequency (SHF) ‘cannon’. It’s designed to knock out aircraft, drones, guided missiles and any airborne high precision weapons using electronics.


“This mobile microwave irradiation complex performs off-frequency rejection of electronics aboard low-altitude aerial targets and warheads of high precision weapons,” a source in Rostec Corporation told TASS, adding this system puts close range air defenses on a whole new level.


“In terms of performance capabilities, the complex has no competitors in the world,” the source said. All the equipment is mounted on a tracked Buk missile air defense transportation platform.


Russia chose to confront NATO in Syria as a test.  The US yaps and howls with rage and then has to yield and this is telling Europe that they are helpless and better back off and half of Europe got the message but the Bilderberg gang rules overall via the crazy voting systems they have in Europe but the Bilderberg gang leaders are highly unpopular now and doomed to fall in the next two years which is maybe why the US Bilderberg gangsters are anxious to start WWIII first.


News from Russia which I think is 100% correct:  Leaked Bundeswehr Documents Say Germany Will Lack Combat Capacity Soon.  Yes, Germany is collapsing internally and is helpless.


ISIS takes out Iraqi Abrams with anti-tank missile (DRAMATIC VIDEO) — RT News reports.  Hell, I never see news like this in our media.  HAHAHA. Syria warns it will ‘down Turkish planes next time,’ calls bombing of Kurds ‘flagrant aggression’ — RT News also reports.  Turkey is an odd bird here.  The ruler there had a failed coup and is pissed at the US for Turkey demanded all US families in Turkey leave now.  Bad news there.


Turkey is the outmost tier along with Poland and Ukraine for stopping Russia in WWIII.  All three will be utterly annihilated in the first 10 minutes, of course.  Dying off entirely so the US can do stupid things overseas is not a great future plan, I would suggest.


‘S-300, S-400 air defenses in place’: Russian MoD warns US-led coalition not to strike Syrian army because we have been ‘accidentally’ bombing Assad’s troops.  This has to stop for obvious reasons and who are we supporting?  Al Qaeda, of course. Being two faced and criminal comes naturally to many of our politicians these days.


News from overseas, of course:  Hillary Clinton and husband Bill are ‘crime family’ says ex-FBI chief James Kallstrom | World | News | Daily Express in London.  Hell’s bells, why can’t we have news here on occasion?  Hillary trotted out an army of FBI/CIA/Congress Democrats to howl that ‘There is nothing to see here,’ and the main stream media says this too, but when someone dares to step out and tell the truth, dead silence.



Then there is this news:  John Podesta’s Best Friend At The DOJ Will Be In Charge Of The DOJ’s Probe Into Huma Abedin Emails as expected.  This is exactly like Watergate, too.  The parallels pile up to the point I can say with confidence, we are seeing a total repeat of the past and all the ‘reforms’ were destroyed or made things worse or ignored so we are back at the same point in history yet again except much deeper in debt and with much greater downward problems in our future.



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19 responses to “Russia Can Win WWIII: US Elite Hubris Can Cause Total Annihilation

  1. Christian W

    “ISIS takes out (US-made) Abrams tank with anti-tank missile”

    That would be a US made anti-tank missile. The US supplied it’s dear “moderate” Al Qaeda rebels in Syria with thousands of ATGMs, many of which Al Qaeda promptly sold to their ISIS brethren. 🙂

  2. Case

    Time to bug out to South America or NZ.

  3. Petruchio

    “The US has already said to China, they must not be an armed nation and we will arm Japan with nukes if they arm themselves further, etc.” I am thinking the Chinese would like nothing more than an excuse to pulverize Japan. With Japan’s history of invading China–Manchuria to be more accurate–the Chinese wouldn’t mind at all obliterating Japan if given enough of a reason.

  4. Christian W

    China has been pulling their money out of US bonds and invested in short term Japanese bonds instead. This keeps the Yen weak, but on Chinese terms, while also putting pressure on the FED to start yet another QE round. Another QE round would highlight that the US economy is not recovering at all but just a merry go round (or merry go down) dependent on FED stimulus ie a fake economy.

    i think the Chinese would much rather flip Japan than destroy it. Japan, as it is now under US occupation, has no long-term future. Japan, as part of Asia, can change course and reform and live to see another day. This is part of China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank initiative (the Chinese alternative to the World Bank) and strategy.

  5. ziff

    extinction event OR ? russian dashcam, vids?

  6. Christian W

    “John Podesta’s Best Friend At The DOJ Will Be In Charge Of The DOJ’s Probe Into Huma Abedin Emails”

    Podesta recommends this guy because “he kept me [JP] out of jail”… Can Mr. Kadzik repeat his performance to prevent Mr Podesta and Mrs Clinton from going to jail?

  7. Jim R

    Markets seem to recognize the increasing likelihood of a Trump victory this morning. Stocks are down, while gold, silver, Bitcoin all are up.

    Maybe there won’t be infinite QE if Trump gets in — maybe he doesn’t really care that much for ‘too big to fail’ banks, or the Fed…

  8. venguer

    Get ready for Anthony ‘Carlos Danger’ Wiener to be found dead of suicide in a public park. Unfortunately for the Clintons, Wiener will be ‘suicided’ a few months late.

  9. NaNi

    It was only natural for Russia and China to form an alliance, since the US decided to confront them both very aggressively. Both Russia and China are fiercely independent and proud nations, and they will never subject themselves to any others, least of all the US.

    China to boost cooperation with Eurasian Economic Union — ambassador


    The EAEU is an economic block created by Russia with the aim of increasing economic integration and cooperation with former Soviet-republics. The Chinese have now decided to dovetail their Silk road project with the EAEU, thus creating an economic zone stretching all the way from Shanghai to St. Petersburg. It will be the world’s largest economic bloc, effectively dwarfing any counterparts in the world.

  10. floridasandy

    china and japan have a long combative history-just can’t see that happening.

  11. tio


    that was a 9M133 Kornet, vintage <= 2003, a significant reason why our real rulers have us here. ttfn.

  12. ziff

    these new weapon systems are all very interesting but all that matters is sub launch, you can never neutralize the other side . Last i heard Russia had stealth subs that were undetectable.

  13. zifff

    if this is real,,, holly crap , bill still is straight

  14. Jim R

    Now for something altogether different.

    Paul Stamets, fungus warrior.

  15. Jim R

    I mean, as long as we are going to repeat the ’60s and ’70s, with all the warmongering hysteria and defunct economy and corrupt-beyond-belief politics, we need to have some dirty hippies living off the grid.

  16. emsnews

    Northern Lights are global warming, we are all going to die!

    Actually, they are caused by solar activity, you know…hahaha.

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