Wiener’s ‘Life Insurance’ Was A File Of All Bill & Hill Clinton Crimes On His Computer


When Hillary and Donald Were Friends is the top story at the slightly less lunatic NYT.  Yes, Trump courted all the prostitutes in DC and the biggest was the lady standing with her cup at the corner of Wall Street and Beaver Street: Hillary Clinton.  He knows her very well.


Here is why the NYC police turned the Wiener computer stuff to the FBI:  it has a file about how he planned to cover up his sex crimes by blowing the lid on Clinton crimes.  This is why, when his wife ran around desperate to delete and cover up all the data and information the FBI wanted last summer, all of it, every last bit, went onto his secret sex computer files systems!!!!

As one sex scandal after another broils over the top of the DNC pot party (feeble attempt at a joke here) we have this news:  Weiner filed emails on his computer under “Life Insurance” which shows he isn’t stupid, just nasty:


As the Hillary Clinton/Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner sage unfolds, this morning a variety of unnamed NYPD sources have leaked a fascinating story to various media and social media outlets: the NYPD was investigating Anthony Weiner for sexting a 15 yr old and stumbled on tens of thousands of emails in a folder labeled “life insurance” on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Those emails, as we now know, contain content that is in some way shape or form are related to Hillary Clinton and her FBI investigation. The information was found by the NYPD Special Victims unit, who had a warrant per their involvement in the Weiner case.


Internal NYPD sources indicate that they discovered these files almost a month ago and turned them over to the FBI two weeks ago. These reports coincide with reports over the weekend of the NYPD’s involvement as they have investigated Weiner over the last month. Admittedly it’s speculative but is it difficult to imagine the FBI and DOJ attempted to keep this latest discovery quiet but were pressured to by the NYPD who would or could leak them themselves? Reports from a wide variety of news outlets indicate the DOJ refuses to give the FBI a warrant to review the evidence now in its possession – Comey revealing the presence of such evidence is a likely concession to the NYPD’s refusal to remain quiet.


OMG.  HAHAHA.  This is NOT in the NYT or Washington Post or any of the Bill&Hill comedy team’s news systems.  This news will eventually seep out of the control room and into the public and anyone who voted early for Hillary should get their vote back if they want to change it.


Or Hillary could throw in the towel and join Nixon wherever he resides today.  We know what I am referring to here.  This story should be screaming headlines but won’t, yet.  Eventually it will, it is inevitable that this searing mess will land smack dab in Hill&Bill’s nasty laps.


After another release of documents, FBI finds itself caught in a partisan fray asks the lunatics working for who write the tripe at the increasingly dumb Washington Post.  Duh.  Um, all elections are partisan.  And all agencies participate in these.  Hillary and her California gang want to cover up her filthy past.  Others don’t.  Now the FBI just released the documents of the Bill Clinton pardon of pals of his put in prison for crimes.


The WP is attacking the FBI, of course.  Being a criminal organization now, the WP and the con man have turned the Watergate paper into a paper tiger.  The paper today has nonstop attacks on Trump while excusing Clinton crimes.


‘He’s not one of us’: Trump still struggles to win over many Republicans according to the Washington Post.  HAHAHA.  Then there is this news:  Two police officers killed in ‘ambush-style attacks’ in Iowa, authorities say as assassins run riot in the US egged on by Obama and the DoJ buddy who believe that the police are the enemy and make it clear, it is OK to kill them while we should weep for thugs killed while fighting cops.


Here is news from outside the jungle which that WP rag won’t cover except to attack the victim:  Latest from the Trump conspiracy factory: Bill Clinton’s black son: this news totally enrages them.  A cute, polite young man who uses fewer swear words than Hillary, says that Bill is his daddy.  It is quite possibly true.  If I were Bill and Hill, I would embrace the lad and his cute kiddies and the black community would go wild.


Instead, Bill and Hill are attacking the young man.  They are smearing him.  They hate him!  They want him to disappear!!!  And Dana Milbank who weeps crocodile tears about black kids, kicks this young man in the shin, slaps his face and howls like a KKK cross burning racist.


Right next to this story,  we have George Will Not Have A Clue:  A fitting final chapter to 2016’s sleaze sweepstakes and who is ‘sleazy’?  Not the DNC which has been rocked by scandal after scandal!  Not the parade of Democrats facing prison time for crimes.  Not the media giants lying their heads off about everything.


I am surprised the headline left out ‘deplorable.’

The DNC brought up sex over and over again while screaming they don’t do sex scandals as sex scandals rose up around them with victims and illegitimate children of Bill crying for justice!  No, the WP thinks we all are ‘sleazy’.

Danney Williams Press Conference: Bill Clinton Is A Deadbeat Dad – YouTube


Then there is this well-educated black slave toiling at the computer for the WP owner had to write his humiliating story to keep his pay for buying food and clothing:  The everyday trauma of being a black man in America whines Jonathan Capehart on the same front page of the WP.  Like Milbank, this clown hates the son of Bill Clinton and wants him to go away.  This naked racism at the WP is most disturbing.  Do they like only blacks who service them and then shut up?


Mr. Capehart has this black woman whining that she and her male buddy were shot by the police when they refused to turn down very loud music at a gas station, the people there complained after she told them to go to hell so they called the cops, she and her companion still refused to cooperate with anyone and ended up in a violent confrontation caused by their refusal to be polite or considerate.


The WP thinks she is a hero and the cops are evil for doing all this to her and her noisy, violent companion.  Meanwhile, we are all being chided that Trump isn’t a total gentleman and touches women the same way Biden touches little girls….YIKES.  My teeth get set on edge just writing this, I was raped when only 5 years old.


How the U.S. media fails to defend itself against foreign propaganda” HAHAHA.  Is the Washington Post trying to make me laugh to death?  The US media stinks to high heaven.  They have finally reached this fantastic frontier whereby they can’t report even the simplest news story.


Donald Trump tries to kill political correctness — and ends up saving it whinges Barton Swaim.  PC Police run wild attacking everyone and anyone who says or writes something that irritates them all.  They are super obnoxious and have destroyed the lives and careers of many thousands of innocent bystanders who thought we had ‘free speech’.


We do not.  I have free speech because I was always my own boss so no one could fire me!  HAHAHA.  To that!  PC isn’t dead yet but I hope it dies, it is a monster.  The PC Police are loud and use cuss words nonstop and scream down anyone trying to have a conversation and damage property, force people to take dangerous detours around them when protesting like this week at Berkeley, my former school in California.

Berkeley Protesters Harass Students and Disrupt Campus – YouTube



Black Turnout Falls in Early Voting, a Bad Sign for Clinton which goes under ‘duh’.  She has been shown here at my own blog to be unable to fill even smallish events with black voters.  The black voters for Trump are very loud about this and many of them are men who aren’t criminals and see how the DNC has destroyed black marriages and home lives with welfare money.


New York Post


The assassination of two cops working in two different places is the top story at the NY Post which is ‘the working stiff’s paper.’  It also has the World Series for them all as front page which neither the NYT nor the WP did.


The Daily Mail in England has this hilarious headline:  Hillary is such a great debater that she doesn’t need to get the questions in advance, her team says – even as Donna Brazile loses CNN gig amid reports of passing questions to her.  Yes, Hillary didn’t need any stinking help but had to have it anyways and not report this to anyone but lie, instead.


For this alone, she should be removed by the DNC as a seriously flawed candidate, no?


But then, both the WP and the NYT missed (right!) the Hillary freaking out when a black man, yes, a black male, held up a Clinton rape sign in front of her.  There are many You Tube videos about this:  Click here for the long list of you tube videos of hillary heckler calls bill a rapist – YouTube

Hillary threatens to arrest black man for wearing “Bill Clinton is a rapist” t-shirt – YouTube


Ex-Secret Service officer behind Clinton tell-all planning defamation suit | New York Post reports, this is back, back page news in the WP and NYT.


FBI bows to Hillary Clinton supporters’ demands to probe Donald Trump links with Russia | Daily Mail Online reports in England and yesterday the FBI said they found absolutely nothing.  The demands of Hill and Bill that the FBI stop investigating THEM falls flat on its face again.


How FIVE separate FBI cases are probing virtually every one of Clinton’s inner circle | Daily Mail Online again, in England, reports.  Yes, the Bill & Hill gang have a gang.  I hope they do prison time.

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41 responses to “Wiener’s ‘Life Insurance’ Was A File Of All Bill & Hill Clinton Crimes On His Computer

  1. florida

    another complete failure of the lawless Obama/Clinton legacy:

    Ambush-style killings of police up 300%

    they are AGITATORS, they hate this country they hate the laws of this country, and they hate the law enforcers of this country.

    they probably hate the law because they break it so much!!!

    I hope there is a special place in hell for both of them.

  2. I notice these young progressive women are as vulgar as drunken sailors in a whorehouse. How not to win an argument. Anyway I see a few young beta white guys down with cause in the line blocking the gate. I guess they haven’t got memo..being a male feminist won’t get you laid!

  3. Lou

    Clinton Body Count. Weiner and Huma did not want to be killed.

  4. Lou

    Anonymous said…

    In other news: Local Negro kidnaps woman, holds her hostage in trailer home until cops show up after woman’s 11 years-old girl takes note to school asking for help.

    Embrace the cultural diversity. My favorite quote:”Police had three or four outstanding warrants they had been unable to serve on the suspect previously.”

  5. Lou

    Black shoots 3 ‘at random’ and kills 1. His relative shrugs it off with ‘D had a moment’– check the smile on this ape in mugshot—

  6. Claudeeyah

    This news will eventually seep out of the control room and into the public and anyone who voted early for Hillary should get their vote back if they want to change it.


    No, my dear, they are tried & true, died in the wool, self flagellating whites and their brethren, negroes. Nothing on earth, not even the revelation that Mrs. Clinton is indeed the anti-Christ, will dissuade them from their view that Hillary is the answer to, ahem… hundred and fitty (sic) years of injustice, earning a profit from something you invented or made better ten fold is evil, air conditioning and vacuum cleaners are bad, and abortion is a very near and dear thing, akin to a birth, only more so. No, they know best. And Madame Clinton is the One. You give the general public far, far, FAR too much credit for intelligence. TRUST ME….I have seen them, and they are anything but intelligent.

  7. Case

    Surely someone can get hold of Clinton DNA. Offer a reward for someone to smuggle his linen or cutlery out of a hotel. If he starts to carry rubbing alcohol everywhere and wear hair nets then, well, that’s as good as an admission as well.

  8. Melponeme_k

    “The black voters for Trump are very loud about this and many of them are men who aren’t criminals and see how the DNC has destroyed black marriages and home lives with welfare money.”

    The elite live in a bubble and they think the only black people are the ones in ghettos swallowing the welfare poison. But they ignore or disenfranchise the middle class black citizens who still have families, jobs and education. These black Americans are just as conservative and protestant as middle class white Americans. The elites have taken their leadership and given to criminals like Sharpton.

    I’m glad they are rising up to make themselves heard.

  9. Moe

    Previously I have stated my fear that there won’t be enough rope. Now I’m contemplating that there won’t be enough lampposts.

  10. Petruchio

    ” PC Police run wild attacking everyone and anyone who says or writes something that irritates them all.” This is exactly why we should ALL say, do or write something the PC Crowd hates. The purpose of Thought Police–or PC Police if you like, is to stifle criticism, stifle opposing thoughts to what the PC crowd wants to hear. The PC crowd are fascists; they do not tolerate ANY dissent!! So let’s give them all the DISSENT we can throw at them.
    So let yours truly, Petruchio, take the first anti PC shot here: The feminist Movement was/is not about empowering WOMEN. It is about neutering men, especially WHITE males. It is guided and controlled by women who have little appeal to men–either as wife material or as sex objects.

  11. emsnews

    My grandmother was a suffragette. She was one of the very very first women to go to a MEN’S university and got an astronomer’s degree. My mother was an astronomer, too. I had to sue for my civil rights so I could take boy’s classes like shop and automechanics, etc. I was one of the first girls in school to sue repeatedly for various things which then were given to me without it going to trial, the state of Arizona surrendered to me each time.

    I am a REAL feminist. What we are seeing now are actually Maoist lunatics who hate men, hate social things, hate everything and want everyone to be their slaves. We have nothing in common and I bet even at 66 years of age, I could beat the snot out of them all.

    PS: I fight like a man, not a girl.

  12. Maddie's Mom

    Isn’t technology the bomb?! LOL

  13. Shawntoh

    Speaking of “bomb”, here’s another one from Project Veritas Action/James O’Keefe. It seems this time we get a sickening taste on video of what some of the donors to HRC really think of black people! Disturbing but, cynically, not surprising, sad to say. Watch at your own risk.

  14. Petruchio

    @#11: Elaine: exactly right! These current PC feminists are frauds. They keep claiming women are the equal to men, but they are always looking to use Court Orders and lawsuits and legislation. Women in this “World” can’t achieve ANYTHING unless there is a threat of a severe penalty. Donald Trump is a good example. Trump gropes a few bimbos 11 YEARS AGO and it is still news! I don’t endorse groping women but how on Earth is this worthy of a Presidential campaign!?
    Most attractive women–in the REAL world–are going to have to deal with a aggressive male who gets a little grabby. The solution to this problem are a basic social skills set. Some male pinches a woman’s butt or touches her inappropriately in another way, the woman should SLAP HIM ACROSS THE FACE! Not file a lawsuit. And I will say it straight out: while certainly inappropriate, a woman getting her precious little rear end pinched is not a crime. Slap the dude across the face. The PC crowd are creating a generation of women who are going to be emotionally scarred just because some a##hole ‘goosed’ them. That can’t be healthy.

  15. Claudeeyah

    Donald Trump is a good example. Trump gropes a few bimbos 11 YEARS AGO and it is still news!

    Nope, Pet. None of it was “news” until the elite started sh*tting their pants with the idea that Trump is gonna take this MF. You can smell the fear. Negroes, as if it can be only imagined, smell even worse. Had to correct the cashier at Food Lion today for charging me twice for the same item. They are in panic mode. Stephen Colbert is practically in melt down mode now.

  16. Claudeeyah

    “One of the prettiest sites is watching the rich and privileged enjoy their riches and privileges.”

    Jimmy Stewart – The Philadelphia Story

    Until….that is, the you-know-what hits the fan, and then everyone is scrambling for cover. Hope you folks went long on popcorn, cause this promises to be quite the show. Is it my turn to do the beer run?

  17. Maddie's Mom

    Not particularly a feminist here, but why can’t men just keep their hands off women they have no business touching in the first place? It literally requires no effort whatsoever!

  18. Claudeeyah


    With all due respect, Maddie’s Mom, men are notorious for being absolute leches. Horrible creatures, one and all. With that being said, they like to f*ck more than anything in the world. Yep, more than accumulating riches. And what your ma may or may not have told you, sex is on their minds constantly. Horrible,vile, loathsome creatures.

    Problem is, they are mostly clever when it comes to changing the ball bearings on your tractor or finding the missing twenty dollars and change your check book is “missing”. It is an odd trade off, but the world has been tolerating these (white) males for the past million or so years. A$$holes? Well, yeah. But they also put together what we call “civilizations” so we kinda tolerate them, gnome sane?

  19. Christian W

    @ Elaine

    It’s not Trump they fear. He is plenty dirty enough and inside enough. FBI started leaking what they sat on because they know if Hillary gets elected, and the way things were rigged it would have been a miracle if she hadn’t been, they would have been purged because they knew too much.

    Also I assume there are still some people sane enough, and patriotic enough, in the system that want to clean up the mess before it is too late. A Clinton presidency would be the last straw I am sure. A political creature like Hillary, who needs a teleprompter to tell her when to smile (thank you wikileaks emails), is clearly psychopath enough to do whatever she wants if she can get away with it.

    It’s funny the Clintons can’t really smear Trump, because then they would get too close to their own (both of them) “hodgy podgy”.

    What the US establishment really fears is what is in those emails. My guess is that Weiner sat on much, much more than the Clinton emails, including proof of pedophilia rings like Epstein and establishment people involved in that.

    The FBI sits on a real political nuclear bomb and now we will see the political game of what will be revealed and what will be kept under wraps as far too damaging for the US system and image domestically and internationally.

    Wikileaks made all this possible, so we owe them a huge thank you.

  20. Claudeeyah


    Yes, Christian W,, the elite are terrified of sex and fascinated by it at the exact same time. . They love sex with children because that gives them power. Like Elaine, I was raped as a child, although I was in my teens hen an “elite” raped me. Same difference, however.

    They know nobody will ever come forth and tell about their crimes, so they commit them with impunity….until……well…until Anthony Weiner. What he has on Bill will most likely curl your toes. The rot goes deep on this one and it smells to high heaven.

  21. emsnews

    Thank you, Claudeeya. Why do adult men rape girls? Power. I was raped by a Skull and Bones person because of POWER. That year, I was struck by lightning and my ancestor, Henry Steele, was a founding member of that coven at Yale in the early 19th century so I was an ‘interesting object’ because…it gave them more ‘power.’

    In my own case, it set me on the warpath against them. I want them ended. I have gone to greatest lengths to screw up their magic spells. The Bush clan belongs to this coven.

    And they use Geronimo’s skull for magic and the Apaches and I both know this and now it is beginning to backfire.

    This week, Kerry, a Skull and Bones person, has been fighting Trump and doing stupid things. He is vulnerable. The clue here is letting everyone know the screwy, stupid things the Skull and Bones and the Clintons are doing. They can’t win forever.

  22. Claudeeyah


    Yes, it is about power and it is about control. For a very long time I blamed myself. Rapists are a self absorbed bunch. They care not about you or your feelings. They want control and they will stop at nothing to get it. They see us as mere pawns to use and abuse at their whim. I suspect Donald Trump is cut from the same cloth, as he changes wives like other men change their socks and underwear. Mrs. Clinton is far worse, in my opinion. She not only condones Bill’s sexual predation, but protects it as well. That, apart from everything else, is all I need to know when I examine her character. She is rotten to the core- a truly demonic person.

    A common denominator among these abusers is that they seek out those who appear “weak”. In my case, I was a very young teen who was just beginning to bud with sexuality. Being very religious back then, I considered suicide after being raped. I dared not tell anyone what had happened. My rapist was very keen on making sure I would take the event to my grave without telling a soul. He is most likely dead now, as I am well into my fifties.

    I have no animosity toward my rapist or the way it impacted my life in general.. I suspect you are similar to me in that it has made me infinitely stronger. I can smell a demon from far away, and Bill Clinton and his evil wife reek of evil. Mr. Trump is far from perfect, but as far as I can tell, he has not (yet) sold his soul to the devil.


    ELAINE: You break my heart. The pain never goes away, of course. I must tell you about the most important moment in my life. I took a big hunting knife and followed by our dalmatian and my cat, we three went to this small mountain hill at sunset and I stood in front of this old saguaro and prepared to kill myself.

    Suddenly, I heard the Voice of Saguaro Woman: ‘You can survive the pain, look! In June, when it is the hottest, the Summer Rains come and look! My flowers bloom at night! And we live again!’

    I dropped the knife and cried, ‘How can I do this?’ And She laughed and said, ‘Birds fly, I stand here and they build their nests in my arms and they eat my fruits and spread my seeds (word to outsiders: this is how saguaros spread, via bird droppings!) and look, all my children surround me! Even if it doesn’t rain for 100 years, my seeds still grow again!’

    I then embraced Her and jumped up and yelled to my pets, ‘I am alive again! I will NEVER DESPAIR again!’ This was all in the winter of 1966. By 1967, I was all over the planet causing problems for our rulers…

  23. floridasandy

    Feminism is about division now, not equality.

    True feminists would never support Hillary and her open border immigration policies. It would give away too much of what they worked for originally.

    It is almost ridiculous to say we tolerate men when most of our inventions that have improved our lives are created by men. Women can do it also, but it hasn’t really been encouraged in the school system. I would like to see that change, and I would LOVE for school vouchers to be the norm in the future. Parents would have a lot more influence in how their children turned out, as would teachers.

    This administration got an extra $4.3 billion in stimulus money that Congress approved for education-where did it all go? Vouchers would give parents control over that money, and the teachers too.

  24. Seraphim

    It is hard for an outsider to not be disquieted (actually frightened) by contemplating how America descended into the bedlam.

  25. will

    Off topic, Elaine, but did you hear about the attempt to overturn Brexit? The High Court ruled that Parliament can vote on whether to stay or not. I heard it on the radio this morning. What are your thoughts on this, Elaine?

  26. Lou

    “I am a REAL feminist. What we are seeing now are actually Maoist lunatics who hate men, hate social things, hate everything and want everyone to be their slaves. We have nothing in common and I bet even at 66 years of age, I could beat the snot out of them all.”

    And you didnt anticipate how Leftism and Feminism would devolve, did you?
    USA was a much nicer and safer place before the left took over.

  27. Petruchio

    Obviously, rape is a crime. The perpetrator needs to be sent to prison–and men who rape children need to be castrated. People who do that are NOT the same type of person who “gooses” a female he wants to date. There is NO connection between the two. The sex drive is powerful and normal. Good men have a sex drive, creepy men–like Joe Biden–have one. Maybe if the women Trump groped didn’t walk around wearing “F#ck me” clothes he might leave them alone.
    And do you notice how our “fair and balanced” media are completely SILENT when it comes to Blacks and sex? How many pro athletes have to spawn 9 kids with 7 different women while NOT being married to ANY of them? Listen to Black music. You want to hear women-hating lyrics, you won’t have to wait long listening to Black music. And: 82% of black children are born out of wedlock. Not a peep from the media.
    @#17: You are absolutely correct; men SHOULD keep their hands to themselves, but people, INCLUDING men, are human. They step out of bounds. Do things they shouldn’t. So do women. Getting pinched on the ass isn’t the same thing as rape. Not even close.

  28. Petruchio

    BTW: just for the record, Petruchio has NO sexual harassment complaints outstanding. Most all women who know me think I’m cute and cuddly!

  29. emsnews

    The utter failure of the left to save blacks from social destruction is clear to anyone with a brain. The black community has self destructed to a point of terrifying…what? We know what. Trump is no angel. He doesn’t like me at all…but he has stumbled into a very dangerous place ruled by the Bilderberg gang, the CIA, the foreign rich and powerful, the Real Rulers of our country.

    They WILL KILL HIM even and especially if he loses this election due to theft. They have been very anxious he says, before the election, he won’t contest the voting process or counting systems all of which are run by our rulers.

  30. emsnews

    His most latest speech about the Real Rulers could have been written by me, this is how close to death he is. I can’t warn him, Wikileaks people can’t warn him, he has to figure this out, himself. Quickly, time is now running out.

  31. Christian W

    @ # 26

    And how about the devolution of Capitalism, Lou? The US hasn’t fallen prey to the ‘left’. The ‘left’, such as it was, was eliminated during the 60s, 70s, 80s onwards. The drive to the right was relentless from Reagan onwards with “neoliberalism” ie Laissez Faire Capitalism controlled by the super rich, destroying Europe, Russia and the US.

    The US is an Oligarchy, as extreme right wing as it is possible to get, with all the wealth in the hands of a few.

  32. Christian W

    @ Elaine

    There hasn’t been a real left in the US since… well, WWII or thereabouts, possibly the 30s and the New Deal. But even that was probably not a real left just sanity trying to balance the excesses of the Ruling Oligarch class.

    Obviously the paradigm for what goes for “Right” and “Left” is very specific in the deliberately narrow, controlled and dumbed down US context. Then again, that fact only shows the deep split from reality and the inevitable systemic crisis that is now so tangible.

  33. Moe

    Americans are schizophrenic regarding sex. Pre Word War ll, America was sexually repressed, much more so than Europe, in particular Southern Europe. Even a staunchly Roman Catholic country like Italy had a much healthier attitude towards sex, though women were closely chaperoned until married. Nevertheless, no-one, especially women were offended by overt sexual overtones of admiration or physical touching such as pinching posteriors. But in America this would be labeled as ‘sexual assault’.

    During World War ll American servicemen were executed for rape. Though this was the outcome of military tribunals, it was still reflective of prevailing US social mores. (Other armies may have had similar military jurisprudence). The French in particular were perplexed that executions would result from such a crime, as reprehensible as it was.

    Since the ’60’s a complete reversal of social mores has evolved in America. sexual display is pervasive and sexual relations perverted. The problem is that the previous semi-puritanical perspective is residual, and hence the US suffers from deeply conflicting attitudes towards sex.

  34. Maddie's Mom

    Men..get a girlfriend or a wife..and then.. pinch all you want.

    “Goosing”, for instance, a married woman, or a woman who has a boyfriend, or a woman who simply doesn’t want to be touched by some random guy, just because, well, that’s what guys do and ‘they can’t help themselves’, is wrong.

    Sorry, but I would have to ask, who the hell do you think you are and what gives you the right?

  35. emsnews

    EXCEPT not one female whined about it when a super rich media giant male touched THEM. They only became fainting virgins many years later.

  36. Lou

    Christian, you are in Europe?
    It depends on how the term ‘left’ is defined.
    Left —

    Fake Green [watermelon, pinko on inside] movement
    Fake AGW movement [one of EMS es best riposte]
    Open Borders
    Multi Cult
    Affirmative action
    hate crimes laws

    Yr –The US hasn’t fallen prey to the ‘left’. The ‘left’, such as it was, was eliminated during the 60s, 70s, 80s onwards. –I disagree.

  37. Lou

    EXCEPT not one female whined about it when a super rich media giant male touched THEM. They only became fainting virgins many years later.

    —With Gloria Alreds help. Johnny Cockroach is dead, so he cant ‘help.’

  38. Moe

    Maddie’s Mom/Elaine,

    I had to truncate my 10:19 posting due to pressing business but Elaine managed to address the overriding issue in discussion.

    Your response is indicative of your cultural disposition. It would be an error to assume all cultures reflect your values. But I do appreciate your perspective.

    If one reverses the genders involved, I would not personally appreciate a female, regardless of how attractive, groping me (unless, of course, I was interested, which in general, being happily married, I am not). Though I have never queried male friends on this issue to assess their responses and compare them with mine, allow me to describe my anticipated personal reaction.

    I would be irritated. Though recognizing the advance as sexual, that is not how I would FEEL about it. My reaction would differ little from some male taking unwarranted liberty with my personal space by encroaching on my ‘comfort zone’ or non-sexually touching me. Note that these male behaviors are common to some cultures, Latin America comes to mind but there are many more. What I find interesting about my personal reaction is that it would be an asexual response.

    From a cultural perspective (I assume you are American or Canadian) your reaction is the norm. It doesn’t mean that all cultures share your values, nor should they, and it would behoove us to appreciate that the denizens of this Earth do not all share your (or my) worldview.

  39. Maddie's Mom

    Yes, I think Gloria Alred is encouraging the Trump accusers and the Clinton gang is compensating them.

    So perhaps all should err on the side of caution in this melting pot of diverse cultures and just keep Hands Off.

  40. Jim R

    I’ll just leave this here …

    Slowly some details are emerging among all the emails and investigations.

    Elaine was right, people are freaks. And the ones in high places are orders of magnitude worse than you thought.

  41. Lou

    I hope he talks and walks. AW gets 21 months.

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