Bilderberg Gang Strikes Back, UK Court Demands Brexit Be Rerun In Parliament


This is why we have civil wars over and over again in history:  Prospect of early general election increases after High Court rules Government cannot trigger Article 50 without parliamentary approval.  Chaos is now approaching annihilation in England.  A key underlying issue is how to circumvent the People of Britain who voted while not alienating them totally and the other underlying issue which is immense is the Muslim invasion of Europe which is ongoing and totally connected to NATO policies that unleashed this tsunami on Europe and was caused by plots by the Bilderberg gang in the first place.


This attempt at reasserting sovereignty is highly important and the gangsters running our systems are freaking out over this breakaway colony of England messing up plans set into motion way back after the end of WWII and the disintegration of the British Empire.


The High Court has ruled that the Government does not have power to trigger Article 50 without parliamentary approval and a vote from MPs.  Campaigners have won their battle over Theresa May’s decision to use the royal prerogative in her Brexit strategy to start the process of leaving the European Union.


Sigh.  Will the British People revolt?  Will they demand this rule end?  Will the succeed?  Have they the guts to finally fight to the death?  Can Americans do this?  You bet!  The part of the country most enraged about the media/Clinton business is very heavily armed.  I have an arsenal of sorts, I know people who have considerable arsenals.


People in the military are by definition, armed and trained in fighting.  Can the Bilderberg gang fool them into yet another pointless, illegal, illicit war against distant Muslims and add on Russia and China to the list?  I doubt this, the propaganda against Putin is menacing people who were fooled into invading Iraq which was supposed to be a cake walk and appeared this way for a few months until the counter revolt rose up and has been steadily eating up our military year after year in futile fighting that is a failure.


The government have said they will appeal the decision in the Supreme Court. A spokesperson confirmed: “We will appeal this judgment.”  The Lord Chief Justice has ruled that the government’s arguments are “contrary to fundamental constitutional principles of the sovereignty of parliament”.


This begs the question, ‘What is Parliament?’  Ahem.  It is supposed to represent the will of the People.  In doing this, when elected, and doesn’t do this, we have a crisis.  This is why the supporters of Brexit will now have to play this all over again via another snap election.  Even so, how can they force the people they vote into office to do their will?


Ahem: BRIBERY!!!  You can promise the moon and then deliver cheese.  That is, even when elected, they can choose to do as they wish, to hell with the voters.  If bribed enough (future jobs, goodies for spouses, etc.) so what?  There was a ‘vote’ even if corrupt.


Adding: “The court does not accept the argument put forward by the government. There is nothing in the text of the 1972 Act to support it.”  MPs have suggested that Mrs May could be forced to call a snap general election next year to ensure she has enough supportive MPs to get her Brexit plan through the House of Commons.


And Labour leaders are figuring this out:


‘Labour voters chose Leave’
John Mills, the Labour donor and Brexit backer, has also responded to the verdict.


I find it inconceivable that MPs would take a stand against the clear wishes of their own constituents – especially in the 70 per cent of Labour constituencies that voted Leave.


Many MPs may well have voted Remain but they are aware that they represent the people in their area and, in my view, they have a duty to reflect those people’s majority view.


Labour voters chose Leave because the EU is bad for working people, their families and their future. Nothing has changed since the referendum.


Bravo.  We have no direct means of instructing the President or Congress.  We can only vote in a system near collapse as election crimes pile up and nothing is done to fix anything especially our crooked voting systems and the primary calendar.


We see this over and over again: bribing politicians is super easy and now, rampant.  Our votes really don’t matter if the winners then conspire like we see the GOP and DNC gang doing today against Trump who is an outsider.  And the DNC rigged primaries so one third of the delegate votes go to party insiders who then control everything to prevent any outsiders like Sanders stopping them from looting our nation.


Trump supports Brexit.  So do I.  It is life and death with Brussels demanding Britain bring in a million angry Muslim males because Merkel screwed up Germany doing this and France is burning due to this.




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4 responses to “Bilderberg Gang Strikes Back, UK Court Demands Brexit Be Rerun In Parliament

  1. Jim R

    Elaine, I’m curious to know what you think of Zephyr Teachout.

    There was a tweet from Lessig, which mentioned that she is running in the NY 19th district. So I looked on Wikipedia, and see that Berlin is in the 19th. Just thought I’d ask..

  2. Jim R

    Or I should say, looks like Berlin is in the 19th. The maps on Wikipedia are kind of vague, and I couldn’t find a current district map, and they keep re-jiggering the gerrymander boundaries.

    TBH, I can barely find my own congressional district on a map.

  3. Christian W

    Erdogan has just arrested all the leaders of Turkey’s third largest party. This man is setting NATO Turkey up as a Muslim Brotherhood Jihadist tin-pot dictatorship.

  4. Christian W

    Not hard to predict there is more crazy to come from Erdogan. What is really interesting is how Russia is playing this situation. Russia may be throwing the Kurds under the buss here, but that would be a reaction to Barzani and some Kurdish factions selling out to Saudi Arabia and the US.

    The US formed Kurdish and Arab units (the Syrian “Democratic” Forces SDF) as a tool to help create “Sunnistan” by breaking parts off Iraq and Syria. The US just announced a plan to use the SDF as a spear head force to go south and invade Raqqa – ISIS capital in Syria.

    That plan would be impossible if Erdogan, the mad attack dog, is off his leash, eating Kurds for breakfast and coming down on the Kurds from the north.

    When the US led plot to oust Erdogan failed Russia sensed the opportunity to embarass the US and use Turkey to flip the strategic situation.

    Putin knows that Erdogan is mad, but now he has Erdogan chewing on US and NATO legs too.

    Unfortunately for the Kurds (many different factions) they are now caught in the cog wheels between the US/Israel, Turkey, Iran, Iraq and ISIS/Al Qaeda/Saudi Arabia and Russia.

    The way Russia has played this it makes sense for the Kurds to ally with Syria against Turkey for protection. Kick out the US and Saudi Arabia (who wants to use the Kurds against Syria). Kurds would get land and support from Syria, Iraq and Iran and protection against Turkey from Russia and the mentioned nations. The US would be squeezed out.

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