Clinton Corruption And War Crimes Today Mirrors Nixon War Crimes And Corruption


Yes, Obama is backtracking after his handlers (Wall Street billionaires) snapped his neck for not fully supporting their puppet, Hillary.  Since then, the gang has been attacking Comey nearly nonstop.  He went from the hero who saved Clinton during the convention to the monster who is attacking Clinton and she imagines that aping Nixon in this game is a great plan for a bright future as ruler.  Or rather, puppet.  The hands manipulating her are the global rich.  The vast bulk of Wikileak news is being interdicted by the big media owners who are all losing money for a number of years now and are being sold to this country:  Chinese firms go on a buying spree for American companies which is quite ironic.



International money grubbers like Hillary are OK with all this.  The true scandal this election remains the two things I rage about: our politicians nakedly selling their services to foreign entities while hiding this or conspiring to tell us, this is fantastic news and the other item is WWIII which they seem bent on causing.  I still remember how our media covered Reagan’s betrayal when he trotted off to Japan to collect $2 million for a ‘speech’ few of the money bags listening to him bothered to even comprehend, they just wanted his ‘arigato’.


I wanted him arrested back then and charged with treason.  To my horror, the US media boasted that the Japanese LDP men thought Reagan was a golden tongued speaker and how charming it was, they had to pay that much to hear what he was giving away for nothing in the US!  There were no calls to arrest him for treason.  So all our ‘leaders’ now indulge in this form of ‘speechs’ which are naked collection of bribes and the Clintons were most open about this except they were so ashamed of their crimes, they refused to release any of these ‘speeches’.


Wikileaks did this service for us and whoever hacked the Podesta information trove and other hidden systems will be, if caught, sent to prison to be tortured.  I had a dear friend who was sent to prison during the Vietnam War due to his press conference about refusing to be drafted.  He spent several years in the prison in Florence, Arizona.


It was pure hell for this highly intellectual young man and he was a psychological mess afterwards and lived with me for a while while we got him some mental health care.  This election, due to mirroring 1968 and 1972, is causing a flood of painful memories for me which is why I am writing so much about it.  I have no doubt that Trump will never set foot in the White House, if he manages to overcome all the systems, and wins anything, he will be killed off.  With his entire family, most likely.


As usual, I get most of my news from Europe:  REVEALED: Massachusetts law firm partners donated $1.6M to Democrats – including Hillary – and then received bonuses that exactly matched their donations in huge ‘straw-donor scheme’.  In 1968, I got all my news from Europe, I lived there and was part of the news stream, literally.  My exploits were part of the news back then!


The CIA thought, when I was arrested in Germany and deported, I would vanish, instead, I was twice as noisy when I slipped the leash and illegally reentered the US and then turned up in California to taunt them.  They realized, going after a teenager doing all this would advertise how to do this so they dropped the matter and only chatted with me about it, no arrest here.


None of this made the NYT or WP back then nor would it today, I illustrate how this works in the Real World to show that 90% of the weird real news makes no news because the CIA controls our news media here from top to bottom.  Reporters breaking this system are usually driven to suicide which is why I gave up talking to anyone in the mainstream, it is ridiculous.


I wish I could have filmed Phil Donohue running down the corridor in Manhattan, waving his arms at me and yelling, ‘Go away, go away!’ when he bussed me there back when the Chinese students were camped next to the UN protesting Bush Sr.’s deportation orders.  He was scared, very scared and even more scared when I laughed at him.  He didn’t ask me why I was laughing, he just wanted me to vanish.


Back to corrupt CIA clown, Hillary Clinton:


A growing number of party politicians are now returning donations from Thornton Law after it was found that the firm’s partners received bonuses that matched their political donations in what may be one of the largest schemes ever revealed.


An investigation found that partners donated nearly $1.6 million to mostly Democratic committees and candidates, including Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, from 2010 through 2014.


During that same period, the lawyers received $1.4 million listed as ‘bonuses,’ including more than 280 in amounts that precisely matched their donations.


Some of them were supposedly reimbursed just 10 days after their money was sent to the party…A spokesman for the Thornton Law Firm said its donation reimbursement program was reviewed by outside lawyers and complied with relevant laws.


However, campaign finance experts said it raises numerous red flags because reimbursing people for their political donations is generally illegal.


I am betting that 90% of the corporate people giving money to Hillary have this exact same scheme.  It is obvious that this isn’t what the legal eagles at Thornton Law did because they are not that stupid, they knew they were breaking the law, they just thought no one would report this and nothing would happen because if Hillary wins, no one will ever investigate.


$5,000 for a selfie with Huma! Clinton campaign touts chance for a picture with FBI target in bid to sweep up more of the ultra-rich’s dollars as she continues collecting illicit bribes for Hillary.  She was very big on doing this because Hillary’s health means she can’t run all over the place collecting bribes, herself.



Hillary Clinton’s once-closest aide is to headline a fundraiser in Washington DC on Thursday evening, with the chance to be photographed with her going for $5,000.


The picture is also likely to include the chance to be photographed with Anna Wintour and Diane von Furstenberg, the co-hosts of the fundraising evening for the Hillary for Victory fund.


The invitations were issued a week ago but are still thought to be valid, despite Abedin now being a target for the FBI. They were obtained by the Independent Journal Review.


Digging away, various organizations are uncovering all the hidden stuff only that is as far as it goes…in the US.  Again, take a look where I got this vital news: Europe!  Americans don’t know, this was true back in 1968 when I was running around Europe giving speeches and running from the police and the military there.  At least all that made news there!  I did the same here and zero news.


We are, despite the internet, back in that same odious state of most vital news being hidden by US media giants.  The idea they can do this when we can access news from all over the planet is insane but they do try their best.


Here is very vital news not in the NYT or WP or the TV news giants:  This WikiLeaks Email Proves Cheryl Mills And Hillary Clinton Lied To The FBI | The Daily Caller reports.  The mainstream media says the opposite, of course.  They are liars, goes without saying.  I found this conversation between lawyers at this small news site interesting:


Bluebird11 • 18 hours ago
I posted this a while ago on The Hill’s site: Cheryl Mills should not have been allowed to claim attorney-client privilege (ACP) with Clinton. ACP is broken if an attorney has a conversation with the client with a third party present. My first question to Mills if I was a prosecutor would be: Did you have any conversations with Clinton regarding work issues while others were present? Also, if Mills was employed by State and was being payed by State, how could she be Clinton’s private attorney? There would be a conflict of interest. Moreover, where is Clinton’s proof she paid Mills? The whole thing is a scam. The FBI/DOJ, if their investigation was legit, should never have allowed it.

Jack Strawb Bluebird11 • 11 hours ago
If Mills was employed by State, didn’t she have to attest w/ signature that she was not employed elsewhere or list such employment?

Not just evidence of payment, but that document or its absence might be helpful.


Bluebird11 Jack Strawb • 11 hours ago
Probably. Cheryl Mills demonstrates that the first FBI investigation was not legit. Here is Mills’ job description:


Mills served as the Counselor and Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton beginning in January 2009. In her capacity as Counselor, she was a principal officer who served the Secretary as a special adviser on major foreign policy challenges. As Chief of Staff, Mills managed the Department’s staff, providing support to the Secretary in administering operations of the Department. Doesn’t sound like a personal attorney to me.


Below is what the 8th Circuit Court said about public employees using attorney client privilege (ACP). Mind you, this was from the Whitewater case regarding Hillary Clinton. All the federal public ACP cases seem to involve the Clintons and their movable cesspool:


“We believe the strong public interest in honest government and in exposing wrongdoing by public officials would be ill-served by recognition of a governmental attorney-client privilege applicable in criminal proceedings inquiring into the actions of public officials. We also believe that to allow any part of the federal government to use its in-house attorneys as a shield against the production of information relevant to a federal criminal investigation would represent a gross misuse of public assets.” In re Subpoena Duces Tecum, 112 F.3d at 915


Will we hear this discussion on TV with some vapid ‘reporters’ who are wearing miniskirts and fancy hairdos?  Nope.  No powdered power clothes male puppets dares let anyone say this on air, either.  Airheads rule on TV for a reason: they don’t rock any boats unless ordered by their captains all of whom are pirates.


And this is all about crimes not being stopped:  WikiLeaks Revelation: Hillary Campaign Chairman Podesta Told Staff “Have to dump all those emails” — Intent To Obstruct Justice ! ! !



John Podesta’s Best Friend At The DOJ Will Be In Charge Of The DOJ’s Probe Into Huma Abedin Emails and the very same person who will ‘investigate’ these crimes happens to be the close buddy of the Clinton Campaign Chair: Peter Kadzik who  Had Dinner With Top DOJ Official One Day After Hillary’s Benghazi Hearing.  This man is a close friend of Podesta.  Obviously, they want to do what Nixon tried to do.  Back then, I remarked that Nixon’s pardon meant nothing was fixed and Watergate would happen again and as usual, was right about the future.


My prediction back in December, 2000 that the illicit Supreme Court ruling meant that the election mess back then will happen again is also probably coming true, too.


More vital news from overseas hidden in the US:  Trump clobbers Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta…Compromised: Justice Department official in charge of Clinton email probe gave Hillary campaign chairman Podesta ‘heads up’ about crucial Congress hearing into her secret server, Wikileaks reveals| Daily Mail Online


Less than a day after delivering a disciplined, on-message speech in Wisconsin that seemed to mark a new approach to his final week of campaigning, Trump launched into a tirade Wednesday about the Obama administration official.


‘One of the top Department of Justice officials involved in the email investigation, Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik, is a close associate of John Podesta,’ Trump said in Miami, referring to Clinton’s campaign chairman.


‘The two met for dinner after Clinton testified about Benghazi, and Podesta … described him as the man who kept him, Podesta, “out of jail.”


‘Kadzik is also the one who led the effort to confirm Attorney General Lorretta Lynch. Now today in a newly released email … we learn Kadzik was feeding information about the investigation to the Clinton campaign, and Kadzik said: “It will be awhile before the State Department posts the emails”.’


‘Podesta forwarded the emails to Clinton’s top staff and said: “Additional chances for mischief.” These are the people who want to run our country, folks!’


Trump blasted this news as best he could but it fell dead silent in the US with only his immediate audience hearing it.  Headlines?  Nope.  He now obviously understands what is going on here.  The panic at the top is immense because if he actually gets into the White House he can wipe them all out if he chooses to pursue their crimes during this election. Right?


Imagine if these monsters who casually set entire nations into pure hell and chaos to overthrow rulers on their death lists won’t do that here?  Of course, they will.  Who will be chosen to kill Trump?  It can’t be a black male unless they want race wars here but then, how about race wars here?  The dark corners of these people’s plots are constantly amazing to watch, they think nothing of doing such things to the rest of us.


How long can Clinton evade if Trump is assassinated, that is the question we all must consider:  Attorney General is SUED to come clean on secret meeting with Bill Clinton | Daily Mail Online, as usual, news from overseas.


The meeting in June was barely a week before the Justice Department which she heads dropped its probe into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.


The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) filed the lawsuit against the Department of Justice in Washington on Wednesday demanding more information about the meeting, which led to Lynch stepping aside from the server investigation…Lynch was subsequently spotted leaving her jet and local media, who knew Clinton was at the airport, put two and two together. Despite Lynch’s insistence that the half-hour meeting was a social call, a political firestorm ensued in which the DOJ’s independence was questioned.


‘Our conversation was a great deal about grandchildren, it was primarily social about our travels and he mentioned golf he played in Phoenix,’ she told CNN affiliate KNXV/ABC15 shortly afterwards.


But the ACLJ is demanding more information about the meeting and is suing the Obama administration, which it slammed for its ‘arrogance and inappropriate actions’.


What pulled down Nixon?  His own recordings of his nefarious activities in the White House!  What is Obama’s and Hillary’s doom?  Them using the Internet to go around laws covering inside government communications to prevent another Watergate!  The mirror image is nearly perfectly aligned.


When Nixon was pardoned by his own VP who was now President was illegal.  Ford should have been charged with a crime for this action.  I was furious.  We were told by the media, he was ‘healing America’ not betraying America.  They told us all to shut the hell up.  I wanted war crimes to be raised now that Nixon was out of office and Kissinger was NOT out of office at all and I desperately wanted him charged with war crimes.  LBJ was on his death bed during all this and In His Final Days, LBJ Agonized Over His Legacy and I hope all the devils in hell are helping him agonize over his own war crimes.


America’s refusal to pursue Nüremberg crimes when we break moral laws meant we continue to do this today.  And basically legalized Nazi war crimes.  And my father testified at the Nüremberg Trials and my last speech in Europe was on this topic, in Nüremberg while standing on a wall there.


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9 responses to “Clinton Corruption And War Crimes Today Mirrors Nixon War Crimes And Corruption

  1. emsnews

    I try to stick to the obvious illegal stuff. I know all about child rape being a victim of this very thing but pursuing it politically is suicidal. Instead, people doing crummy things to children do all sorts of other crummy things that are easier to prove. Nixon butchered many children overseas without mercy but was snagged on basically technicalities around a break into an office.

  2. Jim R

    The Clintons are no slouches when it comes to butchering people overseas.

  3. Lou

    I [ignorant of history] recently learned that Churchill,

    presided over a famine in Bengal in 1943 which killed several million people. He was criticized even at the time for his government’s role. Was that genocide?

    The information on the scale of the famine was patchy and unreliable at best. A similar famine at the same time was occuring in Greece (at the time Nazi occupied) If indeed it was genocide, it was accidental genocide by mis-management and negligence (compounded of course by the war). Not cold blooded mass murder like the concentration camps.

    Although, frankly, I don’t believe Churchill lost any sleep over the Bengali people who starved to death.

  4. Lou

    Podesta and—-Mr. Russeth, After re-reading your article, I find it highly suspect you left out Abramovics use of human blood mixed with sperm, cutting, blood letting, use of child like figures covered in blood and stone walls. You also fail to mention Abramovic immediately deleting her youtube videos showing this. I think you are more than just a shill, I think you are evil also. I would like to meet you in person to discuss if you are available. Regards. –I will send a link.

  5. Lou

    Here is a report on gal who claimed to be sex slave,
    by Henry Makow Ph.D.
    Two women tortured, brainwashed and prostituted by the Illuminati paint a disturbing picture of how the world is really run. Both say they were prostituted to world leaders as children.

    They are Brice Taylor, author of Thanks for the Memories (1999) and Cathy O’Brien (with Mark Phillips) author of Trance-Formation of America (1995).

    These books are consistent and confirm the revelations of Illuminati programmer “Svali” (“Illuminati Defector Details Pervasive Conspiracy.”) If you want to understand the world, you must read these three women.

    Essentially every country is run by a shadow government, which owes its loyalty to the New World Order controlled by a 13-member Illuminati Council.
    – See more at:

  6. emsnews

    What is sad here is, these magic attempts at seeing into the future, etc. FAIL. Badly. It is particularly funny since the Watchers love faking things for silly humans who want to control them, no human can control them, ever, they are way too elusive and have a nasty sense of humor, it is highly dangerous to meddle with them or claim you control them and they, not yourself.

    They are neither friends or enemies, they simply exist and do whatever they want…they certainly have a strange sense of humor. Bad to see them and the best way to see them is to be hit by lightning bolts.

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