NY Times Puzzled About How Much Of US Is Now ‘Red’ Republicans


The red/blue divide has gotten worse and worse over the last 50 years and the NYT is puzzled by this.  I am not puzzled at all.  I have been at the bow wave of this business, I lived in integrated neighborhoods from 1967 all the way until 1990 and then gave up on it all.  Each time I had to move, I worked very hard to bring down crime including running my own de facto police forces we created ourselves in self defense, etc.  Each time I was finally defeated by out of control schools when too many black children coming from increasingly broken homes, made learning impossible or even deadly.  I finally ended up in super-white Berlin, NY which has safe schools.  The restructuring of the US with the vast, vast majority of the country’s land being ‘Republican’ and mostly ‘white’ is directly and even totally connected to two key Democratic things: schools that are being systematically destroyed by utterly fractured (16% marriage rate!) black families and the flood of illegal alien labor.


The super rich vote Democrat because they love cheap labor.  The right to import as many cheap foreign labor staff is highly desired by the super rich who hate paying high wages to US citizens.  This is how they get rich.  The map above illustrates the other issue here: free trade.  Look at pre-free trade US voting: the blue places are mostly working class cities that didn’t have race riots.  New York had Republicans run things more than Democrats because of crime and race riots such as the 1977 blackout when my lovely neighbors decided to put the entire hood to the torch and loot all the remaining businesses.


I, in turn, helped take down much of the Democratic Party machine in Brooklyn and Queens working with Giuliani, who as the Federal Mob Prosecutor back then.  The Democratic machine ran on corruption and crime and was passive about criminals who were running riot (birds of a feather fly together).


From 1992-1996, note how many of the cities in the graphs above, voted for the Clinton gang.  They figured, they would be saved from the tsunami if illegal and legal aliens destroying jobs for them and depressing wages.  They were betrayed, totally, and reacted by voting for the fake GOP clown, Bush Jr. who was in secret meetings with the Clintons via the Bilderberg gang system so they were all in collusion with each other which is why the Bushes are now openly supporting the Democratic candidate, the now obvious criminal, Hillary Clinton.


Note, please, that Obama only carried a handful of counties in each win he got in the last two elections.  This is why he didn’t have a Democratic Congress.  I fail to see how Hillary can do better than Obama since the places he carried were cities filled with black residents who turned out in huge numbers for him each time.


And Obama was an utter failure.  He made things much worse.  More cities saw race riots and crime and black crime shot upwards, a liberal mayor took over NYC which is now seeing a huge rise in black crime again and Chicago is being ground to death by black crime and winning the World Series won’t fix that.  Schools are worse than ever and many communities are doing ‘choice’ schools to keep people from fleeing far, far from cities.


I live very far from any cities, for example.  We were ravaged by free trade which killed off many rural businesses including my sheep business, for example and there is a lot of rage in the hinterlands over this betrayal.  Everyone out here in the boonies know that Hillary will continue working to destroy us all and I see zero signs in people’s yard for her but see lots and lots of signs, often self-made, for Trump.


How Large Is the Divide Between Red and Blue America? – The New York Times


As of 2012, the divide was pretty wide. Half of all voters were living in a county that President Obama or Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee that year, won in a landslide, which is defined here as a county won by 20 percentage points or more.


The proportion of voters living in landslide counties has steadily increased since 1992, a trend that reflects the growing tendency of like-minded people to live near one another, according to Bill Bishop, a co-author of “The Big Sort,” a 2008 book that identified this phenomenon.


Americans have been self-segregating by lifestyle, though not necessarily politics, for several decades, Mr. Bishop said, but lifestyle has grown to reflect politics. “We’re sorting by the way we live, think and — it turns out — every four years or every two years, how we vote.”



The NYT, being in New York City and owned by the super rich and losing money so it is a ‘love’ operation they run to pass out propaganda, can’t understand the armed rage of the hinterlands and lie about what is causing it since the NYT staff and owners and their friends in Manhattan and Park Slope (which became habitable thanks to my group, the Park Slope Improvement Committee way back in 1978) all send their kiddies to private schools and have foreign maids and caretakers of their darling children so they can ignore the cries of pain as the lower working class has to send kids to ‘integrated’ schools that are notoriously dangerous and they pay high taxes for this and are increasingly enraged.


During the primaries, NY went to Hillary but the map was identical in nature to the above maps: the entire countryside of NY state voted for Sanders, only NYC, Syracuse and a few other former manufacturing cities that are now welfare pits, voted for Hillary.  And of these, when the map traced the precinct votes, only Manhattan, parts of the Bronx, Park Slope in Brooklyn and the shoreline where the wealth is, voted for Hillary, the rest went to Sanders and she didn’t win in any landslide, it was extremely divided with the slums in Bed-Stuy and other black neighborhoods voting for Hillary.


The rich white/poor black vote was obvious to me and I campaigned in Brooklyn heavily years ago and know the streets there very well.  I had this wonderful alliance with a number of black churches who were alarmed at the disintegration of families.  Well, the children born out of wedlock rate was only 50% or less back then, now it is nearly 90% and climbing.  I failed, they all failed and Hillary wants more of this which is why I am so angry with her.


The power base is obvious: Democrats Run America’s Ten Poorest Cities  while the Democrats Are Becoming the Party of the Super-Rich …Prospect magazine is a liberal operation and here is an article from 1991 after the Democrats lost to both Reagan and Bush Sr:  From Crisis to Working Majority:


 The story of the Democratic Party crisis begins in Macomb County, north of the Detroit City line — and in Northeast Philadelphia, Cobb County near Atlanta, California’s San Fernando Valley, and numerous other working- and middle-class neighborhoods across the country. These were the homes of loyal Democrats: people who felt at ease in a diverse, bottom-up, majority coalition that used politics and government to advance the interests of working people. But here we find alienated voters today with little good to say about politics or Democrats.


I heard those disaffected voices in Macomb County in 1985, when “Reagan Democrats” told me that the “middle-class white guy” gets a “raw deal” today When journalists Peter Brown of the Scripps-Howard newspapers and Thomas Edsall of The Washington Post visited Macomb and other areas last year, they found people even more articulate about busing, taxes and welfare, liberals and flag-burning — and even more remote from the national Democrats…


By Minority Party, Brown means a Democratic Party so closely identified with have-nots and ethnic minorities that it ceased to represent the working middle class. Brown’s Democrats are “beholden” to a minority group with minority views. Blacks want activist government to guarantee a basic standard of living; whites would leave the responsibility to individuals and cut welfare spending. Whites are upset about soaring crime rates and the breakdown of the family, a subject Brown says Democrats ignore lest they seem insensitive to blacks. Whites believe the “statute of limitations” has expired for their “past crimes against blacks,” but blacks experience discrimination and demand affirmative action.


All this was fixed in an easy way: allow millions and millions more illegal aliens into the country.  These people diluted the ‘white working class stiff’ population and exploitation of labor shot through the roof going all the way up the scale, for example, professors are now part time workers with zero healthcare/bonuses/pay raises/security/retirement funds:


Confessions of a College Professor is an amazing blog run for several astounding years by an anonymous math department professor.  He passionately takes apart the schemes from the super rich to turn all professors into part time labor with zero protection and easily removed if they so much as sneeze at the looters at the top of the economic ladder.  These super rich creeps who earn half a million a year running our universities into the ground and these clowns have this alliance with the students to undermine the professors and pass everyone so students stay in school no matter what, paying the top staff ruinous levels of debt money to gain increasingly debased diplomas.


Student Debt Past Death! Dr. Doom writes.  Yes, parents are asked to co-sign loans which then are collected even if the kids die of suicide or accidents or whatever.  The parents cannot escape this debt for you can’t go bankrupt.  This killer system is…literally killing people.  It gets worse and worse every year as college tuition shoots upwards while degrading the degrees.


This situation is ripe for revolt.  The college campuses are filled to the brim with liberal ideological lunatics working part time jobs for the elites as they sell this story of liberalism saving everyone yet haven’t the faintest idea, they are toys of the rich who manipulate them and coddle them while enslaving them cruelly.  The super rich elites think this is all very funny but I can see where it ends up blowing up in their faces.


It doesn’t take much to finally move the very oppressed or poor or degraded people to suddenly shift directions and hit the very rich right where they all live.  The urban foreign aliens and blacks can’t form an alliance with white workers for the simple reason, they prey on the white workers who are punished if they show any sign of irritation about this and are accused of being ‘racist’ so the future firestorm will be workers in the hinterlands destroying the city alliances and history shows us how that works pretty clearly, it isn’t the first time rulers surrounded themselves with urban welfare cases to protect them from their own people on the outside (ROME!).


Ah, Rome!  The people who fixed that alliance good were all barbarians who invaded the Roman empire which was feeble and weak due to this rich/poor alliance killing the middle.  Everyone had to learn how to speak French or German or…shudder…ENGLISH.  HAHAHA.  Oops.


People think once a dynamic is started, it can’t be stopped.  Reagan legalized illegal aliens and promised to stop it from continuing and…the elites continued letting in millions and millions of illegal aliens.  No one believes their promises anymore which is why there is so much rage today.  Trump is tapping into this but he is one of them, ultimately, that is, rich and in Manhattan.  We shall see if he can figure out this business that irritates the rest of us to the point of distraction.


I almost forgot this story:  Judge Berates Obama Admin for So Few Christian Refugees. Yes, he is bringing in everyone but the most oppressed group from the Middle East: the Christians.  Muslims come first even though they are the ones doing the terrorism there.

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31 responses to “NY Times Puzzled About How Much Of US Is Now ‘Red’ Republicans

  1. Christian W

    From the Podesta emails.

    Ruby, Emerson and Maeve aged 11, 9 and almost 7 to provide “entertainment” for the “Gang” in the heated swimming pool.

  2. Christian W


    Two US soldiers (“trainers”) shot and killed in Jordan.

  3. Jim R

    There’s nothing in that email saying anything bad would happen to the Luzzatto children. They were just going to the ‘farm’ for a pool party…

    And if Trump wins, he’s gonna need to have the US marshals start dismantling the ‘deep state’ with hundreds of arrests, or he won’t last out the first day.

  4. KHS71

    I am an adjunct professor for one of the University of Missouri campuses teaching a specialized engineering class. Teach about every two years. I get paid $5,000 per semester. Usually have 8 plus students or their company paying approximately $1,500 each for the class.

    I do because I enjoy it, not because I get paid. I also guest lecture twice a year pro bono. Keeps me out of the sewers. Before retirement I worked in water and wastewater. Built and repaired treatment plants. That nasty smell was “green” to me.

  5. Christian W

    @ Jim

    Of course there isn’t anything directly implicating in the email; but wouldn’t you be creeped out if someone invited you with a letter like that – making extra sure to point out the kids will be in the pool with you?

  6. Jim R

    The point being that there isn’t any crime in that email. Granted the tone of it, “for your entertainment”, was like saying “I’m bringing over my pet hamster Buffy” (or worse), but it did not objectively describe anything but a pool party.

    Whereas, “we got a fifty million dollar donation from Saudi Prince So-and-so” actually puts a pin in the map of a high crime.

    Those kids would be 12, 10 and 8 now. I wonder what they are up to now?

  7. Christian W

    Oh I agree Jim. But when put in context of Hillary’s close association with a known human trafficker of children and other bizarre things, it emerges as a piece in a pattern. The evidence clearly has to come from elsewhere rather than vaguely written letters open to interpretation one way or other.

  8. Christian W

    There is some very, very strange stuff in these links. “Spirit cooking” indeed.


    Again, this does not implicate Hillary directly afaik.

  9. Christian W

    Oops meant to just link it but the twitter pics popped up, sorry about that.

  10. Jim R

    WordPress does that. If it’s a Youtube video or a Tweet, it will render the post just as if you were viewing it on Youtube or Twitter.

    Yeah, these people are as creepy as Elaine always told us they were. Now you know that Elaine’s personal story is *real*, and not just imaginary made-up stuff…

  11. Christian W

    The Clinton campaign blames the “Spirit cooking” scandal on Putin 🙂

  12. Melponeme_k

    “The Clinton campaign blames the “Spirit cooking” scandal on Putin”

    A man who goes horseback riding while shirtless does not need Spirit Cooking or to spend time thinking about Hag witch women like Hillary. Just saying. LOL

  13. Lou

    ((( NYT))) and now ((( Binyamin Appelbaum)))—- via SBPDL,

    grity) obsolete by diversification

    This election is truly about the rule of law versus the rule of diversity (white people must never be allowed to protest their dispossession because it’s good them!).

    Some writer for the Washington Post, Binyamin Appelbaum, dared criticize the FBI in a Tweet, where he snickered:

    It is relevant to current events to note that the FBI is basically a collection of middle-aged white men.

    It is relevant, in both historical and current events Mr. Appelbaum, to note a collection of middle-aged white men is basically responsible for every advancement of technology and increase in standard of living you enjoy (with the charity/altruism of white people sharing this knowledge with the non-white world).

    It is relevant, in both historical and current events Mr. Appelbaum, to note a collection of middle-aged white men can simply stop believing in the system the FBI seeks to uphold, and then the legitimacy crisis is upon us.

    You see, white people across the United States want to believe in America, a nation their ancestors struggled to build, maintain, and protect (many with their lives) so that they would hand it off to their posterity to protect, nurture and enjoy the fruits of what is now demonized as ‘white privilege’.

    The rule of law or the rule of diversity, with any white person who dares criticize the latter immediately stripped of their citizenship and ability to participate in public or private life.

    Donald Trump was never going to be the man to usher in the next era of western civilization, but he is the man holding the key to unlock the door to this era: we are the ones who must push those willing to step forward and embrace what’s upon us.

    The mother of all ironies is that the FBI, holding true to high standards of morality, intelligence, strength of character, and loyalty/devotion/duty to country (which has kept it overwhelmingly white when every other federal agency has been burdened with otherwise unemployable – and resentful of whites – black/non-white employees) might have just ensured Mr. Trump wins on November 8. [end “”]

    yet these same ((( ))) push a bitter, 65 year old dyke on us, to be POTUS.

  14. Petruchio

    “The rich white/poor black vote was obvious to me and I campaigned in Brooklyn heavily years ago and know the streets there very well.” Doesn’t it make you wonder if the Black Community will EVER figure out that they are being conned? Aren’t there ANY black people who can see how badly their race has fallen while voting Democrat?! What WILL it take to wake the Black Community up? Can anything??

  15. Petruchio

    “I almost forgot this story: Judge Berates Obama Admin for So Few Christian Refugees. Yes, he is bringing in everyone but the most oppressed group from the Middle East: the Christians. Muslims come first even though they are the ones doing the terrorism there.” Well what do you expect from a devout Muslim like Barack Obama?

  16. emsnews

    Both Bush Presidents, Kerry and others all belong to the Skull and Bones which is the black magic heart of Yale University and it was founded by my crazy ancestor, Henry Steele, and it was why I was chosen to be raped when only a child.

    This sort of thing hasn’t shut down the Skull and Bones at Yale, when you go to Google Maps the only building at Yale that has no identification is the Skull and Bones.

    The huge, raging battle over the skull of Geronimo, barely made any news and I was hugely involved in that business! The Apaches appealed to me because of my connection to Henry Steele and they knew in Arizona that I get hit by lighting a lot.

    So we are now watching things unfold expecting bad stuff to happen to the Skull and Bones and other power groups and…never forget where bin Laden’s skull ended up. It is with the black magic lunatics who run the Skull and Bones.

  17. Case

    We are only at the tip of an iceberg. Remember Elijah Wood a year ago telling Hollywood was full of abuse and “if you can imagine it, it happens”. Then a day later he retracts it and it all goes silent.

  18. emsnews

    Welllll….look at movies! Ahem. Wow.

  19. Lou

    Vigilant Citizen. com –occult images in films etc.

    Oh, check this, Podesta with horns http://www.artnews.com/2016/11/04/marina-abramovic-on-right-wing-attacks-its-absolutely-outrageous-and-ridiculous/
    Mr. Russeth, After re-reading your article, I find it highly suspect you left out Abramovics use of human blood mixed with sperm, cutting, blood letting, use of child like figures covered in blood and stone walls.
    You also fail to mention Abramovic immediately deleting her youtube videos showing this.

    I think you are more than just a shill, I think you are evil also.

    He’s a fan of this sick woman. Andrew Russeth – do your job and investigate properly, gather the info and ask pertinent and tough questions of her. Don’t simply let her lie and tell people through your media what she wants them to believe.
    ‘Marina Abramovic is into some sick stuff. I read it, i watched it. This article is just damage control. ‘
    Just do a “cursory” Google image search and you’ll find pictures of Marina in front of inverted pentagrams, holding a decapitated goat’s head, covering one eye, wrapped in snakes…
    I can appreciate plausible deniability, but her twitter handle is AbramovicM666, and when someone called her out on why she had 666 in her name, she just said “Why not?”…Oh, because a satanist would never lie to you. Bahahahahha!
    None of it offends me, but it’s all satanic symbolism.
    Caught red handed and this evil twot is still lying.
    Luciferians like to hide under labels such as “artist”, “comedian”, etc. Judge them by their actions not their words and you will see no real art or comedy, just their sickness spewed out onto their world. They also have no compunction about lying to the “uninitiated”.
    This is why Abramovic can lie about “spirit cooking” just being “a normal menu” BUT
    Spirit Cooking was brought to light by Crowley.
    and “funny names” and “no blood” when Marina Abramovic’s understanding of “spirit cooking” was clearly shown in her now deleted disgusting videos, accompanied with blood and other things — use of child like figures covered in blood , oppressive stone walls.

    You also fail to mention Abramovic immediately deleting her you tube videos showing this.

    Hillary’s staff is into occult rituals. Steve R. Pieczenik, MD, PhD got it right. Hillary surrounds herself with evil.

    BS article “we just use funny names for things that’s all”
    they still think people believe these damage reduction news articles!

    Just when it seemed this election could not get any more absurd, artist Marina Abramovic has been dragged into the mayhem.
    Among the latest batch of emails released by Wikileaks, allegedly from the hacked account of John Podesta, the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, is one from Abramovic, in which she invites Tony Podesta, a major art collector who is John’s brother, to “a spirit cooking dinner at my place,” and asks if John might want to join. Tony forwarded the email to his brother, which is how it ended up among the stolen emails.
    Various right-wing websites seem to have done some cursory internet research on Abramovic over the past 12 hours, and they found a video of the artist painting with pigs’ blood in one of her Spirit Cooking (1997) performances, and they have gotten pretty riled up over the past 24 hours.
    The Drudge Report led this morning with this headline: “WIKI WICCAN: PODESTA PRACTICES OCCULT MAGIC.” Infowars—run by the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones (the guy who recently said he’s heard that President Obama and Hillary Clinton smell of sulfur)—has linked Abramovic with Aleister Crowley and declared that the dinner included “black magic.” Danger & Play, the site run by Mike Cernovich, the alt-right commentator recently profiled by the New Yorker, has headlined its article, “Podesta emails reveal Clinton’s inner circle as sex cult with connections to human trafficking.”

    “I’m outraged, because this is taken completely out of my context,” Abramovic told me by phone this afternoon. She was at Sean Kelly Gallery, her rep in New York. The dinner, she explained, was a reward for donors to a Kickstarter campaign she had run. Tony Podesta has collected her work since the 1990s, and he attended, but John couldn’t make it. In fact, she has never met John Podesta.

    “It was just a normal dinner,” Abramovic said, adding that about 10 people attended. “It was actually just a normal menu, which I call spirit cooking. There was no blood, no anything else. We just call things funny names, that’s all.” (The Kickstarter page advertised “traditional soups.”)
    Spirit Cooking, Abramovic explained, was a performance she staged at a number of museums around the world in the ‘90s, painting graffiti with pigs’ blood. She also made a limited-edition book, which contains various recipes. That book is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, among other places.

    And the Satanism charge? “Anybody who wants can read my memoirs and find out that [my work] is far away from Satanism,” she said. (The book was just released this week, she noted, and it’s doing well on Amazon.) “My work is really more about spirituality and not anything else,” she continued. “I’ve been doing my work for so long, and this is a misunderstanding.” She said of the right-wing attacks, “It’s absolutely outrageous and ridiculous.”
    All things considered, Abramovic sounded in relatively good spirits—exasperated but maintaining a sense of humor about the whole thing. “I mean, this world is really turning to hell,” she said at one point, laughing. “I am completely amazed, something is taken out of context for the purpose of winning.” nn“We are living in such a strange world,” she said.
    Copyright 2016, Art Media ARTNEWS, llc. 110 Greene Street, 2nd Fl., New York, N.Y. 10012. All rights reserved.

  20. Lou

    A satanist who ‘draws’ in feces and is ‘into’ Crowley gets shows at Museums.
    Toast of the town.

  21. emsnews

    Note how she denies her obvious practices. ‘No, I am not a head hunter and all those small heads hanging on the wall are really Hobbits I killed…oops! Scratch that.’

  22. Jim R

    Still wondering about Ruby, Emerson and Maeve aged 12, 10 and almost 8. How are they doing in school? What books do they like to read?

  23. I can see massive chaos in this country if the present trends continue (and they will).


    This article foresees the United States breaking down into a multitude (hundreds or even thousands) of warlord-dominated microstates, beginning with a rural Red insurgency against a delegitimised goivernment AND the cities (ex.: interstate highways liberally planted with roadside bombs to prevent food from being delivered into the cities).

  24. Christian W

    When there is Chaos everywhere, you can be sure there is a Psychopath at the helm.

    A lot that is going on now is, if you ask me, engineered, especially the tensions between races and classes and neighbours and nations.

    When you start to ask yourself what the hell is going on and what reality is, what the truth is, then you are being mindfucked by a Psychopath or Psychopaths.

  25. emsnews

    Kind of reminds me of ancient Rome: ‘Honey, did you notice a bunch of Huns, Vandals and Vikings in the neighborhood lately? Seems the crime rate is climbing.’

  26. Lou

    A friend who grew up in the Philippines thinks that ‘each island will have a warlord and cronies as civilization collapses.

  27. Christian W

    John McCain wins Arizona, again (as of now). How is this demented crook not in jail yet? Will Trump drain him too? Or will the ugly side of GOP come to life again?

  28. It seems everything ‘cept the Northeast, the Left coast and a handful of other states went Red last night.


    Wonder if the ‘Pubs will now ignore their white working class base?

  29. Lou

    Ed –did she actually get more votes?

  30. Lou-

    Yes she did — about 240,000 votes more.

    ” Clinton appears poised to win the popular vote in the 2016 election, according to the latest reported tallies. Of the 119,643,176 votes counted so far, Clinton earned 59,938,290 compared to Trump’s 59,704,886, a razor-thin difference of 233,404, or rather 47.7 percent for the former secretary of state to 47.5 percent for the new president-elect, CNN and CBS News show.”


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