Pedophile Death Skull And Bones Geronimo Cult Magic And Clintons


Hillary Clinton Discusses Human & Child Trafficking | True Pundit and The Truth About The Clinton Pedophile Ring Exposed » Alex Jones both are covering this story as is the NY Post.  But the mainstream has this take:  Evidence ridiculously thin for Clinton sex network claim and all this brings back bad memories for myself for I was an innocent child who fell into the Skull And Bones magic rape thing way back in 1955 and this embroiled me in this long running battle with that gang of lunatics including recently the fight over Geronimo’s skull.
















Geronimo’s Heirs Sue Secret Yale Society Over His Skull – The New York Times reported in 2009….and this story dropped off the face of the earth back then.  Now we have scandalous news about how the Hillary gang has taken a page from Bush and Kerry to play the Geronimo death cult game to gain power and…am I surprised?  Nope.

From my own blog years ago in 2006:  Religion News: Letter Boasting About Yale Frats Stealing Geronimo’s Skull In News

Geronimo and I have something odd in common: being hit by lightning. I walked in the mountains he walked. I have been involved directly in the story about the Skull and Bones and stealing Geronimo’s skull. It is chilling that it is in the news yet again. Certain….entities…have told me that Bush uses this skull for black magic.

Associated Press:

By STEPHEN SINGER, Associated Press Writer Mon May 8, 8:15 PM ET
HARTFORD, Conn. – A Yale University historian discovered a 1918 letter that raises anew questions about a secretive Yale student society and the remains of the American Indian leader Geronimo.

The letter, written by a member of Skull and Bones to another member of the society, purports that some of the Indian leader’s remains were spirited from his burial plot in Fort Sill, Okla., to a stone tomb in New Haven that serves as the club’s headquarters.

A portion of the letter and an accompanying story were posted Monday on the Yale Alumni Magazine’s Web site.

I have known for a long time that the Skull and Bones had Geronimo’s skull. Back in 2000, when Bush was first running for office, I used to talk to reporters. One reporter for the New York Observer told me that he was investigating the Skull and Bones at Yale. I laughed and said, my Steele side of the family, the ones that get hit by lightning, went there for a long time. I gave him names. He then told me, one of the founding members of the Skull and Bones was Henry Steele, on my mother’s mother’s side of the family.

This set my hair on end because we are a very strange family with a strange reputation. I said, “I can picture their hidden most secret ceremonies.” Gads. The Fool with the Sword riding the horse widdershins, reading a book backwards. Anyway, I was also told that the Skull and Bones had Geronimo’s skull and they played with it.

I was stunned. “This is really bad! I am going to talk to the Apache tribe about this,” I said. You see, John McCain knew all this already for the tribe had petitioned him to retrieve the skull and the Skull and Bones leadership council said the Bush family kept the skull these days.

I nearly fell out of my chair. It also turned out that Jeb Bush Sr. gave McCain a skull and he gave it to the tribe who had it tested at the University of Arizona and it turned out to be a child’s skull so the Bushes took it back.

Gack. I said, “I’m contacting the media about this story. Whose skull was that child and what are the Bushes doing with skulls in the first place? Absolutely everyone I have ever known who had skulls used them for black magic.” It was really odd how the press showed absolutely zero interest in this story. Everyone imagines the press looks for stories like this but that is a lie.

Not only did the press pass on this story, they passed on all Skull and Bones stories. If the internet didn’t exist, there would be precious few people aware of this story but if one googles “Geronimo’s skull” one gets a number of sites. When Kerry, a fellow satanist, was questioned about the Skull and Bones he sniggered and said, “It is a secret.”

Bush went further. He said, back in 2000, “What Skull and Bones? I didn’t know they existed.” When he took the White House by crook, the first people invited inside were fellow Skull and Bonesmen.

Millions of Christians fell for the totally fake Bush is a Christian story. He is a satanist. He prays to Geronimo’s skull. And Geronimo opens the Portals to the Outer Darkness and lets him have power which is why, even as his disapproval ratings hit 68%!—Bush laughs at us. He knows the Powers will save him. They tap into the dark night of the soul and will help him get someone, anyone, to do the Dance of Death. The Skull and Bones people pray to the Devil that is Death.

Today is 5/9/6. 5+6=11. I have a habit of watching “magic number” days and today is one such. I wonder what this will all mean. Actually, I know what it means.

Bush wants to have a Geronimo-clone attack America. He needs to have this happen. He prays for deliverance. He hates religions and probably laughs at pious people behind their backs, actually, he does this in their faces all the time but they can’t tell which is why his face goes all pruney when he pretends to pray.

Americans like to think fratties playing with Satan is just them being riotous and having a good old time. I will now issue my regular warning: praying to the Devil that is Death is extremely dangerous! It is not recommended. Following leaders who do this is a great way to end up in Götterdämmerung.



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13 responses to “Pedophile Death Skull And Bones Geronimo Cult Magic And Clintons

  1. KHS71

    The media usually uses the term “pedophile” incorrectly. A pedophile is someone who has sex with a prepubescent child. The correct words are ephebophilia or hebephilia. This is sex with an adolescent.

    I feel they know the difference but using the pedophile term has a better chance to sell more copies. This is the same condition as the catholic priest sex scandal. A vast majority of the sexual assaults were priests attacking young adolescent boys who were post pubescent. Basically they were gay priests wanting to have sex with young boys. They were not pedophiles.

    Weiner is not a pedophile but is probably breaking the law due to the young girl’s age depending on the State’s age of consent law. 15 year old would be ephebophilia.

  2. Lou

    KH–Weiner likes teens.

    As far as ‘MK Ultra and Pedos’ –those touching pre teens,

    Cathy o’Brein was sold into sex slavery as a baby: her father was a pedophile himself and was caught by fellow pedophiles in the CIA.
    They intercepted the package, caught him, and told him he could either give them his daughter or go down for the crime. He relinquished his daughter and was later given an excellent government bid contract.

    Her book is amazing, tells about all of her programming in vivid detail including being forced to lick Hillary’

  3. Lou

    Here she is w Jay Z—–

  4. Lou

    She gave 20? million dollars to the Bergs Kabbala Center of Beverly Hills.
    Kabbala is where you call on the fallen angels, at some point?
    Madonna is into Kabbala.

  5. JimmyJ

    @KHS71: I guess you missed the photo of Weiner with a hard-on laying next to his infant. It doesn’t matter that he had on his briefs, it demonstrates overt sexuality in the presence of a pre-pubescent and worse he sent that photo to a lover for sexual purpose. That people can’t imagine he would actually be sexual towards his infant shows naivete. Supposedly the police looked for child porn on his computer and found none. Irrelevant, the photo speaks for itself. Anyone else would be arrested.

    And then there is the “pool party” email involving pre-pubescents. So skip the splitting hair bs about what ages of kids these assholes are or aren’t attracted to.

  6. emsnews

    He sent it to an underage teen!!! As a child, I was raped, quite viciously, by a powerful man. They truly have no mercy or morals.

  7. JimmyJ

    Elaine, I believe the photo of him aroused next to his son was sent to an age “40 plus, busty, brunette” by Twitter of all things.

    He texted and video Skyped with the teen, but nothing public showing him aroused with his kid in that exchange, not that it’s any less egregious. Of course that doesn’t mean he didn’t, just that it’s not public, yet.

  8. Christian W

    FBI Agent Suspected in Hillary Email Leaks Found Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide

    Is this for real?

  9. emsnews

    Thanks for the awful news. This was a forced suicide. And not the first of this kind. It will get worse. This hero let us know the super dark side of Hillary and her black magic buddies and now is dead. This is frightful news. I will pray for him, his poor wife and hope we can honor him, somehow, for his patriotic activity on our behalf.

  10. Lou

    okay–that explains,
    which I did during the hours the FBI agent was forced to kill his wife and die

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  12. Lou

    Elaine, Yes? No?

    The Cult of Mars is a military Sanhedrin ran by the Vatican Nobility from Campus Martius or the Field of Mars in Rome. Mars is known as the “god of war” in Roman mythology and there is a division of the Cult of Mars in Russia known as the Marsovo Polye. Mar-ch is named after Mars. Ares from Greek Mythology is the same as Mars in Roman Mythology. Aries is Ares.
    The Aries Zodiac begins on March 22 or 3/22 and ends around 4/20. The Skull and Bones secret society at Yale is a branch of the Cult of Mars and uses the number 322 as its symbol.
    Skull and Bones is a military death cult ran by the Bush family and that is why both George Bush Sr. and George Bush Jr. are members and they caused the Gulf War, Afghanistan War, and Iraq War. During the Aries Zodiac many massacres, explosions, and disasters occurred along with other events especially related to war and destruction.
    The OK City Bombing, Waco Massacre, Columbine Massacre, NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, Happy Land Fire, Mont Blanc Tunnel Fire, Exxon Valdez oil spill, Deepwater Horizon Explosion, Capitol Hill Massacre in Seattle, Virginia Tech shooting, Boston Bombings, West Fertilizer Company explosion, Sloterdijk Train Collision, 2014 Katanga train derailment, USAir Flight 405 crash, Germanwings Flight 9525 crash, and the Brussels Bombings occurred during or right after the Aries Zodiac. Mars the “Red Planet” symbolizes fire, war, and anger. Holocaust means a wholly burnt offering. The Aryan Nazis worship Ares.

  13. My own ancestor, Henry Steele, founded the Skull and Bones. It was strictly for doing black magic, not waging wars. It was taken over during WWI by the Bush/Cheney crew who used Geronimo’s skull to pray for wars.

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