Cyber Attack And Cyber Counter-attacks With Russia Begin?


The Washington Post is pushing hard for a cyberwar with the Russians.  Ditto, the NYT.  Comey: FBI won’t recommend charges over Clinton email after a weekend of intense pressure from the covens and wizards who are demanding we vote for them and not Trump, the outsider. My computer contact with the world was down for 14 hours as cyber attacks here screwed up everything.  We want cyberwar, we will get it.  So watch out, that is prelude to WWIII with the coven of witches who run our nation secretly.


Yesterday, FBI Sources Tell Fox News An “Indictment Is Likely” In Clinton Foundation Case and today: NOTHING.  Buried in the back yard under the shit pile, the witches celebrated this by cackling.


So, while the US Military Hackers Claim Penetration of Russian Infrastructure the East Coast and West Coast has been hit by rolling messes like the one that hit me last night in New York.


US military hackers have penetrated Russia’s electric grid, telecommunications networks and Kremlin’s command systems, making them vulnerable to attack by secret American cyber weapons, according to a series of reports by a major US television network.


WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — NBC News disclosed the penetration in a series of reports, explaining that US efforts parallel claims, also by US officials, that Russia, China and other nations have placed hidden malware on parts of US critical infrastructure.


The penetration by all sides appears to be in preparation for an all-out war in cyberspace, according to NBC News, which said it was briefed by a US intelligence official and given an opportunity to review highly classified documents.


We will lose the cyberwar.  Why?  Well…we are deeper involved in cyber systems and thus, it will hit us much, much harder.  The computer systems that run our country are complicated as well as spread all over and with many weak points which I assume the Russians who are not Iraqis or Syrians or other people, they are highly educated.


They aren’t primitive people like the Afghanis who…are kicking ass over and over again when foreign legions invade and try to control them.  Hacking the Afghan computers is hilarious.  Oh, that will stop them!  Not.


US Pledges $30 Million to Rebuild Ukraine’s Navy which is money thrown out the window.  The US debt mountain continues to climb and for what?  So we can have nuclear war over who owns Chernobyl?


Last night after 9pm we had no computer service.  This was most annoying.  Didn’t get fixed until three hours after I discussed this with the services support people.  Seems my entire area was down for miles up and down from my mountain.


US Intel Doubts Alleged Russian Cyberattacks Could Affect Election Outcome – HAHAHA.  But if Putin did decide to do this, he can do this.  The US rulers need a bad guy and he was chosen for this role and it is a very dangerous role for us to pick for him rather, our covens decided they wanted him to oppose them and give them deadly powers to blow us all up.


Thanks, dudes.  That creepy Abramovich lady who did the bloody black magic spells for Podesta and other Democrats called in the TV guys today to say with great anger, ‘I am not a witch’. She’s a witch! – YouTube


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