FBI Agent Investigating Clinton Murders Wife, Burns House, Commits Suicide!

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I am leaving up this story for the time being but it appears it may be a hoax story…we cannot tell right now and the mainstream media isn’t mentioning this story or the possibility it is a hoax story, either, it is now slipping into that dark zone I talk about so much.  I don’t know what is going on now and last night I tried amending this story and the entire internet in my sector went down AGAIN like the previous two nights and a few minutes ago, this morning, it was restored after I called for help but my regular phone is still down.


Weird stuff is proliferating right now, it is increasingly hard to see what is going on here and it will grow more chaotic as the day of the election approaches and the US mainstream media which lies about everything is screaming at us that Hillary already won thanks to HISPANIC VOTERS (key voter fraud group here) and what will come of all this is possible uprising against Clinton who has more scandals unfolding daily.


Wow…yesterday, as I was consumed by the dark violence of the Hillary Card Reading here, all hell was literally breaking loose centered on one of the FBI agents who was investigating Hillary Clinton and who was one of the agents who demanded her activities be put out in the public because she is a menace to society.  He is now dead, so is his wife.  Supposedly, suicide, their home burned.  The creepy feeling I am having that we are repeating 1968-1974 all over again including bombing civilians, daring Russia to go to nuclear war, etc. and Watergate is even stronger for this time around, we have black magic added to the mix.  This news really disturbs me.

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The Internet has been repeatedly attacked this week making work difficult at night for it generally begins at 9 pm and it is 9:45 right now and is happening more and more, interruptions due to overloads here in the Northeast US.  Annoying as all hell.  And it is part of hell now, irritating to work around.


I recall the Clintons snarling about all this and the CIA claiming they could do ‘cyberwarfare’ and is the CIA doing this to stop us from posting stuff online?  I wouldn’t be surprised.  Darkness is stirring.


Donald Trump blasts Hillary Clinton for Jay-Z and Beyonce concert | Daily Mail Online reports in England, of course, not here, we don’t have news here in the US.  The JZ concert is totally evil.  It is all the worst things going on in the black community, destroying families and driving millions into a life of crime and depraved sexual violence, killing children, etc.


Then minutes later he shifted gears and rapped, ‘I don’t f**k with you. You little stupid-a** b***h, I ain’t f**kin’ with you.”Ladies is pimps too, go and brush your shoulders off. N***a is crazy, baby, don’t forget that boy told you. Get that dirt off your shoulders.’


After telling the audience that ‘we’re stronger together,’ echoing Clinton’s campaign slogan, he called her presidential bid ‘historic – this is a moment in time.


Jay-Z said onstage after he was done performing: ‘Ohio, we are on the doorstep of history. I am here tonight because respect matters. Respect matters to me.’


Respect this piece of utter garbage, this depraved, evil man???  I want to punch him in the snout.  He celebrates evil.  And Hillary stood next to him, grinning like a carnival clown.  And the media attacks Trump who isn’t very moral, either, as a dope who isn’t ‘with the program’ which is…satanic sex slave stuff, self hatred, sneering at lovers and kicking them in the teeth, being antisocial and violent.


Which is why this news is INFURIATING:  FBI Agent Suspected in Hillary Email Leaks Found Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide


Investigators believe FBI agent, Michael Brown, 45, shot and killed his 33-year-old wife, Susan Brown, late Friday night before setting the couple’s home on fire and then turning the gun on himself. Brown was a 12 year veteran of the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department before spending the last six years in the FBI.


Hillary went ballistic two days ago and snarled and cussed like JZ.  She is totally enraged that Trump may win and that we know all her dark side activities especially in the last two days, her satanic ritual stuff.  She wants all people snooping around her Dark Deeds dead and above all, Trump dead.  I said long ago, he has zero chance of ever walking into the White House.


The very evil Huffington Post had this warning headline that the Coven is hunting the FBI agents responsible for letting us know what evil was on the Wiener computer drive.  And it happened…one of them is now dead and his family annihilated.


Neighbors saw smoke coming from the Brown residence and called 9-1-1 at approximately 11:50 p.m. By the time fire crews arrived on scene minutes later, the entire house was engulfed in flames.


“Mrs. Brown’s death was caused by a gunshot wound prior to the house fire,” Walkerville Police Chief Pat Frederick said, “while Mr. Brown’s single-bullet head wound appears to have been self-inflicted.”


“The totality of the evidence leads us to believe this is a murder-suicide. We believe he killed her, set the house on fire and then took his own life,” Frederick said.


How very easy it is to make someone commit suicide!  Years and years ago, a reporter who was working at examining the Clintons committed suicide.  I told him to come to my mountain and I would hide him, but he said he was in no danger and then he was a ‘suicide’.  The government agents visited him and informed him he would be chased down and destroyed but if he did the right thing, his family would be safe.


This agent, who talked to him last?  We need to know. He didn’t suddenly decide to do this, he was cornered and forced to do this.  The people at the top didn’t want him to become Assange.  They wanted him eliminated.  All the other agents, will the go after the Shadows who did this or will they cower down and shut up?


Ahem: doing this is highly dangerous.  It is life changing.  Know too much and bad things happen.  I learned all the details of Operation Paperclip in Germany in 1945 when it was totally top secret.  The FBI and CIA could do little obvious since I was still legally a child when I finally figured it all out, but they kept it top secret because they said to reporters, I was a child and stupid and knew nothing so pay no attention to the girl who cornered enough former Nazis to piece together what happened there.


This is why I learned German in the first place, quite deliberately.  All my hard work exposing that nightmare place remains to this day, still secret.  Anyone repeating my stories is told, it is all made up, lies.


Leaked Clinton Foundation “Smoking Gun” Memo Admits It Was Breaking The Law | Zero Hedge


While there are conflicting reports whether the FBI may or may not indict the Clinton Foundation, which as the WSJ reported last week is being investigated by various FBI teams, even as other parts of the Bureau – and the DOJ – seek to squash the probe, the latest dump of Podesta emails has revealed a critical, confidential memo from prominent New York lawyer Kumiki Gibson to Clinton Foundation Chairman Bruce Lindsey (and former Bill Clinton attorney) which was performed as part of an inside audit of the foundation, and confirms that the charitable organization (which it found “operates more like a political operation”) was engaged in practices that broke the law.


The FBI just got the message: lay off or you are dead ducks.  Are they brave enough to resist this powerful force?  It is highly dangerous to fight this force for it means facing possible death and destruction.  Watching the evil entities on the left play this Nazi game is interesting in a horrible way, it shows how Evil corrupts.


Everyone loves to imagine they are brave but then when it happens, they discover they are not very brave after all.  If I were in the FBI, I would be all over this case, I would quit my job there and become an independent investigator and dig deeper in this nightmare mess…HAHAHA…meet insane stuff that goes back in time to the Skull and Bones and even earlier.  Why my clan came to the furthest frontiers of wild America during the witch hunt mania years…blending in with the Indian tribes as we traveled westwards….


What is happening now is, we are at war, not with Muslims though they are at war with us, we are at war with an Entity that wants to control us so it can start WWIII and thus, annihilate humans.  And the global warming ecologists secretly or not so secretly want to eliminate most humans, too.  Sigh.


I am not the only person who grew up in the CIA undergrowth world who now lives in the mountains far from cities.

Suicide of Vince Foster – Wikipedia


Deputy White House counsel Vince Foster was found dead in Fort Marcy Park off the George Washington Parkway in Virginia, outside Washington, D.C., on July 20, 1993. His death was ruled a suicide by six official investigations, but remains a … The FBI also participated in theinvestigation by Independent Counsel Robert  …

Another Clinton Associate Found DEAD, Bill & Hillary’s Body Count …

http://www.thepoliticalinsider.com/another-clinton-associate-found-dead-bill- hillarys-body-count-increases/

Jun 25, 2015  Hillary Clinton will stop at nothing to become President, and death seems to …. How anyone thinks that either of them could have committed murder is unbelievable …. why are there not any clues to find the person or persons by the FBI or police? …. I am all for officially investigating the Clintons‘ “body count.

Massive News About FBI Clinton MURDER Investigation

Aug 23, 2016  Massive News About FBI Clinton MURDER Investigation … The FBI found that a week before Vince Foster’s suicide, Hillary held a meeting at …. The moral of this story, is Foster was murdered and didn’t commit suicide. ….. to conceal his identity as he pretended to be a journalist who was afraid for his life.

FBI files linking Hillary Clinton to the ‘suicide‘ of White House …

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/…/Missing-FBI-files-linking-Hillary-Clintonsuicide– White-House-counsel-Vince-Foster-vanished-National-Archives.html

Aug 23, 2016  Documents describing Hillary Clinton’s role in the death of White … RonaldKessler, a former Washington Post and Wall Street Journal investigative reporter, is the New York … The FBI investigation into Foster’s death was conducted for …. Blackbourne concluded that ‘Vincent Foster committed suicide on …

BREAKING: Did Hillary’s THUGS Have Conrad Rich & John Ashe …


Jul 30, 2016  The death of this DNC staffer is too suspicious to ignore, especially in … At the time, his mother told reporters that Seth was likely the victim of a robbery gone wrong. … a “lead” saying that Rich was en route to the FBI that fateful morning, … Here is a list of all the mysterious deaths involved with the Clintons:.

Death by barbell’ sparks questions about Hillary ‘silencing people’

http://www.wnd.com/…/death-by-barbell-sparks-questions-about-hillary-silencing- people/

Jun 29, 2016  “Could this be Hillary Clinton silencing people who ‘know too much?’ … thatnumber would be the question asked by reporters every day,” the report said. … that was going on, and then all of a sudden he committed suicide.” In the Daily Mail, Kessler wrote, “FBI agents investigating the death of Bill Clinton’s …


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17 responses to “FBI Agent Investigating Clinton Murders Wife, Burns House, Commits Suicide!

  1. Jim R

    Trump was hustled off the stage in Reno today. No doubt it was -(Soros? Hillary? DNC? empire?)- agents in the crowd, they did something that alerted the security detail.

    But if they want Pence to take his place, they need to wait at least until after Tuesday.

  2. Jim R

    Never mind, I see you wrote the next article about that.

    Peace, Elaine. ❤ , take care

  3. Lou

    Dr. Steve Pieczenik, report on Clinton pedophilia
    The Clinton Pedophilia Connection , Nov 1, 2016
    Jeff Epstein’s “Lolita Express.” Bill and Hillary (separately and together) took approx 20 trips to Epstein’s island to engage in sex with minors.

    This is known and documented by the US Intelligence Agencies and the NYPD, who have investigated it.

  4. melponeme_k

    Did Saturday Night Live really have a skit on tonight where they dragged an effigy of Horus on the soundstage? REALLY?

    I feel like I’ve gone past twilight zone and entered the bizarro zone. My brain is denying that this is real, but yet the pictures are all there, they parade it around on all sorts of entertainment. Its just mind boggling.

  5. Denver guardian is fake

  6. emsnews

    Yes, I wanted to write that last night but our internet here in NY was hacked and I couldn’t post anything until this morning. NOTE THE CHAOS.

  7. ziff

    i dunno, don’t think the tarot has anything about facebook

  8. emsnews

    You use facebook? Yuck. I never use it never go there, it has a stinky platform that annoys me no end. And I dislike the owner of facebook.

  9. Lou

    Facebook – Google = CIA.

  10. Lou

    Elaine, years ago I posted ‘Clinton Body Count’ and you mocked it.
    Seems yve changed yr mind.

  11. ziff

    facecrook, its ok i have friends there, and a group where we fight about this stuff , we luvs fight’n

  12. emsnews

    It isn’t the CLINTON body count, that’s way, it is the BILDERBERG body count. They are not the same thing. The Clintons are servants.

  13. Caroline Richards

    This is frustrating…how can we confirm this “suicide” if it’s being buried?

  14. steve kasarsky

    Trump could be winning this thing hands down if for the last 2 weeks he would have visited VA hospitals everywhere he did a campaign event and asked a handful of wounded warriors to be with him on stage and then tell the audience ……Hillary has to have her celebrities on stage….Here are mine…and introduce the wounded warriors on stage. LANDSLIDE!

  15. Martha Raines

    Why do you publish this bull shit from a fake newspaper/ organization. I know, to influence voting. Now YOU are what’s wrong with this country!!!!

  16. emsnews

    As I said above, the story wasn’t true but…IT HAS HAPPENED IN THE PAST and happened to a friend of mine who is now quite dead.

  17. Lou

    Noam C on Trump and the danger of AGW,

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