FBI Director Intimidated Into Ending Hillary Probe After One Week


The NY Post has more Hillary secret shenanigans.screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-5-03-33-am

The NYT does total cover-up.


The New York Times and New York Post competing headlines shows clearly how off the rails this election has become.  It is painfully obvious that Hillary handed out top secret information to everyone around her including her maid who was sent to clean up her email messes!  HAHAHA.  This proves to the NYT that she is a good potential President.  She really knows how to run things: tell the maid to get her bucket and mop!  Right-o.  This coverup of Clinton crimes doesn’t surprise me, this is how our government has operated for many years now.


I want to go back in time to NYC where Hill and Bill and Trump all live and I lived there once.  One of the biggest arrests/scandals to hit the city in the last 100 years was all about my political activities in NYC back then and politicians terrified of what I was doing, that is, treading on their precious toes, and how they had a big conspiracy to stop  me via intimidation that worked on everyone previously who threatened their crime syndicate.


Yes, it was all about a crime syndicate running the City which was going bankrupt.  Yes, the politicians looting everything were also, surprise, bankrupting everything.


Oddly enough, the entire thing began very simply: I had a meeting with Mayor Koch.  I forced him to give me my own street patrol and in return, I would dissolve my private patrols.  To stop me from breaking the 100 arrests record our patrol accumulated, and because the Daily News was backing me and dubbed me ‘The Housewife from Hell,’ he said I would get this 24 hour patrol in our high crime neighborhood.


Well, the day of the first patrol of my cops, no one showed up.  I expected the press and politicians to be in front of my brownstone.  No one was there.  I went to Captain Hill who ran our police station back then and said, ‘What’s wrong?  Where are my cops?’  Police in the station were whispering with each other, seeing me there, they knew I would blow up.


‘I can’t tell you,’ said Hill.  ‘And why not?’ I said, building up to a nice fit of anger.  ‘I am under orders to say nothing to you,’ he said.  ‘Who gave you these orders?’ I said.  He sighed.  He knew he had to make a choice, go with me or go with the political powers of NYC.


So he said, ‘Why don’t you pay a visit to the President of the City Council? I think he can tell you.’  He winked at me, a sign that he was giving me precious information.  I grinned and said, ‘OK, and I’ll be back!’


I ran off to the brownstone where the NYC Council head lived.  There, in front of HIS house was MY patrol.  The cops laughed when I showed up.  ‘OK, what is your patrol area?’ I asked them.  They told me it deliberately was designed to EXCLUDE my neighborhood.


One cop said to the other, ‘Too bad we can’t see her get pissed off!’ as I stormed off to find the City Council President who was in Manhattan.  He hid from me so I ordered his secretary to tell him to call me or else.  To my grim surprise, he did call me.


‘I am surprised you wanted to talk to me,’ he said.  ‘Where is my patrol?  Why are they at your house?’ I demanded.  He told me it was an accident.  Still, my patrol didn’t come to my house.  I was furious.  I told a Daily News reporter about this and issued a statement that I was going to file a lawsuit against the City Council President and his staff.


The next day, my doorbell rang.  On the top step of the stoop was this middle aged man in a rain coat like we see on TV detectives.  ‘Hello, can I help you?’ I said, examining and memorizing all his characteristics for future use.


‘People say you should be more careful in the future,’ he said.  You see, my next door neighbor when I was growing up (half a mile away, ranches were far apart in Tucson back then) was Joseph Bonanno the notorious Mafia boss who moved there to hide from the Chicago mob, I babysat his daughters.  I know first hand how the Mob talks with each other and used to joke with Joe about this.


My antennae began to vibrate when this detective talked to me.  ‘And what will happen to me,’ I said leaning towards him.  ‘Bad things can happen.’ he said.  ‘Tell me what bad things so I can have more fun,’ I said.  He stepped down a step and began to look more nervous.


‘Don’t get people pissed off, ‘ he said.  ‘I am pissed off,’ I said stepping outside and getting ready to grab at him.  He turned tail and walked very fast to his car.  I followed him.  As he got out his keys, he turned around and saw me standing there, writing down the plate ID.  ‘You are a detective!’ I yelled at him.


He ran from me, leaving his car behind. I ran after him.  ‘You are under arrest!’ I yelled (my favorite words back then).


He ran into the nearest subway station at Flatbush Avenue.  I ran down too and jumped the turnstile.  I saw which train he got on…it was the F train to Queens.  I then went back to Captain Hill and ordered him to investigate this crime and to tell me who sent this detective to my house.


Captain Hill came by to visit me hours later after they towed away the car and impounded it as a crime item.  ‘You won’t believe this but he came from Queens,’ he told me.  ‘So, it seems there is a conspiracy that is bigger than Brooklyn, no?’ I said grimly.


So…I went to the head of the City Council since this was a NYC not NY State business.  I ordered the Council President to investigate this business.  I went back home.  I got a call from another politician who said I should call this number and a Federal Prosecutor wanted to talk to me.


This call is what cause a huge explosion in NYC politics and took down many politicians: I called special Fed Prosecutor Rudi Guiliani’s top secret phone.  It was only for Mafia guys to chat with him while secret from their bosses.  So when I called, Guiliani blew up and demanded to know how I got my hands on his top secret number.


You see, he had to fear assassination if the Mafia found out what he was doing.  He thought I was fronting for an assassin.  It took about five minutes for him to figure out who gave me his number and what that meant.  It appeared that the mob running politics in the DNC were going to scare me off by having Guiliani attack me and teach me, a kid who grew up inside the CIA, a lesson.  HA.


So…we became buddies.  He put a tap on my phone and lo and behold, after we set up the bait, politicians called me from all over to THREATEN me.  I happily pretended to be scared.  The Fed prosecutor then got the right to tap THEIR damn phones.  He then uncovered this vast conspiracy of corruption that was finally revealed one fine day.


The day they raided the offices of the criminals who ran Brooklyn and Queens, one of them, Manes Commits Suicide – The Washington Post even reported this.  His twin brother several years later tried to kill himself which is sad but Manes was the man who sent that detective to muscle me.


Another top politician who called me and threatened me, was arrested. A whole bunch of underlings were brought in and arrested.  The City was in an uproar.  Manes was stealing nickels and dimes from parking meters!  Yes, he was also a petty thief.


After that, all the politicians in NYC were terrified of me.  Mayor Koch would turn and run the other way to avoid me and this was endlessly amusing since I loved visiting City Hall.  The point of this story is, small things lead to huge things if the right people go after it.


Now to today’s news about the FBI head ordering the people under him to stop investigating Hillary.  This is a crime. He was muscled by people at the top.  He is scared his family will be punished.  He realizes that he stepped on the toes of one of the nastiest black magic/crime covens in the USA, the biggest Mafia of them all.


Like in corrupt NYC, these crime bosses think nothing of muscling people.  Instead of defying Obama and Hillary, he pissed in his pants and ran for cover.  He isn’t me.  He is…a coward.  My point here is, fighting back WORKS.  It really works!  But one must be brave and true and keep lots of records and be alert.


Turn on the lights!  Stop the secrets!  Wikileaks has turned on bright lights on the cabal and it is very much a witch cabal, running our nation into bankruptcy and race riots.  The corrupt US media is studiously ignoring nearly all Wikileaks revelations.  It is obvious that the people running DC are crooks.  In the pay to foreign powers, no less which is TREASON.


And our media owners are also traitors, hiding this information.  The Clinton Foundation Allows For Two-Way Bribery – The Federalist lists the bribes.  Pro-democrat website says it is A False ‘Corruption’ Claim – FactCheck.org which is part of the conspiracy to lie about corruption.  HAHAHA.  Many ‘investigator’ liberals are desperately trying to cover up or justify obvious corruption and crimes these days.  It is sad watching this unfold.


I put both DNC and GOP rats in prison!  I despise BOTH parties when they go ‘corrupt’.  I have been kind to Trump only because he is an outsider and this gives us a last gasp chance to expose these crimes.  But our media is complicit, for the most part, in these crimes.


The problem as I see it is, the US public, raised lifetime on propaganda, can’t see what is happening to us today.  It began with Ronald Reagan accepting the Japanese bribe when he stepped out of office.  Now, our politicians accept bribes BEFORE going into office and then while in office, too.  With impunity.  Applauded for this, even.


Clinton Foundation Spent Barely 6 Percent On Charitable Grants is a clue: these are bribes, not fundraising to save children in Haiti which was totally ignored when the hurricane hit over a month ago. This whole thing stinks to high heaven.  The pittance going towards ‘charity’ is NORMAL these days.  All the grifters use ‘charity’ operations to loot and avoid taxes.  It is pure Mafia today.  They celebrate with each other, their victories over the plebes who donate to them.


Only it isn’t ordinary people doing this, it is the super powerful and super rich parking funds this way!  THIS IS HOW THEY BRIBE POLITICIANS!  Who runs the Red Cross or the Clinton Foundation?  Former politicians, of course.  They get paid over a million dollars a year to do this ‘hard work’.  Truly amazing how this operates!  Duh!!!


Elizabeth Dole is a fine example of this.  She was parked at Red Cross headquarters in DC and paid a fortune for this hard labor of goofing around, smoozing with politicians.Archer Daniels Midland Company – ADM gave a million to her office back then.  More recently, the Red Cross CEO Pulled Down $651,957 Salary under Bush.


Elizabeth Dole, Inc.: How she can focus on her lucrative public speaking | Center for Public Integrity reports that she was paid immense sums of $40,000 for ‘speeches’.  I said way back when Reagan pulled this stunt, if we didn’t arrest him when he returned from Japan, all our politicians would do what he did.


The Clintons did this with a vengeance.  They spent nearly every waking hour collecting bribes.  Can you imagine the torture of rich people across the planet having to listen to Hillary’s flat, annoying voice for an HOUR???  HAHAHA.  They deserve this richly.  Yuck.


Many of Elizabeth Dole’s lucrative speaking engagements were inherited directly from her husband. At least five of the 43 organizations she spoke to in 1998 and the first half of 1999 were groups that her husband had been speaking to for years. Senator Dole was no stranger to the speaking circuit. He collected $1.4 million in appearance fees from 1981 to 1991 — even though throughout that time Senate rules prevented him from accepting more than $2,000 per speech. Rules set in the early 1990s barred senators from keeping such fees. That’s when Elizabeth Dole began speaking to many of the same groups. From 1991 to 1994 – while her husband was still a senator- she spoke to at least 16 high-paying organizations that had business pending before the government.


Senator Dole temporarily ceased making paid appearances during each of his presidential campaigns. Democratic presidential candidate Bill Bradley, who collected more than $1.6 million from personal appearances in 1998, took himself off the speaking circuit when he launched his campaign. But Elizabeth Dole continued accepting speaking fees right through hers. In the first seven weeks after she formed her “exploratory committee,” Dole made nine paid appearances before various organizations and audiences. Through 1998, Dole averaged two to three paid appearances a month; in March and April of this year, doubled her speak-for-pay schedule even with the added demands of a presidential campaign.


Note that Bob Dole got around the ‘you can’t collect bribes speaking to people’ thing by having his WIFE do this for him.  Sad, isn’t it?  Disgusting, too.  Note how laws were passed to prevent ‘speeches’ as an under the table bribe!  And how did that work?  It collapsed, of course, nearly instantly.  And the key is, not when they are in office, doing this but OUT OF OFFICE exactly how Reagan engineered his bribe collecting.


Arrest them all.


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7 responses to “FBI Director Intimidated Into Ending Hillary Probe After One Week

  1. Petruchio

    I don’t know as if FBL Director Comey was intimidated. I think his “clearing” of Mrs. Clinton the second time around was the plan all along. The objective being to make any FUTURE investigations look like political witch hunts, 100% partisan motivated. Our Real Rulers still think they have any credibility with the “proles’! HaHaHa…
    Why the charade of a second investigation? The elites are well aware that the first “investigation” into Clinton’s emails wasn’t believed to be real by many people. An honest investigation into the Clinton emails is out of the question. Clinton and her lackeys are as guilty as sin so a substitute has to be found-however unsatisfactory. The solution? Have that Clinton crony, that boot-licking lackey, James Comey announce another investigation charade. I hope Comey felt humiliated the entire time of this second “investigation”. (As an aside, I am sugarcoating my opinion of FBI Director Comey here.)

  2. Christian W

    If Hillary wins there will be huge purges in the FBI.

  3. emsnews

    Big problem for Hill and Bill: the military and FBI and other guys might revolt. I have seen how this works from close up in the past.

    Back when I was fighting mayor Koch and the DNC machine in NYC, the PBA, police benevolent association, supported me which infuriated the politicians for the cops literally protected me. It was hilarious to see from inside. I was quite flattered by this.

    The PBA also supported Giuliani, too, and he supported me and I boosted him.

  4. Lou

    If Hillary wins there will be huge purges in the FBI.–to bring in low IQ felons.


  5. Christian W

    Big problem for Hill and Bill: the military and FBI and other guys might revolt.

    That is the problem the elites will nip in the bud now before it grows out of hand.

  6. Lou

    CW –thats why there is a push to bring more Blacks and Illegals into military and FBI.

    Obama wants illegals to f—ing vote.

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